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Found 111 results

  1. https://techraptor.net/content/steam-score-will-no-longer-include-reviews-activated-product-keys Dunno if you guys had heard yet, but Steam is no longer including reviews activated by keys (which would include both review codes and keys that come from bundles and the like). This means that the only reviews for Steam games will now be by those who purchased the game directly on the Steam website or client. I guess this is to help crack down on unfair reviews and the like, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. Granted, I've never really given too much credence to Steam reviews, especially since most people seem to leave good reviews if the game plays all right. Like Gaiages once said, if a Steam game has negative reviews, it's usually because it's extremely buggy or doesn't play well; otherwise, most legit games (made from non-amateur developers) generally will get positive reviews if everything runs well, despite how the gameplay is. In any case, I'm not too affected by this since I never left reviews on Steam (or even looked at others'), but this should have an interesting effect on the scores in the future. What do you guys think? Is Valve going about this the wrong way? Or do you think they're making the right move by eliminating reviews from games activated by keys?
  2. Marcus Estrada

    2014 Steam Holiday Sale is Now Upon Us

    It's that time of the year again! Although there was recently a weeklong Steam sale, that was not the sale which whips people up into a fury. That honor belongs to the Steam Holiday Sale. It's live from right now until January 2nd and offers discounts on thousands of games. As always, there's also a collection of highlighted deals each day. Here's the first round of Featured Deals: Dark Souls II - $14.79 Euro Truck Simulator 2 - $3.74 Civilization Beyond Earth - $29.99 Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes - $13.39 Rocksmith 2014 Edition - $20.99 Sniper Elite III - $24.99 Space Engineers - $9.99 State of Decay - $4.99 Total War Rome II: Emperor Edition - $14.98 Every 24 hours there will be a new Community's Choice game, and voting rewards you with a Holiday Trading Card. Finally, the front page also houses Flash Deals which last for 12 hours each. Expect to find that browsing or purchasing on Steam will be quite slow/broken until people start to calm down. Are there any games you hope to see discounted during the sale?
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Valve Updates Early Access Rules and Guidelines

    The concept for Steam Early Access is quite cool. It's a way for teams to get their beta versions of games into the hands of players directly through Steam. Of course, certain developers have tarnished the system's reputation by abandoning development or releasing a completely unfinished product to get gamers off their backs over the "Early Access" tag. Although it has seemed as such for over a year now, Valve was apparently taking notes. This week they revealed an updated list of rules and guidelines for all Early Access developers to keep in mind, lest they lose the ability to sell their product on Steam. Some of the more interesting rules and guidelines are as follows: "Do not make specific promises about future events." "Don't overcharge Steam customers." "Don“t launch in Early Access if you can“t afford to develop with very few or no sales." "Don't launch in Early Access without a playable game." "Don't launch in Early Access if you are done with development." These are definitely a great start as long as Valve ensures that everyone is following their policies. Of course, some of these statements could easily be sidestepped by a conflict of opinions. One developer may not feel they are "overcharging" customers, while customers believe it to be the case. Similarly, a "playable" game is hard to nail down. Does this mean the game has to be playable as intended or is okay if you have a blank avatar that can move around a barren field? With that said, these updates are better than Valve remaining entirely silent on the matter. What do you think of the new rules and guidelines for Early Access? Do you play Early Access titles?
  4. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Summer Sale 2014 Officially Begins!

    It's that time of year again... The annual Steam Summer Sale is finally upon us! Hopefully you've prepared your wallets as a host of great sales will be cropping up daily on Valve's immensely popular storefront. Is there anything new about this year's sale? Yes, now everyone on Steam is added into teams randomly. Users can push their teams ahead by crafting badges from collecting the set of 10 Summer Adventure cards. Each day one group will be crowned winner. From that, 30 members of the winning group win 3 games off their wishlist each. Winners not a pat of the 30 member group still get 2 Summer Adventure cards. Anyone on a losing team who still contributed points that day gets 1 Summer Card for trying. Here's a look at what's available for the first round of Daily Deals: DayZ - $25.49 Dead Rising 3 - $37.49 Democracy 3 - $8.49 Divinity: Original Sin - $31.99 Don't Starve - $3.74 Far Cry 3 - $7.49 Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - $7.99 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition - $3.99 XCOM: Enemy Unknown - $8.49 Of course, there are also Flash Sales, Community's Choice, and many other games available for sale beyond what's shown on the front page. Search around and see if the game's you've been hoping for have been deeply discounted!
  5. Harrison Lee

