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Found 33 results

  1. This is either good news or bad news depending on how you look at it. Basically, the news is this: according to CNBC, Fox is looking to sell a large part of their business (everything but sports and news, I believe), and Disney was one of the companies that it had held talks with. Apparently, those talks are no longer active right now. At the moment, it doesn't look like anything could happen, but if they were, it means the X-Men and Fantastic Four would be returned to Disney/Marvel. The downside? Disney would become even more of an entertainment monopoly/juggernaut, potentially being bad news for customers/fans because they could raise prices for the biggest properties everyone loves. Interesting side note: if you hadn't heard previously, Disney is raising the percentage rate of returns they make on Star Wars: The Last Jedi from theaters. Traditionally, movie distributors like Disney get a 55% cut, but they're raising the rate to 65% for TLJ, and that could be catastrophic for some theaters. Also, they're demanding each theater show TLJ on their largest screen for at least four weeks. If not, the theaters get hit with a 5% penalty. As of this moment, some theaters are fighting back, opting not to show the movie at all. But if the majority give in to the demands, Disney stands to make a ton more money than they usually do. What do you guys make of this? Would you want to see FOX sold to Disney?
  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-26/disney-said-to-be-working-with-adviser-on-potential-twitter-bid It's too early to say for sure, but Disney could be the new owner of Twitter sometime soon. If you've kept up with the business end of Twitter, you're likely aware that Twitter has been in financial straits for some time now, and the current management is looking to sell the business. Meanwhile, certain sources are saying that Disney has preparing a bid to buy the company. Reportedly, this is a play on video distribution, oddly enough. In any event, a Disney-owned Twitter would be interesting, to say the least. The platform has a huge audience to command, so the amount of free advertising they'd get for their movies would be through the roof. Also, who knows - maybe they would start charging a regular fee to use it (or offering paid plans)? What would you think if Disney bought Twitter? Would you still use it if they decided to charge to use it?
  3. If you haven't heard yet, Disney has confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 currently has a release of July 2019 and will star Harrison Ford as well as be directed by Steven Spielberg once again. Nothing beyond that at the moment (no mention of Shia LaBeouf, lol). Tbh, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull kinda soured me on Indiana Jones, so I'm not really that excited (not to mention that Ford will be going on 77 or something like that). As far as I'm concerned, the series has a lot to prove with this next movie. I'm wondering if they'll retcon Shia LaBeouf's character or just keep him but replace Shia LaBeouf (honestly, either would be fine with me, but I think they'll go with the former). In any case, what do you guys think? Are you excited for another Indiana Jones movie?
  4. If you haven't seen it yet, this Disney's slate of movies being released through Summer 2017. Most of us probably knew about those Marvel and Star Wars movies, but with the inclusion of those new animated films and some live action stuff (Tomorrowland, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean), Disney looks like it's going in for the kill, man. Also, how did I not hear that they were doing a Pete's Dragon reboot? lol Anyhow, that is a pretty killer lineup for a two-year time period; if even a third of those do massive numbers (better than expected), Disney is probably on its way to competing with Apple as one of the highest-earning companies in the world. What do you think of the lineup? Anything you're looking forward to in particular?
  5. Dunno if Tomorrowland has been on your radars before this, but it's certainly on mine after seeing the new trailer today. Go George Clooney, wooooo. Also, it's being directed by Brad Bird (of Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fame), so yeah. What do you guys think?
  6. http://deadline.com/2015/01/chris-pratt-indiana-jones-guardians-of-the-galaxy-disney-1201360637/ The big movie news today revolves around two things: 1) Disney is looking to revive Indiana Jones after buying it from Paramount a year or two ago, and 2) They're looking at Chris Pratt as a potential new lead for the series. Man, Chris Pratt seems to be doing pretty well for himself after Guardians of the Galaxy last year, and now he'll be in Jurassic World this year. I actually like him a lot as an actor, though I think studios would be wise not to use him as the "same" character in every movie (i.e. his Starlord persona). Although his character in Jurassic World does seem to be more serious, so we'll see. In any case, I wouldn't mind seeing Pratt in a new Indiana Jones if Disney MUST revive it. What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Or would you rather see someone else?
  7. I'd heard the name briefly before this (as a movie, I mean; not the Disneyland attraction), but knew very little about this before today. Anyhow, they released the first teaser for the movie and it definitely looks interesting. Take a look! Some big names too. George Clooney is in it and Brad Bird is directing; I've really enjoyed Bird's work so far (especially with The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), so I'm interested to see more of this. What do you guys think?
  8. Last night I finally went to see Frozen and I have to say, it was pretty good. In fact, it's one of the most critically acclaimed and well-received Disney films by audiences in years. Of course, just about all of Disney's most recent animated films have been pretty good, starting with The Princess and the Frog (in 2009), then continuing with Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. This leads me to wonder - are we experiencing a second Disney Renaissance? If you don't what the Disney Renaissance era is, it began with the release of The Little Mermaid and ended with the release of Tarzan, pretty much. During this period of time, every animated film Disney put out was more or less pretty outstanding and untouchable by critics. It was a dramatic shift in quality from the previous decade or two in the '70s and '80s where many argued that the quality in Disney films had declined and the magic wasn't there anymore. Anyhow, after Tarzan released, things were pretty much not as great from then on. I liked Atlantis enough, but I wouldn't say it captured the same feel as many of the '90s films did; same with The Emperor's New Groove. It wasn't until The Princess and The Frog released that people started claiming that Disney was coming back into its own. So what do you think? Is Disney experiencing a second renaissance of sorts? Have you enjoyed the recent movies, and did you like Frozen (if you've seen it)?
  9. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/19/kingdom-hearts-3-new-details-announced?utm_campaign=fbposts&utm_source=facebook So this should be the end of the saga. I just bought KH 2 so I need to finish KH 1 and 2 to prepare for this. Also play dream drop distance. Not sure if I'm missing anything else. But looks like I'll have time because the game doesn't look like it'll be out anytime soon.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Epic Mickey 2 on Vita Adds Enhanced Features

    Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two originally arrived during the holiday season of last year on 360, PS3, Wii, and Wii U. The push for Mickey and Oswald's adventure was great although it didn't turn out to be the blockbuster hit of the season. Regardless, Vita owners will get their chance at the game soon. Specifically, the game launches on June 18th. What awaits those who make Epic Mickey 2 on Vita their first foray into the game? As you might expect, some additions have been implemented to make the title feel right at home on the system. These include added touch screen control for paint/thinner as well as camera movement. Menu navigation and other uses of the touch screen show they've tried to make sure the Vita version is not simply a rushed port. Other additions include ad hoc network functionality for multiplayer mode. It was not stated whether or not this version includes Trophies, but that is likely. In case you were wondering, Epic Mickey 2 is also not a part of the Cross Buy promotion, but that seems more common with digital-only titles anyway.
  11. DarkCobra86

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance $20

    http://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Hearts-Dream-Distance-nintendo-3ds/dp/B006OI3CTS/ref=sr_1_3?t=slickdeals&tag=slickdeals&ascsubtag=KilloqHOEeKeqOZWJb0cRAz9E1_u1CW3_0_0_0&ie=UTF8&qid=1365564527&sr=8-3&keywords=kingdom+hearts Free shipping if you can get it over $25 or if you have prime already. Also GS has it for $20 with free pick up in store.
  12. I don't know what to think of this. Is it a dream come true or our worst nightmare? I fear the mass production of Star Wars movies will become as bad and poor quality as COD games. What do you guys think?
  13. PAX 2013 had some exciting announcements, but there was one in particular that was both shocking and exciting: Capcom's announcement of Duck Tales Remastered. The original Nintendo Duck Tales and its sequels are well made and fondly remembered platformers, so many were excited about the remake's announcement. However, the fact that there hasn't been a Duck Tales game in about twenty years makes this announcement come from pretty much nowhere. Still, this announcement gives us hope: If Duck Tales can get a remake after all these years, what about some of the other great Disney games that were released in the past? Let's look at five more Disney titles that deserve another visit. Aladdin The Aladdin games are nothing short of great. They may be very difficult, and sometimes have weird levels that you can swear aren't in context with the movie, but they're a blast to play... and even the graphics still stand up well to this day. So, you might be asking... why even remake them if they're fine as is? The answer is quite simple... to work the two very different games into a compilation, or even a super Aladdin game. The Super Nintendo and Genesis versions were created by two different teams, and ended up being two completely different games. Although they're separately great in their own right, why not spruce them up a bit and give the Aladdin 16-bit games a revisit they deserve? The Lion King Maybe I'm being a little biased with this selection... but The Lion King is my favorite movie. Ever. It was only natural my parents would buy this game for me when I was a kid. As much as I was terrible at it then, playing it now seems like a blast. The Lion King, at the very least, if a solid platformer that lets you experience Simba's life... and the movie is a timeless classic, so what's not to like? Unfortunately, unlike Aladdin, the Genesis and Super Nintendo versions of the game are the same, and since the game is closely based on the movie, there isn't much room to expand on anything... but for most fans, a simple remaster much like Duck Tales would be more than enough. I hope you're listening, WayForward! Mickey Mousecapade This is where the rain of awesome Disney games all started. Mickey Mousecapade might look outdated and bland compared to the other Disney offering, but that's all the more reason it deserves a remake. It's a bit scant on the gameplay, but just think of the possibilities of expansion! Mickey Mousecapade would be leagues better with a little modernization. Picture it now: More levels! More side paths! Updated and beautiful graphics! Music that may not loop so quickly! Sounds like a great homage to the beginning of the Disney games legacy. Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! is sort of the oddball here. Magic Wands is actually part of the Crazy Castle series, a series of puzzle games starring Mickey Mouse... in Japan. In the US, most of the games were re-skinned and released with Bugs Bunny (or the Ghostbusters) instead. To complicate matters further, in Europe some games were released with the original protagonist, some with Bugs Bunny, and one of the Crazy Castle games even had Garfield as the main character. Crazy re-skinnings aside, the Crazy Castle series is pretty solid, and Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! is the fifth in the overall great series. It's a short game, but the puzzle aspects and platforming is sure to strike a chord with the nostalgic audience. Perhaps even a developer can make a compilation some of the games with their original protagonist? The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid, much like Mickey Mousecapade, is one of the earlier Capcom/Disney ventures, so it doesn't look as grand as Aladdin or The Lion King. However, this Disney game has aged a bit better than its other original Nintendo companion, and as such would be a bit easier for a developer to remake. Unlike the other Disney games based on movies, The Little Mermaid does something a little different. Instead of playing through the scenes of the movie itself in game form, this Disney platformer instead makes its own storyline: Right before getting married, Ariel learns of Ursula taking over the ocean and doing bad things, so she turns back into a mermaid and goes to stop her. I know it isn't groundbreaking, but it helps in establishing something a little different than the 'play the movie' game style. Wait... can this really be called a platformer if you're swimming the whole time? Darn water levels... There's plenty of room for remakes in our current gaming world, especially with digital distribution getting rid of the need to put games in a physical form. I'm hoping that Duck Tales Remastered is only the beginning of the Disney HD remake waves... there are plenty of other great games that deserve their own revisit! What other older (or even newer) Disney games do you fondly remember? Any other Disney games you'd like to see remade? Let me know in the comments below!
  14. In the wake of the news that LucasArts was being shut down by Disney today, it was also discovered that, unsurprisingly, the upcoming game Star Wars 1313 had reached the end of the line and was canceled as well. Interestingly enough, though, Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg made a comment about the situation on Twitter, lamenting LucasArts' closure but at the same time saying that he wasn't surprised because team members on the project had said that the game would take another 2 years to develop before it was finished. This rumor remains unsubstantiated at the moment, so you'll have to take it with a grain of salt, but if it turns out to be true, it would explain why Disney wasn't keen on keeping LucasArts internal development team around, especially after they took a big loss on Epic Mickey 2 and closed down its developer, Junction Point, at the end of last year. It's currently unknown whether work on Star Wars 1313 could continue, but Game Informer has spoken to a representative from the company who has told them that there's a chance that it might be able to be rescued if the project is licensed out to another publisher. Until then, the game remains dead in the water. Source: Twitter Were you looking forward to Star Wars 1313 before its cancellation?
  15. Today word came that LucasArts was shut down by their new Disney owners. As such, it's been a sad day for those who cherished many LucasArts properties such as the Monkey Island series or any of its Star Wars titles. The developer was highly prolific and it's sad to see them shuttered. Raven Software is a developer who aided LucasArts on a few occasions. Of note, they created the titles Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast for LucasArts. Because of today's events, Raven announced to Kotaku Australia that they've released the source code for the two Star Wars games. Here is a quote from Raven Software about the gesture: “We loved and appreciated the experience of getting to make Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy for LucasArts. As a gift to the persistently loyal fanbase for our Jedi games and in memory of LucasArts, we are releasing the source code for both games for people to enjoy and play with." Of course, source code is something that will see most use to game modders. Still, this means we may see some interesting modifications come to both games in the future. It's certainly a neat way to honor a respected game company's closing.
  16. gaiages

    Disney Shuts Down LucasArts

    Today, GameInformer has provided the gaming world with some very unfortunate news. Disney is going to close down its subsidiary, LucasArts. Why is this happening? This official statement might shed some light on the situation: "After evaluating our position in the games market, we've decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company's risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games. As a result of this change, we've had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles." LucasArts is well known for its contributions to the adventure game genre in the past, including Grim Fandango, The Secret of Monkey Island, and more. While LucasArts didn't have many notable releases in the past few years other than a new Indiana Jones game, but the company is a piece of gaming history that is now gone. What do you think of this closure? Which LucaArts games did you enjoy the most?
  17. Marcus Estrada

    PAX East: New DuckTales Game Revealed

    Capcom is a company which is the cause for many mixed feelings among gamers. They have many great franchises, but have also been party to various missteps and odd choices. In a smart move, Capcom has just revealed a new DuckTales title. DuckTales was of course a popular cartoon which spawned a few video games. DuckTales, DuckTales II, and DuckTales: The Quest for Gold all came about in the early 90s but haven't been revisited since. This is part of what makes the announcement so surprising. Of course, it's the original and much-loved NES DuckTales which is seeing the reboot treatment. The game will have hand-drawn sprites, voice acting, and is being developed by WayForward. The game is coming this summer to PSN, XBLA, and eShop. Here's the trailer to get you pumped: http://youtu.be/6N0PzqF9gWY
  18. PAX East is here, and so Square Enix has graciously given us a Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX trailer in English, complete with the always classic Simple & Clean. This collection for the PS3 includes HD versions of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (with updated camera controls), Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Expect this HD compilation sometime this Fall!
  19. Have you seen Wreck-It Ralph? The Disney film is one of the first major attempts at celebrating video games as a whole, rather than adapting one specific property. Not only did it have a nice story, but also a ton of gaming in jokes for gamers to spot during a viewing. To promote the film, Disney created an actual video game version of Fix-It Felix and stuffed it in a handful of arcade machines to tour around the country. With the film now released on DVD and Blu-Ray, Disney has gone and promoted it in an entirely different way. This time around they've put together a spoof documentary. The video itself is nearly 30 minutes long and takes many cues from the popular The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters arcade documentary. Therefore, those who have watched both that and Wreck-It Ralph will probably get the most from this goofy video. However, it's a fun mockumentary overall and worth a watch if you've got half an hour to spare.
  20. This probably surprises no one, but apparently it was revealed that the new Star Wars trilogy was in development to some degree before Lucas sold his company to Disney. In fact, word is that part of the reason this was so was because it raised the value of Lucasfilm, thus Disney paid more than it would normally. To some degree, I'd already suspected that any treatments for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX were being done by Lucas, but I have to admit that the way the movies were announced, it sounded like Disney was the one that made the decision to go ahead with them as soon as they could when the deal was underway. IGN's article even discusses certain specifics of the deal, such as how Lucas would only show the story treatments to Robert Iger (Disney's CEO) and a few others (under NDA) before the deal was done. Anyhow, you can see the article here on IGN if you're interested. I only wonder how long it'll be before specific details of the plot start to leak out.
  21. Jordan Haygood

