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Found 5 results

  1. Jason Clement

    Review: Skater Cat

    Developer: Fun Unit Publisher: Teyon Platform: 3DS (eShop) Release Date: March 27, 2014 ESRB: E for Everyone Teyon is known for releasing titles that are pretty unique in concept, and developer Fun Unit's latest 3DS eShop title, Skater Cat, fits that bill pretty well. It's a side-scrolling action game starring Ollie, a cat who skates, and the objective in each stage is to make it to the goal on the opposite end as fast as you can. In order to do that, you'll need to catch up with and befriend other stray cats who are running ahead of you. In turn, each cat that Ollie meets up with makes him skate a bit faster. However, Ollie also has a food meter that he needs to keep replenished by collecting cat treats throughout the level, and if the meter dips too low, any cats that are following him will begin to drop off and new cats won't follow him, thus reducing his overall speed. You'll also need to avoid pits and obstacles along the way, including the likes of spikes, trash cans, and rolling dogs with spiked collars; running into any of them will cause one cat to stop following Ollie. Upon arriving at the goal, you'll be awarded 1 to 3 medals depending on how fast you made it and how many cats were able to follow in the end. It's a fun concept to play in short bursts, so it excels at being a pick-up-and-play sort of game, but it can be harder to hold your attention in longer play sessions (say, more than a few levels at a time). One reason for this is because one level isn't too different from the next. Obviously the difficulty rises as you progress, but aside from more obstacles, enemies, and larger gaps, there aren't too many different designs that really shake up the gameplay. There are a few levels that make use of an anti-gravity switch, which can make things a little more varied, but not much else aside from that. Also, there's only one music track throughout all the levels (and it sounds eerily similar from Yoshi's Island DS), which can get a little tiresome after a while. Still, Skater Cat has a great cartoon-like visual aesthetic to it all, and it's especially cute when Ollie makes up a thumbs-up motion to the player when a new stray cat starts following. And even though there are only 30 levels overall, the replayability factor is pretty moderate thanks to the medal system and a few unlockables (including the ability to use your own Mii in place of Ollie). The game also makes use of StreetPass so you can exchange completion times and ghost data with other players, adding even more to the replay value if competition and speed-running are your thing. In the end, Skater Cat is probably best suited for a younger crowd but may also appeal to those who enjoy "runner" games and going for the fastest time. Pros + Great, clean and attractive cartoon-like visuals + Some replayability and unlockables Cons - Short length (can be completed in under 2 hours) - Music is repetitive - Not much variety in levels Overall Score: 6.5 (out of 10) Decent Skater Cat is a cute game that is fun in short bursts and will appeal most to speed-runners, but it may struggle to hold your attention in longer sessions. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using 3DS downloadable code provided by the publisher
  2. Leah

    Review: Groove Heaven

    Developer: FUN UNIT inc. Publisher: Teyon Platform: 3DS eShop Release Date: May 23, 2013 ESRB: E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older A download code was provided by the publisher for this review. I love rhythm games. I also love the fact that there seems to be a resurgence of them lately. However, with all the good that we“ve seen, there“s also the bad. I went into Groove Heaven with high hopes of it being a great game considering its unique concept as a rhythm title and its very cute art style. Boy, was I wrong. Groove Heaven starts out as an adorable and amusing love story. Basically, the Devil lord wants our little demon protagonist, Rhymi, to deliver a love letter to a beautiful angel in Heaven. Heaven is all the way at the top of the tower, and it“s up to you to help Rhymi groove through every floor. Unfortunately, the ending isn“t worth it at all. Well, except for the fact that it“s finally the end of the game and you can stop playing now. The gameplay and design has a lot of potential. You must direct Rhymi through levels by tapping the “move†and “turn†buttons on the bottom screen. At the same time, you must masterfully time yourself in order to avoid enemies and collect roses and pink notes. Unfortunately, the concept was executed very poorly in Groove Heaven, resulting in frustrating and tedious playthroughs. Sure, it“s easy enough in the first ten levels or so. Then the game starts getting ruthlessly unfair. Evil cats that will chase you down to the ends of the earth (and they“re way too fast). Unpredictable angels that thirst for your blood. Disappearing platforms with almost impossible timing. The worst part is that if you“ve started running out of lives, then you“re going to be instakilled each time an enemy gets you or when you fall down a hole. Have fun grinding for pink notes in earlier levels to stock up on more lives. Okay, maybe the music is good. It“s a rhythm game, so it has to be! Sorry to burst your bubble, but it“s just as annoying and repetitive as the rest of the game. As there are only three themed areas (one for every 10 levels), there are only three songs being played while you“re scaling the tower. They get really old fast. There“s not much to do once you“ve gone through all 30 levels of Groove Heaven (which should only take you about an hour or two). You can go back and collect all the roses, but nothing special happens after you do. There“s also a Timed mode. With no online leaderboards or anything for Timed mode, though, you probably won“t even touch it – especially after already having played through the Story mode. I think Groove Heaven“s only redeeming feature is its art style. It“s very cute with its chibi characters and bright colors that pop. I also really like Rhymi“s character design – she reminds me of a tiny, little Etna from the Disgaea series. As for the 3D effect, they“re nothing special (as is to be expected from this simple 2D style). So, that“s Groove Heaven. A rhythm game that had so much potential, but was brought down by way too many factors. It“s hard to recommend Groove Heaven, but if you are in real need of a new rhythm game and have $4 to waste, then go for it. Pros: + Cute, bold art style + Cheap price Cons: - Unique concept marred by too many negative factors - Amount of music is very small - Incredibly unfair in later levels Overall Score: 3 (out of 10) Poor Groove Heaven looks to be a promising rhythm game, but it“s actually quite the opposite. Don“t bother with it unless you“re a hardcore rhythm fan.
  3. Leah

    Groove Heaven - 3

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Teyon

  4. Leah

    Groove Heaven - 2

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Teyon

  5. Leah

    Groove Heaven - 1

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Teyon