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Found 9 results

  1. The two new StreetPass games, Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z, are far more involved than one would expect. And if two new games aren“t enough for you, this whole StreetPass Premium deal adds even more small bits of flare to your plaza. Since I“ve not spent more than an hour with everything old and new, collectively, I“m mostly aiming to write some quick, baseline impressions for anyone on the fence about spending almost fifteen dollars (that“s generous, depending on how “loyal of a customer” you've been to that bunny, or if you choose to buy bundles, you“ll be offered at least one discount) to experience everything. To start: you may have noticed, during the update, that the Plaza mentioned adding content to your old games, as well as spaces for the new ones. From what sleuthing I“ve done so far, the little update ping only seemed to add golden stars to my games from the Plaza screen. I“m assuming this means I“ve beaten the main story of the games/seen the credits, therefore I get a gold star for completing the experience. I“ve claimed all 22 Plaza Tickets in Flower Town, and there“s no differentiation between that and games I“ve simply cleared for the first time. So that“s my take on what they mean. Other bells and whistles relating to the plaza itself: If you do decide to purchase the games, the bunny gives you a speech about the new Game Vault. This lets you store games you don“t want to play anymore (for example, I won“t be going back to Flower Town for the foreseeable future since I“ve done everything) in a place where you can still access them, but they won“t bother you with the glaring red exclamation points when you pass by someone with StreetPass. It“s a convenience thing to make room for the new games, so you don“t spend time scrolling. Furthermore, in Settings, you can now arrange your Mii Plaza games to your liking. Want to play Puzzle Swap, then Batteground Z, then Find Mii? Arrange your titles as you see fit. Ultimate Angler This is the more relaxed experience of the two games. Chiefly concerned with fishing, your goal is to...well...catch ”em all. Similar to how Flower Town had you collecting plants, this game has you collecting fish, more or less. It“s very concerned with you catching all the fish of a particular area. You catch the fish by using bait--bait is tied to the color of the Mii“s shirt you StreetPass (or use Play Coins) with. You can catch a fish by using its favorite kind of bait. After it hooks your line, you mash the A button, then rotate your control stick until you catch it--but not excessively or your line could break. The game mechanics themselves are truly as simple as that, but there are slight layers of complexity added when you mix bait (so gather a ton of StreetPasses) to catch a really big fish in an area, or do things like upgrade your rod (more durability, more power, etc). There are plenty of unique bells and whistles including brand new rods you can find.The game“s Fishing Log says I“ve completed 2% of my species count after 4 species. And the Plaza Ticket achievements list “Land 120 species” followed by “Land all species” in increments of 40. Does that mean there are 160 fish total, maybe a little more? Even though Ultimate Angler is the more relaxing experience of the two, there“s still a ton of stuff packed into the game. Battleground Z This one is far and away new favorite of all the games, though. Hobby Town has been overrun with zombies, and you must find survivors and mash zombies with a wide variety of weapons based on the things people enjoy. In the opening scene of the game, because my hobby was playing video games, I had full control of my Mii and was whacking hordes of zombies with a giant Wii Remote I wielded like a sword in a top-down Zelda game. This game seems to have an ongoing story, filled with humorous bits and many objectives. One level had me simply mashing zombies--another had me playing tower defense, kind of, by mashing zombies before they could break into a hospital. And a third had me collecting items hidden in a level before time ran out. The game“s life gauge is tied to the weapons you have on you in a level. Meet more survivors via StreetPass (or Play Coins) and find them in the level, have way less chances of dying. There are various medals in the game (likely tied to Plaza tickets, since at least one of them is awarded for earning 70 medals) you get for doing certain things. These challenges are numerous, and aren“t tied to your completion of a level. Even with some seventy medals, the game wouldn“t be half as fun without these super unique weapons, tied to the hobby you've picked in your Mii“s little profile in your StreetPass plaza. If you like playing video games, you get a Wii Remote Sword. Without spoiling too much (seeing what the weapons are is indeed half the fun), there are 26 unique weapons that include things like a giant paintbrush that can paint a hole for zombies to fall into, a hero costume that lets you punch zombies out if you picked “helping others” as you hobby, and more. The game even lets you test weapons without spending Play Coins, if you go in by way of the high-tech Z-Wiki. Battleground Z is way more fun than I could have expected. It“s like a tiny version of a top-down Zelda game...with lots of humor, multiple objectives, tons of weapons and zombies, and more. It“s not as relaxed as Ultimate Angler, and you probably won“t be able to play the game much while you“re standing in line or active at conventions...but man, I“m having an absolute blast with it. Before I wrap things up: The Mii Plaza Premium upgrade nets you a bunch of new speech balloon possibilities as greetings in your plaza (those are added to the Plaza Ticket redemption space; you do spend your tickets to get them as well as new hats). And there“s the Birthdays feature you saw in the Direct. And finally, there“s the VIP Room that lets you find your favorite 100 people out of your several thousand StreetPass tags...right? To be honest, since it“s not an actual game: if you“re not a StreetPass nut, and you“re lucky to have a hundred total tags on your system, you should probably skip the plaza upgrade. It“s mostly just there for the folks who want to spend $4.99 for even more stuff (not stuff to do, just stuff to collect). The games, though, at $4.99 separately or $7.99 together, are an absolute steal. Whether you pick one (Battleground Z..trust me!) or both, you absolutely can“t go wrong. These games are more fun than anything Nintendo has produced in the plaza so far, and indicate the continued evolution of these smaller, more bite-sized StreetPass experiences.
