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Found 25 results

  1. Today, Bungie announced that the companion application for their upcoming shooter Destiny was available on IOS and Android. The release comes just in time for the beta which starts on Playstation platforms tomorrow (July 17) and Xbox (July 23). The app is actually quite nifty. It allows players to see their character statistics, clan info and level data as well as gives them access to forums, messaging and news. The clan aspect in particular could be interesting for die hard Destiny players when the game officially releases. The app can be downloaded through the links below: IOS Android Do you feel that game companion apps add to the gaming experience?
  2. Some of you maybe have heard of the online WW2 game Heroes & Generals and now is your chance to get into the free beta and have some fun. The game is similar to PlanetSide 1,2 were you jump into the world and fight in an on going online war. Because of the Yogscast playing and doing a video on the game their popularity has overflown the servers and crashed them but don't worry they are working on improving the servers this is a beta after all. Join the fight now! http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/16/en/index.html
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Family Sharing Beta Begins This Month

    Recently, there was a rumor going around that Valve were working on creating some sort of game share feature for Steam. As it turns out, this was true as today Steam Family Sharing was revealed. This is an upcoming feature for Steam that will allow users to share their extensive game libraries with family or friends. Basically, the lender authorizes a friend or family member to have access to their account. A lender can authorize up to 10 other people. Those users will have access to the entire library - at least as long as no one else is currently playing. Only one user can access the games of a shared library at any time. But if the lender themselves wants to play a game, then the borrower will always have to be kicked out after a few minutes. What other sorts of restrictions are there? For one, you cannot share a game with someone if it requires some sort of activation key or secondary account. This makes sense, at least. The same holds true if you are trying to share across regions and one game is not available in both. If you're interested in getting into the Steam Family Sharing beta then join the official group. Later in September, 1000 users will be randomly invited to the beta. As of right now, there are more like 100,000 members in the group. Hopefully we will see a larger roll out of the feature shortly after the first beta group gets in.
  4. Let's just get three things straight before Kiwi digs down into the nitty-gritty of his impression. One - This is a beta, so anything Kiwi mentions here may be changed in the final version, much of it was even based on day 1 impressions of a beta. Two - If you liked Payday 1, this game is worth the purchase. Three- Kiwi may refer to the original Payday as "The Heist" as that was the sub title. With that out of the way, let's get down to brass tacks. The Good - Kiwi likes these bits, and so should you. The Heists - Kiwi's very first mission, Watchdogs, started with him and his crew sitting in a meat trailer that also happened to contain quite a few bags of coke. You can hear the Police shouting outside. We each pick up a bag, and not a moment too soon, the door gets shot down to pieces and we find ourselves facing what would, in real world, be half the police force, but in Payday land it's just a normal squad. We desperately scramble to a room that is the closest thing to safe that isn't covered in police. As a result, we realized we left half of the goods behind. Not only that, but the police had started to make off with some of our coke themselves, clearly planning to hand it over to their one percent overlords, who prefer Pepsi, for destruction or some other rich purpose. Situations like this are a frequent occurrence in Payday 2. If you don't put a leash on your loot, it may decide to wander off. The heists in the original were quite fun in their design. Payday 2 shows all signs of turning up the dial for its major heists, based upon the two mutli-day heists that are currently in the beta. What occurs in later days can be affected by events in the previous stag, such as, say, a meth-splosion. But adding to that are a number of quick jobs, such as robbing a jewelry store, which can be done in a single 10 to 15 minute session, and gives the players any number of ways of bring home the bacon. These short one day jobs provide an excellent, relatively low risk alternative to the higher stake heists. The Team - Payday 2 comes back with a leveling system that has received a serious makeover. There are four skill trees you can take: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, and