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Found 6 results

  1. Harrison Lee

    Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer Released

    CD Projekt Red is known for making deep, mature, intense RPGs. With the Witcher franchise, the Polish development powerhouse proved it could deliver on strong promises of polished narrative, heavy moral choices, and non-linear gameplay. Projekt Red is once again at the helm of the recently-announced Cyberpunk 2077. While little has been revealed about the actual gameplay, Projekt Red has just released a teaser trailer, giving gamers a glimpse of what is to come. Based in a dark future of cybernetic implants and mind-altering substances, Cyberpunk 2077 focuses on humans who can't handle the changes to their bodies. As they change their physique, their body rebels and drives them insane, creating 'psychos'. These psychos kill at will, and only the elite Night Police can stop them. Does Cyberpunk interest you at all? What did you think of the trailer? Sound off in the comments below!
  2. ShaneMullikin

    Review: The Witcher 2 (360)

    Developers: CD Projekt, Metropolis Software House Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Platform: Xbox 360, PC Release Date: July 3, 2012 (out now) ESRB: M for Mature This review is based on the 360 version of the game Choice is a word that is starting to become thrown out loosely when describing the specifics of a game. Often times the choices the player gets to make are really meaningless and uninspiring. On top of that, games tend to give the player a very clear black and white description of what the decision entails. The Witcher 2 not only gives the player true choices that matter, but each decision requires careful thinking that can change the entire course of the game and the story. The Witcher 2 tells the story of a monster slayer named Geralt. While the story is a direct sequel to the first game, it is not required to play in order to understand and enjoy the story. The game starts off with the hero of the story being chained up in a prison. You soon discover that Geralt has been blamed for the death of a king that he did not kill. The story tells an interesting tale about proving his innocence and catching the one responsible, all while being entangled in a civil war between the Scoitels, which contain rebel elves and dwarves, and the humans who refuse to treat them as equals. Without spoiling too much of the story, at one point in the game near the end of the first chapter you are given two choices. The decision you make at this point completely changes the entire second chapter. “The combat is not only fun, it also looks awesome!†Part of what makes a good story in a game are the character interaction and the conversations between them. The dialogue is a large part of the storytelling and you are in direct control of what Geralt says. Most of the time you are trying to get as much information out of people as possible by asking question, but occasionally you have optional choices that affect parts of the story and what characters think of you. While I would have liked to see more choices throughout the dialogues conversations, I really enjoyed the choices and detail you could get out of each conversation. Most of my problem of wanting more comes from the notion that I really enjoyed it, and it left me wanting more because it was so well done. When a game tries to create a world that feels alive and involving, graphics become that much more important. When it comes to the graphical aspect of this game, The Witcher 2 is easily the best looking game on the console I have seen. When it was first announced that the game would be receiving a port from the PC I was worried that the graphics would not translate. While they do not come close to what the PC can do I was very pleased with the results. Everything from fire shooting out of Geralts hands, the excellent character models to the gorgeous environments and backgrounds, the graphics are something to be applauded. There was a small issue I had with the graphics that did not take away from the experience but did create some minor annoyances. Often times when a character was shown during a conversation the clothes on the character would appear very blurry and required the model to load before it looked crisp and clear. While this may have been a limitation of the system it was a little but distracting. Sometime distractions can be good though. Not necessarily in this situation, but when it comes to the music, distractions can be good. “The graphics are absolutely stunning" One of the more challenging and often overlooked aspects of a game is the music and sound effects. In Role playing games where you spend many hours exploring areas and doing quests, the music is very important to the overall experience. The Witcher 2 does not disappoint in this area, and sports one of the best soundtracks I have heard in a while. Part of the challenge of creating music in a rich fantasy world is making each piece fit for each situation and area. The soundtrack would occasionally have me aimlessly walking around a city because I did not want to change my location because I was enjoying the soothing sounds too much. Getting lost in a rich new world is part of the joy of playing a role playing game and the music really helped me get lost in the world. While the music and story are superb you still need lots to do in order to enjoy the music and truly get trapped in its universe. When it comes to having things to do, The Witcher 2 will not disappoint. There is so much to do in this world that you can spends hours upon hours participating in fist fights, arm wrestling and even a version of dice poker that all allows you to make tons of money. One of the problems I had with the previous title was that money was very hard to come by. In The Witcher 2 money is still hard earned, but never felt like there was not enough ways to make money for buying crafting ingredients and armor. Another way to earn gold is by completing one of the several side quests. There are many side quests throughout the world and while it pales in comparison to games like Skyrim or Fallout, I never felt a need for more. The side quests were interesting and engaging, and had lots of unique stories to tell. The side quests never felt like a requirement in order to make enough money, or to gain more experience to grind your level, but rather felt like an extension of the game that helped make it that much more enjoyable. All of these factors are important and crucial to the game, but all of it would be almost meaningless if the game itself was not fun. “It would be unwise to get in Geralt“s face†When it comes to role playing games the combat tends to take a back seat to the story and the characters. For the Witcher 2, this is not the case. While the combat may not be the best part of the game, it“s still a ton of fun and requires plenty of strategy and patience. The combat is a real time battle system that allows the player to almost slow down to a near halt as the player chooses different abilities and weapons while surveying the battlefield. Each battle requires the player to actually thing about each move and use any tools or abilities carefully as everything at your disposal is precious and important to your survival. The combat really shines in making you feel powerful when you fight with strategy and weak when you try to mash your way though. Most of the battles require you to be careful because one mistake can lead to your death. This leads to the next part of the gameplay, the leveling and skill system. The leveling system did a really good job giving the player a strong sense of progression. Upon leveling, the player can choose to level one of four branches. While you are limited to the training branch at first, eventually you unlock swordsmanship, alchemy and magic. Each area allows new abilities and upgrades for Geralt that add new tactical combat elements to the game. Leveling comes often and allows the player to enjoy adding new skills to your arsenal at a good pace that keeps the combat from ever feeling repetitive. If there was a major problem with this game it may be that it“s not for everyone. Honestly though, I find this to be a good thing. I don“t want my RPG“s streamlined in order to appeal to a mass crowd of gamers, and the developers refused to streamline anything. From the hilarious banter between Geralt and his friends, to the mature and often times very adult oriented situations, the Witcher 2 does not compromise what it is for anyone. The Witcher 2 is what it is, and if you are a fan of role playing games, and are interested in a story where your choices actually matter, then this may be the game you have been waiting many years for. I can not wait to have time to play through this game again in order to make new choices and discover all the different story arches and endings, because I truly had a great time with this game. Pros: - Outstanding visuals and music - Very involved and strategic combat - Choices that matter - Entertaining characters that often times make you laugh - Multiple endings and skill trees add plenty of replay value Cons: - Occasional graphical hitches - Eventually comes to an end Overall Score: 9.0 out of 10 Amazing If you call your self a hardcore gamer or RPG fan, you must play this game!
  3. CD Projekt Red may be done building upon Witcher 2, but don't you dare hit that uninstall button, because mods are about to change the world... but just of Witcher 2. Witcher 2 was supposedly done with the release of the Enhanced Edition earlier this year, and it still is, but the modding community will be quick to inform you that, when mods are available for a game, its longevity crosses the horizon. Surely those modders are eager to get their hands up in the guts of Witcher 2, but the upcoming Gamescom is the stage for the reveal of the modding tools. REDkit is the name, and the promises are as vast as any mod tools ever are. The modding tools are said to allow players to add "non-linear adventures, great looking locations and much more" to Witcher 2, which is roughly on par with things like Skyrim, Minecraft, and other such moddables. Needless to say, the world of the Witcher is going to become much more dynamic. Gamescom takes place from August 15th to the 19th. Stay tuned her for our coverage!
  4. Jacen Leonard


    From the album: Review and News

  5. Jacen Leonard

    Witcher 2 Combat 2

    From the album: Review and News