    Review: Insurgency

    Developer: New World Interactive Publisher: New World Interactive Platform: PC (Steam) Release Date: January 22, 2014 ESRB: Not rated (M suggested) Modern warfare used to be the sexy theme in first-person shooters. Rarely portrayed prior to Call of Duty 4, games with combat against insurgents and present-day military forces were usually pipe dreams, confined to the likes of Battlefield 2 and the old Source mod Insurgency. After Call of Duty bucked the trend, the market became supersaturated with modern guns and grit. It was fun for a while until it became the annualized norm. Gamers grew tired of the endless cycle of shooting generic, stereotyped terrorists. So why would anyone want to make yet another modern warfare shooter in an overcrowded market? I asked myself the same question until I got my hands on newest iteration of Insurgency. It may very well be one of the best tactical shooters to come out in years. Insurgency's roots can be traced back to the free Source mod of the same name, introduced in the early 2000's. Insurgency back then was a revolution, featuring intense combat and a difficult learning curve that encouraged teamwork over guns-blazing. Striking a middle ground between Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, the mod knew how to balance realistic combat with fun, competitive gameplay. All of that experience and knowledge has been brought to bear with the rebuilt, reborn Insurgency. The game is divided across a few different multiplayer styles. For those looking to engage in frequent firefights, check out the Sustained Combat modes. Looking for more team-based, objective-oriented gameplay? Tactical Operations has you covered. And if standing side by side with team-mates against AI insurgents gets your blood boiling, there's a co-op mode made just for you. Better yet, the AI can be deadlier than the human opponents you'll face. Insurgency has 7 distinct game modes across the 3 different categories, though each mode can share objectives from other modes. My personal favorites were Seek and Destroy (blow up enemy arms caches) and VIP Escort (protect/kill the VIP as/before they escape). Matches are tense, violent affairs that kill quickly and forgive little. Mistakes can end in the decimation of your whole team if your allies get careless. Clearing corners and always keeping an eye for movement is crucial to surviving the brutal world of Insurgency. A single bullet will often kill you, especially if the enemy has swapped out their loaded rounds. At the start of every match, you can choose the types of attachments you have, how much ammo you carry, the rounds you fire and more using a points system. The better the add-on, the more points and added weight it'll cost you. These things all matter and can quickly change the balance of combat if you find yourself overwhelmed by the enemy. Forgoing that 4X scope to snag an extra frag grenade might just save your life in a serious pinch. The only frustrating part about the expertly balanced loadout system is that you can't save setups. It can be a tad aggravating to keep buying and removing the same objects over and over again. It's a fairly minor complaint and one that could easily be addressed with a patch. Otherwise, the technicals are in great order. Visuals are relatively conservative, focusing on some great dust and particle effects rather than fancy textures (after all, it's the Source engine). The audio is stellar, witholding in-game music in favor of the soundtrack of bullets and explosions. Rifles crack and rounds whizz over your head to terrifying effect. It's all very gritty and intense. The selection of maps is somewhat limited as everything tends to blend together. My least favorite was Heights where I was often blown away by snipers, even when I thought I was safely in cover. Perhaps that's part of the appeal but I've never jived with it. The other locales are varied in range from wide open battles during the day in valleys to frantic night battles across market streets. You'll find a little bit of everything, whether it's sniper-friendly maps or CQC-oriented corridors. Your enjoyment of Insurgency will depend entirely on whether or not you're willing to slow down your pace, embrace teamwork and play tactically. This isn't the game for constant-action junkies or thrill-a-minute gamers. It rewards patience and planning, not trigger-happy rushers. You can certainly play it that way but it'll quickly end with a bullet to your head. Is Insurgency absolutely perfect? No, there are a few minor glitches and the loadout system is a tad annoying. Some levels also don't look great, especially with some shoddy ground textures. But if you're looking for an fun, rewarding tactical shooter, Insurgency is practically begging for your $15. It's bargain-priced and packs a fair bit of intense gaming, especially if you've been looking for a change of pace from Battlefield and Call of Duty. Dust off your BDUs and load up those rifles! It's time to go to work. Pros: + Lots of bang for your buck + Relatively varied game modes and maps + Nice change of PC from most shooters + Great audio and particle effects Cons: - A few minor glitches - Enemy AI skill varies wildly - Loadout system won't save Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great If you're tired of the endless modern shooters, Insurgency does just enough to make it fresh again, and at a bargain price.
  6. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Autumn Sale 2013 is Live