Ghost. The Mastermind is the one who controls the spice civilians and provides buffs for the team. The Enforcer suppresses the rights of the police with automatic fire, favors being tougher than what's going against him, and generally being the muscle of the group. The Technician brings some life to the party in the form of trip mines, which can be upgraded to double as shaped charges for blowing open doors and safes, turrets that are actually bullet hoses with no off switch, and great aptitude for handling the ever-jamming drills that are actually in league with the police. Finally the Ghost, master of stealth, lockpicks, and not getting shot, including an ability that causes enemies to focus on teammates rather then themselves, making them the best of friends. Payday 2's level and loot system encourages teams to work together to figure out things such as the bag chain shown here. These myriad abilities are fun enough on their own, but it's when they work together coming in as a team. The skill trees are set as such that every member brings something to the team, even when technically out of their element. The Enforcer, for example, even in stealth missions where suppression and toughness aren't needed can be used to quickly take down a security guard with his increased melee power, and it's a rare mission where being able to hurl a sack full of loot across a street isn't useful. There's also no penalty for operating out of your field, so any well-organized team can make use of a man who isn't doing something at the time. The Sounds - The sound effects in Payday 1 were typically considered to be either average or sub-par. The same accusation can not be leveraged at this outing. Fire fights sound less like vague approximations of people shooting at each other and more going deaf because you're fighting in a confined metal space with automatic rifles like a dumb person. Your environment actually affects how things sound, which is a nice touch that Kiwi doesn't see nearly often enough. The music suits the action well, drawing in the typical inspiration for heisty shenanigans. The voice acting is roughly the same quality with some new voice actors, so your opinion on the voice acting can vary depending on how much you liked the original. The Thrill - If you found Payday: The Heist to be impossible on normal with a full crew, well this won't be for you. For those of you who love it when a plan comes together or the rush of just barely pulling through with half team in custody and one guy on the floor bleeding out, this is for you. The game's received a bump in difficulty for a number of reasons. One appreciated change is the decision to make the police less numerous overall, but tougher. So instead of a never ending legion of incompetent porcelain men, you get a never ending stream of mostly incompetent stone men. It makes for a much more engaging and less immersion breaking combat. Cops are also more liable to flank the player rather than the players being able to hold up in a corner of safety and shoot down a hallway. Overall, Payday 2 is much better at maintaining an exciting with intense experiences. The Bad - Genuine Issues with the game, that Kiwi can't just attribute to it being in beta. The Unlocks - It seems odd to list unlocks as an issue when Kiwi was praising the leveling/ability system, but there is a method to this madness. When you complete a mission, you can pick one out of 3 cards. You cannot see what the cards are until after one has been chosen. The cards fall into three categories: mask, weapon, and jokers. Kiwi has no clue what jokers do due to the random acquisition method, which, funnily enough, is what's bad about the system. The weapon modification system has a lot of fiddly bits for you to play with and discover to make the flashiest shooter, which is a plus, but your only source of weapon upgrades is this system which the player has no control over, easily leaving them with no actual options for their weapon of choice. In addition to this, the weapon upgrades are obscenely expensive while removal of an attachment is free. It cost the same price to reapply the same upgrade to the same weapon. Kiwi is personally fine with mask customization being this random and expensive. Although weapon tweaking is something that is expensive beyond the player's control, and can significantly impact gameplay which really bugs Kiwi. Also cosmetic things such as patterns and colors disappear when you use them so you can't re-do a mask after you customized it. The player gets absolutely 0 indication of what they are getting until they flip the card over. Tying into this, is the fact that of the myriad options available to open things, many of them are locked off from new players. Many doors and safes have multiple ways to open them. You can place a drill on them (the most common way), find a key card (where applicable), shoot it open, pick the lock, blow it open with