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  1. Telltale Games announced today that its company would be undergoing a restructuring and as a result is losing 25% of its workforce, which works out to 90 of its employees being let go. Telltale CEO Pete Hawley made the following comment regarding the layoffs: "Our industry has shifted in tremendous ways over the past few years. The realities of the environment we face moving forward demand we evolve, as well, reorienting our organization with a focus on delivering fewer, better games with a smaller team. I'd like to express our respect for all the contributions that these incredibly talented artists, storytellers and more have made to this company, and that this decision is in no way a reflection on the quality or dedication of their work. We have made available our full career assistance services to help our affected colleagues and friends - and their families - navigate this difficult transition as quickly as possible." No specific reason has been given for the cutbacks other than the restructuring, though Telltale mentioned that the reduction would not affect the production of games that have already been announced. The company also stated that it intends to move internal development over to "more proven technologies that will fast-track innovation in its core products as it works with new partners to bring its games to new audiences." Game Podunk wishes the best to those affected by the layoffs. Source: GamesIndustry Does it surprise you to hear that Telltale is cutting back?
  2. While it was widely reported that Telltale didn't have plans for any more of The Wolf Among Us, the information turned out to be incorrect in the end. Oops! The good news is that the company announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 that Season 2 of The Wolf Among Us is finally in the works and will be arriving in the latter half of 2018. While that may seem a long way out, it's great to know that the property will be revisited; Telltale also mentioned it was one of their most requested sequels. Also coming very soon is the next season of Batman, which has the subtitle 'The Enemy Within.' It will continue where season 1 left off, with a nascent Joker out of Arkham and Bruce investigating the Riddler as he plots some gruesome puzzles for the Dark Knight. Oh, and the first episode will be arriving next month on August 8, which pretty much marks this as the fastest turnaround for a second season from Telltale so far. Last but not least, Telltale is wrapping up The Walking Dead with what is dubbed as 'The Final Season.' It will once again put you into the shoes of fan-favorite character 'Clementine,' presumably wrapping up her story arc. Like the second season of The Wolf Among Us, this one is also planned for release next year. Check out Telltale's Summer 2017 Update video, which highlights all of the work going into these projects for more insights below. With three more projects having been announced, one wonders if this is all we'll hear about from Telltale for a little while. After all, they currently have Guardians of the Galaxy to finish up, a second season for Minecraft: Story Mode just debuted, and these three new projects add up to five so far. They've also been rumored to be working on a new IP, so perhaps we'll hear something about that in the next half year to year ahead. Source: Press Release Are you surprised to hear that The Wolf Among Us is getting a second season? And what are your thoughts on Batman: The Enemy Within and The Walking Dead: The Final Season?
  3. We are now three years and change removed from the release of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands, and ever since, the company has been working on licenses from increasingly popular brands. Not surprisingly then, it's looking less and less likely that both series will get a second season anytime soon. Telltale's Job Stauffer confirmed as much on Twitter yesterday when he revealed that not only are both series not being worked on right now, but the actor who played 'Bigby Wolf' in The Wolf Among Us is also a Telltale regular and is thus also working with roles in Minecraft: Story Mode as well as Guardians of the Galaxy. It's also no secret that The Wolf Among Us and Tales From the Borderlands likely did not pull in anything close in revenue to some of the bigger licenses Telltale has worked with, such as Batman and The Walking Dead. Thus, the decision to work on the more profitable series instead. Of course, there's a chance Telltale could revisit The Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands sometime in the future, but who knows when, or even if it would ever happen. Better not to get your hopes up at this point, even if Stauffer did admit that he's a huge fan of both series. On another note, Stauffer also shed some light on The Wolf Among Us's cliffhanger, saying that while they did intend to explain it at some point, they ultimately decided to leave it up to interpretation to the fans. Tales From The Borderlands also ended on a cliffhanger, but nothing was mentioned about it so perhaps that one will be revisited someday. UPDATE: Telltale has teased they will be making an announcement this week, likely at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. What it will be is anyone's guess but they have mentioned that a new IP has been in the works, and Batman Season 2 and another season of The Walking Dead both seem possible announcements as well. Source: Eurogamer Are you disappointed to hear that The Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands won't be getting second seasons anytime soon?
  4. Maybe not technically a deal, but I saw this on CAG and figured I'd post it here too for anyone who doesn't frequent those forums - the first episode of Telltale's Batman series is currently free to download and play on Steam from now until November 7th! Just head over to the game's page here, scroll down a bit till you "Episode 1 - click here to download" with a big banner under it, click it and start installing the episode. I played it earlier and it convinced me to buy the season pass even though all the episodes aren't out, so check into it if you're on the fence!
