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Found 13 results

  1. In honor of Titanfall turning one on March 11, Respawn celebrated by making all DLC maps free. This will be a permanent offer and is available on all platforms the game released on. The download is not automatic, you will have to download the content as you would any purchase. Respawn has also added the DLC maps to some of the playlists where it was previously unavailable. Vince Zampella has also confirmed that Respawn already started production on Titanfall 2 and that it will likely release on PS4.
  2. Harrison Lee

    Review: Titanfall

    Developer: Respawn Publisher: EA Platforms: PC, Xbox One Release Date: 3/11/2014 Rating: M (for Mature) Microsoft is banking everything on Respawn Entertainment's premier shooter, Titanfall—they've pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone and their mother knows what the game is all about, whether it's through live-action TV spots or a seemingly endless tide of preview articles. This is the game that's meant to sell the Xbox One, from the former esteemed creative leads of the Modern Warfare series. While I don't think Titanfall will be the game to prove the Xbox One is the best next-gen system, it's still one heck of an entertaining ride. The first thing you'll notice about Titanfall is that it's a multiplayer-only experience. Teams of up to 6 players will duke it in 5 game modes familiar to almost every FPS aficionado; Attrition (TDM), CTF, Hardpoint (mini-Conquest), Pilot Hunter (Pilot kills award more points) and Last Titan Standing (Titans-only). There is a solid handful of maps to experience the war between the Militia and IMC, but the limited amount of game types means you might start feeling a sense of deja vu. The 12-player matches and limited modes might have been dealbreakers if it weren't for the 65-foot tall Titans. Titans are massive humanoid mechs capable of dishing out insane amounts of punishment. They control similarly to Pilots, if slower and less maneuverable. Every Titan comes equipped with a primary weapon, some sort of missile, tactical abilities, perks and a charging offensive/defensive buff. It sounds complicated but it's essentially the same set-up as the infantry. They can change the tide of battle but every player has the opportunity to call down his or her own after a 2-minute timer clocks out. However, the timer can be shortened by damaging other Titans, killing Pilots or killing the various AI Grunts that roam the chaotic battlefields. Skilled players will be calling Titans to the field like clockwork, though any novice can quickly adapt to the learning curve and call down their own death machines in short order. Titanfall has been balanced to perfection, featuring a limited number of weapon unlocks and attachments. Perks are more like abilities, including cloaking and combat stims. Starting weapons and abilities can be just as effective as the higher-level ones, so long as you persistently unlock new gear and learn each weapon's capabilities and trade-offs. No particular unlock feels overpowered or better than another weapon. Complementing loadouts are single-use Burn Cards, which offer XP boosts for killing certain enemy types or spawn you with a buffed weapon. The best Burn Cards are Titan drops, though their frequency of attainment is extremely low. Use them wisely at the beginning of matches to help tip the battle in your team's favor. Weapon handling is about what you'd expect from the former developers of Call of Duty. Gunfire is tight and focused, featuring limited recoil and enhanced accuracy. It's not as frustrating as Call of Duty's easy marks but the weapon modeling isn't far off either. Controls are incredibly responsive and the parkour system in place for Pilots allows players to traverse entire maps without ever touching the ground. Wall-running to rodeo and expose Titans to extreme damage is always a blast, especially when the Titan operators don't realize someone's on top of their rig. Pilots can level up to 50 before they need to regenerate and start over. Gear unlocks will be reset and players can re-earn every piece of equipment up to 10 times. While I haven't gotten very far in the 2nd generation, I've seen numerous players already hitting the 7th and 8th generations. Leveling is fairly quick and each regeneration adds an XP multiplier to get you leveled even faster. I wish new equipment and weapons were added as you progressed but it would likely upset the delicate balance Respawn has achieved. I played Titanfall on PC and saw the game at its best looking. While the animations and effects can be impressive, the overall art direction and texture work is not. This is a Source engine game with all of the limitations that that entails. It's certainly far better than Half-Life 2 in the visuals department, but it won't unseat Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4. Then again, it also runs at a solid 60 FPS. For the amount of on-screen action happening, I can't complain all that much. The audio is snappy and effective, with sound effects that pop and a decent backing soundtrack. It's not as visceral as DICE's sound work but it's fine for what Titanfall sets out to do; be a great, accessible competitive shooter. As I mentioned earlier, the variety of Titanfall's experience is somewhat limited. With a game that stretches the limited amount of modes, weapons and Titans across a handful of maps, some fresh content is in dire need of being added. Don't get me wrong, though—Titanfall can be downright thrilling when you're tricking off of Titans and scoring chain-kills on Grunts and Pilots. It just needs more to do, which a free content update and some season pass DLC seek to rectify. There is a campaign mode but it's still multiplayer-only. It's also an incredibly dull affair but is necessary to complete for both the Militia and IMC in order to unlock the the other two Titan types. I haven't completed either and find the Atlas Titan perfectly suitable for almost all weapon and ability combos. It would be nice if the other Titans weren't locked behind the boring, noncompetitive campaign but I don't feel like I'm missing out on a whole lot either. In it's current state, Titanfall is a blast. Bar the limited content and lackluster campaign, it's an adrenaline shot of pure action and violence. The Titans are a blast to control and every bit of kit is balanced to near perfection. The learning curve is quick to get into and you won't need to be the best FPS player to pull off insane moves and great kills. Titanfall isn't the savior of the Xbox One but it is the perfect introductory experience for anyone buying the console. Pros: + Consistently thrilling combat + Balanced equipment and leveling system + Titans are fantastic to control + Easy to pick up and play Cons: - Lack of content (soon to be fixed) - Lackluster campaign locks away two Titans Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great If you're tired of Call of Duty and Battlefield, Titanfall is begging for your attention. The game is a genuine joy to play despite a lack of content. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using a retail copy purchased by the writer
  3. Jason Clement

