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Found 4 results

  1. Yesterday's "Future of Playstation" event came and went, and with it, a bevy of new information about the next generation Playstation console we had assumed to be and now know as the Playstation 4. Yet, while there were plenty of news about what the console was capable of hardware-wise and what games would be coming to the platform either at launch or soon after, there were certain key questions that went unanswered such as pricing and the actual look of the PS4 console (which was itself MIA at the event) which will inevitably be answered when E3 rolls around in June. In the meantime, the Game Podunk staff has assembled to share our initial thoughts on the Playstation 4 and whether we're excited and disappointed on the news that flooded the internet yesterday. Question: Did Sony Manage to Impress with Its Reveal of the Playstation 4? Jason Clement | Editor-in-Chief "Sony definitely brought its 'A' game when it came to discussing the actual console itself. Especially given that they revealed its primary specs right then and there in front of the audience, it seemed that Sony was well aware what many gamers wanted to hear and confirmed - more power, more RAM, more of everything. In that sense, the PS4 will be quite a capable console for the next 5 or 6 years, and it'll be interesting to see its potential tapped by developers. The games they revealed were... not quite that surprising, but decent reveals in and of themselves. Knack looks charming, if unremarkable; Killzone: Shadow Fall looks to be an early visual centerpiece for the console; inFamous: Second Son should satisfy the Sony hardcore fans looking for that triple-A exclusive action game; and The Witness looks like it could be the next great game aimed at a wider audience. If there's one thing I was disappointed by, it's that there really wasn't one big bombshell moment that blew everyone's minds; whether it be the resurfacing of an old beloved IP, a game that's been in development forever being confirmed for release soon, or some new technology that blows your socks off. Even still, I'm enthusiastic to hear more about Playstation 4's future, and yesterday was a good first-start for the console." Marcus Estrada | Managing Editor "Their conference probably did well to show off games that will excite the casual gaming crowd. I mean that as in people who only play Madden or CoD iterations year after year, not Facebook gamers. Anyway, I could really not care any less for what they showcased. Of course they must highlight the system with a shooter and car game, but those aren't of interest to me. I'll still get a system, but that doesn't mean I'll be happy about it. Mostly, I'm curious to see if the things they are banking on (cloud and Move) will really be the big deal Sony thinks they are." Harrison Lee | Staff Writer "One word: meh. Remember the Vita? Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? Yep, I do. And the PS4 still has a lot to prove with me." Number905 | Moderator "It was very big on talk, as these things always are, and definitely an optimistic presentation, but I really wonder just how much of what was shown will actually materialize. The streaming services seem like a feature that won't end up making it to launch, if they even happen. Not only is broadband penetration lacking to support such an ambition, but I really question whether Sony could establish an infrastructure to make it frustration free, considering how much trouble people had just streaming their conference using already established services. Especially because Sony's remarks regarding the Vita (basically their failure to acknowledge any sort of problem) show that their philosophy and priorities haven't changed, despite their big talk." Jared | Senior Features Editor "Sony played it close to the chest. I mean really, nothing explaining the new controller? We saw some samplings of the future, but we didn't get any real concrete answers to some of our biggest questions like it's price or any big new IPs. While this might hurt them over the next few weeks due to them only really showing off indie games and Facebook apps, I believe they've successfully took the wind from Nintendo's sails and now they're forcing Microsoft to show their hand. It was a great business move, and I expect to see a huge E3 this year because of it." Elizabeth | Moderator "Prior to yesterday, my interest in the console was very low. After everything I read, I can say that my interest hasn't changed much. Yes, there were things that caught my eye like the news that Square is working to bring a new FF title to the console. But that was it. The idea of streaming games is unappealing to me as I'm sure that means you'll have to pay for it again if you owned it already. I'll likely wait a few years at the very least to see what issues come up and how things go before I even think of buying one. Unless we get news of a must-have exclusive title. Even then, I don't think Persona 5 could get me to buy it. Which should say a lot about how excited I am for this." Marshall Henderson | Senior Editor "Seems like they tried to announce all these big names that are supposed to be stunners, like inFAMOUS and Blizzard, but it felt like a whole lot of pop without any substance. Those things would've been fantastic to announce as punctuating points in their E3, but with them all out and together like this, it feels like launching off the big fireworks before New Years, then just having snakes left over for E3. I'm interested in the PS4, and this seemed to me like a good presentation overall, but I own a Vita, so I appreciate caution. Of course, they probably won't have both their current console and current handheld dead in the water at the same time ... right?" Jordan Haygood | Staff Writer, Host of The Game Podunkast "I honestly expected to be wowed more than I was. And while I am still excited to get a PS4 whenever I can, I can't say this conference impressed me enough to merit a day 1 purchase. Not only will it likely cost a lot thanks to Sony trying to provide the most powerful console they can, but I simply haven't seen enough to get super-excited. However, I do think this was just a pre-E3 show to give us a taste of the future of PlayStation, so perhaps I'll be a bit more impressed with what Sony has to offer when E3 rolls around. I would like to see more exclusives announced, a price point, and, of course, the console itself. But if they just reiterate what we know like they did when they showed a Square Enix trailer we already saw, then...meh. Regardless, I will definitely buy one at some point, as I like owning all consoles."