shaped charges, or use a saw. The last 3 are level locked*, requiring a decent investment into their respective skill trees, despite lock picking being the only viable way of silently doing it (as key cards are not always available). The AI - The team hasn't fixed some of the more noticeable AI bugs from the original, which is strange considering these changes are pretty obvious. Police still have an arbitrary turbo mode that looks absurd, but the hilarity of it ends when they use it to melee you (which has an animation but the animation is very fast and it hits before the animation plays) for 1/4th to half your health. Cops will just ignore objects like cars in the environment, instantly moving from beside something to on top of something. Also specials are less distinct now, so you can't pick out the major threats as easily. It becomes an even greater problem when a Bulldozer (who has gotten both a health buff and the obvious weak point removed) uses the nitrous oxide built into the suit.** Specials, such as the Tasers shown here lack a standout look. They also never show up on the lower difficulty, so players won't learn to identify these enemies until they are in the wild, so to speak. Then we come to the civilians which nothing has been changed about them. They refuse to heed your angry armed man commands until they are finished whatever pointless drone task they are engaged in. Their reactions to the fights are either ignore it or valiantly sacrifice their useless poor personal lives to protect the servants of the one percent (the police, in case you weren't paying attention. This was an issue in the original game, but unlike that, the price for shooting a civilian is significant, and you will pay that price regardless of success (you get nothing for failing, so shooting a civilian in a failed mission takes money out of your pocket). The Soloist - Don't bother, it's nigh-impossible. You only get two bots (so you're down a person) and they can't carry loot. It is an exercise in frustration to complete anything beyond the absolute easiest missions in solo. The Beta - These are complaints or observations based upon features that will most likely The Safe house - In it's current state in the beta, there's not really anything to do there except a shooting gallery and looking at a pile of money on a counter. The tutorial bits really only show that you can press F on things, and doesn't do any job of demonstrating the stealth, loot, or any other new game mechanics. Brand new players might find a use, but those familiar with The Heist will find it unnecessary to them. There's mentions that it will be customizable, but even then, Kiwi's not seeing much reason to go into it. An option to use it as a between mission hub/chill out spot as the players do decide the next score would be Kiwi's favorite way of using it, but it does add another loading screen and a number of players won't particularly care about it. Crime.net - The current method for choosing missions is going to be Crime.net where jobs appear on a map of D.C. The actual job and the difficulty are determined randomly, as in the player must wait for a Hard Jewelry heist mission to pop up as opposed to just picking a Jewelry Store mission and setting it to hard. This does provide an answer to the problem Kiwi's had with groups in The Heist of well what do we do now? By encouraging players to be more spontaneous with their heist choices, but with the current number of missions in the beta, the issue is that there are both few options and we don't have much of a choice. This will definitely be less of an issue in release, but Kiwi has no idea much it will be resolved. Difficulty modifiers (denoted on missions as orange stars), greatly increase the pay and XP you can get from a misison, but also lead to facing a tougher lot of enemies, such as these heavier SWAT units. So just to reiterate, Payday 2 is a great improvement in nearly every area, based upon the beta. It is a much more refined experience, with a less arcadey feel, and somewhat more realistic art style. The difficulty increase over The Heist will primarily be felt by groups playing without a full party since a full party will bring enough to the party to tip the scales. If you want a great co-op experience for you and 3 friends or are a fan of the original, you owe it to yourself to pick up Payday 2. Payday 2 is currently in a beta (though it's more of an early access demo) for those who bought the Career Criminal Edition (Priced at $50, $30 for a normal version) on PC. It is slated for an August 13 release date on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 *Some things anyone can lockpick but a good number of things can be picked only by the Ghost **The Bulldozer does not actually have any kind of thruster built into his suit, unless they are cleverly disguised.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Left 4 Dead 2 Sees a Handful of Updates

