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Found 7 results

  1. Royzoga

    First Impression - Tales of Xillia

    So, after playing around 15 hours of Tales of Xillia, I feel there has been enough time to write a first impression. Now, if you know me, you know I love the Tales of series, favorite being Symphonia. It seems rather inevitable at this point, but I have a feeling that I will not be able to keep myself from relating this to other games in the series. I guess you“ll see that momentarily though! When it comes to a Tales of game, it always feels impossible not to relate characters, story, combat even, to its predecessors. Sadly, I can“t help feeling that“s the vast majority of the time that I“ve been playing Xillia, I“ve been comparing it to others. Now luckily, this doesn“t mean that I don“t like the game. No, far from it. I rather enjoy it, but for a large chunk of the 15 hours that I“ve played I can“t help but feeling I“ve seen it all before. But then again, this the Tales of series 15th anniversary game. There has to be some similarities right? Let“s talk combat first, one of the things I love about Xillia. It“s fluid, there are simple tutorials, it feels like I can really mix and match whatever I want and not just a set combo, and most importantly, I don“t, or at least haven“t dreaded going into random encounters yet. I remember with Legendia, by the 15 hour mark I was already starting to run from every other fight! But no, Xillia combines an interesting link system with a multitude of different partners, adding tons of combinations of link artes and then chain artes to follow. Something else worth noting is the level up system. A grid based almost skill tree set up showing prerequisite orbs and nodes needed to learn new abilities. It reminds me of the crystarium system for Final Fantasy XIII. God, I love these. Being able to choose how my character levels up in a JRPG is such a nice feeling. I mean sure, in the back of my head I know that all the characters are going to get all the nodes eventually, but just the feeling of choosing certain ones first feels...empowering? Sadly, this is also where I have a problem with the game. Being able to choose how my characters level up, combined with constant combination of artes and link abilities tend to make battles a bit easy. I mean, I“m only playing on Normal, but I still expect some sort of challenge, like there was in Symphonia and Vesperia. Now, when I say easy, I mean I“m 15 hours into the game and have yet to lose a single character in battle. No one has died, I haven“t received a game over, I haven“t felt the need to grind. However, I might just up the difficulty to adjust for this feeling. Just for the sake of mentioning them, the graphics are nice, cell shaded looks gorgeous as well as the animated style cut scenes. Not to mention the battles, skills and artes look great. The music as well, it sounds incredible, the transition from field to battle is just pleasant. Compared to other games like Symphonia and Vesperia, the music is a tad of a let down, but still pleasant. In terms of story and characters, I feel like Xillia undercuts rather harshly. From the beginning of the game I couldn“t help but feel rather lost. There was no world exposition, no explanation, no time lapse given and after 15 hours of playing, I can still say the world is rather...aloof to me. Meaning that this deep back story that characters refer to rather often has yet to be fully explained. At least that“s the feeling I“m getting. The story reminds me heavily of Symphonia, but that“s not good. And the fact that you can choose to play as either Jude or Milla feels completely pointless and merely a way to get people play through the game twice. Jude is much more interesting anyway. When I say not good, I mean more disappointing than anything. Characters as well, with the exception of a few. Milla is a boring Collette Brunel, Jude is a less serious Senel Coolidge, and the list can go on. Oddly enough, I rather enjoy Alvin as he reminds me heavily of Zelos Wilder and Yuri Lowell. This combined with the overarching feeling of...“why the hell am I going here, when the main objective is over there“ syndrome. Not to mention all of the port towns look exactly the same, and the lack of an actual overworld is incredibly disturbing. Now like I mentioned before, I“m not having a bad experience with this game. I“m rather enjoying it, but I feel as though I“m starting to recognize a pattern with the Tales of series, a lack of originality. If this is the future of the series, I“m a bit nervous. Current Score: 7 / 10 Good I look forward to finishing Xillia, I just hope Milla develops more into the main female character I“ve come to expect from the Tales of series.
  2. Welcome readers, to a special limited edition Venomous Incorporated blog post, Tales of Unboxing! You may be wondering what makes it a limited edition, but before you run and tell your friends to check out this post before it disappears, it's not going anywhere. No, it's limited because it's probably the only one you'll ever see since I don't get to buy many collector's or limited editions of games. But this time I did! I did Namco-Bandai's bidding and put in a nice pre-order for Tales of Xillia, which granted me a free upgrade to the Limited Edition of the game. Since these are limited to the first print run, it's likely that they'll soon become a collector's item. Though it certainly won't be as rare as the Collector's Edition, it's sure to be sought by penny-pinching Tales fans who missed out on it. So let's open it already! But of course, any good unboxer knows that you can't unbox something without showing the box it's being taken out of, so here it is: Lovely, isn't it? I kinda