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Found 7 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Groupees Doujin Bundle 2 Brings Pigeon Dating to You

    Groupees really hit the mark when it launched the Build a Doujin Bundle a while back. Now, they've created a second doujin bundle which includes a handful of fun titles. In particular, they somehow managed to snag Hatoful Boyfriend which is a dating sim based around birds! Also included are multiple Nyu Media properties such as the eXceed series and their latest game: ARMED SEVEN. Here are all the games currently available: ARMED SEVEN (Windows, Desura) eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX - Review - (Windows: Desura, Steam) eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package (Windows: Desura, Steam) Hatoful Boyfriend - Review - (Windows/Mac) HellSinker (Windows) Higurashi When They Cry (Windows, Desura) KAMUI (Windows, Desura) As the bundle continues, more sales will allow extra games and soundtracks to be unlocked. As of right now, eXceed 2nd's soundtrack is already available. Up next is Princess' Edge - Dragonstone and there will be at least four more bonuses after it. As usual, you can choose to buy only a few or all of the bundle games.
  2. Marcus Estrada

    Indie RPG 99 Spirits Now Available

    In our neck of the woods, we tend to call independently developed titles "indie". If you look to Japan which has also had a thriving indie game community, they tend to call their work "doujin" titles. Regardless of the name, great content comes out of all regions and deserves attention. One doujin game by the name of 99 Spirits has just launched. The RPG revolves around the Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami. Although there are a lot of standard RPG trappings, it is the battle system which sets the game apart from others. Players must discern the names of the enemies so they can recognize, and therefore demolish them in the proper way. 99 Spirits can be purchased on either the official website or Rice Digital, which is an international doujin storefront. Via the latter, both a regular ($20) and deluxe edition ($26) are available. Deluxe comes with the soundtrack as well as a Japanese/English dual language option.
  3. It may not have as big a following as other fighting games, but Vanguard Princess has had a group of players since it initially released in Japan back in 2009. The game itself is most notable thanks to being developed by an ex-Capcom employee as well as high quality sprite art for characters. Although fighters don't usually need translation to be played, an English version is now available. Vanguard Princess is part of that all-female cast niche of fighters. The 2D game features 10 playable characters and two main modes (Story and Versus). While the original Japanese version was free, eigoMANGA are asking for $5 for the English version. Vanguard Princess is available on Amazon and GamersGate as a digital download. If you're interested in playing other Japanese doujin (indie) games then take a look at Nyu Media or Playism's catalog. Unlike Vanguard Princess, many of their titles are even playable on Steam. As of right now, eigoMANGA aren't pushing for Steam release.
  4. Marcus Estrada

    Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  5. Marcus Estrada

    Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  6. Marcus Estrada

    Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  7. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

    Developer: 773 Publisher: Nyu Media/Capcom Platform: PC (Steam) Release Date: November 8, 2012 ESRB: T Gamers in the West don“t really have a good understanding of dating sims. We have been handed a few treats in the form of Katawa Shoujo or abbreviated versions in the vein of Persona 3 or 4, but beyond that not much. As such, seeing Nyu Media get Capcom to release a game like that (even digitally) is quite a surprise. Well, maybe it“s not fair to call Cherry Tree High Comedy Club a “dating sim” per se, but it is definitely a relationship sim the likes of which will be foreign to many. Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a friendship simulator when you really take a look at it - and that“s all it offers. If you have played Persona 3 or 4 then you“ve gotten a taste of this from Social Links. However, this game has no extraneous features such as turn-based battles or powerful storyline. Instead, it relies wholly on the enjoyment of talking to characters, befriending them, and reaching your goal before time runs out. The game focuses around a young woman named Miley who wishes for nothing more in life than to become a comedian. She excitedly hopes to start her own comedy club at the school but is then informed that there must be other members in the group to exist. So then Miley goes to work befriending as many people as she can in hopes of getting some to join up. Yes, this is a rather negative prospect, but the game never takes itself seriously so it doesn“t become an issue. Once in game, those familiar with recent Persona games may feel it was ripped right from there. As Miley, players have three time periods where they can perform various actions. The player may study, find ways to de-stress, learn about topics of conversation, or engage in discussion with others. Doing things like homework help her overall, but then cause the stress meter to increase. Watching movies, playing games, or reading magazines are all things that Miley can do in order to be more able to talk to her friends about topics of interest to them. Although the game may seem barebones, it is really only trying to provide a very specific experience. This experience is helped in great part by the writing. Thanks to Capcom and Nyu Media, the English text translation and localization was actually overseen by Tezuka Productions. If you don“t recall this name, they are the team behind the Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick localizations, so they“re more than capable. You can definitely feel their influence with the game“s Westernization, as well as some of the pop culture references. However, the game is still not close to the hilarity of Ace Attorney which is probably due in part to the original script and characters. The Westernization of the game will appeal to some and push others away. Many who are looking for a “dating sim” experience, too, will be left unsatisfied as there are no romantic relationships to be found here. Those who are not so specific in their gaming tastes will probably find that the game works fine, and the translation is certainly competent. In the original direct download version released earlier this year, there were a few typos to be found. However, since the Steam release these have been cleaned up, helping the product feel more professional. With such a simple game it also shouldn“t be expected to be a long experience. The game takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete but any longer would have made it overstay its welcome. Once you finish, a New Game + is unlocked. This game mode carries Miley“s stats over so you“ll be more able to make friends quicker. Beyond that though there“s not too much reason to play the game for extended periods of time. Thankfully, the game is fairly cheap which makes the brevity expected. It may feel “cheap” though to people who come into the game with Persona-level expectations. If you“re interested in a dating sim-esque game then Cherry Tree High Comedy Club should fit the bill. It manages to be very weird in that it focuses on friendship instead of dating, but the gameplay mechanics are still quite similar. The Westernization may even be a little off-putting for some, but others may welcome it. Then there“s the fairly short gameplay time which may make some find the game too quick. There are a lot of things that may turn someone away from it, but if you come in with an open mind you may find that Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a fun little experience for a lazy afternoon. Pros: + One of few games available in English to please “relationship” sim fans + Humorous writing helped by Tezuka Productions + Tight gameplay mechanics which are easy to comprehend Cons: - Overall a short experience with little replay value - Factors such as localization style and simplicity may turn off some Overall Score: 7 (out of 10) Good Cherry Tree High Comedy Club may be a niche game, but it caters very well to that audience.