    It's almost Thanksgiving (and by effect, Black Friday) which means you probably don't have much extra money to spend after accounting for that stuff. But what if you do? Or what if you just have a need to purchase every great deal ever? The Steam Autumn Sale is here to help! It is live from now until December 3rd and will include Daily Deals as well as Flash Sales. Of course, many games not displayed on the front page are also on sale. Here are today's Daily Deals: Antichamber - $4.99 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $7.49 Left 4 Dead 2 - $4.99 Outlast - $6.79 Prison Architect - $14.99 Rogue Legacy - $5.09 Sleeping Dogs - $4.99 Terraria - $2.49 The Walking Dead - $6.24 The first Flash Sales include Castle Story, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Hammerwatch, and Space Hulk. Those change out every eight hours. So, do any of these current deals look appealing? What are the best sales you've seen so far (by checking your wishlist or by browsing the store)?
  7. TKtheknight

    Portal: Survive! Fan Film

    I thought I'd share this really awesome nice live action short fan film. It is well done especially with only budgeted under $500. Good acting, use of CG, and even GLaDOS too. Check it out!
  8. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Week Long Deals for October 7-14

    Checking out Steam today reveals a whole host of new deals on the storefront. For the first time, we're seeing not just specific games on sale but also a handful of collection packs. Usually those are only discounted for special weekend sales or for Steam's seasonal discounts. Here are all the games currently on sale: 4 Elements - $1.50 Betrayer - $10.04 Cobra Complete Pack - $7.20 Commander: Conquest of the Americas - $2.49 Flatout Complete Pack - $9.99 Governor of Poker 2 - $2.50 Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded - Review - $11.99 MX vs ATV Reflex - $4.00 Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood - $2.49 Teleglitch: Die More Edition - Review - $3.25 Worms Revolution - Review - $7.49 There is also a piece of non-gaming software on sale (MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus) but it's likely most users don't come to Steam sales for that stuff. In any case, there's a nice host of games currently discounted if you need to spend some money this week.
  9. Welcome to another week of Weeklong deals on Steam. There were none last week (thanks to their focus on a trio of important announcements) but now we've got another set of games for anyone who had been suffering for sale deficiency. There's also a non-game program available (articy: draft SE) if you're into that. Here are the various discounted games on Steam this week: Fist Puncher - $4.99 Hamilton's Great Adventure - $1.99 Ignite - $2.50 PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate - $9.99 Renegade Ops - $3.74 SpeedRunners - $4.99 Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory - $2.37 Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Review - $2.50 Victoria II - $4.99 Warlock - Master of the Arcane - $4.99 Wasteland Angel - $2.49 As usual, we've got a good mix of indies across various genres that have been selected. Roguelike fans might want to check out Sword of the Stars: The Pit. Those interested in puzzles might enjoy the super cute Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory. Really, it seems that you could find a lot to grab here, or just wait for new sales to crop up in a week's time.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    On Steam This Week: Topware Interactive Library