    Fans of Left 4 Dead 2 have probably already heard about this but the L4D-curious or players who just have the game installed might want to launch it again soon. This is because Valve has just finished up a series of tweaks. First, the game is now to be converted to SteamPipe. Players initiate this by launching the game and then waiting through the somewhat long process. Once that has been done though you don't have to ever do it again for L4D2. It basically improves download speed for updates and is also meant to reduce the size of future downloads. A more interesting update is the Extended Mutation System (EMS). This is a modding tool to allow users to more easily create new mutation modes. These should now all be uploaded to L4D2's Steam Workshop. Modes include one where the survivors fight against teeny tiny infected that swarm at their feet.
  6. Marcus Estrada

    Project Spark Opens Beta Registration

    Now that the Xbox One is not taking up a full gamut of controversial stances, gamers are free to express interest in the system again. If you're curious about Project Spark, which was revealed during E3, then you might want to hop over to the beta registration page. Project Spark is a game-creation program/initiative that will let anyone create their own games. It utilizes touch (SmartGlass) or motion (Kinect) controls and runs on Xbox One as well as Windows 8. Major Nelson announced that beta registration is now open now, although not everyone who registers will get in immediately. It seems that Windows 8 may be the preferred way to use this though as creating a world via Kinect would probably become very tiring after a while. There's currently no release date for Project Spark but at least players will be able to mess around with it beforehand.
  7. Marcus Estrada

    SpyParty Early-Access Beta Now Open

    SpyParty is one of those indie games that just seems to be in development for years. And in fact, it has been, with many getting their chance to try out builds at events but little else. If you've been wanting to test out your spy savvy then now is finally the chance. The early-access beta was launched today which gives you the chance to try the game out. It's not free, unfortunately, but paying your way into the beta does secure a completed download of SpyParty whenever it is made available. There are two payment options available and they include paying $15 or over $50. Most will certainly opt for the initial price range but paying $50 or more helps support the developer in their future endeavors. The price options are described in more detail here and, as of right now, PayPal is the only accepted payment method.
  8. Marcus Estrada

