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Found 7 results

  1. Here we are, moving steadily closer to the end of the year. The weather's getting colder, and everyone's preparing for the holiday rushes brought on by the new generation of gaming and the general December holiday happenings. While most of us are desperately trying to work through our backlogs, musicians instead hit their computers and instruments, pumping out a ton of free gaming music for us to listen to while fighting the holiday shopping crowds. Scroll on down for eleven completely free albums to add to your MP3 player of choice! Hardcore Adventure Box: World 1 Hardcore Adventure Box is a metal tribute to an event well beloved by Guild Wars 2 players, the Super Adventure Box, and this is the first of four planned albums based off it. The Super Adventure Box had an 8-bit inspired soundtrack, so this remix is a definite upgrade of sorts to the original tracks. Some people may prefer the original, but there's no denying this has a charm of its own. Sample Tracks: You have to check the Bandcamp page! Download here BadAss Boss Themes: Volume II The first of OCRemix's offerings this month is a compilation of heavy metal remixes of boss battle themes. Much like the the first BadAss album, it's all metal all the time, and it may not be to everyone's tastes. However, those that do love heavy metal will find a high-quality gaming album download. Sample Tracks: Download here Haunted House Despite it being the month of Halloween, this album is the only release this month that is even somewhat themed after the holiday. Haunted House is a remake of the thirteenth game of the Touhou series, Touhou Shinreibyou: Ten Desires. The bullet hell series isn't as well known for its soundtrack, but the tracks represented in Haunted House are solid, and remixed in a techno/dance style that's refreshing. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Super Guitar Bros. Super Guitar Bros. is a simple album with a simple premise: Two guys on guitar playing video game music. Given that so many gaming remixes nowadays are high-energy, rockin' or techno filled remixes, the simplicity of just the two playing guitars and nothing else makes for a different type of album to listen to. Sample Tracks: , Download here "Survaillant" Soundtrack [survaillant] is a horror game made in 48 hours for the Asylum Game Jam--since it's free, you can check it out here. The game itself is actually praised for its soundtrack, especially since it was also compiled in 48 hours, and the four track album is available for free as well. So, give the game a try then download the music! Sample Tracks: Check it out within the game! Download here The Hedgehog Initiative: Genesis Oh my... that's quite the album cover. Anyway, The Hedgehog Intiative: Genesis is the first of Belchism's guitar tributes to the blue hedgehog. This first album offers eight guitar covers from the Sonic games of the Genesis era. Unlike Super Guitar Bros., though, these are electric guitar covers, so expect a more 'rock' feeling vibe from these remixes. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Mega Man 3 - Turn of Events Remastered This Mega Man 3 tribute album by Hyde209 was originally created about a year ago. Since then, the musician has gone over all the tracks and remastered them, giving an overall better album in the process. This remixed album takes practically every track from Mega Man 3 and remixes them with a fair amount of techno and rock. If you're looking for more Mega Man tracks to round out your gaming music collection, you can't really go wrong with this somewhat conservative remix. Sample Tracks: The remastered songs are only available on Bandcamp. Download here Free Stuff: Volume 1 The title of this album couldn't align with this article more if it wanted to! Free Stuff Volume 1 is a 10 track album containing, you guessed it, free gaming music. These remixes tend to be a bit more conservative than others on this list, but the tracks are still of good quality, and worth the download. Sample Tracks: Just... check the Bandcamp page. YouTube's scary. Download here Bionic Commando ReMixed: OK, We'll Groove OCRemix is actually bringing us two albums this month, this second one being a 13 track album of remixes from the original Bionic Commando. The series may not have been doing well in recent years, but the original game's soundtrack is still solid, and the various remixers have been giving that soundtrack some loving. Sample Tracks: Gridlock, Download here Asteroid Smash Asteroid Smash is a neat little iPad game that features 4-player multiplayer... on one iPad. It's a very action packed retro-styled game, and the seven track soundtrack also reflects this overall style. These high energy chip tracks are a nice fit with the frantic game. Sample Tracks: Trailer Download here Oldie But Still a Freebie! 2012 VGMC Recordings This month's oldie is actually a very short album--only three tracks! However, I'm sure you have enough albums to listen to for this month, and I don't want to give you a reason to miss out on some awesome work by the Video Game Music Choir! Their name gives away what's unique about them: They're a choir designed around singing video game tracks to the world! That might sound a little odd (since most gaming songs don't really have lyrics), but they do it well, and this album is a perfect sampler of their work. Sample Tracks: Check their YouTube page Download here That's it for October! This month we've gotten a nice spread of genres and games represented, with something even the pickiest audiophile can enjoy. As for next month... will artists be too busy to pump out more free albums for us, or will the season of giving inspire them to make even more? We'll see in November! Which album is your favorite this month? Let me know in the comments below!