  5. News is a bit light today due to it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but there are still a few interesting tidbits that have arisen over the weekend. Read on to hear about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Minecraft: Story Mode coming to new platforms in addition to some other news around the industry. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Coming to Steam in February Ever since the Danganronpa series began, the PlayStation Vita has always been its home, but it looks like that's about to change come February when Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc will be making its way to Steam. It appears that series developer Spike Chunsoft will be self-publishing the game as well. If sales do well, it seems likely we'll probably see the game's sequel and spin-off in due time as well. Is this the beginning of Spike Chunsoft's new relationship with Steam? Considering that the Vita isn't selling gangbusters, it seems like they're trying to increase their revenue stream with a secondary source, meaning that we could begin to see this with many of their titles going forward. Haven't played Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc yet? Be sure to check out our official review! Minecraft: Story Mode Coming to Wii U Well this one was certainly a surprise. Sort of. Telltale's episodic games aren't usually known for coming to Nintendo consoles (with the exception of earlier titles such as Tales of Monkey Island, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, and Back to the Future: The Game), but perhaps this one is coming due to the recent arrival of Minecraft on Wii U. Perhaps it's part of a clause in the licensing agreement with Microsoft? Who knows. This port of the game will feature off-screen play and mirroring, and the first episode will be available for download on the Wii U eShop on January 21 (hey, that's this Thursday!) for $5. Subsequently, players can buy a season pass for $20, which nets them episodes 2-5 as they come as well. Source: Press Release The Witness Not Coming to Xbox One... For Now Jonathan Blow's first-person puzzler The Witness is nearly upon us with its release on PlayStation 4 and PC next week, as well as on iOS a little bit later. An ESRB rating was spotted for an Xbox One version as well, but Blow mentioned that they have no plans to put it out on Microsoft's ecosystem for now. So why does the ESRB rating exist? "We only put XB1 on there because it doesn't cost anything, and if we were to want to do an XB1 version later, we don't have to go through ratings again," Blow mentioned . "But it is totally provisional, we have no plans for an XB1 version right now." Sorry Xbox fans; looks like you'll have to get your The Witness fix on PS4 and PC for now when both versions arrive on January 26. Source: Polygon Bertil Hörberg speaks on Gunman Clive HD Sales Numbers Gunman Clive 2 was a nifty little action platformer that launched on 3DS last year, and then later on Steam and as part of the Gunman Clive HD collection on Wii U. The game's developer, Bertil Hörberg, spoke out on NeoGAF on the HD Collection's sales progress, saying that it sold 9,000 units so far (not counting Japan). Although, Hörberg lamented that it wasn't an amazing number, he did mention that it was profitable in the end. If that sounds surprising, also take into consideration that both Gunman Clive titles have been entirely developed by Hörberg alone, so that does help things a bit. Even more surprising, however, is the fact that the HD collection has sold 10x more copies than Gunman Clive 2 on Steam, though Hörberg pins the blame on poor promotional efforts on his part. It's unknown if a third Gunman Clive will be developed at some point, but if you haven't played Gunman Clive 2, it may have made a certain Jonathan's Top 10 Games of 2015 list, so definitely give his take on it a read if you're interested. Source: NeoGAF (via Destructoid) Shadow Moses: Fan Project to Remake Metal Gear Solid 4 in Unreal Engine 4 A fan project called Shadow Moses has been announced and their aim is to recreate Metal Gear Solid 4 using Unreal Engine 4. Admittedly, this sounds pretty interesting, though it's hard not to think that it won't get shut down by Konami right away. Still, the project's creator, Airam Hernandez, believes honesty is the best policy in this case, opting to announce the project with the hopes that Konami may let the project proceed with their blessing. If I was a betting man, I... probably wouldn't bet that Konami will let this happen given their erratic behavior in 2015 (not the least of which was their public breakup with famed developer Hideo Kojima), but then again, stranger things have happened. Would you be interested in this if it were to continue? Let us know! Source: Facebook (via Destructoid, Game Informer) And hey, let us know what you think of this new format! If you like having all of the days big news in one place, we'll likely keep doing this (where possible). And on the flipside, if you think this is the worst thing ever, let us know as well (hah).
  6. When Telltale announced plans for a new game collaboration a while back, few would have suspected that it would be based on Mojang's ultra popular Minecraft. Yet, it's happening, and the game is called Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Game Series. Today, Telltale revealed the first few details of the game along with a trailer. Like their previous games, this title will narrative-driven (despite the open-world, creative nature of Minecraft), introduce new characters, and explore familiar themes. The story focuses on a group of friends that are drawn into a conflict and must journey to find 'The Order of the Stone,' (a group of four legendary adventurers) in order to save the world. Some impressive voice talent is attached to the game as well, including the likes of Patton Oswalt, Corey Feldman, Billy West (Fry from Futurama), Paul Reubens (Peewee Herman), and more. Minecraft: Story Mode will release as a standalone product (separate from the main Minecraft game) later this year for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC/Mac, and iOS/Android devices. What are your thoughts on Minecraft: Story Mode?
