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Found 2 results

  1. Jason Clement

    Suikoden II May Be Coming to PSN Soon

    At this point, Suikoden II might just be the biggest PlayStation game to not have been released on the PlayStation Store as a PSOne classic, and fans have taken note of this fact for years. The original Suikoden has actually been on the PS Store since 2008, so its sequel's absence has been the source of much speculation and mystery over the last few years. However, that all looks to change soon. An ESRB rating for Suikoden II on PlayStation 3 in North America was spotted by Silconera earlier today, and Sony Computer Entertainment America is listed as the publisher, leading many to believe that they're the ones that licensed and precipitated this release; not Konami, who owns the franchise and published the sequel when it originally launched. In any case, none of this has been officially confirmed, but ESRB ratings usually result in the game being released not too long after, so it looks like more Suikoden is in store for RPG fans. Source: Siliconera Are you excited at the prospect of Suikoden II potentially releasing on PSN soon?
  2. Blazeknyt

    Scary Villains: Kefka and Luca Blight

    Oddly enough, the GameFAQs poll of the day for October 29th was the question, “what type of enemy do you find to be the most frightening?†Answers consisted of humans, zombies, vampires, and demons. Humans had the highest percentage, while demons came in second. Humans and demons come in all shapes and sizes, but demons vary in a much greater degree. Some demons have different eye colors that aren“t considered normal for humans, others have different skin color, and some others will have features such as claws, wings, or three or four fingers and toes. It“s much easier to make a demon more visually scary than a human at first. It“s also easier to see them as enemies, considering such a creature an outsider, not one of you. That“s what makes it so much easier to defeat such an enemy; you don“t see demons or ghosts as one of your own kind. I have to agree with the poll“s results; Humans tend to be the most frightening. Two villains (from my favorite two RPGs!) exemplify how frightening humans can be: Kefka, from Final Fantasy VI, and Luca Blight, from Suikoden II. WARNING! BOTH OF THESE GAMES ARE OLD, BUT THIS ENTRY INCLUDES MAJOR PLOT AND STORYLINE SPOILERS. I HAVE MENTIONED THE TWO CHARACTERS EARLY FOR THIS PURPOSE. I DO NOT INTEND TO SCARE ANYONE BY TALKING ABOUT THE TWO CHARACTERS, BUT THEY DO SOME EVIL ACTS. CONTINUE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK. KEFKA PALAZZO (FINAL FANTASY VI) Actually, I met Kefka back when it was still called Final Fantasy III. I“m sure many of you know that Kefka is the court mage for the Emperor in the game. The Empire experimented on him in order to infuse him with magic, but the process shattered his sanity. This loss of sanity is not only what makes the character so memorable, but it“s also what makes him one of the most scary villains I“ve ever encountered. Kefka openly states that he enjoys the suffering of others, and gleefully kills people, one of which is a morally good enemy character, General Leo. It“s a storyline event, but Kefka laughs after killing the guy. One of his most atrocious acts is (Go to the 6 minute mark). This crazy act leaves the entire kingdom dead, except for party member Cyan, and Kefka clearly had no problem with the poison plan, as not only was he the one that made the plan, but he actually dumped the poison into the river. Oh, and he makes a comment about how much he“ll enjoy hearing deaths before dumping the poison. But what supplanted Kefka in evilness is one thing that many villains don“t get to claim: He actually succeeds in his plan to take over the world! Actually, it“s more than that, not only does Kefka take over, he becomes God of the new world, and rules with an iron fist like no other. The world is torn asunder, and is aptly called “the world of Ruinâ€. The fact that Kefka actually manages to do what many villains do not get to, is what really made him stick out to me at that early age. At that point, I thought something like, “wow, Kefka won.†He started out as a regular human being, and then ascended into GODHOOD. A God stands among you He wasn“t a super solider, didn“t have a legendary weapon, nor was he a genius of any kind. His dark humor (which I probably didn“t understand at the time), his laugh, and theme song all contribute to what makes him a great character, but that one act of destroying the world just made him stand out. Due to my age however, another villain trumps him in impact… LUCA BLIGHT (SUIKODEN II) Luca Blight, the “Mad Princeâ€. Luca lives for battle, and his cruelty, bloodlust and reverence for power knows no bounds. He had a stronger impact on me, simply because of age. As I was a bit older (around 12-13 or so), I could understand things a bit more. Luca is downright crazy. The moment that I won“t forget is a survivor is brought to him after he razes a village. He tells the survivor to get on her legs and squeal like the pig she is. He laughs; enjoying his moment of power, and then quickly kills her. Ever since that moment, every time Luca even showed up in a talking scene, I thought something scary would happen. (and yes, some scary stuff certainly happens) Anyone that has played a Suikoden game knows that the game has giant war battles, (Each game does contain a war after all) When Luca shows up in the giant war battles, you can actually fight him. Good luck with that, as his stats are insanely high, and he has no problem coming up to you. Running in fear is basically the only option… Until he finally brings the fight to you. The final battle with Luca is not you going into his stronghold like in many other RPGs. He decides to take the chance to destroy the rebellious army has caused him so much trouble. Unfortunately, this memorable battle is his last, but that doesn“t mean he“s not going down without a tough fight. This time, you get to fight him with your regular 6 man party, but Luca gets 3 turns, and has 3 methods of attacking 2 of which hit multiple party members, and the single attack hits one person 3 times. He“s one of the toughest fights in the game. Even his mother couldn't love this smile What makes Luca so scary is that he is just a normal man. There are no demons or magic that make him stronger than anyone else, no scientific experimentation, and no superpowers. He“s just a normal man. “I am the true face of evil!†I don“t doubt that proclamation at all. Happy Halloween everyone!