  2. This week“s Nintendo Download features a good variety of content. I“ll get things started by mentioning the new StreetPass games, Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler release today. You can buy either game for $4.99, or both for $7.99. Also, there“s a StreetPass Mii Plaza upgrade coming today, purchasable for $4.99, that lets you add all kinds of new features to the game like StreetPass birthdays and a VIP Room for Miis. If you“re a big fan of the StreetPass Mii Plaza stuff on 3DS...today is a very good day for you! Nintendo of America is celebrating International StreetPass Week from today ”til April 26th. Head to a Nintendo Zone location and get StreetPasses not just from the United States, but from Europe and other places across the world as well! ...It“s almost as though they want folks to get lots of StreetPasses so they can play these new games! Hmm… This week in retro gaming stuff: we've got Donkey Kong 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console, a game many were surprised to see during the recent Nintendo Direct. 3D Fantasy Zone 2 gets added to the lustrous library of SEGA 3D Classics (have you heard of the awesome games that will continue to be added by SEGA in the coming months?). And Mega May will return soon enough, with new Mega Man games being added to the Virtual Console service every week in the month of May! For those of you who don“t already know, the update for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U that adds Downloadable Content and other features went live yesterday; you“ll need to update your games if you“d like to play online. The Super Spring Sale I talked about last week is ending soon, so grab stuff like Captain Toad“s Treasure Tracker at a reduced price while you still can! Speaking of sales: ATLUS has always been good about offering up their games at a reduced price. This week you can grab Code of Princess and Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl, if you“d like. Costume Quest 2 is also being offered at 33% off ($9.99). Last but not least: there“s another Codename S.T.E.A.M. tournament, and this week“s new 3DS theme is Yoshi“s Springtime Siesta. All in all, plenty to look forward to when the eShop updates today! Source: Press Release Will you be grabbing the new StreetPass games? What about Donkey Kong 64? Anything else? Be sure to let us know what you“re excited about this week!
  3. It might not be the most exciting news to most who watched today's Nintendo Direct, but to some, new additions to StreetPass Mii Plaza on 3DS are definitely something to cheer about. On April 16, StreetPass Mii Plaza will receive a major update that adds two new games as well as something called "StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium." The first game is called Ultimate Angler. As the name implies, this game will be focused on fishing. There will be over 150 fish, plus "legendary monsters, to catch with bait you receive from the people you StreetPass! Battleground Z, on the other hand, is an action game that has you go against hordes of zombies. As for StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium, this service will offer new features such as StreetPass birthdays and the ability to store your favorite Miis that you've StreetPassed in a special VIP room. Each game, as well as StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium, will be available for $4.99 each. If you wish to buy both Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z, then you can buy them as a bundle for the discounted price of $7.99. Source: Do you enjoy StreetPass Mii Plaza? Will you be buying these new additions?