    Titanfall 02

    From the album: Editor's Gallery

  4. Jason Clement

    Titanfall 01

    From the album: Editor's Gallery

  5. EA hasn't been the most well-liked company in recent years as evidenced by their Golden Poo award wins for worst company in America two years in a row. A third win just wasn't in the cards for them this year, but it can be argued that the only reason they lost was because of the poll's new voting system. In light of recent events however, I think they should be on the list of most improved companies this year for their work in identifying health problems in gamers across the nation. It might sound crazy, but EA has teamed up with a company known as Living Essentials to advertise their new Xbox One game Titanfall while also opening the eyes of gamers who might not be aware they have a serious health problem that makes them in need of some sort of medical intervention. The plan they've put into action is simple while genius at the same time. They're going to sell energy drinks to gamers. Now I've never taken one of these 5-hour Energy drinks or any sort of product that boasts it's ability to boost your energy throughout the day, but I know plenty of people who have. They say it works for them and they will routinely take a shot of the product before an abnormally rough day at their job. A job is a daily event where you do work that can be stressful or taxing on your body for upwards of eight hours or more at a time. This is where the 5-hour Energy product does it's supposed magic as intended. Leaving CD's out of their cases? Disgusting. The act of playing a game is widely regarded as a leisure activity that people do to unwind and escape the troubles of their life and job so they can just relax. This is where EA's newest partnership comes into play. Their newly endorsed product asks the tough question that everyone else is too afraid to ask - "Have you ever felt tired and worn out by the act of playing a video game?" The hope with this new ad campaign is that when a gamer sees the product they'll think one of two things, such as, "Playing games doesn't tire me out; I don't need this," and the much less hoped for but entirely expected, "My God, why is this in my shopping cart?" Am I really so out of shape that I need to drink special formulas to play games so I don't pass out from the physical stress? I need help." Much like the poison dart frog, the package's design just screams danger. In the very rare event that a person actually goes out and buys a Titanfall Five Hour Energy for the express purpose of playing games longer, EA and Living Essentials included a fail-safe in the product's packaging. Doing away with the energy drink's usual bright and flashy design is a new eye catching color scheme with the words "TITANFALL" in large bold letters across the front. While the packaging does have the TITANFALL name emblazoned on the front of the drink, there is little else to imply that it has anything to do with video games. This has been done purposely in an effort to get people to ask their ailing loved one as to what it all means. Someone who is beyond the point of understanding that they're horrifically out of shape will gladly explain what they're using it for and their loved ones will then be able to seek help for them. The only downsides I can find in all of this is that the ad campaign will only be active for a limited time and is currently found exclusively in Walmarts around the country. And maybe all of that other stuff about marketing energy drinks to people who clearly don't need it so they can complete tasks that don't require energy. *To all of the EA and Living Essentials executives undoubtedly reading this right now, I'd just like to point out that I'm not claiming the Five Hour energy shots are doing damage to people as I have no proof of that nor do I care to investigate it. The joke is that advertising energy shots to people that don't need it is evidence that the people buying it are so out of shape that they can't even stay awake to play games and are terribly unhealthy human beings. Sorry for losing the Golden Poo, but there's always next year! And thanks for reading.
