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Found 6 results

  1. Pinball fans, rejoice! Zen Studio's recently announced Star Wars Pinball finally has a release date, and it's coming to a galaxy near you next week as DLC on a plethora of platforms, including- Pinball FX2â„¢ on XBLA – February 27th for 800 MSP Zen Pinball 2â„¢ on PSN for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita with Cross Buy entitlement – February 26th in North America for $9.99, February 27th in Europe for €9.99 Zen Pinball 2 on the Mac App Store – February 27th for $2.99/table Zen Pinball on the Apple App Store – February 27th for $1.99/table Zen Pinball HD Google Playâ„¢ – February 27th for $1.99/table It will also release as a standalone application for the following platforms Star Wars Pinball for the Apple App Store Star Wars Pinball for Google Play Zen Studios also says that additional platforms will be announced at a later date. Perhaps we'll be getting a Wii U version of the game as well? Also, we finally know that there will be 10 tables in the collection altogether; stay tuned for more information on what the next seven tables will be. In the meantime, be sure to check out the preview of Star Wars Pinball's The Empire Strikes Back table to whet your appetite for next week's release.
  2. If you haven't heard yet, Zen Studio's latest set of Pinball tables will be based on the Star Wars series. Star Wars Pinball's first pack of tables will consist of a set of three different tables; one based on the bounty hunter, Boba Fett; one based on The Empire Strikes Back; and one based on the Clone Wars series. Today, Zen Studios has highlighted some details behind the Empire Strikes Back table. The table will be set on the bridge of the Empire's flagship Star Destroyer, The Executor, with events from the movie being recreated in the dot matrix display when different missions are activated during gameplay. As for different 3D objects that appear around the table, you'll see the likes of an AT-AT walker (with a circling snow speeder), a Tie Fighter, an ion cannon, and the dueling lightsabers of Luke and Darth Vader. Similar to some of Zen's previous tables, you'll activate missions by hitting the center bank to spell out a word (this time it's "Star Wars"), and after you'll select one of 5 missions to complete. Upon completion of all 5 missions, you'll finally activate Wizard mode and experience the epic lightsaber battle between Luke and Darth Vader. Interestingly enough, this will be the first of Zen's pinball tables to include mission checkpoints, which should make it easier to finish missions instead of having to restart them every time you lose a ball. Star Wars Pinball is expected to release later this month on PSN (as cross-buy content on PS3 and Vita), XBLA, Windows 8, iOS, and Google Play.
  3. It's been just a little over a month since the Plants vs. Zombies table was released for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2, and now Zen Studios has announced the next table to be coming soon as based on Marvel's Civil War. Originally premiering in 2006, Civil War was a Marvel Comics event that saw the superhuman registration act split the heroes into two factions, with Iron Man being pro-registration and believing that all super-powered heroes should register with the government, and Captain America on the anti-registration side believing that they should remain autonomous. The Civil War table has players choose between the two sides, and based on their choice, different scenarios play out with each side attempting to amass more followers (by hitting different targets and ramps). Release platforms have been announced as follows- Pinball FX2 on Xbox Live® Arcade and Windows 8 Zen Pinball 2 as Cross Buy entitled content for PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita Marvel Pinball for PlayStation®3 Zen Pinball 2 on the Mac®App Store Zen Pinball on the iTunes App®Store Zen Pinball THD on Google®Play No release date has been given just yet, but look for Civil War to release sometime in the near future.
  4. Developer: Zen Studios Publisher: Zen Studios Platform: PSN (PS3, PlayStation Vita) Release Date: September 4, 2012 ESRB: E for Everyone Pinball - it's something seemingly so simple, yet so complex. It's a game people have been playing for decades now, and it's no less addictive today than it was in the days of yore. And though it's becoming rarer to see newer pinball machines outside of arcades today, fortunately there is the ever-increasing number of digital pinball games available in video game form. Zen Studios in particular have dedicated much of their past few years to creating the best pinball experience possible on consoles. Having already released two iterations of Pinball FX and one iteration of Zen Pinball on PSN, not to mention more unique tables than you can shake a flipper at, they aim to improve that experience even more with Zen Pinball 2. How does the experience stack up compared to other pinball games? First off, it must be noted that Zen Pinball 2 itself is technically not a game, per se. It's a platform of sorts that acts as the central hub for all of the tables Zen Studios has designed thus far (with Plants vs. Zombies making it an official 26 tables at this time). Thus, I won't be giving a score to the platform itself, but I will be discussing whether it's recommended or not. The original Zen Pinball debuted with 4 different uniquely themed tables, but any that were released afterward were available as paid DLC. Zen Pinball 2, however, is a free download for everyone that comes with a few tables included as timed demos. In fact, all of the other tables can be downloaded and tried out before buying them, and you can play them as many times as you want (though the gameplay only lasts a minute or so before the demo ends). Also, those who bought Zen Pinball and additional tables before can now import those tables into Zen Pinball 2 at no extra cost (and with upgraded visuals and physics to boot). As for how the actual tables play, Zen Studios didn't create their pinball to be ultra realistic (like The Williams Collection), but rather they're more fantasy-like, with characters that move around the board and perform different functions and interact with each other, among other visual effects and the like. But make no mistake, the classic pinball experience is still very much intact, and despite its more surreal setting, the virtual