  7. Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, iOS, Android Release Date: December 2, 2014 ESRB: M for Mature This review is based on the PC version of the game The whole world is seemingly enraptured by the A Song of Ice and Fire franchise—this, of course, includes the extremely popular TV show, Game of Thrones. Blood, sex, adventure, drama—the show has a bevy of content that“s helped it become a hit. But sometimes fans thirst for even more, especially when waiting for the next season and/or book. Thanks to Telltale Games, enthusiasts of the series can dive into an interactive Game of Thrones world that they are sure to find pleasing. Now, the reason I say Game of Thrones instead of A Song of Ice and Fire as a whole is that Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series is very much based on the events and characters of the show rather than the books. Which means, yes, you will see Peter Dinklage as Tyrion and Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell. The show characters that appear in Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series are even voiced by their actors. It“s almost surreal and weird seeing these folks in a video game, but it is also very awesome. Telltale“s usual comic book-y, semi-realistic graphical style suits the world of Game of Thrones very well. As an added touch, they implemented a sort of oil painting style specifically for this game. My only gripe is that there is a weird watercolor effect added to the edges of some things. It doesn“t look right at all. You eventually get used to it, though. Back to the subject of events of the show, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series begins around season three and will end right before the beginning of season five. As such, it is highly recommended that you are familiar with the show itself in order to derive maximum enjoyment from the game (though I“m not sure why anyone would want to play if they“re not a Game of Thrones fan!). Funnily enough, the characters you play as in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series are from a House present in the books, but not the television show. Focus on these completely brand new characters, all members of House Forrester, allows for a fresh experience for fans of both the show and books. So far, the members and royal family of House Forrester seem to be an enticing and interesting bunch. Don“t get too attached to anyone here, however—like the rest of the franchise, anyone can die at any time with no warning. Episode 1: Iron From Ice keeps you on your toes for a good two or three hours from start to finish. And as is typical with Telltale“s games, the ending is definitely shocking and will make you hunger for the next episode. However, as is also typical with Telltale“s games, all the choices you make are superficial and never really make any difference. A few lines of dialogue are changed here and there, but that“s mostly it. It“s becoming somewhat of a tiring formula, but at least there“s (hopefully) going to be an enjoyable story in it. In any case, I definitely enjoyed my time with Episode 1: Iron From Ice, especially being an immense fan of both the television show and books. Though I“m not a fan of episodic games for numerous reasons, Telltale is usually very good with getting episodes out in a timely manner, so I won“t mind the wait between them too much. The first episode showed a lot of promise for the rest of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series, so I eagerly await Episode 2! Pros + Story and drama that hooks you from that start + Phenomenal voice acting that includes the television show's actors Cons - As with all Telltale games, choices don't actually matter Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great Episode 1: Iron From Ice is a promising start for Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series. It's a must-play for fans of the franchise. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable Steam code provided by the publisher.
  8. Leah

    Game of Thrones - 3

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    Game of Thrones - 2

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    Game of Thrones - 1

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

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  11. Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, OSX (PS Vita and iOS coming at a later date) Release Date: July 8, 2014 Rating: M for Mature Note: Some spoilers are discussed in this review Upon this episode's completion—and the whole season by extension—it becomes evident that the title, The Wolf Among Us, actually holds more than one meaning. Many might automatically assume that it refers in a literal sense to Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf of folklore, hiding out in plain sight among humans. However, it could just as easily refer in a figurative to this season's antagonist, The Crooked Man, who preys on the weak and disenfranchised in Fabletown for his own gain. It's this line of thought that proves to be the most fascinating part of The Wolf Among Us's finale, Episode 5: Cry Wolf—is The Crooked Man really the villain here, or are Fabletown's residents right to fear Bigby as the true threat? The beginning of this episode picks up at arguably the most tense moment in the series yet—Bigby's introduction to the man behind the scenes himself: The Crooked Man. Though his arrival comes a bit late in the story, Telltale does a pretty good job of making him a convincing villain who doesn't believe himself to actually be one. At least not the moustache-twirling kind. No, The Crooked Man believes himself to be a business man at worst, and a pariah to Fabletown's citizens at best. Again, it's this theme that Cry Wolf really explores well that makes the story ever more fascinating, with the game literally coming down to mind games and a study of ethics and justice. And if there was ever a point in the game where you were wondering where your decisions played into the story, you'll begin to see everything unfold here. First things first, though; we'll get back to that in a minute. Episode 5 starts off with a bang, though if you chose to cut to the chase at the end of Episode 4, you'll likely be thrown right into fisticuffs. I chose to talk to get some sense of things first, though the calm didn't last long. There are a few things that make the opening pretty darn suspenseful—the fact that Bigby is surrounded by The Crooked Man's henchman, all of which have a bone to pick with the wolf, and the fact that one of them is actually armed with a gun containing a silver bullet (which is potentially fatal to werewolves), leaving Bigby in the most vulnerable position we see him in yet. Surprisingly, Episode 5 isn't entirely all action as I previously thought it would be, and what's even more surprising is that it all happens within the first half or so. There's the inevitable throwdown with The Crooked Man's henchmen and a subsequent car chase that presumably can go a few different ways. Bigby will also cross paths for the last time with Bloody Mary, and the final rumble with her justifies the dread and intrigue previous episodes have built up for her. Whether or not we'll see her again (in a hypothetical second season), I don't know for sure (although it looks to be a definite conclusion), but I've enjoyed her character and presence since her debut; Telltale did a great job of making her menace truly show through her facial expressions and her eyes especially. And without spoiling anything, the segment involving her is without a doubt the true climax, as well as the most memorable moment of the episode, leaving the falling action to resolve The Crooked Man's fate. Depending on what you decide to do with him, the final moments of Cry Wolf come to a head as The Crooked Man confronts Fabletown's citizens (or at least those directly affected by him) in a trial that's held right in front of the Witching Well. What transpires is arguably what makes this such a great closer to the season as opposed to a purely action-oriented conclusion. Instead, Bigby and The Crooked Man engage in a battle of wits and words that will have both appealing to the afflicted in order to see their side and understand where they're coming from. It might sound one-sided at first, but The Crooked Man is expertly written and has a way of introducing points that you as the player may have never thought about; points that aren't entirely wrong either. Cry Wolf does a superb job of balancing action with drama and more thought-provoking moments. It recalls the best parts of the very first episode, which if you'll recall I thought was a brilliant introduction; only here every element is tied up neatly and done away with. The Wolf Among Us ultimately closes the same way it begins, with some questions left to be wondered about. Even if we don't get a second season eventually, this first season really stands out as some of Telltale's best work, and if you love great stories, you owe it to yourself to experience this one. Pros + Great, overall conclusion to the story + Bloody Mary and The Crooked Man both receive great moments here + Interesting moral dilemma at the end is thought-provoking and makes for a fascinating finale Cons - Choices that you've made over the course of the game affect the ending somewhat, but don't influence the story toward one ending more than the other, so their impact is lessened to a degree. Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic Cry Wolf is a fantastic send-off to what is one of Telltale Game's best seasons (and series) yet. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable Steam code provided by the publisher.