    Scrolls Open Beta Starts This June

    Indie developer Mojang got far more than they bargained for when Minecraft was released. The game, which has gone on to become wildly popular, helped propel them into a position where now most gamers are aware of them. Because of this, many have their eyes on Scrolls. Scrolls is a card-based strategy game. Their trading card game project is certainly far different from Minecraft, but just may capture Magic the Gathering players. There is local and online play in Scrolls as well as a handy interface for trading cards with others. Mojang announced that the open beta begins on June 3rd. Pricing was also announced which pegs the game at $20. This may not be as cheap as Minecraft initially sold for, but Scrolls appears to be much further along in production.
  9. I've been a member of Sony's Playstation Plus service since just about the very beginning. I might have missed a month or two and had a few complaints to lob at Sony about some of their stranger choices with their service, but I've enjoyed everything they've had to offer me this past year or so. But I have had one rather nagging problem with the service - it's made me afraid to buy things. Just think about it. Month after month Sony would roll out a new free game every Tuesday with little to no warning whatsoever. While a free game every week sounds like a pretty great deal, it was actually pretty gosh darned terrifying to a penny pinching monster such as myself. I was afraid because I didn't want to accidentally buy the game that was going to be free in the next week or so. But of course I had absolutely no way of telling whether or not the game I wanted to purchase was going to end up being free three days from then, so I had only two choices: Buy the game and just hope it doesn't become free, or wait until Tuesday passed to see what the free game was. The problem was that each week I would see the game I wanted wasn't the free one, but I would still hold off on buying it until the next week just in case it ended up being free then. Of course, this problem didn't plague everyone, but there was still the fact that nobody knew what would be coming on a week to week basis and it made people more apprehensive with their virtual wallets. This was a lucky break, I was just about to buy The Cave But all of that could be changing with Sony's new way of rolling out news postings about their Playstation Plus service. Instead of keeping everyone in the dark all month about what could be coming to the free section of the store, they've recently begun posting a list at the beginning of the month showcasing everything that will be free over the next few weeks. This new setup immediately knocks out any fears from the bigger penny pinchers among us, myself included. While this just appears to be an article about how much I enjoy Sony's new method of updating the Playstation Plus service, there's actually another reason I'm making this post. This whole showing us what we're getting before we actually get it setup is only temporary. Sony is likely just testing it out to see how fans react to it and to see if it helps raise sales for games not posted on their monthly list. In other words, we could lose our nice new setup if Sony ends up deciding we don't care for it for some totally ridiculous reason. So here's what you need to do - just go to the Playstation Blog and tell them you want them to keep the new setup the way it is. Let them know it's a million times better than their old way of keeping us in the dark. If we're lucky, they'll have the sense to keep doing things the way they are now. If not, then I guess it's back to holding my money in a death grip for fear of buying something that will be free later. Let's hope that isn't the case. As always, thank you for reading.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Scrolls Beta Opens Next Month

    Mojang is best known for their hyper-successful Minecraft but that doesn't mean that's all they're ever going to work on. For a while they have been focusing on a new card game titled Scrolls. It is finally nearing the time that players will be able to get their hands on the game. However, that doesn't mean the finished product is ready. Mojang Co-Founder Jakob Porser spoke to Polygon about the game: "We are aiming for release at the end of April and it's looking pretty good. We've been wanting to release it for awhile because we want to have the same sort of development as Minecraft. We'll release it early at a discount. With the help from our community, we'll take the game to the next level and see what we want to do and what they expect out of the game and you can work around that." Those who played Minecraft before launch are probably set to jump in on Scrolls as well. Players who never experienced Mojang's long alpha and beta periods may be confused by this, but it is certainly an interesting tactic to take. Each major update will increase the price until the game is at full price. For reference, Minecraft costs $27 for PC but had cost much less at its early stages. Here's a gameplay trailer for Scrolls:
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Preview: Path of Exile