  6. The March NPD sales numbers for the United States have been released. The Playstation 4 was the best selling console in March despite a push from Titanfall Xbox One bundles. Speaking of Titanfall, it grabbed the top spot on the software sales chart followed by inFAMOUS: Second Son and South Park: Stick of Truth. Below are the top ten selling software in order: Titanfall (XB1, PC) inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) South Park: Stick of Truth (360, PS3, PC) Call of Duty: Ghosts (360, PS4, PS3, XB1, NWU, PC) Dark Souls II (PS3, 360) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4, XB1, PS3, 360) NBA2K14 (360, PS4, PS3, XB1, PC) Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3, PSV) The Lego Movie Videogame (360, PS3, 3DS, NWU, XB1, PS4, PSV) Minecraft (360) The main take away this month is that the game industry is alive and well in the United States. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One continue to outpace their predecessors, even the PS Vita saw a boost thanks to FFX/X2 HD Remaster. Hopefully these trends continue. Source: Joystiq Which of these games did you purchase this month? Worth the price tag?
  7. The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall only just released recently and is getting good reviews for being a great port of the Xbox One version, but if you're looking to pick it up for 360, you're going to have to grab it at retail. In a statement made on their site, EA explained exactly why the Xbox 360 version would not be made available for purchase on Xbox Live's Games On Demand service. "After extensive testing, we felt that it simply did not represent the true Titanfall experience and it was decided not to release a Games on Demand version. As we never officially announced that Titanfall would be available via Games on Demand and the option to purchase it that way should have never been offered. We hope players understand this decision was all about quality and making sure you get the best Titanfall experience." However, you can still download the Xbox One and PC versions of the game if that's your preference. Source: EA Are you surprised EA is not making the Xbox 360 version available to download digitally?
  8. If you don't have an Xbox One and aren't a PC gamer but have been waiting with bated breath for Titanfall on Xbox 360, it looks like you'll be waiting just a little longer to play it. Originally scheduled to launch next week on the 25th, the Xbox 360 port will now be coming on April 8 in North America and April 11 in Europe. The reason for the delay? EA wants to give Bluepoint Games (which is handling the port) a bit more time to make it a better experience for Xbox 360 players according to EA executive Patrick Soderlund. In the meantime, the 360 port of Titanfall is confirmed to feature the same 6v6 gameplay, maps, modes, weapons, and burn cards as the Xbox One and PC versions. Will you be buying the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall?
  9. Jason Clement

    Titanfall Exclusive to Microsoft Forever

    http://www.joystiq.com/2013/10/29/titanfall-exclusive-to-xbox-one-xbox-360-and-pc-forever/ Not the newest news, but curious to hear what your guys' thoughts are on this. Titanfall is probably the most anticipated next-gen game (even above Watch Dogs, I'd say), so this is a huge win for MS. I'm still also not sure why EA decided to make it super exclusive, but they must have some deep ties with MS nowadays. The lifetime exclusivity might indicate that MS partially funded development of the game. Of course, I'm just speculating here. What do you guys think of the exclusivity? Does it make you want an Xbox One now (if you didn't want one already)?
  10. Jason Clement

    Titanfall 02

  11. Jason Clement

    Titanfall 01

  12. Jason Clement

    Titanfall logo