    Steam has been bustling with new games a lot more lately. This is due in large part to the acceptance of the Early Access program, as well as finished games rolling out through Greenlight. Throw in the fact that the holiday season is fast approaching and you'll see this creates the perfect storm for games to swarm the marketplace. Case in point, a boatload of titles were released on Steam this week. It seems publisher Topware Interactive has dumped a mass of their properties up for sale, and then there's everyone else. Because there are way too many games to write about, I will simply post their official Steam descriptions so you can get a taste for what each title has to offer. Please note that some of these prices are launch discounts and therefore will not remain the same. Finally, because there are so many titles, the most notable will have their titles bolded. Alien Rage - Unlimited - $19.99 Unleash a fury of powerful weapons as you blast your way through armies of Alien forces hell-bent on taking you down! Battle through 14 intense levels and prepare to face a barrage of beastly-sized bosses that will test your every skill. Each of your 10 weapons comes with two firing modes and you“ll need all of them! Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain - $6.99 Cast down from power by a mysterious warlord centuries ago, Kain reawakens in a world he barely recognises. His armies slain, his vampire brethren nearly extinct, Kain is one of the last of his kind. With an agenda of vengeance, Kain shall unleash a wicked wrath to uncover the plot that threatens the land he seeks to conquer. Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils - $8.99 (Review) From the creator of the Gundemonium Collection comes a thrilling new 2D action-platformer! Help Bunny escape the Devils“ Labyrinth and defeat the 7 Devils in this hilariously over-the-top action-platformer game. Battle through a large, connected map filled with unique enemies, traps, and puzzles. Day One: Garry's Incident - $17.99 Explore a vast hostile environment while crafting new tools to help you survive. Discover intriguing puzzles and the mystery behind the strange remains of artifacts left in the Amazon Jungle. Key Features : Start with nothing and craft, hunt, fish and fight to survive. Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos - $4.99 (Review) From Dischan Media, creators of the highly acclaimed Juniper's Knot, comes Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos. Dysfunctional Systems is a visual novel series featuring Winter Harrison, a student mediator from a utopian world. What is a mediator? Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord - $4.49 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord is a blistering platformer with morphing worlds, featuring seven brand new levels, a new boss and new gripping tracks from Chris Hülsbeck and Machinae Supremacy! Dash through tricky levels and transform the whole world at will in this fast-paced platformer. Gorky 17 - $2.49 November 2008. NATO intelligence services report that, for reasons unknown, the Russian military has destroyed GORKY 17, one of the old Soviet "Secret Cities". A year later NATO takes over a former Russian secret base built on Polish soil. Diggers discover a laboratory complex in the completely demolished town. The Inner World - $11.24 A 2D-Point“n“Click Adventure Robert is a novice, a bit clueless, but with a heart of gold. He lives a peaceful life as a court musician in Asposia's largest wind monastery. Contrary to the laws of physics, Asposia is an enormous, hollow space surrounded by an infinite expanse of earth. KnightShift - $3.49 Do you like Real Time Strategy? or are Role Playing Games your preference… Why not try both genres in one? … or even both separately? … In one game: KnightShift! In a mystical world beyond fantasy and imagination, where corruption and disaster go hand in hand, not all is as it seems. Legends of Aethereus - $23.99 The planet of Aethereus is an ancient and mysterious world filled with majestic forests, misty swamps, deep caves and ancient ruins. Devastated by three large astronomical events, the Three Great Skyfalls, it is a world just coming out of chaos and ruin. Omikron: The Nomad Soul - $9.99 "I have many things to tell you and very little time… I come from a universe parallel to yours. My world is desperately in need of your help. Only YOU can save us." Responding to the desperate pleas of a mysterious character from another dimension, your soul must enter the dark and futuristic city of Omikron. PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ - $9.99 It's time to gear up! Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX+! The award-winning chomping game makes a shattering debut on Steam with even more content and a refined user-interface to compare high scores with your friends! Rise of Venice - $39.99 Venice was at the peak of its power during the Renaissance and was viewed as a city of decadence, beauty and intrigue. Renowned as the linchpin of civilization and the cultural centre of Europe, Venice was the most important trading post between Western Europe and the eastern stretch of the Mediterranean Sea. Scrriblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure - $35.99 In Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, Maxwell unites with Batmanâ„¢, Supermanâ„¢ and the rest of The Justice Leagueâ„¢ to restore order to the DC Comics Universe. Challenge your imagination as you battle the mightiest villains in an exciting, action-filled adventure through GOTHAM CITYâ„¢, METROPOLISâ„¢, ATLANTISâ„¢ and other iconic locales from the DC Comics Universe. Septerra Core - $2.49 At the very heart of Septerra lies the Core, a huge Biocomputer. Seven continents at different elevations, each with its own unique people and culture, orbit around the Core. According to an ancient prophecy, Septerra's continents will one day converge and join in orbit together on one level - this is the Legacy of Marduk, the Creator's... Shadow Warrior - $35.99 Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the classic 3D Realms“ shooter from independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Combine the brute force of overwhelming firepower with the elegant precision of a katana to annihilate the merciless armies of the shadow realm in an exhilarating and visually stunning transformation of the classic first-person shooter. Timelines: Assault on America - $14.99 July 20, 1942, Berlin, Germany The United States“ Office of Strategic Services (OSS) take advantage of information provided to them by the underground German resistance against the Third Reich. The OSS launch operation ”Wolf“s Head“, where top marksmen hide among a rally given in honor of Adolf Hitler. Train Simulator 2014: Steam Edtiion - $56.99 Train Simulator 2014 delivers everything you love about trains with the exhilaration of speed, stunning graphics, a variety of trains, real-world routes and challenging assignments. Whether you love driving trains, creating new routes or just watching the landscape fly by, your journey starts with TS2014. World War II: Panzer Claws - $2.49 WORLD WAR II: PANZER CLAWS [aka Frontline Attack: War over Europe] pushes back the boundaries of real-time strategy gaming! Take control of the Allied, German, or the Russian in the harsh reality of the battlefields of World War II. World War III: Black Gold - $2.49 Actual Armies. Actual Weapons. Actual Political Issues. World War III - Black Gold takes the player to the near future. The political crisis has been going on for months, leading to worldwide turmoil. A secret conference of the UN Central Geological Commission reveals that worldwide oil reserves have reached dangerously low levels.
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Valve Announces Steam Controller