    Back in 2000, Blizzard Entertainment launched Diablo II. The sequel to their successful Diablo brought back old fans, added in new ones, and turned out to be a truly incredible gaming experience for all those who loved it. Unfortunately, it seemed that they were unable to reignite those feelings with Diablo 3. Although Blizzard may have been unable to craft another highly satisfying experience, players may get something close with Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games began working on their game back in 2007, when there was an obvious drought in action RPGs (ARPGs). They worked on it in silence for three years before announcing it publicly in 2010. Finally, after three more years, the game entered public beta (just this past January). With all that time put into Path of Exile, it should be expected to be a fairly comprehensive package. As it turns out, the game feels very much like a complete experience. Well, as long as you aren“t interested in adventuring offline. There is no single player offline mode, however; this is because it was never planned. Of course, you can still go through the game solo, but it is primarily intended as an online multiplayer experience. Viewed that way, it“s mostly successful. Parties work well and scale enemy difficulty and density accordingly. What really makes Grinding Gear Games“ title interesting is their gambit of releasing a “full” product at no cost. Yes, it is a free-to-play game in that already very crowded marketplace. There is no locking up certain skills, areas, or levels to paying customers, though. Instead, everything required to play the game is available to players who have never spent a penny. What sorts of goods are purchasable? You can only pay for aesthetic items which, aside from looking pretty, have no effects. It is an incredibly bold move to allow a game to be completely free to download and play, especially when the experience is so good. Although it did not bring back those incredible times with Diablo II, it felt closer than other games have gotten in a long while. There is something to be said for a game which can get down an ARPG just right. Then there is the fact that it manages to change up the formula in neat little ways. Crafting the perfect build for your character is an overwhelming experience at the start. Take a look at any of the huge passive skill trees and it“s easy to see that Path of Exile is pretty free form as far as how you want to spec your character. The intent is to have the most pertinent upgrades for characters closer, but if you really want then it is possible to go out in weird directions with any class. Unfortunately, trying to respec is a bit of work as there are only a few points given for that. Afterwards, you“ll have to buy more if you really messed up building the character. Similarly, a gem system is in place which grants characters access to a wide variety of active skills.. Gems are collected off dead enemies, treasure chests, or bought and come in three colors. The colors correspond to the type of skill they are, and these correspond to the sockets found in armor and weapons. Once socketed, the character is granted access to a skill which will level up as long as the gem remains in place. Unlike Torchlight, there is no cost to socket and unsocket gems, which gives room for further exploration of builds. Skills primarily use mana and you can only have nine skills active at a time. However, one of those is a default attack, so it may be better to say that there are eight skills you assign available. Each keybinding can be reassigned easily which allows some granularity of control. Skills range from fireballs to ice blockades to the summoning of various beasts. The hardest thing about trying out all the available skills is that you will probably run out of available sockets after a while. Then the game becomes stressful as you try to manage better armor but still retain all the socket types you need. Of course, gems aren“t the only way you“re going to be attacking. Then there are a massive amount of weapons of all sorts. Bows, swords, daggers, hammers and more will routinely pop out of dead enemies. Although classes have their own affinities, you can still get away with trying a variety of weapons without worrying too much. Really, it depends more on how the character is spec-ed than their class. Many weapons offer bonuses such as healing upon hitting an enemy and are fun to collect. As with many other ARPGs, you can have two weapons set up and switch between them easily. There is so much depth to the game that it really doesn“t feel like something from the F2P market. I“ve only scratched the surface of what is offered and it is already starting to get complex. For example, I have yet to even discuss the orb or bartering system, both of which are innovative. Basically, Path of Exile is a very big, complex product which is already making tons of players appreciate its existence. That“s not to say the game is in a perfect state right now during open beta. While playing through the game for the first time, I managed to run into multiple glitches regarding quest completion. They all occurred while in a party where one member would have a quest marked complete but the other member didn“t. The only fix is to simply have the player complete the quest again, which is an annoyance. There are other smaller issues, but quests not marking as complete sometimes is a big one. The other issue is one to be expected of games in the F2P realm. Server stability is far from perfect and that will probably continue to be the case for a while. Thankfully, the developers are very vocal about when there will be downtime. Still, there are periods (weekends mostly) when lag ranges from being a small to big issue. In a game that is purely online you can expect that this issue is a big bother when it flares up. Grinding Gear Games have quickly accommodated to survive the initial beta load but it remains to be seen if they will be able to handle more incoming players. When it comes right down to it, Path of Exile is a hugely entertaining ARPG held back only by a few things. Aside from a handful of glitches, it stands as a great project. Then again, how many triple A titles release with many more grating glitches than this small effort? As long as they can manage their servers and make the online experience smoother, it is a game which will looks poised to please players for a long time to come.
  12. Those aware of just how many games based off of Slenderman probably wish the lanky boogeyman would just disappear. However, not all such games are created equal. Slender: The Arrival has the possibility to be one of the better games as it actually has gotten creative input from the people behind the Slenderman web series Marble Hornets. Unfortunately, we haven't seen much of the game so far outside of the teaser trailer. If you've been curious about what the game has to offer then there's no need to wait and see. Blue Isle Studios have announced that the game is now in beta. In order to get in, you must pre-order the game. Those who spend $5 or more toward their pre-order will be granted immediate access to the game as it currently stands. There are a handful of purchase tiers available as well for those really willing to dig into their wallets. Here is a list of the five purchase tiers available, each of which has immediate beta access as well as a digital copy upon release: $5: Get the game at its pre-order discount. $10: Retail cost. $15: Get digital copy of soundtrack when game launches. $25: Five high resolution paintings. $60: Name listed in credits. Because the beta is out in the wild, a fairly long beta video was also released. This serves as a good way for prospective buyers to make sure that Slender: The Arrival is something they want to put money toward. Get spooked by watching it here:
  13. Did you happen to miss out on the first Sim City beta opportunity? Or did you devour the hour of time EA granted with it and still need more? Whatever the case, EA is ramping up for their second beta period which they announced today. Unfortunately, it still seems to be another hour long experience. The beta period will run on February 16th and 17th which is a shorter timespan than the first. Also, unlike last time, they have a small window of opportunity for applicants to sign up. Those interested players must sign up on February 11th by 9 AM EST. There's no doubt that the previous beta was hammered by players which is probably what prompted this extra gate-keeping measure. Is there a reason to play this beta if you already got your fill on the first one? Well, EA has called this an "enhanced" version of the last beta, but that it is still based around the one some have already played. It's really up to you if you're willing to devote another hour to the game before it launches on March 5th.
  14. Harrison Lee