table mimics much of real-life tables, even down to the clicks, clacks, and groans that they make when playing. And those with PS Vitas will no doubt appreciate that once you buy a Zen Pinball 2 table, you'll automatically get both the PS3 and PS Vita version; no separate purchases necessary. Finally, Zen Pinball 2 makes huge strides in bringing the pinball community together with Facebook integration for sharing scores as well as a variety of leaderboards that track your own scores across all of the different tables, and a team score that calculates your scores along with your PSN friends in order to compete with the rest of the community. Simply put, if you like pinball, this is a great platform for it, and Zen Studios have done an amazing job integrating everything together into a nice and neat front end for all of the tables. I'll be playing a lot of the existing tables for some time to come as well as looking forward to seeing the new tables they come up with in the near future. And speaking of the pinball tables, read on to see my review of the Plants vs. Zombies table below. Plants vs. Zombies Table As Zen's newest pinball table, Plants vs. Zombies has a lot to live up to when compared to the original game of its namesake. Thankfully, Zen did a fantastic job designing it in conjunction with PopCap games, as it may well be the most faithful pinball table adaptation they've done thus far. What makes this table so impressive? For starters, they captured the very feel of the game, with the whole table designed as the yard, with bright green and brown colors prevalent and the welcome mat at the bottom near the flippers. And just about every element from the original Plants vs. Zombies game is represented in some form, including Dr. Zomboss hovering around at the top of the screen in his giant robot, the different types of plants (including the perky sunflower), different kinds of zombies (football zombies, digger zombies etc.), and even Crazy Dave. At its core, the table works on the same premise as the game it's based on: battling against an onslaught of zombies and preventing them from reaching the welcome mat (which, again, is placed right at the bottom of the table). And of course, the pinball is realized as a seed which you'll use to knock the zombies out of commission with as well as perform other tasks. Other interesting and clever additions are the use of a slot in which you accumulate sun for the plants as well as the two bumpers above the flippers representing water. You'll also make use of money collected from knocking out zombies with the ball/seed in order to purchase plants from Crazy Dave that will help defend the welcome mat from the zombies by either attacking them or stalling them for time, giving you a chance to aim at them without rushing. This comes as especially useful during the challenge sessions in which multiple zombies (five or six at a time) will be approaching the welcome mat, and your ball just isn't enough to take them all out at once. Speaking of challenges, there are also a series of side missions that can be triggered in which you'll choose between battling Football Zombies, Digger Zombies, and more. Perhaps the only downside to the table is the fact that it's a bit easier than others, meaning that it's extremely easy to keep the ball in play and away from the outlanes most of the time. This is primarily due to generous ball saves and kickbacks that can be activated easily, and while it does help when you're going for that high score, it can get a little monotonous from the lack of challenge in not losing the ball much. That said, the main missions are actually quite challenging and will put even the most hardcore pinball players' skills to the test. If you're looking for a great pinball table adaptation, look no further than this table. Fans of Plants vs. Zombies will especially eat it up, and for everyone else, it's tough not to recommend a table of this quality, especially only at $2.99. As the perky female sunflower would say in the game, it's "zombeh-tastic!" Pros + Visuals and audio are spot-on in representing Plants vs. Zombies + Intuitive interpretation of the original Plants vs. Zombies' gameplay + Great table design Cons - A bit easy compared to other tables due to a few aspects (generous kickbacks and such) Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great Plants vs. Zombies is one table that you absolutely need to own if you're into pinball at all. Despite an easier difficulty setting, the gameplay will keep you addicted for some time to come.
  5. Remember when we said earlier in the month that Zen Studios had a mystery PopCap-based pinball table that they were going to announce at PAX? Well it's official - the new table will be based on Plants vs. Zombies! Dubbed Plants vs. Zombies Pinball, it'll cost $2.99 and be arriving next week just in time for Zen Pinball 2's release on PS3 and Vita as well as Pinball FX 2 on the 360, where it'll cost 240 MSP. And just as a reminder, anyone who purchases Zen Pinball 2 for PS3 will be able to play it on Vita at no additional charge! How about that cross-buy functionality (thanks Zen Studios)! Check out the trailer for Plants vs. Zombies Pinball below:
  6. Earlier this year, pinball developer extraordinaire Zen Studios announced it would be bringing Zen Pinball 2 to the PS3 and Vita at some point, and now that timetable is finally being revealed! A release date has been set for September 4, 2012. In addition, a brand new table that will be based on one of Popcap Game's hit games will arrive with Zen Pinball 2 as DLC. The new table will be revealed at PAX Prime later this month and will be playable at Popcap's booth. Zen Studios is also bringing the Popcap-based table to Pinball FX2 on XBLA on September 5. And before anyone forgets, Zen Pinball 2 is a free update for those who already own Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball, but it is also available for purchase as a stand-alone game as well for everyone else. New users can also try every pinball table (26 tables available at release) for free before deciding to purchase! Last but not least, the purchase of Zen Pinball 2 will entitle every owner to cross-platform functionality, meaning you'll be able to play it on the PS3 and Vita at no additional charge. You can look forward to playing Zen Pinball 2 in just under a month's time on the PS3 and Vita. Which game do you think the Popcap table is based on?