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Found 12 results

  1. Jason Clement

    Star Trek Beyond Trailer 3

    Welp, looks like this will be the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond before it comes out. Also, it has Rihanna's new song in it apparently? Anyhow, doesn't show much that they haven't shown already. I think the issue with Star Trek Beyond's trailers is that all three are basically the same cut but played in different orders. They don't show any different scenes, really (unlike the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Still, I'll see the movie; I just don't expect too much from it beyond a popcorn action flick. Are any of you going to see Star Trek Beyond?
  2. I haven't given away anything in a while, so figured I'd go through some codes in my stash and I'm giving away a download code for Star Trek: Into Darkness. I can't tell you if the movie is any good because I haven't seen it. Lol. I generally use these codes for iTunes, but the Ultra Violet downloads work for a variety of supported devices. Just tell me if you prefer old school Star Trek (Shatner), kinda old school Trek (Picard) or if the new stuff does it for you. I'll use a random number generator to select a winner on 12/10/13. This contest is open to any registered Game Podunk member who is old enough to legally watch a PG-13 film. Troll comments and one liner comments will be excluded from the contest. I reserve the right to decide what a troll comment is. Winner will receive code via PM.
  3. Jason Clement

    Review: Star Trek

    Developer: Digital Extremes Publisher: Paramount Pictures, Namco Bandai Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC Release Date: Out Now ESRB: T for Teen This review is based on the PlayStation 3 version of the game, which was provided by the publisher 2009's Star Trek faux-reboot had quite the polarizing reaction from fans, but the one thing Paramount seemingly understood was that movie tie-in games are generally pretty bad. Thus, the world was spared another potentially rushed, bad licensed game at the time. Or perhaps they just didn't think to capitalize on it in that fashion. In any case, they apparently had a change of heart because they had since partnered with Namco and tapped Digital Extremes (of Prototype series fame) to create a Star Trek game that would coincide with Star Trek Into Darkness' release in theaters earlier this year. Early on, there were signs that perhaps this would actually be the Trek game to end all Trek games. Screenshots indicated it would have heavy inspiration from games like Mass Effect and be heavily action-oriented, unlike previous games. Would they boldly take licensed games where few have gone before? Fortunately for Star Trek: The Video Game, it is not based on the story of the 2009 Trek film or its recent sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness; instead, it features a brand new story. Unfortunately, it's not very good... at all. The plot revolves around the Enterprise investigating a distress call on New Vulcan, where an extremely powerful device called "The Helios Device," which can create wormholes, is stolen. Turns out the thieves are none other than the classic TOS villain, The Gorn, who have been re-imagined as a cross between Jurassic Park's raptors and the 1998 remade Godzilla. Naturally, it's up to Kirk and his crew to track down the Gorn and retrieve the Helios device before the space raptors can wreak havoc on the rest of the galaxy. Unfortunately, that's about all there is to it - the plot is just about as shallow as it sounds. Star Trek plays mostly as a third-person, cover-based shooter that puts you in the role of either Kirk or Spock. Whoever you don't choose becomes your A.I. or human partner, depending on whether you've opted into playing online or not, or with a friend. Throughout the course of the game, your partner will help assist you by helping to pry open stuck doors, giving you a boost in order to reach out of reach areas, helping you hack a console, reviving you when you're critically injured, and engaging the enemy with gunfire (phaser-fire?). In theory, the whole partner system is an intriguing idea; after all, games like Bioshock Infinite have proven that it can work well, but there are more than a few setbacks caused by it in this game. If you're playing with a human friend, things should work as intended, but playing with an A.I. partner will often lead to many frustrating glitches over the course of your playthrough. Here are a few examples: At certain points throughout levels, the A.I. partner would just stop following; fortunately, there is a command that will call them to your spot if such an occasion arises. This would be a perfect fix... if it actually worked 100% of the time. In many cases, I would have to guide the A.I. partner using the button multiple times to the spot I wanted it to go to instead of simply having it navigate the area to the spot on its own. At this point, I thought I was in the clear, but looked back only to find that Spock was slowly floating upwards in the air and through the ceiling. Fortunately, the game's use of checkpoints is fairly liberal, so I didn't lose too much progress when I had to restart from the last one, but that kind of glitch is unacceptable. In another extreme, I was progressing through an area outside a space station in a space suit, but I had lost Spock. I tried going back to find him, but somehow he was upside down with his head in the platform, all while still in a running motion. No joke. Shortly after that, I clipped through a floor panel only to slowly fall and drift away from the space station, seeing it become smaller and smaller. Surely the game would register a death for the character and respawn at the last checkpoint... right? Nope. In fact, I purposely let Kirk keeping falling away until the Space Station was no longer visible, and then he just sorta hung there, helpless. Don't ask me how any of this got past Namco Bandai's QA. Other minor yet annoying glitches I encountered include instances where I couldn't pick up weapons in an area, making it difficult since I could only rely on a phaser (which doesn't use ammo) until I reached an ammo reload