  2. Today's Playstation event in New York brought with it a bevy announcements regarding the future of Playstation, not the least of which was the announcement of the upcoming successor to the PS3 called, unsurprisingly, the Playstation 4. Here's a recap of some of the other announcements that were made at the event, including a few game reveals and more. Playstation Vita Will Be Able To Play Certain PS4 Games Via Streaming Vita was discussed for a bit before Sony confirmed that you will be able to stream and play PS4 games on the Vita. Sony hopes that in the future, every PS4 game will be able to be playable on Vita via streaming. PS4 Officially Announced Sony confirmed that the PS4 is actually a thing coming out like we all expected, and that there will be a new Dualshock controller as well as talking about the specs of the machine. For more info, see the full article here. New First-Party PS4 Exclusive "Knack" Announced Mark Cerny (whose credits include Crash Bandicoot) debuted the trailer for his all-new game in development for PS4, called Knack. Knack appears to be a creature/robot that can absorb objects to grow in size, almost looking like the Zelda series' Ganondorf when he's bigger. It's very Pixar-like and appears to be heavily story-driven. PS4's Social Interaction and Gaikai Streaming Discussed Sony discussed a bevy of information regarding the PS4's features, and they're heavily steeped in social integration as well as streaming. You can read more on this here. Guerilla Games Announces Killzone: Shadow Fall Killzone series developer Guerilla Games drew first blood by showing the first game coming to Playstation 4: Killzone: Shadow Fall. Its visuals and physics seemed to stun onlookers in the audience. More can be read about Shadow Fall here. Next Generation Racing Sim Drive Club Announced Evolution Studios, best known for the MotorStorm series on PS3, took to the stage at the press conference to announce the first PS4 racing game, entitled Drive Club. It was revealed that the project had existed as a concept for an entire decade. More on the game here. The inFamous Series Makes Its Grand Return With inFamous: Second Son Many gamers have been wondering what developer Sucker Punch has been up to since the release of inFamous: Festival of Blood, and we got our first look tonight at their latest project: inFamous: Second Son. More on it here. Jonathan Blow Announces The Witness For PS4 Famed Braid developer Jonathan Blow took to the stage in a surprise appearance to announce that his latest game, The Witness, will be for PS4 and subsequently showed a trailer for the title, which has long been in development. More details here. Quantic Dream's David Cage Makes An Appearance David Cage (of Heavy Rain and upcoming Beyond: Two Souls fame) spoke a bit about how games are increasingly able to express the nuances of emotion, and that with the PS4's capabilities, it will be more possible than ever to convey emotion with the game's characters. He also mentioned that Beyond: Two Souls' main character will have 30,000 polygons, making for extremely life-like facial expressions and such. Media Molecule Showcases Move Potential LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2 developer Media Molecule showcased the potential of the Move with a few demos and said that it was their intention to "marry the Move with the PS4. They went on to show how they could manipulate puppetlike characters to put on a rock concert. Capcom Showcases New Engine and IP, Deep Down Capcom's Yoshinori Ono announced a new engine that they've been working on code-named 'Pantha Rei.' He also showed off a brand new IP that looked somewhat reminiscent of Dragon's Dogma called Deep Down. Square-Enix Shows Off Real-Time Rendering in Luminous Engine In order to show off more of the PS4's power, Square-Enix showed off a demo showing off real-time rendering using their Luminous engine, which was impressive. Afterward, they announced that they would have an announcment about Final Fantasy on the PS4 at E3. Ubisoft Talks Watch_Dogs We first saw Watch_Dogs unveiled at last year's E3, but today Ubisoft showed off a different demo of the game and announced that the game would be coming to PS4 as well. Blizzard Announces Partnership With Sony In another surprise appearance, Blizzard announced that they would be partnering with Sony to release Diablo III on the PS3 and PS4. Activision Shows Off Bungie's Destiny Destiny was already blown out in a huge preview event, but they finally showed a bit of footage of the game and mentioned how it would change the way we play first-person shooters. The game would also be getting some exclusive content in the Playstation version. PS4 Bound For Release By the End of the Year Sony announced that the PS4 is on track for a release at the end of the 2013. No pricing has been announced yet, and we still have yet to see what the console looks like. Expect to hear more about the next-gen console at E3 in June.
  3. This might be one of the best interviews with a game developer that I've ever read. GamesIndustry recently published an excerpt of an interview with Naughty Dog Co-founder Jason Rubin from Morgan Ramsay's book release Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play, and honestly, this interview is seriously making me considering buying that book (which you can buy on Amazon here if you're interested; there's a kindle version as well). Anyhow, the interview is an interesting look behind-the-scenes at how Naughty Dog Co-founders Jason Rubin first got into the industry at the ripe young age of 17, what they experienced and learned during the development of the Crash and Jak and Daxter games, and how they eventually sold the company to Sony. Seriously, if you're ever considering getting into development side of the industry, read this interview. You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.
  4. A new report from the WSJ says that the next Playstation, widely believed to be unveiled next week on Feb 20th, will be able to stream PS3 games. This function would be possible using technology made available through Gaikai, which you might remember Sony purchased last year for $380 million. The report states that Sony is heavily investing in Gaikai's technology for the next generation Playstation. This rumor would seem to be backed by the fact that, despite the huge cost of acquiring Gaikai, Sony has not yet revealed what their purpose would be, causing many analysts in 2012 to speculate that the streaming tech would play a huge part in their next generation platform. Another thing to consider is that this would be easiest way to achieve backwards compatibility with the PS3, given that its successor is rumored to back way from the Cell processor and be based on much different architecture. Stay tuned for more info as Sony unveils "the future of Playstation" at its media event in New York this coming Wednesday. Via: Polygon Source: WSJ