    Preview: Proteus Beta Impressions

    Roger Ebert once said that video games could never be art. While Ebert meant games that are considered "fun to play" are unartful, it was a gross underestimation of how the gaming industry would develop over the next decade. In the past 5 years alone, the independent development scene has become the place for experimentation in game design and the shifting of games to art. One of the more intriguing titles to buck the Ebert generalization is Ed Key and David Kanaga's Proteus, a weird, whimsical, and wonderful experience. Describing Proteus is a challenge. I can tell you it's an exploration game in the vein of Dear Esther. You walk around as an unnamed avatar on a mysterious, beautiful island. But Proteus is a very different animal than the melancholic, lonely experience Esther provides. Proteus is all about instilling joy, tranquility, and wonder in players. It's not unlike lying up on a roof and staring at the stars above saying, "Wow, that's amazing!" The first thing you'll notice is the distinct visual style. It looks like an Atari 2600 game modeled in 3D. The island is bathed in pastel colors and looks as if someone deconstructed a real island and remade it from squares and basic shapes. It's a work of art in motion as the trees rustle, leaves glide gently to the ground, and small creatures jump to and fro. Walking around, you can chase animals and take in the wonderful vistas from (what I assume are) mountain peaks. In the background, David Kanaga's soundtrack steadily pulses. As you interact with animals, the noises they make wonderfully build on the music. It's a symphony that you create, and each animal has its own unique sound as it shies away from you. The soundtrack and audio design combine with the visuals to create an enrapturing experience. Even though Proteus is still in beta, it's a fantastic taster of what's to come from Ed and David. If you're still not convinced that Proteus is for you, check out the Youtube trailer below. It gives you an idea of the basic experience while saving the hidden secrets for when you actually play. If you do take a bite of the good fruit, be prepared for a journey that's as directed and straight-forward as you want it to be. It's best if you explore and see what the island has to offer. You never know what Proteus will unveil for you next!
  15. Crysis 3 is the latest in an ongoing series of first person shooters which first saw their start in 2007. Over those few years, Crytek has managed to build up quite the fanbase for these games which is making the 3rd pretty anticipated. If you're one of the fans who wishes to give the multiplayer as hot before launch, then you might want to turn on your system. The multiplayer beta went live today for 360, PS3, and PC with some caveats. In the case of PC you can only play the game through Origin, as the game is published through EA. As for 360, only Gold members get access to the beta right now. All PSN users should be able to access it with or without a subscription to PS Plus. There are two multiplayer modes available to test which should be enough to get a taste of what the game has to offer. Crysis 3's multiplayer open beta will run from now until February 12th. This is just a few days before the game launches on all three platforms come February 19th.
  16. The new Sim City game has been getting a lot of attention lately, much of it negative. The issues stem from the methods of DRM that were mentioned as being employed with the title. If you are not phased by such things, or still really want to try the game, then next week will be your chance. The official Sim City Twitter noted that there will be a beta event next weekend. If you want your shot at getting in, then register now. It's not known if they will cut off the registration period if enough people sign up, or just accept everyone. Either way, the beta itself doesn't seem like it will show anyone much content. The Twitter post notes that players will get a "one hour slice" of the game. It's not much of a "beta" but one hour is better than no hours for Sim City fans. The exact date of the beta period is January 25th to 28th. If you've registered your interest in the beta then make sure you've got these dates marked on your calendar as well. Afterwards, share your thoughts on the beta! Sim City launches for PC on March 5th.
  17. You'll be forgiven if the name The Showdown Effect doesn't ring any bells. However, once you hear a bit about it the thing may become more interesting. This is the upcoming game from Arrowhead Game Studios who also created the popular Magika. Their brand of humor helped make that game a success, alongside the creative control scheme. There was only a small bit of information on The Showdown Effect during last year's E3. As such, a beta trailer released gives us the most info we really have so far. At this point, it definitely appears that their sense of humor is going to play a big role in this game as well. However, instead of taking on fantasy tropes, the game will be focused around spoofing action movie kinds of stuff. Alongside the launch of the trailer is the ability to sign up for inclusion in the beta. Signing up does not grant immediate access as the beta itself has yet to go live. However, if you are really interested in testing the game out then it is probably best to sign up soon. Here is The Showdown Effect's trailer:
  18. Sony has been working hard to make sure that their PS Plus subscription actually offers PlayStation fans something of value. They're not content to just offer access to Instant Game Collection titles though. For example, betas are sometimes provided to their paying customers and today the PS Blog has shared what the next beta access will be. The game is of course God of War: Ascension. This is the fourth main game in the series, although there have been spin offs in between. It also happens to be the first game in the series to include multiplayer. As you might expect, that is where the beta comes in handy. Everyone subscribed to PS Plus will gain access to the multiplayer beta on January 8th. However, some gamers have just gotten in today. This is due to the Rise of the Warrior Experience which had been going on. Players who were a part of the Sparta team have access to the beta right now. The losing team, Trojans, will be able to get in on December 16th. Are you interested in God of War: Ascension?
  19. Marcus Estrada

    Command & Conquer Beta Coming in 2013

    The Command & Conquer franchise is massive and has been ever since it began in the 90s. As expected, many hugely popular franchises have received online-based free to play iterations and Command & Conquer is no stranger to this. EA has been working on their own F2P version, although some changes have come to it over time. If you are one of the fans wanting to know when you can get your hands on the game, today it was announced that a beta will arrive in 2013. The plan right now is to get it out in the first half of the year and give it some rigorous testing. In fact, they are calling this phase the "longest running beta phase in franchise history." Here is some of what was discussed about the upcoming C&C and how it fits into the series world: "We all have the big picture in our mind where we want to go with this new Command & Conquer, making a great RTS game that can wear the C&C logo with pride. Yes, the direction is new and many probably would say that this is not a “true” C&C, just as many did when the original Generals came out. For me, Command & Conquer isn“t just about Tiberium, Kane and the crazy Yuri. It“s been more about fun to play, engaging, and high quality RTS experiences. And that“s what we“re aiming to deliver, just in a different way." Earlier, the F2P title was announced as being an online-only experience. However, as fans expressed displeasure with this, EA went back and decided to put in a single player mode. With this upcoming beta phase they will continue to listen to players and tweak the game accordingly.
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Linux Steam Beta Accepting Applicants