  2. September has finally ended! All in all it was a relatively slow month, as gamers rev up for October's incredible amount of releases and November's introduction of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the market. It'll at least be one of the busiest holiday seasons in a while! Unfortunately, September was a bit slow on the side of free gaming albums as well... perhaps all the composers are getting ready for the busy holiday season, as well? Of course, quantity doesn't always equal quality, and this month's selection is certainly full of quality. Let's check out the six new (and one old) albums released this past month. Donkey Kong 64 Official Soundtrack A few months back, Grant Kirkhope released free verions of many of of his past Nintendo 64 soundtracks, including the Banjo-Kazooie games and Perfect Dark. However, one particular album was not released to the public from free during that wonderful month... until now. This month Kirkhope released the official soundtrack of Donkey Kong 64 for free. That's right, you can finally legally own the DK Rap (and seventeen other tracks) for free. What are you waiting for? Go and download it! Sample Tracks: , Download here Mega Man XA Mega Man XA is sort of hard to describe. It's a compilation of various remixes done in the style of the original Mega Man X. However, the artist makes it seem as though it's the soundtrack to a fan re-imagining of the original Mega Man X... which it still may very well be, but not being able to find any more information implies otherwise. Either way, the music is a bit of a 're-telling' of X's original game in musical terms, and some of the tracks chosen for remixing are very interesting to hear in this new style. Sample Tracks: For this album, you'll have to check its Bandcamp page. Download here Be Agressive! A Gunstar Heroes Tribute This month's OCRemix offering will be a treat to Treasure game fans. Be Aggressive! is a twenty-four remix tribute to Gunstar Heroes, Treasure's beloved Genesis title. This remix project covers pretty much every track from the game, and of course is up to the high quality the site is known for. Also the website for the album is fantastic looking! Sample Tracks: , Download here Divekick Soundtrack Just like the game itself, this free Divekick soundtrack is very minimal. It contains all the tracks from the game, but it has no formatting or album cover (that picture I used is from VGMdb). Oh, and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the download link to grab the tracks--it's all very understated, so you can miss it if you're not looking. Sample Tracks: You'll have to download this album. Download here Naya's Quest Soundtrack Naya's Quest is a free browser game by Terry Cavanagh, which you can check out here. It's actually a rather interesting title that everyone should give a try, but it's hard to explain in earnest without spoiling it. Anyway, the game's soundtrack is also naturally available for free, and the few tracks played throughout the title are ambient and somewhat lonely sounding, which fits the game very well. Sample Tracks: Check the bandcamp page for the tracks. Download here Famicom Memoria XXX Shiryu's offering to the free gaming album world this month is in celebration of the Famicom's 30th anniversary. As we all know, this console was a big step for the gaming industry, and had a bunch of iconic games, and these are represented in the Famicom Memoria XXX. You'll find remixes to Super Mario, Punch-Out!!, and other 8-bit classics here. Also, while this album is available on Bandcamp, you would have to pay for it, while the links on Shiryu's site are always free. Sample Tracks: Download here Oldie But Still a Freebie! Mighty Switch Force Official Soundtrack Many people interested in video game and chiptune music probably know Jake 'Virt' Kaufman by now. He's likely most well known for the various tracks he creates for WayForward's titles--the most recently of which being his remixed tracked for DuckTales Remastered. However, his older soundtracks are just as great... and his release of the Mighty Switch Force! soundtrack is certainly worth a listen. This album features all of the tracks from the 3DS game, and are as quirky and upbeat as the game itself is. Any fan of the artist or the game deserve to give this album a download! Sample Tracks: , Download here That ends this month's offerings of free gaming albums. Perhaps next month we'll get a deluge of free music with the flood of hit games coming out? What's your favorite album this month? Any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
  3. Now this is a shocker. Despite the fact that many people are returning to the routine of school and real life, having had their summers and vacations, it seemed that now musicians decided to break their dry spell of free gaming albums now. What caused this to happen? Maybe artists wanted to get their projects completed before the fall came? Maybe they were thinking, in a tiny part of their minds, that we desperately needed new music to help us survive the oncoming winter? ...Heck, I'm not one to complain. Let's get right to the good stuff: The free albums! If you're looking for even more free music, you can check out some of my past round-ups. Pokemon: The Eevee EP After finally finishing and releasing their massive Final Fantasy VI album, OCRemix decided to scale it down a bit for their next release. The Eevee EP focuses on, you guessed it, Eevee and all of its evolutions. The soundtrack takes nine tracks