point; several points where Gorn soldiers partially clipped through walls; and more than a few instances where either the partner A.I. was not assisting in a gunfight or the Gorn were unresponsive and wouldn't fire, making them easy targets. Not everything is painfully bad, though. There are some genuinely exciting moments and parts where it feels like Digital Extremes almost got it; such as a jaunt through a collapsing space station, traipsing through a fire-filled section of the Enterprise, and a thrilling chase with the Gorn through a New Vulcan base. These areas attempt to add a touch of Uncharted-style platforming and action to an otherwise fairly mediocre game with by-the-books gameplay. When the game is working, there is at least some enjoyment to be had while playing, but that may depend on how much you actually like Star Trek as a franchise. Also helping the game a bit is the addition of voice-acting from the cast of Abram's new Trek movies, with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto carrying most of the dialogue. Their performance varies in quality, with Pine delievering some lines that would almost have you believe you were playing through the movie itself, to an almost phoning-it-in quality ("Spock, I'm hurt bad!"); Quinto's performance is a bit more consistent, though the quality of the delivery is a bit worse than his film work. In general, the voice-work is mostly solid, even with NPCs. Thankfully, the music is reused from the films, so Michael Giacchino's soundtrack is one of the bright spots in an otherwise soured experience. When it comes to the game's visuals, it's a mixed bag. At certain points, the bridge and hallways of the Enterprise look fairly good and representative of what was shown in the movies (minus lens flare), and certain character models' textures look fairly decent. Much of the time, though, both Kirk and Spock look underwhelming as character models and often have a muddy type of texturing; this is especially noticeable when their mouths move. It's a shame that Digital Extremes didn't have more time to touch up on this a bit. By and large, Star Trek is one of the most conflicting games I've ever experienced. On one hand, there are some fun, exciting segments, the story set-up is otherwise fairly good, and there's decent voice work to be had for the most part. Even with mediocre, run-and-gun gameplay that does nothing new, and some of the lamest hacking mini-games ever, if there were no substantial bugs, this would be a relatively above-average game. As is, Star Trek is a complete mess of a game that should have had another few months of QA testing. It shows some signs of promise early on, but this is not the title Trekkers/Trekkies have been waiting for. These are not the voyages of the Starship Enterprise you want to experience. If you're still curious due to being a big Trek fan, it might make for a decent rent provided the bugs don't get to you. Otherwise, Star Trek continues a long line of underperforming and underwhelming video game releases in a series that doesn't quite know what to do with itself. Pros + Voice actors from the two new Star Trek movies reprise their roles here + Some fairly decent and dare I say, exciting parts. These are brief, however. + Music is taken from the films, meaning it's fairly good as well. Cons - Bugs, glitches, and the like mar the game to a point where it's sometimes unplayable without restarting to the last save point. - While it starts out somewhat strong, the plot is really, really dumb. - Underwhelming, bland visuals - Gameplay is typical third-person cover shooter fare; adds nothing new; dumb, useless minigames Overall Score: 4.5 (out of 10) Below Average Star Trek could have been a relatively passable experience had it been given a few more months of QA testing to sort out a multitude of bugs. Sadly, it didn't have the luxury, and the end result is a Star Trek game that plays badly and is as unremarkable as the games that have come before it in the series.
  4. So I finally got to see Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday. Like Iron Man 3, I walked away from it with the thought that it was an entertaining film, but a little conflicted on whether I really liked it or not. I don't think it was a bad film by any means, but I'm trying to pin down exactly why I wasn't enthralled with it. Maybe I'm just getting jaded in this day and age? Anyhow, here's a few spoilerific thoughts on the movie- Overall, I would recommend it if someone wanted to know if they should see it or not but to be honest, I hope the next Star Trek focuses a little more on interaction and story scenes than action sequences. What did you guys think of the movie? What did you like and not like about it?
  5. If you guys haven't seen it yet, the last trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness released today. Looks pretty cool! Can't wait to see it myself.
  6. Looks like Paramount got William Shatner onboard to promote that new Star Trek game coming out next month. Good thing too, cuz it doesn't look like the gameplay is up to snuff just from watching the in-game footage; if anything saves this game, it could be Shatner. On a side note, Shatner actually looks pretty good here for someone who just turned 82. Crazy to think it's been some 40+ years since that initial episode with The Gorn was aired.
  7. gaiages

    Star Trek

    From the album: Contest Stuff

  8. In honor of William Shatner's 82nd birthday, Hulu has every season of every Star Trek series free to watch until the end of the month. That's the regular Hulu too, not Hulu+, so you don't even have to have a subscription to watch them. Not bad!
  9. I came across an interesting article on Twitter today that mentioned that a huge project was underway in the early 90's to build a life size version of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek in Las Vegas. Everything was all read to go, but when it came down to the final decision, Paramount's CEO rejected the idea, and everything fell through. Definitely would have been an interesting experience had it gone through. You can see concept art of what it would have looked like below. You can check out the full article here; it's pretty interesting.