    Back in September, Valve finally announced that a closed beta of their Steam client would be usable by a small amount of people in October. Over the weekend, they opened up a new page which invites interested users to apply. Who are they looking for? The Valve Linux Beta Survey page says that they are "looking for Linux gamers to install and test our new Steam for Linux client. We are primarily interested in experienced Linux users." So, in order to give it a shot you don't have to be a Linux developer or anything, but you should have some knowledge of the Operating System. Signing up for the survey itself just requires you already have a Steam ID and once submitted will put you in the pool of possible beta testers. Although Linux does have a thriving homebrew game community, as well as ways to play Windows-based games, we should expect that a great deal of users will quickly flood the Steam Linux beta (if they haven't already). As such, if you're interested in this at all then it would probably be best to submit your own application soon.
  21. Marshall Henderson

    Linux to See Steam Beta for 1000 in October

    It's been a while since we've heard anything about Steam's Linux plans, but things have been chugging along. In fact, beta testing is starting next week. Not for everyone, of course. On their blog, Valve's Linux team posted that the internal beta would be underway next week, and a private external beta would begin in October. It's fairly limited, though, with only 1,000 users being allowed into it. That's a pretty narrow window there! The beta will include the Steam platform itself, obviously, and one Valve game. Word on the street is that this is Left 4 Dead 2, but the team has confirmed that ownership of Left 4 Dead 2 wouldn't affect the applicant's eligibility into the beta. The beta supports Ubuntu 12.04 and above, so keep that in mind when signing up. Valve believes this beta to be good for checking out what Steam will be like on Linux, but warns that Linux newbies might want to steer clear until a more stable experience is available. Sign-ups aren't available yet, but will be in a future post on Valve's Linux blog itself. Are you a Linux-user? Would you be interested in this?
  22. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Community Update Beta is Upon Us

    Yesterday afternoon, Steam's Community Update Beta went live. They've been talking about it all week with small updates but now 50,000 users were given the opportunity to take it for a spin. Those users (who had a Pillar of Steam Community badge) were granted a key into the beta. Actually, they were granted two keys - one for themselves and one for a friend. So that means there's actually double the opportunity to get into the beta if you haven't already. What did this update bring to the table? It's all about making friend interaction and communities on the site much more interactive. The Friends tab now lets you post status updates and your friends can comment or "like" them. For users with tons of people on their friends list, you can now give them specific nicknames which will never change even if they change their display name. For each user their content has been updated as well. Instead of being in a small, clunky to navigate area, your photos and videos will now all be put together in a nicer fashion. They will also display on the Friends page as visual updates which definitely helps give them more attention. The biggest changes come to the Community tab which is now finally living up to its name. Basically, it increases focus on user-generated content and allows for more discussion about each game. You can read more about it right here. If you didn't manage to try out the beta yet then just wait around a bit as more invites will be handed out soon. Have you checked out the Community Beta? What do you think of it so far?
  23. As we all know, the Playstation All Stars beta has begun! Unfortunately not all of us were lucky enough to have gotten our hands on a code. But it isn't all bad news, because there are still ways for you to get into the beta. It takes patience and luck, but its better than just sitting around waiting for the game to release or for a demo to pop up. I'm sure you're curious as to where you can get codes for the beta, so I'll just cut to the chase. Social media is where its at. If you happen to be following Superbot Entertainment on Twitter or Facebook then you would have seen that they've been giving codes away to their different followers for the last few days. While they aren't currently giving any codes away right now due to it being the weekend, they'll be back to it as early as Monday according to their latest posts. Of course getting a code is luck based, but with just a few thousand people following them on Twitter and Facebook (with most accounts likely not being active) your odds of getting a code are actually quite high! I've linked their pages below so you can be ready for the next code giveaway. Good luck everybody! @SuperBotEnt facebook
  24. Hey guys! Check out the footage of this game. I know that Diablo 3 is literally just around the corner but this game should also be on your watchlist. It will only be 20 dollars on release. And we are looking for some gamers to chip in and get the 75 percent off group package on steam. Making it only 15 dollars per person. If you interested pm me. Basically it is a cheaper and more tighter version of Diablo. The first game was a hit. I bought it on pc and also have it on XBLA. Definitely worth your money. What do you guys think? Forget this and just focus on Diablo? Or play this during your Diablo breaks ^^ Diablo = Work Torchlight = Play ?? ^^
  25. http://www.pathofexile.com/ This game looks pretty cool and very similar to Diablo. If you didn't get into the Diablo III beta and are waiting to play a game in this genre you are in luck. This game will do a stress test this weekend. Check it out guys ^^