and remixes them in a style representative of of Eeveelution's type. The EP is only nine tracks, but is well worth the download. Sample Tracks: , Download here Anodyne Remix Album Anodyne is an indie title that looks a bit like a Zelda game, but carries the much deeper theme of exploring the sub-conscious. As such, the game is well-known for having a great and fitting soundtrack. Unfortunately... the OST is not free (it's $2.50 on Bandcamp), but this remix album is free for all to download. These remixes are not of low quality either--they may not be the original tracks, but they are very much worth the clicks and bandwidth! Sample Tracks: Download here Heaven Variant Emergency Soundtrack Heaven Variant was to be a pretty neat shump... unfortunately the game was cancelled. It's a shame, since it seemed like it was going well and had a great soundtrack. Well... we may not get the game, but at least the soundtrack is available for free! You can get the .AAC version of the soundtrack for free, but if you want .MP3s, you'll have to give at least fifty cents to the artist on the bandcamp page. Sample Tracks: (the official names are not on Youtube) Download here Mars: War Logs Original Soundtrack You may have heard of Mars: War Logs; Harrison Lee did review it, after all. Well now, you can download the indie sci-fi RPG soundtrack for free. This game features rather somber, more post-apocalyptic tracks as opposed to more typical upbeat sounds, so it may be a nice OST to round out your gaming music collection. Sample Tracks: , Download here Charlie Murder the Soundtrack Charlie Murder, riding on the current beat-'em-up fad, recently came out to downloadable platforms. One of the interesting things about this title was the soundtrack, actually--hardcore rocking tracks written by the game's (fictional) band, Charlie Murder. Being able to get the whole soundtrack for free as a pretty neat gesture from the developers. Download it and rock out! Sample Tracks: , Death By EverythingDownload here Remember Me Music Contest - Best Of Back in July, Capcom held a remix contest for Remember Me, the winner getting a bunch of cool stuff for their awesome remixed track. However, not only the musician won out in the end... we got some awesome music produced for the event, as well! Capcom compiled what they thought was the best of the large amount of submissions and distributed it for free. Sample Tracks: Give the download page a look! Download here Pause Ahead OST Side A Pause Ahead is an odd little game. Made by the same guy that make the hard-yet-excellent Tower of Heaven, Pause Ahead is another very difficult platformer with a very interesting twist. As such, the soundtrack holds a bit of adrenaline to it, and its 8-bit feel is very nice and nostalgic. Side A only contains five tracks, but... Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Pause Ahead OST Side B ...We got Side B of the game's tracks as well! Side B has the game's other five tracks. Considering the game's size, that's still a goo amount of tracks! Also, if you want, you can try Pause Ahead for free right here. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! Have you heard of Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing!? The game made a bit of a splash at the Something Awful GameDev Challenge VII, and with good reason... those instead of explaining it, it's just far better to give it a try! The soundtrack is... well, it isn't too great to be honest, but it's for a typing game, and it's free, so here we have it! Sample Tracks: Wouldn't it be better to experience these moving tracks in-game? Download here Icarus Proudbottom & The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain Fun fact: Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! was not the first game in the Icarus Proudbottom series. First came... well, this game... that mainly involves the main character trying to stop his explosive (and momentum gaining) diarrhea. So yeah, it's a game. And this is the soundtrack to that game. Give it a download... if you dare. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Knytt Underground The Knytt series is one of those series that the indie 'hipsters' know about--it's not quite mainstream, but somewhat popular nevertheless. Knytt Underground is the newest entry to that series, and its now free soundtrack is pretty massive. This album is a huge six 'discs' long, packed full of ambient tracks that are relatively chill in nature. Even if you don't plan on picking up the game, this OST's worth downloading. Sample Tracks: Amazing Sandwiches, Fire Resistance is Awkward for Obvious Reasons Download here Oldie But Still a Freebie! Ao Vivo Em Conserva Gameboys is a Brazilian band that, of course, plays remixed gaming tracks. In February 2012, they did a pretty big live performance... and this album is the result of that show. Since it was a live event, the sound may not have the same quality as some of the other albums listed, but the tracks themselves are solid, and feature some neat remixes of both popular tracks and some you may have forgotten about. Sample Tracks: It was a live event... give it a download! Download here Whew, that's quite a bit of music there! I have to wonder what next month will bring... maybe our gaming music playlists will grow as large and as full as this holiday season is planning to be for the rest of gaming? We'll have to see! What's your favorite album this month? Any albums I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
