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Found 8 results

  1. Well guys, it’s Summer, and you know what that means… That’s right! It’s time to complain about how friggin’ hot it is. I mean, not everyone has to deal with 100+ degree heat like I do (lucky bastards!), but in your case, perhaps it’s just not hot enough to have a proper Summer experience. Seriously, why can’t the weather just be on our side for once? Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to be outdoors to have some Summer fun. Why not just stay cooped up indoors and have yourself a virtual Summer? Maybe not all day every day, but when you just want to get out of the insanely hellish or not-hot-enough Summer temperatures, what better alternative than to relax on the beach, only while chilling indoors? Well, if that sounds enticing to you, then allow me to share with you five games you should play over the Summer. 5. Dead Island In real life, I wouldn’t exactly call a zombie-infested island a great resort to spend your Summer vacation. Dead Island, of course, isn’t real life, so the vacation is actually kinda fun. I mean, didn’t you ever go to the beach and wish you could just shoot some zombies? I know I have. And really, you can go ahead and play whichever game in the series you feel like playing, as they pretty much have the same premise: being stranded on a sunny island resort with some pesky undead tourists roaming around. Sounds like a nice little Summer getaway, if you ask me. 4. Pokémon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon If you’d like to spend your Summer in Hawaii catching Pokémon, then great news! That’s basically what Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are. Taking place in the Hawaii-inspired Alola region, these two enhanced versions of Sun and Moon feature most of what you’ve come to expect from the series along with some interesting new creatures to capture, including Alolan forms of a few Pokémon you already know and love. A few other things that help to differentiate this generation from others include the replacement of gyms and the inclusion of “Totem Pokémon.” Oh, and Ultra Beasts. All in all, it’s a great iteration in the Pokémon series, and a fun game to play over the Summer. 3. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Here’s a game where girls wearing bikinis play some volleyball on the beach. If that doesn’t scream “Summer fun,” then I don’t know what does. Of course, there isn’t much else to Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, but hey, I’m sure plenty of dudes are fine with that. Oh, me? Well, uh… No comment. If you’re a girl, of course, this might not appeal to you quite as much, but there’s still a bit of fun to be had aside from the, um, impressive “physics.” No, seriously, I’m no pervert! I don’t even like this game! PLEASE BELIEVE ME! Sigh… Guess this is what I get for including this game on my list… 2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker If your idea of Summer fun involves cruising the vast ocean, waves crashing around as you discover an island of Tingles (well, dunno about that last part, but if that’s your thing…), then you can’t go wrong with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Whether you have the original GameCube copy or the HD version for the Wii U, this game boasts vibrant visuals, a great soundtrack, and some delightfully quirky characters. Like Tingle. And his equally strange brothers. It’s just an all-around fantastic Zelda game and one that really gives you a nice Summer vibe. KOOLOO-LIMPAH! Oh God, w-why did I just say that? Guys, I think I might have a problem… 1. Super Mario Sunshine If you’ve got a GameCube laying around, or perhaps a backwards-compatible Wii (or maybe you could remaster this game already, eh Nintendo?), and have yourself a copy of Super Mario Sunshine (seriously, an HD version would be nice, or at least an eShop download), go ahead and boot it up for some wonderful Summer-themed bliss. The game takes place while Mario and Peach go on a vacation to Delfino Isle and, you know, obviously things don’t go as planned. As Mario, you must go around the island cleaning up goop. I promise, the game is a blast, despite the somewhat odd premise, and is the perfect game to play this Summer. What are your plans for the Summer? Do you plan on going to a real beach/resort? Or are you planning on playing some games instead? Let us know in the comments below.
  2. Jordan Haygood

    Dead Island Art

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    Artwork for Dead Island.