    Alright folks, the final big announcement from Valve came today. What did we know prior to this? Simply that each and every announcement would have something to do with the "living room". First, there was Steam OS, and then announcement of Steam Machines to utilize said OS. Now, what can someone do in the living room with a Steam OS-running Steam Machine in their living room? Obviously they need a controller. Although it probably still support Xbox 360 gamepads, Valve has announced their own controller which will interface especially well with Steam games. This is because it isn't just a knock off of an existing controller but something more creative. The controller has keyboard/mouse mappings by default which means even Steam games without controller support will work. Basically, they won't realize that the controller is even being used. Most notably, the controller has no joysticks or d-pad at all and instead has two large trackpads on the front. It's certainly odd but we'll have to get it in our hands to see exactly how well that works. There is also a touch screen in the middle a la PS4 or Ouya controllers. Let's hope it's more PS4 than Ouya though. The controller is also open to modification for users who wish to fuss with it.
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Valve Announces Steam Machines

    On Monday, Valve announced SteamOS. By design, it is meant to be a snazzy Steam-focused operating system for "living room machines". Many predicted today's reveal would be the SteamBox. And in a way, it is! But, just like Gabe Newell has previously stated, there is not just one machine but a whole host coming out. Valve is creating a prototype themselves, but also allowing various manufacturers to create living room hardware based around SteamOS. A multitude of new Steam Machines should be ready for purchase in 2014. What if you want a Steam Machine immediately? Well, Valve is set to release 300 prototypes to Steam users for free before this year's end. There's a handful of requirements to be eligible. You need to be a part of the Steam Universe community group, agree to the hardware terms and conditions, have 10 Steam friends, make your Steam profile public, and play a game with gamepad in Steam's Big Picture Mode once. Got that all done? Make sure you've also checked your eligibility on the badges page. It might be a super unlikely chance to win, but it's fun to try anyway!
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Valve Announces SteamOS