  12. Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, OSX (PS Vita and iOS coming at a later date) Release Date: May 27, 2014 Rating: M for Mature Note: Some minor spoilers are discussed in this review Things are finally coming to a head for Bigby Wolf. In this penultimate chapter, the thread starts to unravel on what's finally going in Fabletown. Episode 3 left things in a desperate place, with our first taste of the real villain behind the scenes, and Episode 4 does a brilliant job of being the lead up to the eventual showdown. Looking back, Episode 2 may have lost some of the steam that was built up in the beginning, but Episode 3 managed to regain that and then some, and now Episode 4 is going full-steam ahead. What it manages to do with the story is pretty special indeed; so much so that this could very well be the best episode yet. It begins with Bigby recovering from his brutal encounter with Bloody Mary and the Tweedles, and thanks to the efforts of Dr. Swineheart, it looks as if Bigby will live. But if you thought the final moments of Episode 3 were pretty gruesome, there's a moment or two here that may have you wincing, especially as Bigby's broken left arm needs to be set. Interestingly enough, this scene also reintroduces us to Colin (the pig) and his plight, but his inclusion feels a little random and more as if the game wants you to tie up a minor loose thread from the first episode that was briefly touched on. In fact, there are a few threads that are wrapped up neatly (or messily, depending on your choices) in this episode. On the one hand, it's nice to see Telltale do due diligence on their part to make sure these weren't buried underneath the main story; but on the other hand, their conclusion feels a bit forced due to the their strange timing. On that same train of thought, this is the first episode where it's been fascinating to see how different relationships have evolved over the course of the season. Depending on the choices you've made, characters who were once friendly might be indifferent or hostile with you whereas the opposite may also be true with others, and it's the latter that makes the whole journey truly worthwhile to experience, in a sense. Episode 4 succeeds because it returns largely to what made the first episode so great; namely, that it balances the actual story with thematic undertones and general human feelings and emotion. There are a few moments throughout that especially drive this home. Bigby finally cuts to the heart of what's been eating Beauty and Beast since the outset, and, much like everyone else, they've had to deal with the same rotten life almost all Fables have been subjected to ever since being ousted from the Homelands. And while their plight might make them seem a little less sympathetic than, say, Mr. Toad and his son (who are under pressure to get glamours or be deported to the "Farm"), you can actually feel for their situation, going from riches to poverty, not to mention having to adjust to living an alien land. At the end of the day, these are people that have been dealt bad cards. It's an interesting reflection and commentary on real life where not everyone is able to get aid or assistance (from the government), despite being a good person. Episode 4 also does a brilliant job of unraveling the great mystery behind it all, or at least beginning to. You'll finally figure out what Crane's connection to all this is, and though the Crooked Man himself is largely not a part of the story this time, the episode does a brilliant job of teasing the lead-up to his introduction. One or two revelations are made about what's going on, and there are some relatively creepy undertones to it. I have a feeling that there are still some answered questions or things that will get expounded on in the finale, but this episode largely ties up some of the greater mysteries, presumably leaving the action and fallout for the grand finale. With Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing, The Wolf Among Us reaches a dramatic head. I won't spoil exactly what happens in the final moments, but I will say the moment they chose to end on is brilliant, and it's done with a decision. It's quite possibly the best ending to any episode (in any series) Telltale has worked on yet (outside of concluding episodes, of course), and it's obvious that they're learning and improving on how the story is told from a cinematic viewpoint. I'm immensely anticipating seeing how this will all play out in Episode 5, but in the meantime, In Sheep's Clothing sets up the all the pieces where they need to be and does it extremely well. It tells stories, and gives closure to certain ones. It expands on certain themes and makes you think. For what it's worth, it's been an extraordinary ride. The match has been struck, and the fuse is lit. Now we wait for the boom. Pros + Great, continuing escalation of the plot + Good character progression; delves deeper into several characters + Music really hits its dramatic stride here + Final moments are some of the best so far Cons - Some minor threads are tied up, but feel a little shooed-in Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic Once again, The Wolf Among Us goes above and beyond to show that it has one of the best stories in any video game this year. Episode 4 is a fantastic set-up for what is bound to be an explosive finale. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable code provided by the publisher.