expected it to be bigger myself, but I'll take what I can get. Though it's difficult to tell from the picture, the logo and that circular Stargate-looking thing behind the characters have sort of a "pop-out" feel to them, and the logo sparkles a bit in the right light. Proper! So now that you've gotten a look at that, let's have a peek at what was stored away inside: You've got your game, of course, then a CD with a selection of tracks from the game, and an Character Book, which is basically an artbook that focuses solely on the characters. Not bad for pre-order extras if I do say so myself. But you didn't come here to look at everything from afar, did you? Let's get some details! First, the lovely CD: I'm kinda curious as to what a Splendid Sword Dance is now. Twelve tracks of RPG music goodness in a keep sleeve with inexplicably more appealing artwork on the back instead of the front. While I haven't listened to the CD yet, I'm sure it's intended to serve as a "best of" of sorts since it's not a full OST, so it should be interesting to find out where the tracks they chose for the sampler play in the game, other than the obvious ones like character themes and the main theme. But maybe music isn't your thing, and you want pictures. Well, they've got you covered there too! Behold, the artbook (with the front facing up this time, since I had it face-down in the overall picture) as well as a random page from the artbook: Fingers sold separately. As you can tell by the second picture, it's nice and glossy, and the artwork is very detailed, so it's sure to be a treat for those who like artbooks. There's also some short bio info about the main characters to help you get to know them better before playing, which is always a plus, especially for those who like a little background information before diving into a new game world. And, finally, of course, the limited edition of the game comes with, you guessed it, the game itself. It also includes a DLC code for two classic Tales character costumes in the style of characters from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny: You can probably tell by looking that it doesn't appear to have an instruction manual, and you'd be correct, but that's not really all that surprising in this day and age. It's also worth noting something that hadn't caught my eye until now - the game uses the old Namco logo by itself instead of Namco-Bandai, which is odd, but kind of a cool throwback if nothing else. So, there you have it! For those of you who did get the shiny LE (or the even shinier CE) you either already know what's in here or got something better, but for those who didn't, well, you may begin being jealous...now. Hope you all enjoyed seeing the contents of Tales of Xillia LE, and I'll be sure to regale you with more Tales of Unboxing should I ever come across anything else worth unboxing. For now, I'll leave you with this completely random picture of someone admiring the box... Video games as art. For video game characters.
  3. Don't have enough money to buy the Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition? Can you forgo that lovely Milla figure? Then you're in luck, as Namco Bandai has just announced that all first-print copies of the standard edition of Tales of Xillia will be upgraded to a limited edition. Here is what is included: The game, with limited edition packaging Character profile booklet Music CD 2 DLC costumes It is unknown whether or not the character profile booklet and music CD are the same as the ones in the Collector's Edition, and if the Collector's Edition will also be receiving the DLC costumes. All current pre-orders have been automatically updated to the limited edition. So fret not if you've already pre-ordered your copy! Tales of Xillia releases for PS3 in North America on August 6th.
  4. Get your wallets ready, Tales fans! Namco Bandai has announced a rather fetching collector's edition for the upcoming Tales of Xillia. This collector's edition includes the game, a 100-page art book, music selection CD, and a Milla Maxwell figure. All packaged in a limited edition box, of course. If you're interested, the Tales of Xillia collector's edition will run you $100 in North America and €100/£86 in Europe. While various participating retailers will have the collector's edition in NA, Europeans are are only able to purchase it at the online Tales' store (limited to 10,000 copies). Tales of Xillia releases for PS3 on August 6th in NA and August 9th in Europe.
  5. It's been a while since we've gotten any new information on Tales of Xillia, apart from the fact that a trademark for the title had been registered nearly a year ago, but now Tales franchise producer Hideo Baba has confirmed via the Playstation Blog that the game will be coming to North America this Summer. The game features two main protagonists (one male and one female) that you'll be able to choose from and experience the story from their perspective; a series first according to Baba. Additionally, it was revealed that Tales of Graces F will be coming to PSN next week in two versions: the Standard Edition, which will cost $35; and the Knight Edition ($54.99), which comes bundled with more than 10 DLC items (which include increased stats, health, and currency). If you haven't played the game when it originally released last year via retail, be sure to check out our official review of the game. Baba also said that there were more announcements planned for games in the Tales series later this year. Perhaps we'll see a localization for Tales of Hearts R, which just released recently in Japan for the Vita. In any case, keep your eyes peeled for more news on this in the coming months ahead. Source: Playstation Blog Are you excited for Tales of Xillia?