  4. Legendary Pokémon are certainly plentiful in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, but obtaining some of them came with a catch. Depending on which version of the game you have, you obtain either Latios or Latias during regular story progression. The opposite Lati is then only available to you via the Eon Ticket Key Item, something locked behind a StreetPass component of the game. Up until now-ish, the only way to obtain an Eon Ticket for yourself was to pass by someone who had already gotten one via StreetPass. If you don't StreetPass very often, it makes obtaining your other Lati a pretty difficult process. On February 27th until March 2nd (that's only a single weekend, which is why I'm telling you about it now so you can act quickly), you'll be able to obtain the Eon Ticket in your game via Mystery Gift with a special code made available on Pokémon dot com, similar to how they handled the Hidden Ability Unova Starters a while back. If February 27th already sounds familiar to you Pokémon fans, it's because Pokémon Bank is distributing special Pokémon starting then as well! If you access Pokémon Bank between February 27th and November 30th, you'll nab all three Johto starters with their Hidden Abilities. I'll let everyone know what the code is and remind you all of February 27th's importance when this week's Individual Values goes live. You're going to want to tune into this week's piece; I've got something special planned. Source: Pokémon Official Site
  5. Good news everyone! Or, perhaps not. Pokemon.com shared some details on how players can obtain the Eon Ticket, the key item necessary for obtaining Latios and Latias in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...and it's made some fans cringe. Apparently "the only way you can get the Eon Ticket right now" is to StreetPass other Pokemon players. The way it works is this: Certain ORAS players will be given the Eon Ticket to share via StreetPass, and others in the area will have to obtain it from them. As most 3DS owners know, StreetPass in the US is hardly the same as it is in Japan. So an already lower StreetPass encounter rate combined with the chance possible Eon Ticket holders can't/won't enable StreetPass for the title, or simply don't carry their 3DSs around much, are the cause for the current groaning over this announcement. Thankfully "right now" seems to give disgruntled players some hope, as the possibility for other forms of distribution down the line seems possible. But with new gameplay elements that require Latios or Latias to experience perhaps this wasn't the best way to distribute the the legendary duo at launch. Source: Pokemon.com Tell me, how does this make you feel?
  6. Do you have your 3DS on? Well go ahead and download the new update, and get more StreetPasses than ever before! The system's latest update allows you to grab StreetPasses from Nintendo Zones in your area, making it easier for the more spread out population of the U.S. to get some StreetPass action. How does it work? Well, whenever you go to a Nintendo Zone, it'll take your StreetPass information and store it. At the same time, it'll take the information of the Mii it was holding, and give it to you. So, visiting a Nintendo Zone won't get you a ton of StreetPasses all at once, but you'll only get one per Zone visit. If you want to see what Nintendo Zones are in your area, check this page. Do you think you'll get more StreetPasses with this new update?
  7. With a new system coming that will make it easier to StreetPass others, perhaps you should embrace StreetPass Mii Plaza on your 3DS and buy the four new games that just came out for it today. Flower Town ($5) - plant and breed flowers Mii Force ($5) - sidescrolling shooter Monster Manor ($5) - paranormal investigation Warrior's Way ($5) - strategy war game If you want to save $5, you can buy all four games together for only $15. For those unwilling to spend money, StreetPass Mii Plaza's newest update also offers a new puzzle to complete and more.
  8. If you own a Nintendo 3DS, you may have noticed how difficult it is to get even one StreetPass. In Japan, it's easy enough because it's a crowded and small place. But in North America, Europe, and other countries, StreetPassing happens rarely as people are more spread out. Nintendo has come up with a plan to remedy that, however. Sometime this year, Nintendo will release an update that takes "advantage of Wi-Fi access points and implementing a StreetPass relay feature into the Nintendo 3DS hardware." Quite simply, this means you'll exchange StreetPass information with anyone that has visited the same location at a different time. This relay feature will be provided at over 28,000 wi-fi access locations in the U.S. (which includes McDonald's and Starbucks), and at 24,000 wi-fi access locations in Europe.
  9. I think the title spells it out pretty well. Which game's StreetPass features do you think are the coolest? Mind you, you don't have to get StreetPasses in order to have an opinion on this; I think we all know about the potential woes of trying to get passes and whatnot. That's another topic altogether. Anyway... I liked Theatrhythm's StreetPassing. Getting new Dark Notes was cool, as well as seeing others' teams and progress through the game. Only thing that it's a shame some of the achievements involved getting a lot of them, though. Also, I enjoyed Kid Icarus: Uprising's Weapon Gems. They might have been very expensive to get, but it was neat that you could trade your ultra-powerful or unique weapon to people via StreetPass... I know I got some really neat stuff that way! I also liked how Nintendo sent out extra Weapons Gems via SpotPass everyday for about a year; that was really nice of them to keep it going that long! How about everyone else?