    Last week, Valve drew a great deal of attention to itself by promoting three announcements on this page. Today, the first reveal of three was unveiled and is SteamOS. If you've paid any attention to what Valve has said over the past year then you were already aware they were working on this, it was just a matter of when and how it could come to fruition. SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system. It will be free, of course, and is tailored around Steam usage specifically. The creation of SteamOS was spurred similarly to that of Big Picture Mode, because it is tailored for living room TVs. Apparently, there are significant performance increases when running games on SteamOS as opposed to Windows. You're meant to use it with a living room PC, not necessarily by lugging or connecting your current machine to a special TV. Why? Because of the features SteamOS brings. For one, only with SteamOS will you be able to use in-home streaming. As long as your main gaming PC is running Steam, you can then launch and stream the games to the living room PC and play from there. Family Sharing is also to be integrated, which makes a lot of sense since multiple PCs might have access to Steam within the household. Finally, Valve stated they are bringing "music, TV, and movies" to Steam which could be very interesting. What do you think about SteamOS? Is it exciting or are you just waiting for the other announcements?
  14. http://www.gamespot.com/news/steam-may-allow-game-sharing-report-6410433?tag=nl.e607&s_cid=e607&ttag=e607 This would be awesome.
  15. Marcus Estrada

    On Steam This Week: Guacamelee, Spelunky, and More

    Those looking for a great new game to play today are in massive luck because Steam has added a handful to their library during this week. Many of these titles have been long-awaited and with good reason. First there is Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians which connects action and puzzling gameplay with the beat of background music. Threaks' game might not be all that familiar to you but it has made its way around the indie world. In fact, it has been nominated for and won various awards. Now it is available at 10% off for $13.43. Next up is Divinity: Dragon Commander which infuses real time strategy with the awesomeness of making dragons fight one another. Both single and multiplayer are included, with multiplayer working via local or online. The game is $39.99 but if you own Divinity II: Director's Cut on Steam you can it at 10% off instead. Guacamelee! is a game that PSN or XBLA gamers may have already experienced but is now available to PC owners. In fact, we're treated to Guacamelee! Gold Edition which includes all the fancy things associated with Steam (Steam Trading Cards, Workshop Support, etc). For the first week you can buy it at 10% off for $13.49 and get a free copy of Mutant Blobs Attack! Infected: The Twin Vaccine is next on the list. This is the most "casual" of the releases but it's nice for the library to be rounded out with all types of genres. In any case, this is a hidden object game which takes place during a mysterious outbreak of a new disease. For the first week the game is 15% off which makes it $11.89. Then we've got Inquisitor which is an independently developed RPG. The three playable classes include paladin, priest, and thief. While hte game can be had for only $8.99, you can pick up the Deluxe Edition for $11.99 which includes two novels, an artbook, and 38 track soundtrack. The most important release this week to some gamers is the launch of Papers, Please. The title plunges you into the fictional world of Arstotzka where you live your days out as an immigration inspector. It might sound weird but the game has gotten tons of attention because of its strangely addictive nature. You can pick it up for $9.99. Finally, we've got Spelunky on Steam. No, this is not the original PC game which was free but is instead a port of the enhanced port that came to XBLA. It's a tough 2D exploration game but is a great deal of fun in single or multiplayer. Interested explorers can try it for 10% off ($13.49) this week. Is there anything you're interested in picking up from Steam this week?
  16. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Week Long Deals for July 29th to August 5th

    Welcome, one and all, to another week of Steam Week Long Deals. There are six games singled out for the honor of sales this week. Two are adventure games, two are space 4X titles, and the rest are other things. No pieces of non-game software have made it in this week. Here are your Steam deals: No Time to Explain - $4.99 Prime World: Defenders - $10.04 Space Empires IV Deluxe - $2.49 Space Empires V - $3.74 Still Life - $2.49 Still Life 2 - $2.49 Those who were looking to get into either the Space Empires or Still Life series are in great luck this week! Of course, if you don't care about either then this might seem a very paltry set of sales. In any case, there will be a new one next week, and the week after that and so on and so forth.
  17. Marcus Estrada