  4. Whew, have the last few months been a drought on releases or what? It seems that musicians, for the most part, are taking the summer off... but at the very least, there are still some free gaming albums to be had to hold us over until these artists get back into the swing. Of course, if these five new albums (and one older one) aren't enough for you, you can always check some of my older free gaming album round ups. Besides, sometimes quality is better than quantity, right? Let's dive in! Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin To put it bluntly, this is the album OCRemix fans have been waiting for for quite a while now. A lot of time, effort, and advertising has went into the making of this Final Fantasy VI remix album, and the wait was well worth it. Balance and Ruin is over 70 tracks of FFIV goodness are jam-packed in this release, giving fans hours of redone tracks to listen to. If there's only one album that you're going to download this month, this one will give you the most 'value'! Sample Tracks: , Download here GRID 2 Official Soundtrack Getting a racing game's soundtrack for free is a bit unusual, but here it is! GRID 2 was a semi-realistic racing game released earlier this year, and now Codemasters is giving away the game's soundtrack for free. As expected, the tracks run from rather low-key unobtrusive tracks for the menus, to higher energy songs for the actual racing. Sample Tracks: Download here Shiryu's Arcade Volume 8 After taking a month off after his massive four album F-Zero collection, Shiryu is back with another album in his Arcade series! Shiryu's Arcade Volume 8 features more remixed gaming tracks from various titles, done in an unusual style that's either love it or hate it. Give it a listen or download, and see if the Arcade style is to your liking. Sample Tracks: Download here Crypt Worlds: Your Darkest Desires, Come True O.S.T.!! Haha, oh my, what's this? Yes, Crypt Worlds is a real game, and this is a real soundtrack. I honestly can't give you a clue about what Crypt Worlds is about, or if it's any good, but I do know it's free, so if you're up for a trippy looking adventure give it a try. Anyway, the soundtrack... is odd. The eight tracks are interesting to say the least, and with track names like 'Um... I Dunno' and "I Don't Remember If This Was In The Game' you know you're in for an unusual OST. I can't guarantee this is a download for everyone, but at least give it a listen on the Bandcamp page! Sample Tracks: ...Check out the Bandcamp page, if you dare. Download here Rockman XOver Original Soundtrack This album's a little special, since it officially came out last month, but no one really noticed the release until a month later... I didn't want to gloss over it, so here it is! Rockman Xover is a mobile game featuring, you guessed it, characters crossed over from all around the Mega Man universe (though supposedly it's mainly still just the X series). This soundtrack is pretty small, only six tracks long, but featured hard rocking tracks from band The ROCK-MEN, so the lack of variety is easily made up with its high quality. Sample Tracks: , Download here (Note: You'll have to download each track separately) Oldie But Still a Freebie! Bound Together: ReBound - An EarthBound Remix Project Well, let's celebrate this month's re-release of Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console with a free remix album of the game's tracks! Bound Together: ReBound is actually the second version of this album; the first was released back in October 2005, but this 2006 release has bonus tracks, making it the superior album. With 48 tracks remixed of the game's great soundtrack, ReBound is bound to have EarthBound fans' ears entertained. Sample Tracks: Just give it a download! Download here That's all for July's free gaming releases! There may be even less than last month, but these (for the most part) high-quality, content-packed releases are sure to keep your ears busy through August. Happy listening! Which July albums are your favorite? Any albums that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
  5. I know, it's been rough lately. Last month had only seven gaming music albums to satisfy your thirst for free and great music; it just wasn't enough! It's almost as if the composers are getting tired! Unfortunately, this month isn't looking to be better... with seven more free albums, will it really be enough to last through July? Well, given the quality, it certainly will! This month features a wide variety of tracks that are bursting from the seams given their track count... heck, they don't sound half bad, either! Let's dive into the six new (and one old) albums that were released this June. Perfection. Original Soundtrack Perfection. is a simple mobile game that involves cutting shapes down into... well, another shape. It's a very relaxing and addicting puzzle game, and the soundtrack helps to reflect that. All of the tracks (minus the two bonus ones) are very soothing, so if you need something to chill out to, this album is for you. Download here Sample Tracks: Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord OST The original Tiny Barbarian was a free indie game with a retro fell and a pretty steep difficulty curve. Now, a bit of time and a Kickstarter later, Tiny Barbarian DX has been released, an episodic sequel to the fun original. The Serpent Lord OST is an album of the tracks from the first episode of the new game, and as expected is fill of hard rocking chiptunes. Download here Sample Tracks: Mighty Switch