  13. It's been a wild ride but The Wolf Among Us is finally coming to a conclusion next week with the release of Episode 5: Cry Wolf, Telltale Games has announced. The series began last October, and though production experienced a significant delay of three and a half months between Episodes 1 and 2, Telltale was able to correct its ship and get the remaining episodes out every month to month and a half. In Episode 5, Bigby finally confronts the dark force that's been behind the scenes all along, and hidden truths are revealed. Before all is said and done, Bigby will have to make a powerful choice that's up to the player. Find out what happens when The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5—Cry Wolf concludes the season on PC and PS3 on July 8 (and on Xbox 360 on July 9). Source: Press Release Are you excited for the season finale of The Wolf Among Us?
  14. If you've been waiting patiently for the next episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2, then I've got good news for you. According to Telltale PR head Job Stauffer, the studio is aiming for a July release for Episode 4 and we should be hearing news on a more specific date in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review for the last episode released, Episode 3: In Harm's Way. Source: Twitter (via Game Informer) Are you glad that Episode 4 is coming out soon, or is it too long of a wait?
  15. The Wolf Among Us finally seems to be settling into a regular release pattern, and it couldn't have come at a better time. After Episode 3 released just two months after the second, Episode 4 will be arriving just a month and a half after the former. In the story, things are heating up for Bigby Wolf as he's been beaten down, is increasingly torn between following the rules and doing what's right, and now has to deal with the fact that the disenfranchised of Fabletown may actually see his enemy not as the source of its problems but rather as its solution. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheep's Clothing will be available to play next week on Tuesday, May 27 on PC/Mac (via Steam and other DD services) and PS3 (via PSN), then on May 28 for Xbox 360 (via Xbox Games Store), and then on May 29 for iOS devices. You can check out the trailer for the game (there is a content advisory warning, so you'll need to log in to view it). Source: Telltale Press Release
  16. Tales from the Borderlands was a surprise announcement by Telltale Games late last year at VGX, and now the developer is ready to spill even more info on their highly anticipated collaboration with Gearbox. First off, the first screens of the game have finally been shown off, and—surprise!—it looks a lot like Telltale's other recent efforts (The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, namely), though it's also in keeping with the same cel-shaded visual style that Gearbox created for the series. Fans will also be happy to know that Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the events of Borderlands 2, unlike the recently announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which will take place between the first game and the second. There will also be two protagonists through which the story is told, and you'll alternate between the two as the story progresses. The first is a low-level data-miner within Hyperion named Rhys who apparently has his own ambitions; the other is Fiona, a fast-talking con-artist looking to pull off the con of a lifetime. Neither are vault hunters, but that doesn't mean you won't run into any during the course of the story; in fact, one confirmed to appear is Zero, and Telltale is teasing more appearances from others throughout the first two games as well as from The Pre-Sequel. One additional neat point is that any loot you come across in the game will be able to used in other areas of the Borderlands franchise, presumably meaning the other games. Tales from the Borderlands is expected to release this Summer for $4.99 an episode. Source: Press Release, PlayStation Blog Are you excited for Tales from the Borderlands?
  17. The second season of Telltale Games The Walking Dead series will release on Playstation Vita this Tuesday, April 22. The story follows young Clementine after the events of the critically acclaimed first season. Episodes 1 and 2 will be available for $4.99 each but if you purchase the season pass you save 20% overall. According to IGN, Episode 3 is expected to release sometime in May so you have at lease a few weeks to catch up! Is The Walking Dead something you'd like to play on the go? Source: IGN, Playstation Blog
  18. Steve Bitto

    99 Cent Flash Sale on the Playstation Store

    Sony is running a flash sale on classic Playstation games this weekend! The sale includes titles from the PS1, PS2, PS3 eras as well as PSP and PS Vita. Older franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Red Faction are featured along with more current games like Braid, Tokyo Jungle and Retro City Rampage. The sale is going on now through Monday April 21 7AM PST. The full list of games is listed below: Title - (Sale Price/Regular Price) Back to the Future: The Game - Full Series - ($0.99/$19.99) Blast Factor - ($0.99/$9.99) Braid - ($0.99/$14.99) Crash Bandicoot - ($0.99/$5.99) Crash Bandicoot 2 - ($0.99/$5.99) Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED - ($0.99/$5.99) Crash Commando - ($0.99/$9.99) CTR: Crash Team Racing - ($0.99/$5.99) echochrome ii - ($0.99/$9.99) Everyday Shooter (PS3) - ($0.99/$9.99) Everyday Shooter (PSP, PSV) - ($0.99/$7.99) Gex: Enter the Gecko - ($0.99/$5.99) Gotham City Imposters - ($0.99/$14.99) Jurassic Park: The Game - Full Series - ($0.99/$19.99) Plants vs. Zombies - ($0.99/$10.49) Red Faction 2 PS2 Classic - ($0.99/$9.99) Red Faction PS2 Classic - ($0.99/$9.99) Red Faction: Battlegrounds - ($0.99/$9.99) Retro City Rampage (PSV) - ($0.99/$9.99) Retro City Rampage (PS3) - ($0.99/$9.99) Retro/Grade - ($0.99/$9.99) "Sam & Max" The Devil's Playhouse - ($0.99/$19.99) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rampage! - ($0.99/$5.99) Spyro: The Dragon - ($0.99/$5.99) Spyro: Year of the Dragon - ($0.99/$5.99) Stuntman: Ignition PS2 Classic - ($0.99/$9.99) Super Stardust HD - ($0.99/$9.99) Tales of Monkey Island - ($0.99/$19.99) Tokyo Jungle - ($0.99/$14.99) Urban Trial Freestyle (PSV) - ($0.99/$9.99) Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) - ($0.99/$14.99) When Vikings Attack (PSV) - ($0.99/$9.99) When Vikings Attack (PS3) - ($0.99/$9.99) World Gone Sour - ($0.99/$4.99) Source: Playstation Blog Are you going to pull the trigger on any of these discounted titles?
  19. Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, OSX (PS Vita and iOS coming at a later date) Release Date: April 8, 2014 Rating: M for Mature Note: As this is the halfway point in the story, some spoilers are discussed in this review We're finally at the halfway point in the The Wolf Among Us, and by now, most stories usually give the audience a good idea of where the plot is heading. While Episode 2 was still a solid episode, this was one aspect that it failed at as the whole episode just felt more like a sub-plot then it was actually advancing the story, at least until the end. Fortunately, Episode 3 picks up the pieces and manages to do something interesting with them, all the while introducing some new characters that shake up the situation a bit. Episode 3: A Crooked Mile begins with the fallout over the revelation about Crane that was revealed at the end of Episode 2, leaving Bigby determined to track him down for answers. The evidence discovered against Crane so far is pretty convincing, and he feels the need to let Snow White know at once; however she's already tied up with another matter tied to the previous episode; the timing of which couldn't be worse due to what's going on. Adding to the fuel on the fire is the fact that with Crane having disappeared, Fabletown is now without proper leadership, a fact that Bluebeard points out when he barges in on Bigby and Snow in the middle of their investigation in the Town Hall. Bluebeard's insistence on helping with the case throws a figurative wrench into the gears as Bigby and Snow can't be certain of his intentions and if he has ulterior motives in all of this. Unfortunately, they're left no choice but to agree to his inclusion on the matters and the three are left to investigate Crane's apartment, what the Brothers Tweedle are up to, and who Crane's black market glamour supplier is. There are some intriguing moments throughout that especially stand out, such as two separate instances that have Bigby dealing with a person that is under the influence of medication and/or alcohol. Naturally, the way you respond is crucial since someone without their full thinking faculties is more opt to make rash decisions, and interestingly enough, you can play along with their delusions and game their expectations to further your cause. The moment with Holly in particular is an interesting one, as you come to learn a little about the relationship between her, The Woodsman, and her sister, Lily. Some of the decisions Bigby must decide in this episode feel like they have a lot more weight given to them as well, with at least two of them seeming like they may have major ramifications down the road depending on your decision. The conclusion to this episode is also much more well done than the previous two. Whereas the first two episodes went more for quick shock value, Episode 3 presents a more organic ending by introducing new characters that quickly establish themselves as a major threat and dish out consequences for the actions that take place. By the time the credits roll, the plot escalates immensely, not because of shock value, but because a true villain is finally established. And with the underlying themes of poverty, gradualism, racism, and such being discussed, combined with the fact of a larger conspiracy going on, the next two episodes look to pay off in a big way. If there's one thing that's unfortunate about Episode 3, it's that the gameplay itself still doesn't quite live up to what was presented in the first episode. It's still very much a linear affair, with you only having to click on most of what's on the screen in order to proceed, though there are a few action scenes, especially one important one at the end that triggers a major decision you'll need to make. Still, it's a shame there isn't more actual detective work and deducing that happens, like when Bigby cross-examined Mr. Toad's story in Episode 1. After a slightly faltering second chapter, Episode 3: A Crooked Mile really picks up the plot once again and sets it on the path that it needs to be going down. Things are continuing to be built upon - characters, themes, and the plot, and it feels like things are continually moving. It still doesn't quite live up to the highs of the first episode, but it's a great continuation in its own right with plenty to take away from and leaves you excited for the remaining two episodes. Pros + Story pacing is much better this time around + Developments that occur are more interesting and feel like they're going somewhere + Ending does a great job of setting up the final two episodes Cons - Still not a whole lot of investigation/puzzle solving and such Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great Episode 3: A Crooked Mile is a return to form for The Wolf Among Us. Its developments mark a significant part of the story and will leave you hungry for more. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable Steam code provided by the publisher.
  20. If you're looking forward to the next episode of The Wolf Among Us, the good news is you won't have to wait long! Episode 3, subtitled "A Crooked Mile" is officially slated for release on April 8th for PC/Mac (worldwide) and PS3 in North America, and on April 9th for Xbox 360 (worldwide) and PS3 in Europe. Telltale also mentions the iOS version is coming next week as well. A Crooked Mile looks to be the first episode where Bigby fully loses control and takes on his more wolf-like appearance if the trailer is anything to go by. Expect more revelations and story reveals as well. You can check out the trailer . Source: Twitter/Telltale Are you looking forward to Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us?
  21. Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, OSX (PS Vita and iOS coming at a later date) Release Date: February 4, 2014 Rating: M for Mature For many stories the beginning can often be the slowest or roughest part, only improving in quality from there. This is partly what made Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us pretty phenomenal; not only did it manage to set up an interesting plot, but it also managed to balance it with the right amount of drama, character development, and world building. Unfortunately, a great beginning also makes it that much harder for the second act to live up to, and that's exactly the predicament The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors finds itself in. Left reeling after the events in Episode 1, Bigby's trail leads him to the vice-ridden side of Fabletown in order to investigate black market glamours and discover who might be behind the whole scheme. However, instead of building on the suspense and momentum the cliffhanger in Episode 1 created, the story in this episode feels like it takes a step back early on. The overall pacing is slower, and that's partly because it's a bit shorter than the first as well. Clocking in at a mere hour and a half, my biggest gripe is that the arc presented in Episode 2 doesn't seem like it truly added much to the overall story save for another big cliffhanger in the last moments. There's also a bit less depth and character development, and it comes at the expense of trying to advance the overall plot. You'll learn more about certain characters as it ties in with the story, but you're never given quite the same look into their lives or their motivations the way the first episode portrayed many of them. Bluebeard actually makes his first appearance in this episode after a mention or two in Episode 1, and yet beyond a scene at the start, he's never really given a true reason to be a part of this story just yet. His inclusion hints that he's only there so you can see what sort of man he is, likely for foreshadowing reasons. Beauty also gets some time to shine here, picking up on the storyline from Episode 1 where she asked you not to reveal her whereabouts to Beast, but her demeanor and personality aren't all that different from Snow's, which is a little disappointing as far as differentiation between characters go. Another issue is that the game design isn't as compelling as some of Episode 1's was. You're given a few scenarios where you have to examine the room and put evidence and clues together, but it's less about cross-examining the person and more just clicking on whatever is clickable until there's nothing left. If there's one thing that was a bit frustrating, though, it's that the game has certain instances where it clearly intends for Bigby to fight or resort to violence, though it may seem to present options where you might be able to sway the situation to a more peaceful solution. Sometimes you may be able to do that, but it's mostly with minor conversations. With major plot points, it's all but certain that Telltale wants to force a situation where Bigby will resort to his more beastly ways, which is fine if that's their intent, but I don't understand the reason for having seemingly peaceful options if they're nothing more than a facade in those specific instances. However, despite some gripes (and I'm really getting nitpicky over a lot of things, admittedly) Episode 2 still manages to keep the overall story compelling. Some questions are answered and even more are raised. And though there are only a few new characters introduced, at least one of them is a nice reveal for those familiar with popular fairy tales. Also, though it ends a bit suddenly, the cliffhanger at the end of this one is possibly even more intriguing than the first episode's and will leave you hoping that Episode 3 doesn't take nearly as long to release as this one did. In the meantime, hopefully Telltale ups the ante on the pacing and focuses a bit more on the characters themselves in the next episode, in turn hopefully recapturing some of the magic that made Episode 1 so good in the first place. Pros + Plot thickens and continues to gain some traction + Some characters' stories are explored a bit more Cons - Slightly shorter at 1.5 hours or less - Less action scenes than the first - Gameplay is a bit simplified in this one Overall Score: 7.5 (out of 10) Good Episode 2 stumbles a bit in regards to character development and gameplay, but still manages to provide some interesting new revelations to the story while keeping its integrity intact with the atmosphere and world that's been established. This game was reviewed on PC using downloadable code provided by the publisher.
  22. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a Steam Holiday Sale! And from then on, gamers everywhere have found themselves buying games that are simply too cheap to ignore. What about console gamers? Oh, there are deals across the PSN and XBLA marketplaces too! Case in point, Telltale Games is offering up The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 for free. Yep, they did this before with The Walking Dead too! Right now there is only one episode of this series out which makes this a perfect time to get started. Doubly so if you're lucky enough to have a break from school, work, or other predicaments right now. Give it a look and see if playing the first episode makes you end up buying the entire series! Also, be sure to check out our review of the first episode right here.
  23. Today at VGX 2013, the first new game reveal was a crossover project between Borderlands developer Gearbox and adventure game developer Telltale Games called Tales from the Borderlands. Of course, Telltale will be taking the lead in developing this new project, which will be an episodic game series much like their previous titles, and it will involve a storyline that is defined by the player's choices. New characters will also be introduced (by Telltale), so it isn't just an extension of previous Borderlands games. Unfortunately, that's all we know about the project right now so stay tuned for more info in 2014.