    Greenligt Games on Steam

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  18. Marcus Estrada

    Sixteen More Titles Survive Steam Greenlight

    Do you know what the secret is to getting Greenlit? It's not just having a ton of visitors over a long span of time to vote you up, or even necessarily having an excellent property (although that helps). The main way to succeed simply seems to be having a huge amount of visitors for a short period of time right before Valve selects their next batch. Of course, since Valve never says when they are going to select titles it's pretty much a guessing game. Anyway, a host of highly anticipated indie games were just Greenlit today, including some recent additions: A Hat in Time Among the Sleep BROFORCE Centration Chasm Darkwood Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Divekick Operation Black Mesa Project Awakened Recruits Rekoil Shelter StarMade There are also two pieces of software: Dexster Audio Editor and GraphicEditor openCanvas. As for the games, we see that a great deal of them are Kickstarter successes, which seems the best way to get a community excited for a game. Then we also have Deadly Premonition which was only very recently brought to Greenlight. It definitely looks like a good set so let's hope some of these games are ready to launch shortly! Which Greenlight success are you most excited about?
  19. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale 2013 - Day 11

    Guess what? Today is the last day of the Steam sale! Well, in a sense. The storefront says the sale goes until the 22nd, and that is true, but not exactly in the way you might think. The Steam sale officially ends on the 22nd at 10 AM PST (so, at the time of a normal daily store update). Therefore, today is basically your last chance to get the games you want. Today is an encore day, with previous sales acting as the Daily Deal: Bioshock Infinite - $29.99 Borderlands 2 - $10.19 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - $6.24 Civilization V - $7.49 Dishonored - $10.19 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $35.99 Kerbal Space Program - $13.79 Tomb Raider - $12.49 Torchlight II - $4.99 The Walking Dead - $6.24 Then there are the last of the Flash Deals coming in as well. The current set lasting for eight hours includes: The Cave, Dead Island: Riptide, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Grand Theft Auto IV. With that said, now is the time to really check out your wishlist in case you've been holding off on a purchase. Only two more Flash Sales will go up before the sale is completed.
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale 2013 - Day 10

    Wow, we're almost at the end of Steam's much-loved summer sale. Tomorrow is the last day of new deals (if it isn't purely a "last chance" day). After that, the lovely sales will all be gone when the Steam Store updates on Monday. With the end so near, you've likely already exhausted your funds. If not, then feel free to take a look at today's featured goodies. Here are the Daily Deals: Assassin's Creed III - $23.99 Counter-Strike Global Offensive - $5.09 Natural Selection 2 - $6.24 Prison Architect - $19.79 Omerta: City of Gangsters - $9.99 Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed - $7.49 Saints Row: The Third - $4.99 Starforge Alpha - $9.99 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - $3.39 Worms Revolution - $3.74 Make sure you take a look at sales that aren't on the front page as well! There are literally thousands of sales live on the Store - you just have to find them. If you've not looked at your Wishlist yet, then definitely do so to see if any of those games are on sale (that are unlikely to show up on special sale tomorrow). Beyond that we've got another batch of Flash Sales as well. The four latest of these sale items include the following: Deadpool, Strike Suit Zero, Sword of the Stars: The Pit, Zeno Clash II.
  21. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale 2013 - Day 9

    The time is quickly approaching for the annual Steam Summer Sale to end. After this weekend, we'll have to say goodbye to the majority of the store being discounted. It also seems like they've been kind enough to unleash some new deals again, although we'v got our fair share of repeats too. Here are the daily deals you can pick up: Awesomenauts - $3.39 Civilization V - $7.49 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $20.99 EVE Online - $4.98 Grid 2 - $29.99 Metro: Last Light - $29.99 Monaco - $7.44 Train Simulator 2013 - $10.99 Trials Evolution Gold Edition - $9.99 Be aware that EVE Online is an online game with monthly subscription, although it is possible to play efficiently enough to work off monthly fees through in-game currency. Flash Sales are also present and include games from bad to excellent. Here's what is available through the 8-hour sales: Fable III, Portal 2, Rayman Origins, Star Trek.