    Sora x Kairi

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Square Enix

  22. Following his recent unemployment and the closure of his Disney-owned studio, Junction Point, Epic Mickey's Warren Spector gave a speech at DICE 2013. In his speech, he assured gamers that he wasn't ready to retire, as he has games he still wants to make. This speech began with Spector saying that he wasn't there to discuss "the elephant in the room," Disney Interactive, the recent closure of his studio, or the past eight years of his career. The only thing he'd say on that matter was that he worked with some great people on some amazing projects. After a simple "it's all good," Spector went on to give his actual speech about "The Graying of Gaming," which he refers to the aging gaming population that he is a part of, and discussed his disinterest in retirement. "I had a little wake-up moment last week in the wake of events," he said. "One of my programmers said, 'Why don't you just retire?' The answer was easy: I still have things I want to make. I'm not ready to go live on a farm." Spector continued to say how unsure he was as to how many more games he'd be able to make, but that his tastes in game designing have "changed dramatically" since he began his career as a game designer. Making games about armored men with big swords or alien-bashing space marines are not the kind of things that interest him. "I want content that is relevant to my life, set in the real world," Spector said. "If we're going to reach a new audience, we have to stop making games for teenage boys, or even teenage girls." Spector went on to mock Grasshopper Manufacture's recent title, Lollipop Chainsaw by displaying an image of the game on the screen behind him as he stated, "There are some games that should just not be made." He then continued by displaying images of Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead, saying how developers should celebrate diversity and "the ordinary" in terms of design. Finally, Spector closed with, "Put aside geekish things, and be guided by passion," followed by a display of his LinkedIn profile on the back screen. How do you feel about Warren Spector? Do you think he should retire, or are you excited by the games he might bring to the table?
  23. Until now, the only play sets we've seen for Avalanche Software's upcoming Disney Infinity have been for Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, and Pirates of the Caribbean, which all come with respectively-themed toys and virtual areas to play around in. Now it seems another Pixar movie is ready to join the fray as a fourth play set has just been announced - Cars. The first three play sets will be included in a Starter Pack that you can get for $74.99. As for standalone play sets like Cars, you can get those for $34.99 each. Furthermore, each play set is said to add about 6-9 hours of gameplay to the overall game. The Cars pack will provide the Disney Infinity platform with Radiator Springs, as well as the characters that appear in Cars, extra items, and more. You can find Disney Infinity on store shelves this June, and more play sets are set to be released by then. Are you looking forward to Disney Infinity? Will you be picking up the Cars play set?
  24. Late last year, Disney Interactive revealed an upcoming toy-collecting video game akin to the popular Skylanders franchise. This game, bearing the title Disney Infinity, was announced to be releasing this Summer for Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and 3DS. And just like with the Skylanders games, you will also be collecting and scanning toys into the game itself, only with characters from famous Disney classics. The game's producer, John Vignocchi, spoke at a recent press event with news that his company will be releasing new versions of Disney Infinity every year after the first game's release. And to make things easier on your wallet, you will be able to use figures bought for previous versions in the later ones. Not only that, but figures bought for the later versions will, you guessed it, be compatible with the earlier ones. This is possible via updates, and will allow for players from all versions to interact with each other. In other news, the people working on Disney Infinity will also be working with film-makers throughout the development process. This allows the team access to films not even out yet, giving them time to create characters from upcoming Disney films that will be released with Play Sets alongside their respective films. "We“re actually directly working with them," said Vignocchi on the matter, "so what they“re doing is giving us access to their films as they“re in development, so we“re getting such early access that that is what is allowing us to create these Play Sets where we“re expanding on their content and collaboratively working with these film-makers to create a true transmedia experience." Disney Infinity certainly seems to be shaping up well, and Summer will surely bring joy to any Disney fan out there. Are you looking forward to Disney Infinity? What are your thoughts on the toy-collecting aspect some games are beginning to use? Source: Nintendo Life