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Found 7 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Review: The Marvellous Miss Take

    Developer: Wonderstruck Publisher: Rising Star Games Platform: PC (Steam) ESRB: N/A (T suggested) Release Date: November 20, 2014 Stealing is bad. Like, seriously, you shouldn“t derive joy from it. Luckily, in The Marvellous Miss Take you“re not actually stealing! The story quickly explains that you, Miss Sophia Take, are the rightful owner of a museum full of paintings. However, due to some terrible circumstances all your painting possessions were taken from you! Miss Take doesn“t just let people work her over. Instead she dons her Carmen Sandiego-esque hat and slinks around to take her collection back. As you might expect, The Marvellous Miss Take is a stealth game. The ideas about what stealth games actually are have become conflicted over time, so let“s detail what it means in regards to this title. You are not allowed to fight guards that patrol museums after hours. It“s also a terrible idea to even be seen by a guard, dog, or surveillance camera. Although it is possible to escape detection you“ll avoid more failures if you can simply stick out of sight. This is much easier said than done. Each heist is broken up into its own level. Every level takes place on one to multiple floors of a rival museum. Your goal is, of course, to pluck your paintings off their walls and high-tail it out of there. It“s just a matter of avoiding drawing attention to yourself. Guard views are shown via a triangle fanning out from the direction they face. Simply stay out of that shape to stay undetected - with a few caveats. It“s actually possible to purposefully get their attention by whistling, quickly passing through their vision, and the like. You“ll want to use these tricks when a guard is blocking access to a painting or exit. There“s much more to watch out for than just guards. As stated earlier, there are also guard dogs which patrol many levels. Dogs act differently from guards in that they don“t have a line of sight so much as a circle of smell. They are encircled by a colored sphere. If you enter into it they will sniff you and follow after that scent for a while. Between dogs and guards, the dogs are far easier to outsmart. Security cameras also cling to many walls. Get in their sight for more than a second and an alarm will sound. Your best bet is to avoid detection from them completely but that“s often difficult. All of this is modified when two other characters join Miss Take“s team. Once you“ve got a crew you“ll have to go through some previous stages again in order to collect other, special paintings. Paintings are used to unlock later sections so you do need to use everyone. These other characters offer their own skillset and change up strategies. For example, one character simply can“t run at all - making each move even more deliberate. However, he“s got access to a great gadget which draws attention away. In all, each character brings something new to the table and doesn“t feel tacked on. It“s impossible to discuss The Marvellous Miss Take without taking some time to admire the presentation. The high isometric viewpoint gives you the best lay of museums possible with some gorgeous flair. Colors are bright, characters are cartoony, and animation is smooth. Everything just “pops” in a way that makes each new level an enjoyable romp. The same holds true for the music which is a step above the typical video game soundtrack. Jazzy tunes somehow make the perfect accompaniment to thievery. The game is quite challenging, but thanks to its charm you don“t tend to rage over failures. Instead, you“re invited to learn each character“s skill set, figure out the best ways to avoid enemy encounters, and become the ultimate quasi thief ever. Each level feels different and as such is exciting to finally conquer. If a stylish stealth game sounds like a blast then definitely snag a copy of The Marvellous Miss Take. Pros: + A wealth of distinct stages + Great audio and visual presentation + Three completely different characters to play as Cons: - Problematic pathfinding on occasion - Gated access to later stages Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great Stealth fans should certainly join up with Miss Sophia Take on her quest to steal back a vast collection of paintings. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable Steam code provided by the publisher.
  2. gaiages