    © Techland

  3. gaiages

    Dead Island

    From the album: The Dusty Photo Album

  4. http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Island-Game-Year-Online/dp/B008NAYASM/?t=slickdeals&tag=slickdeals&ascsubtag=8LKHIp0TEeK5lEI0s_I9Fgz9E1_W4hV3_0_0_0 *LIVE* PC Digital Download: Dead Island Game of the Year Edition $5 Source DVG *Starts 04/04/13* Looks like an $8 credit towards Dead Island Riptide might be added to sweeten the pot woot With the Dead Island Game of the Year Edition players get the chance to experience the full story behind the Banoi Zombie Outbreak. The GOTY includes Dead Island Maingame Bloodbath Arena DLC Ryder White DLC Blueprint "The Ripper" Weapon Get ready for your return to Dead Island, a paradise to die for!
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Dead Island Trailer Screenshot

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  6. A few weeks ago, the gaming community saw the reveal of Dead Island: Riptide's UK special edition. As you're all probably aware, things didn't go over too smoothly after people saw what came in this special edition - namely, the dismembered, large-busomed statue. The joke going around the internet was that it's pretty much a bust of a bust. But that's wrong. A bust is made up of the head and shoulders of a character. This thing doesn't have a head and it goes all the way down to the torso. I mean, if you're going to do statue humor then do it right! I also think critics were incorrect to say that this statue was a bad idea in every way. It's certainly in bad taste, yes, but there was likely a calculated ulterior motive behind the special edition. So what was it? Well, read on to find out. Trick Them With Emotion All you really need to do to understand why this special edition was a good business move is to look at the advertising history of the Dead Island games. First we'll start with the obvious - the initial slow motion with the kid. The media and internet alike absolutely ate the trailer up. It made the game look like it would be a serious and emotional journey through an undead apocalypse. If that was the only media you saw released for Dead Island, you would probably be pretty shell shocked when you started the game up for the first time just to see this video play. Warning, this video is not exactly safe for work. So how do you go from that first trailer to that? Its simple. The announcement trailer was just made to drum up interest. Dead Island wasn't exactly "on the map" early on into its development. By this point, the zombie genre of games had started to wind down and people had had their fill. But that initial trailer made Dead Island look serious. It looked like a welcome change, and it got people talking. Of course, then people started seeing gameplay and that all kind of went down the drain. But the game still had to get advertised to people! How were they going to do that now that we saw the game was pretty much Left 4 Dead with some light RPG elements? The answer is sex. Sex sells and it causes controversy. Controversy gets you advertising. Its a win-win. This leads us to the promotional images. Weird Them Out With Sex Appeal Once it became apparent that Dead Island wouldn't be the emotional rollercoaster ride implied by the game's trailer, it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Namely, posing the rotting carcasses of the game's island inhabitants in different promotional shots. You had girls with missing arms playing volleyball and women with eviscerated stomachs lounging next to the pool. "This is pretty hot," said that one guy who isn't welcome here anymore. It was weird and people didn't really take a liking to them. But they got passed all around the internet because of it. While it didn't have as large of an impact as the slow motion trailer, it still got the game some free advertising. Just some though. The images themselves were quickly forgotten. Just seeing a few still images wasn't going to get anybody's goat. This can be considered sticking your toe in the pool to see how the water felt. It wasn't big enough to spread like wild fire across the internet, but it was enough to illicit a response from different websites. So, of course, the next step in this advertising operation was to just go all out with a dead booby statue. Man, advertising is weird. Not a bust, not a bust, not a bust! That brings us to the present. It was revealed that Dead Island Riptide (a game I didn't even know existed up to this point) would be getting a special edition where the statue was a woman's well-endowed dismembered body. Pretty much every major gaming website posted a news story about it along with a few news channels as well. It was a bad idea, it was in poor taste, and the whole thing was just awful. That seemed to be the overall message following the statue's reveal. But here's the thing. That statue's image was plastered freaking everywhere. You couldn't throw a piece of the statue of David without hitting an image of the boob statue. The internet had played right into Deep Silver's hands and given them the advertising they wanted. Of course, I could be wrong about all of this, but just look at their past history with Dead Island. Practically every big news release on the game was tailor made to get a response out of the gaming community. In my opinion, it's kind of a cheap way to drum up interest, but it clearly worked. What do you think about all this? Why not post in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.