Force 2 Official Soundtrack Those into the game music scene know the name Jake Kaufman, or at least the man by his username "virt." Very much a fan favorite, he has composed the soundtracks of many of WayForward's games... and Mighty Switch Force 2 was no exception. This soundtrack continues the original's tradition of quirky, high-energy tracks that meld perfectly with the game and with your playlist. (Editor's note: Seriously, this album is fantastic. Definitely give it a listen! - Jason C.) Download here Sample Tracks: , Sonic After the Sequel Original Soundtrack Many fans may still think that Sonic Team is going the wrong way with the blue hedgehog, but with a strong community of people that make quality Sonic fans games and ROM hacks, fans don't have to look too far for some new classic Sonic goodness. Sonic: After the Sequel is a fan game that takes place, you guessed it, after Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and attempts to explain some of the events that happened in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The soundtrack, as you would expect, is composed of all new tracks with that classic Sonic feel in mind, so if you're looking for something that sounds like the old Sonic tunes but is completely new, then this is worth a download. Download here Sample Tracks: Fist Puncher Soundtrack Fist Puncher is another Kickstarter success... but it's not quite released yet. This old-school inspired brawler is still in its alpha state, but that doesn't stop its soundtrack from being complete and free to listen to! These twelve tracks fit the brawling game nicely, with tense tracks that will get the blood flowing. Download here Sample Tracks: You'll have to go to the download link! Banjo Kazooie Beta's This is... kind of a weird album. Kirk Granthope found some betas of some of the tracks he was writing for... and just decided to release them. Not even he knows what the tracks were for (at least the ones that aren't recognizable), or even why some are named the way they are. Regardless, they're all there to download and listen to. It's pretty interesting to see how Granthope's music develops, in the least. Download here Sample Tracks: You have to check the Bandcamp page! Oldie but Still a Freebie! Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run 2011 was the Metroid series' 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, the series didn't give much love to the famous bounty hunter and her exploits... thankfully, fans did. Composers got together and created Harmony of a Hunter, filled with remixes of tracks from the Metroid series. About a year later, the 101% Run was released, a bit of an 'expansion' of the first, offering some new tracks on previously forgotten tracks. If you're a Metroid fan, this album is part of a perfect collection. Download here Sample Tracks: , That's all for June's free albums! There seem to be a few regulars missing (though understandable after Shiryu's massive release last month), but hopefully the summer will inspire more musicians to create some gaming music for us all to enjoy! Which album was your favorite? Any remixes or musicians you're hoping to see in July? Let me know in the comments below!
  6. Welcome to another round of awesome, and free gaming music! I know it's been a long time since your last video game album fix, but don't worry, you made it. It's time for the monthly overview of awesome gaming albums... that are completely and utterly free! Unfortunately, this month is a bit sparse on the releases... and as you'll see, the majority of it has a distinct theme in mind. But don't fret! It's all great... and free! You can also check out some of the earlier months' entries to see if you missed anything. ...So with that, let's dive in this month's audio offerings! Best of Hyde209 Vol. 2 Hyde209, as you might guess, is a username. It's also the username of an accomplished remixer. Hyde209 has been in the hobby of making gaming remixes for quite a while, if his YouTube page is anything to show for it. This album is a compilation of some of his best works, all nice and easy to download in one place. He has a variety of remixes in terms of style, so the tracks on there are bound to please everyone. You can check out Vol. 1 as well! Sample Tracks: , Download here Princess of Eternity EP Princess of Eternity EP is a small track, but one to excite Touhou fans. These four tracks are all a remix of the track Septette for a Dead Princess in The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. More specifically, it's two vocal remixes of the track, and then the tracks with only the instrumentals. It's not a large album by any means, but is still worth that click! Sample Tracks: You can check the download site for SoundCloud samples. Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Vol. 1 - Age of SNES And so it begins. Early in the month, Shiryu released this album. F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 1 takes a bunch of tracks from the SNES F-Zero game and gives them a fine and loving remix. F-Zero's tracks are pretty good on their own, but the remixes give them a new life... and the 'Volume 1' in the title should let you know that there's more to come. Sample Tracks: Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 2 - Age of N64 Luckily, Shiryu wasn't going to make us wait a whole month for some more F-Zero remixes. The second volume in this F-Zero collection focuses on the N64 entry to the racing series. This volume is also done in a different style, as well... these twelve tracks are chiptunes. That's especially good considering the series itself reuses a lot of its music! Sample Tracks: Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 3 - Age of GBA Yes, that's right... that's not all the F-Zero you'll get this month! As you can see, Volume 3 of this massive F-Zero project features the GBA entry into the Nintendo franchise. This one is the largest yet at fifteen tracks. They're done in the same style as Volume 1, but all these tracks are unique, so no need to worry about duplicates! Sample Tracks: Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 4 - Age of GC Just before the end of the month, Shiryu finishes off this F-Zero project. The final Volume, Age of GC, features the final GameCube entry to the F-Zero series. This album is the smallest, and also the least focused--there are chiptunes and 'redux' mixes alike, as well as secondary remixes to a few of the more popular tracks. It's still a great album, though, and well worth the download to complete the collection! Sample Tracks: Download here Oldie but Still a Freebie! Mega Man 9: Back in Blue There wasn't an OCRemix album this month, which is a shame... but that gives us a chance to look back at some of their older works! Mega Man 9: Back in Blue is a tribute album to, you guessed it, Mega Man 9. These eighteen tracks spread across two discs are a fitting tribute to the ninth entry of the series, which is lauded for its fantastic soundtrack. Go ahead and give this release a download! Sample Tracks: , Download here That's it for May's offerings to the free gaming music cause. It's a bit more sparse than the past couple of months, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad month--quite the opposite! Enjoy your overload of F-Zero until next month! Which gaming album is your favorite? Any albums I missed, or single tracks you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Video Game Music Gone Wrong

    Video games have not always contained music. During their inception, the hardest task was simply learning how to get an image moving on the screen. Audio got added in soon enough, but it was a far cry from the orchestrated scores of today. Still, many arcade games did their best to have an addictive theme and succeeded. Since then, fans have gathered around video game music as a great auditory medium. As great as some game music is though, there are times when music is a great disservice to the title it is included within. Sometimes it may just be one song out of place, and others may hinder an entire game with a lackluster soundtrack. On occasion, there are songs so completely bad that you can“t help but obsess over aching eardrums instead of what is even occurring in the game. Music can have powerful effects in the positive and equally in the negative. With all that said, let's take a look at some shamefully bad game tracks! Doom II: Hell on Earth First, let“s go with an example of a game being harmed throughout thanks to an unfitting soundtrack. Doom II: Hell on Earth was a much anticipated sequel to the original Doom. This popular FPS had been paired with MIDI rock which arguably was a big part of the experience. Doom II had some of this, but it also had a lot of incredibly questionable music choices. When multiple tracks can be compared to elevator music, you know you“re doing wrong by Doom. http://youtu.be/NOTFyvj0vaw Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Other times, games can be fantastic up until the final point. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has long been acknowledged as a marvelous game in the series. However, one simple song is queued up at the end which nearly ruins everything. Granted, some fans have gone to laud the song for its hilariously out of place nature, but it still stands as being pretty damn bad. I mean, honestly, who thought this smooth ballad was befitting to such an action-packed game? Apparently Konami has yet to learn from their mistakes as they continually include unfitting songs in their games to this day (see Never Dead and Silent Hill: Downpour), although they have since removed "I am the Wind" from re-releases. Night Trap Sometimes there are games that already bad but could be aided by some good music. Although the games may be beyond redemption, at least they could include a few entertaining tracks to keep the experience from being completely useless. Unfortunately, "horror" game Night Trap was never given such a chance. Much of the music is of no consequence, being barely there to begin with aside from sound effects. But there is one song that has managed to survive far past its FMV days and live on in infamy. Give it a listen and see if you find any redeeming qualities. For the most part, video game music is either unassuming, slightly endearing, or totally awesome. On the occasion that music is bad is when it becomes ridiculed and, in some cases, far outlasts the game it was included with. In some way, this may please the composers as at least their work isn't lost to time, but tends to be the far more embarrassing road. Is it better to score boilerplate rock or orchestrated music or a musical abomination? At the very least no, games can suggest they have music as bad as the entity that is Crazy Bus. This title, developed in 2004, is little more than a title screen and a soundtrack, but has attained fame due to one thing: Its god awful music. I will leave readers with this video as it is one of the worst example of video game “musicé ever conceived: