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Found 30 results

  1. So, as you may or may not have heard, Microsoft has recently unveiled a new initiative regarding cross-platform play. Where at first they were focused on allowing Windows 10 and Xbox users to play online with each other, it seems now Microsoft is hoping to open the gates to allow Xbox Live users to play alongside users on other multiplayer services, such as Playstation Network and Steam. The idea is establishing an even larger player-base for multiplayer games and bringing together users from across different consoles to enjoy the experiences together. The first game to support this notion is Rocket League, which is already a hit on its respective platforms and should benefit from pooling players across PC and console together. Of course, it would be up to individual developers if they want to take advantage of this or not, so it could potentially reinvigorate existing games and benefit newly launched ones, or it could go nowhere at all. So with that explanation done, my question is...how do you feel about it? Excited by the possibility? Don't care? Worried about even more children cursing and screaming in your headset? Whatever your thoughts, scream them out below! For me, personally, I don't see how it's as big a deal as some are making it out to be. I mean, yes, if it happens, it's essentially tearing down a wall between competing console manufacturers to unite their userbases to enjoy their gaming experiences together, so that's something. But on the other hand, most of the games that would benefit from this like Battlefront or Call of Duty or whatever already have huge amounts of loyal players across both PSN and XBL (I'm just gonna assume for now Nintendo wouldn't participate) so it's not like there's a shortage of players that needs to be addressed. Perhaps this could be the first step towards closer working relationships between the big console makers, but it could just as easily not really go anywhere and no one will care about it within a few months.
  2. Marcus Estrada

    Xbox Live Beta Signups Open

    If you've got a 360 and still use it regularly then you might be interested in the latest public beta that will soon be underway. The basic information about this update was posted on Major Nelson's blog where he invited the community to join in on the beta. What does the beta offer? Well, it speeds up the system's booting as well as a handful of other performance tweaks. The bigger aspect of this change however is the removal of Microsoft points in favor of real money-based transactions. This is of course because Xbox One was promised to use local currency transactions. In order to offer this, the existing Xbox Live needs to be transferred over beforehand. If you want to give these new features a test then you can sign up. Unlike previous betas, users sign up through the 360 itself.
  3. It was during Microsoft's E3 conference that they initially announced that they were copying a bit of what makes PlayStation Plus so alluring to consumers. Starting from July until the Xbox One releases in November, they will offer two free games a month for Xbox Live Gold members. The promotional page is live and shows off Fable III although that is actually a game not included in the promotion's time span. Each month a free game will come out on the 1st and 16th. July's two games are Assassin's Creed II and Halo 3. Just like Sony's Instant Game Collection, these titles are only available for a limited time as free downloads. Of course, only Gold members can take part in nabbing them as well (it is unknown if losing Gold status will remove the games). Also, this is not a new facet of Xbox Live Gold but simply a way to drum up excitement until the Xbox One launches which is when the promotion will end.
  4. Jason Clement

    Xbox Live

  5. Marcus Estrada

    Xbox Live Gold Opens Up to Family

    Yesterday it was revealed that Xbox Live accounts would remain the same across Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This is good news because it means players retain past achievements as well as their Gamertags. But what else will users be able to benefit from with their Xbox Live accounts? If you have Gold, then you'll now be able to share it with everyone in your household. Previously, Gold was tied specifically to only one account, which would not allow for other users to take advantage of it within the same home. There had been a Family Plan available for Gold, but that was discontinued by Microsoft. Polygon saw explanation of Gold's new family-friendly approach from the following quote: "We want you log in to get your stuff, and when he logs in to get his stuff. On that console, if you have Gold, he can use Gold as well." Of course, this is all tied to one Xbox One system. If your household has multiple machines then it is likely not going to allow users to siphon the same Gold features across them. So far, current Xbox Live Gold subscribers will see their Gold status applied to Xbox One as well. So far we are not certain what features Gold offers on the new system.
  6. Marcus Estrada

    Xbox One Won't be Compatible with 360 Games

    If you're a fan of curating digital or physical collections of video games then this news is set to upset you. Microsoft finally took the plunge in showing their new system to the world and showcased both good and bad aspects of it. One unfortunate aspect is that the Xbox One is not going to play nice with all your old games. In an analysis Wired posted today, the unfortunate truth sunk in. All those Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live Indie Games that are currently on your 360 will have no home on the Xbox One. Of course, this is right alongside Sony's position which currently says it is unlikely that existing PSN titles will be available on PS4. Either happily dispose of your digital and retail collection and move on to the next generation or take good care of your 360 as it continues to age. Previously, the original Xbox did not allow XBLA purchases to transfer to 360. In that way there was precedent for Microsoft ignoring backwards compatibility - many just chose to ignore it.
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Xbox Live Gold Free Weekend Now Live

    Do you live in the United States, Canada, Latin America, or Japan? If so, then you're able to partake in this weekend's free Xbox Live Gold event. Every once in a while Microsoft unleashes one of these weekends in the hope that it'll attract more Silver members into the Gold bandwagon. The current free weekend for Xbox Live Gold is happening right now. It started at 7 AM PST and spans over the weekend until the 22nd (Monday) at 10 AM PST. Gold has many features which are unfortunately locked behind a subscription, such as allowing multiplayer matches, Netflix and Hulu access, and more. Major Nelson has given out a Borderlands 2 Golden Key Code as part of the celebration. As such, it's only going to be active this weekend. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is also hosting a double XP weekend which coincides with Microsoft's event. Give Xbox Live Gold a sample this weekend if you like and contemplate why their service isn't more like Sony's.
  8. It seems that once every few months a random internet contest just completely screws itself up and starts spitting out all sorts of free stuff for consoles. Well apparently we were due for another one because Frito Lays just finished handing out a few hundred years of Xbox Live and thousands of free games out to people. The contest was simple. Buy two bags of any Frito Lays brand of chips, then enter the access codes onto their website to get two of three rewards. Two weeks of Xbox Live and the choice between The Maw or Toy Soldiers. While that seems simple enough, the contest holders forgot to include one simple block. Each chip bag code could be used an unlimited number of times. The resulting chaos ended earlier this morning with people pulling in dozens, some even possibly gaining hundreds of codes from the giveaway. I myself missed it as usual, but I managed to buy all three codes together for the low low price of one dollar, which actually beats the price of buying two bags of chips. If you're interested, the contest is still going at the link below, but you can't use any old codes anymore. Charge Your Fun
  9. Xbox is having a sale until April 1st. There's some cool games on it. I'm probably not gonna pick any games up... but how about anyone else?
  10. Horror game fans know all about ObsCure and its sequel, ObsCure: The Aftermath. Inspired by classic teen slasher movies, you're in control of students in frightening settings. This reboot from Mighty Rocket Studio and Focus Home Interactive gives us that same premise, but with completely different gameplay. Described as a "pure, action-rich 2.5D side-scroller", you can play as one of four students. Combat in Obscure puts emphasis on combos, follow-up attacks, and score-multipliers. As you get higher and higher scores, your character will level up their skills and abilities as well as unlock new weapons. Obscure will also offer local and online multiplayer. Team up with up to four other players to complete your objectives and survive! http://youtu.be/5y_GK2YJNtU And don't worry about this game completely deviating from the original ObsCure games. Some of the original developers have been hard at work on Obscure, and the game will also include Leafmore High School and previous characters from the series! Look forward to Obscure this spring 2013 on PSN, Xbox LIVE, and PC.
  11. Leah

    Obscure - 3

    From the album: Obscure Screenshots

    © Focus Home Interactive

  12. Leah

    Obscure - 2

    From the album: Obscure Screenshots

    © Focus Home Interactive

  13. Leah

    Obscure - 1

    From the album: Obscure Screenshots

    © Focus Home Interactive

  14. Jordan Haygood

    Redbox Instant Coming to Xbox Live

    If you've got an Xbox 360 and like to play around with the various apps available through Xbox Live, you may have tried out the popular video-streaming Netflix or Hulu apps at some point (or at all points, you couch potatoes). Well, if those haven't satisfied you, maybe Verizon's new Redbox Instant service will. This new video-streaming service from the makers of those things you see in Wal-Marts will be available sometime in the undetermined future through Xbox Live. Redbox Instant is in a public beta at the moment (you can try it our HERE), and according to Microsoft spokesman Major Nelson, after signing up for the service, an email will be sent to you with a code that will allow you access to the Xbox Live Redbox Instant app in the "coming days." Just like the similar Netflix Instant service, Redbox Instant allows you to access a catalog of movie streams on-demand, as well as the Redbox disc rental kiosks (aka those things you see at Wal-Marts). There are two plans: $8 a month for the DVD plan or $9 a month for the Blu-ray plan. For both plans, you will get unlimited access to streaming movies and up to four one-night rentals of DVDS or Blu-rays at any Redbox machine. Do you use Redbox? Will you be using this app whenever it is released?
  15. Way back in February, a Kickstarter launched which promised to create a feature-length documentary on Mojang. The developer is of course famous thanks to their creation of Minecraft which became a massive success. Since launch, it has been made available for multiple platforms. Now the documentary is ready to go and will be seeing a world premiere via Xbox 360 systems. Major Nelson made the announcement on his official site yesterday. If you're interested in catching it, then take note of the date. Minecraft: The Story of Mojang will air on December 22nd 8PM EST. As you might guess, this is an event only for Xbox Live Gold members as well, so sorry for Sliver users. Interestingly, this is actually called a "world premiere" from Major Nelson himself. This is fair terminology to use since it is a public and "free" screening. However, for those who backed the project, the promise is that digital copies will be accessible on the 21st, a day before this screening takes place. However, DVDs will not be mailed out until after. Here's the trailer for Minecraft: The Story of Mojang:
  16. Marcus Estrada

    Loads of New Apps Coming to Xbox Live

    On Major Nelson's blog today there was a fairly large announcement. It is that there are over 40 apps coming to the Xbox 360. Not all will be available from today, but there are still a handful of apps. They're all the sort of stuff that Microsoft has been courting over the last few years to try and make their console more in tune with media tastes and not just games. Here are the apps which are going live today for US customers: CNET Karaoke Maxim SkyDrive There are other apps, but each is determined by region. In the future, we should expect to see other apps such as Flixster, GameTrailers, MTV, and PBS. If you're interested in any of these then make sure you're an Xbox Live Gold member before trying to run one. As with other existing apps like Netflix and Hulu, they are only accessible with a Gold account. Do you use your consoles for functions other than gaming?
  17. Microsoft is celebrating the tenth birthday for Xbox Live, their online gaming service that now has an audience in over 35 countries. Unfortunately, supplying and shipping a piece of cake to celebrate this milestone to each of the reported 35 million subscribers is a tad unrealistic. 'Long-term' subscribers are pining over the possibility of receiving the limited edition Xbox 360 console unveiled via Major Nelson's twitter feed, but the average subscribers can take solace in the fact that everybody can obtain a free Xbox Live Arcade game for the next 48 hours. The free game? Wreckateer, which now joins Haunt among the ranks of digital Kinect titles made free through Xbox Live promotions. According to OXM, Wreckateer is currently listed as the lowest selling Summer of Arcade title since 2009. Now that it is free, will you be picking up Wreckateer?
  18. Can you believe that police duo, Sam and Max, are already 25 years old? To commemorate the occasion, Telltale Games has marked down the prices on their Sam & Max games for a limited time. Xbox LIVE (now through September 10th) $10 (800 Microsoft Points) for each individual season, which includes Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space and Sam & Max: Save the World Steam (September 13th-16th) $15 for the Sam & Max Complete Pack (includes all 3 seasons – Sam & Max: Save the World, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, and Sam & Max: The Devil“s Playhouse) Sam & Max: Save the World and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space will be available individually for $10 each and Sam & Max: The Devil“s Playhouse will be available individually for $11.49 iOS (now through October 1st) $1 for all individual episodes in the Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space season PSN (now through October 2nd) $20 for Sam & Max: The Devil“s Playhouse and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space bundle $13 for individual purchases of Sam & Max: The Devil“s Playhouse and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Now onto the giveaway details! One lucky person will be able to win a limited edition, deluxe Sam & Max statue. All you need to do is tweet to @telltalegames, include the hashtag #SamMax25, and have anything in your tweet relating to Sam and Max. Winners will be announced at the end of September. Good luck!
  19. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is based on a Japanese manga of the same name, came to arcades, PlayStations, and Dreamcasts way back during 1998-2000. The 2D Capcom fighting game is just as weird as its title suggests -- with absolutely crazy characters and moves. During Comic-Con, Capcom has graced us with an announcement of an HD port of the game titled JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. On top of upgraded visuals, the game will also include online multiplayer (which Capcom claims will be similar to that of Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3). JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. will be coming to Xbox Live on August 21st for 1600 MSP and to PSN on August 22nd for $19.99.