  24. Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, OSX (PS Vita and iOS coming at a later date) Release Date: October 15, 2013 Rating: M for Mature This game was reviewed using a PC code (via Steam) provided by the publisher It's safe to say at this point that Telltale does amazing things with story-driven games. They've been in the point-and-click adventure game for a little while now, but with last year's adaptation of The Walking Dead, they've exploded into superstars. Their latest project, The Wolf Among Us, which is a title adapted from a Vertigo comic series known as Fables, doesn't have quite the same amount of fame and recognition as The Walking Dead; all the same, if people didn't know about Fables before, they certainly will now. The Wolf Among Us serves as a prequel of sorts to the events that transpire in Fables. It centers on a group of fairytale characters, creatures, and legends known as "Fables" that have been exiled from their own world (for reasons that are explained and expanded upon later in the comics), forced to live in our own reality among "Mundies" (short for mundane; normal people, basically). Some Fables are able to fit in naturally thanks to having a human appearance, while others have to mask their appearance with magic; something that becomes evident and is explored in this first episode. You play as Bigby Wolf, the titular "wolf" among us, and general fairytale villain - or at least used to be. As the Big, Bad Wolf, Bigby's dark past has caught up with his current predicament, where he runs Fabletown as its sheriff, or tries to. It becomes apparent right away that Bigby is trying to use his time in exile with the others to start anew and change from his old ways, but most others aren't buying it. Making things even more difficult for him in this regard is that he's generally the best person to help solve bad situations, and as Marvel Comic's Wolverine would put it - "what he does isn't very nice." The game opens with Bigby arriving to a scene to respond to a call. If the Fable's unorthodox world and setting hasn't hit you on the head with how fictitious it can be, it absolutely will when you stumble through the entrance to an apartment building, only to find a large toad wearing pants and a jacket looking back at you and swearing up a storm with a Cockney accent. Soon enough, you're engaged in fisticuffs with a rowdy hooligan upstairs, only to stumble upon a murder plot. This is only the tip of the iceberg as well; The Wolf Among Us does a brilliant job of introducing not only the backstory, but also the characters and the locations of Fabletown to newcomers, even more so on many levels than the actual comic does at its start. As far as the gameplay goes, it follows The Walking Dead's more action-heavy approach but combined with a more Phoenix Wright investigation-esque aspect to it. You'll move Bigby around different areas and interact with different characters and investigate objects for clues and whatnot. Interactions with characters proceed similarly to what was started in The Walking Dead, with different conversations and reactions leading to different results. What you say or do to one character may come back to haunt you later, and the game will take note and let you know. There are also action segments where you may get involved in a confrontation with another character, or one where you're involved in a chase. In both types, the action plays out with key moments where you'll either have the option to select a hotspot on the screen and influence the outcome in a certain way, or you'll be prompted to hit a certain button quickly in order to avoid something like a right hook punch, for example. They're quick time events for sure, but they're well done and don't feel repetitive or bland at all. The action is just jarring enough to where it makes you feel as if you're really in Bigby's shoes feeling every physical blow he takes. Telltale also did a great job with how cinematic these moments are, blending a sort of movie quality with quick, dynamic shots shifting around and combined seemlessly with the interactivity of a game. In addition to a great story set-up, there a few character building scenes that play out brilliantly and really set the tone for the themes the series is set to tackle; one conversation lasts for just the duration of a car ride, but some key elements and themes are discussed that really make you feel for the situation the characters are in, and perhaps even include some hints of criticism on things going on in the real world today. In fact, few other games have made me care about the characters and their predicament more than The Wolf Among Us has in just the short two and half hour timespan that Episode 1 lasts. There's something to be noted for the game's visuals as well. Although it's a similar aesthetic to the one previously seen in The Walking Dead, it actually fits The Wolf Among Us even more due to its close approximation of Mark Buckingham's fantastic visual style used in the Fables comics. Each characters' facial expressions and lip synching are extremely well done and make the experience a lot more believable than many recent games I've played. Additionally, the soundtrack is consistently good and goes along with each situation well, even if the main theme's deep synth vibe is a bit unexpected. And last but not least, the voice cast for this group of characters is splendid; there's not a bad or half-baked performance at all. When I first heard that Telltale would be creating a game based off of Fables a few years back, it quickly became one of my most anticipated titles. But there was a thought in the back of my head that Telltale could possibly get it wrong; that the game wouldn't be all that great. I'm happy to say that this first episode has exceeded my expectations tenfold; I couldn't ask for a better adaptation of the world author Bill Willingham has been creating for years now. Simply put, if you love great stories and want to experience Telltale's next great classic, you should absolutely play The Wolf Among Us. This series is off to a great start with Episode 1, and I can't wait to see where it goes next. Pros + Fantastic adaptation of an already great series + Story setup, plot, and pacing are extremely well done + Visuals are attractive and fit well + Action sequences are fast and engaging Cons - This episode is a bit short, rounding out at 2.5 hours or so Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic The Wolf Among Us is set to be Telltale's next great masterpiece if Episode 1 is anything to go by. Here's hoping they can keep up the pace with the remainder of the season.
  25. Telltale's latest game, The Wolf Among Us, just debuted on PC, Mac, XBLA, and PSN recently, but it'll be coming to a few more platforms yet. Those who enjoy handheld gaming will be glad to know the game is also coming to the PS Vita and iOS later this Fall. Laura Perusco, Telltale's community lead, gave a few details on the Vita version on the PlayStation Blog, saying that you'll be able to switch between analog and touch controls on the fly (similar to The Walking Dead on Vita), as well as the ability to invert the controls (invert Y option, that is). No pricing or release date info for either version just yet, so stay tuned. The Wolf Among Us is based on Vertigo's Fables comic book series, where fairytale characters and creatures live in our world albeit in a very gritty and realistic way. The story specifically focuses on protagonist Bigby Wolf as he sets out to uncover a murder plot and more. You can expect to see our official review of the game's first episode soon.