    Review: Gunpoint

    Developer: Suspicious Developments Publisher: Suspicious Developments Platform: PC (Steam) Release Date: June 3, 2013 ESRB: N/A (Mature recommended) Sometimes when you're playing a game, you see all of these options to solve your problem and situation, but the game limits you from being able to act on these ideas. Of course, it's impossible for a game to have been programmed for every single situation, but sometimes even some of the most logical choices seemed barred off. Whether it's an invincible wall or a ledge that's just out of reach, finding that you can't do it can be very frustrating. Suspicious Developments advertises to eliminate that frustration with Gunpoint, a stealth game that plethora of options to get to the information and get out. Does Gunpoint manage to be a title that lets you do anything you please, or do these options fall short? Gunpoint follows the unfortunate spy Richard Conway, who quite literally falls into a murder plot, and gets the blame pinned on him to boot. The rest of the three hour story revolves around clearing his name, while being pulled deeper into a plot much larger than the death of one woman. This is a pretty typical 'spy suspense' plot, but what's interesting in this game is that you can decide how to progress in the story. You want to tell one of the characters about the plot against them? Maybe you want to land an innocent man in jail? The dialogue gives you the chance to do this and more, leading to an interesting narrative and an incentive to replay the game, as it is relatively short. The plot, although good, is not the meat of this game; Gunpoint is a title that aims to stand on its gameplay and mechanics. For starters, Conway has a pair of remarkable pants that allow him to jump and fall from great heights without sustaining damage. This allows for some fun strategies in a stealth game that would otherwise have more typical solutions. In addition to this, you can buy upgrades to diversify your arsenal, including the ability to jack into electrical sources and even kick down doors. Being able to jack into doors, lights, and other things is an integral part of Gunpoint. Each map has areas where you can jack into certain types of electrical objects, and these objects can only interact with each other. The different types are marked by different colors and shapes. Learning how to get to the locations to jack these various objects, and then figuring out how to use them to stun enemies and sneak by is one of the most rewarding parts of Gunpoint. As such, each of the maps become a bit of a puzzle; it requires careful thought and planning to figure out the best way to get past the guards and hack the information. Whether or not you kill said guards is really up to you, though most of the clients prefer that you only knock out the guards instead of killing them. However, this puzzle-like system does lead to a bit of a problem - most of the reasonable solutions are limited. While there are a few ways to tackle each area, you will rarely get far without accessing the various jacking stations, and if you bother to actually shoot your gun you'll have what must be a superhuman sniper standing right by the exit in a matter of seconds. What you can buy upgrade-wise is only a semblance of choice as well. Some missions will require you to buy certain items at certain times, and if you manage to make a mistake on what you bought, you can get full refunds on other items. Replaying missions does not earn you extra cash either, so as a result the missions throughout the game give you enough money to buy every upgrade, with a little wiggle room to buy recharges for gadgets that require electricity. You can certainly change the order in which you buy these items, but in the end you have to and will buy all of these upgrades. Then again, this lack of real choice throughout the game isn't as bad as it sounds; it's a bit disappointing considering that's what Gunpoint alludes to, but it's still plenty fun. If the concepts interest you, or you are bored one afternoon with no games to play, give Gunpoint a try. It's short, sweet, and for the most part satisfies. Pros: + Branching options allows for multiple playthroughs + Mechanics are fun and satisfying, and also give the game a puzzle like air Cons: - Game is more restricting than it lets on Overall Score: 8.0 (out of 10) Great Gunpoint may not be a masterpiece, but it's a fun run through a tale of deception, drama, and really awesome pants.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Vampiric Stealth Game Dark Now Available on PC

    Have you been looking for a new stealth game to play? Perhaps you've been stoking an interest in vampires lately? If both of these things apply to you then perhaps looking into Dark will be worth your while. Dark is a title where you play as a young vampire who must use stealth tactics to survive. This all may seem very interesting, but it also isn't a game that appears to have incredibly high production values. With that said, Dark shall certainly please some gamers, just not all. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the game is the decision to cel-shade its visuals, which actually works well to distinguish itself from other stealth games. The title is currently available on PC via Steam for $40. However, it's not a PC exclusive. On July 9th Dark will also make its way to Xbox 360.
  4. The stealth series by the name of Thief has been left in the dark for years. Looking Glass Studios released the first game, Thief: The Dark Project, in 1998. With that game they realized quite a hit was on their hands and produced Thief II in 2000. Ion Storm later picked the series up for the latest title, Thief: Deadly Shadows, and there have been no games for the franchise since 2004. Even though a Thief reboot had been previously mentioned, the last word on it was that development was having trouble. Whatever those troubles may have been appear to have cleared. Thief is set to grace the cover of Game Informer magazine this month which basically announces it as alive and well. The developers Eidos Montreal have also seen fit to change the name from the humorous Thi4f to simply Thief. What platforms will Thief be coming to? So far Eidos has only named PS4 and PC but also "other next-gen platforms". The game is slated to arrive in 2014. Are you excited to see a reboot of the Thief series?