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Found 47 results

  1. Welcome to the forty-first week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday. -------------------------------- Pokémon Bank and Friendship I“ve been accomplishing two main goals in my Pokémon-related downtime, lately. Inspired by the first Region Spotlight and my many “conspiracy theory” pieces, I restarted my copy of Pokémon Y with hopes to play through the game again prior to the release of “Pokémon Z” (I still think that announcement is coming by October 29th, by the way). And...as always, I“m forming new teams to use in whatever competitive battle that comes my way. I“ll talk up my new adventures in Y and my “Fossil Maniac Gym Leader” team in the not-too-distant future. But for now, I want to talk about my two Shiny Eevees. Not necessarily because I“m bragging, but… I caught one of them in a Friend Safari prior to erasing my Y file. And the other, I hatched naturally in Omega Ruby using the Masuda Method. I evolved the baby into Umbreon with no trouble, and I wanted to raise an Espeon for fun Doubles antics. I used Pokémon Bank to safely transport my Eevee, Axiom, to Hoenn some time ago. Then I EV trained and raised it, expecting the evolution to occur eventually because Friendship isn“t too hard to raise in the modern era. But when it got to Lv90 or so without ever evolving, I got worried. A quick aside for those who don“t know: Eevee evolves into Espeon and Umbreon when it has max Happiness/Friendship, depending on the time of day. This isn“t to be confused with Affection, the Pokémon-Aime trait that allows Eevee to evolve into Sylveon. A lot of the popular search results for “Eevee won“t evolve” on Google were just people confusing happiness for affection -- an easy mistake to make. But, as you can see in this video I posted when making an inquiry over Twitter, Axiom“s Friendship was indeed at maximum, and no evolution occurred. My system“s clock was correct (another thing that stops time-based Friendship Evolutions), and none of my Pokémon are hacked. So...what was going on? As it turns out, Pokémon Bank may be the cause of a glitch when it comes to Friendship Evolutions. Here“s a thread with someone who experienced the same problem I had. Using Pokémon Bank to transport Pokémon should normally work like trading from one game to the next would. I“m not sure if the glitch is caused when two trainers share the same name, since their Trainer IDs are always different. But -- just be careful when transferring Pokémon that evolve based on Friendship, because something related to Pokémon Bank may cause them to not evolve despite Friendship being at maximum. Something in the game“s code may get lost in translation when transferring Pokémon. The way I fixed the problem and eventually got my Eevee to evolve was by trading it back and forth to my lady. Trading a Pokémon resets its base Friendship value, and you can work on maximizing it again without increasing the Pokémon“s level. Thanks to the Soothe Bell, Befriending O-Power, and biking lots of circles around the Battle Resort, I had Axiom“s Friendship back at maximum in less than half an hour. After making it as happy as possible, it evolved without anymore complications. So! This week“s Individual Values is just a friendly PSA for those who use Pokémon Bank regularly, like I do. Something is off about it and Friendship-based evolutions. After you transport your Pokémon from one game to the next, be sure to physically trade it back and forth to yourself with a friend“s help to actually reset its Friendship to what it should be, if you want to guarantee not getting stuck in evolution limbo like my Eevee was. Save yourself a headache or two by trading after transferring! Are you folks still playing Pokémon before “Z” and Super Mystery Dungeon come around? Share your stories!
  2. Last week, it was discovered that you were able to farm resources in Dead Space 3 with minimal effort. Considering that the game includes microtransactions to buy materials for crafting, many thought that this was some sort of glitch. However, EA has told GameFront that this exploit is actually intentional. "The resource-earning mechanic in Dead Space 3 is not a glitch. We have no plans to issue a patch to change this aspect of the game. We encourage players to explore the game and discover the areas where resources respawn for free. We“ve deliberately designed Dead Space 3 to allow players to harvest resources by playing through the game." EA Public Relations representative, Jino Talens, also reminds us that the microtransaction system still exists "for those that wish to accumulate upgrades instantly." What are your thoughts on this whole farming exploit/microtransaction fiasco around Dead Space 3?
  3. While the masses of the United States were busy elbowing each other in the throats for a chance to save ten dollars on games like Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 3 and Call of Duty, the sensational Croatian Playstation Store was having a Black Friday sale of it's own. The reason it wasn't really advertised was because the Croatian PSN staff weren't actually aware of this sale themselves. Nope, this sale was entirely on accident. Accidents do happen, but they don't usually save people so much money. How much money did people save? Well let's take a look. The brand spanking new release of Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs costs just around $80 on the United States Playstation Store. The Croatian store had the price set at 80KN. While that might sound like an equally large number, it roughly translates to $13 American. A considerably not big number. What followed next was less than handled well. People saw the huge change in price and immediately started scooping up as many accounts as they could to sell later on the PSN black market. The Croatian Sony reacted by removing the ability to purchase PSN funds in an attempt to stop people from buying so many copies while they fixed the problem. Yeah, not exactly the best way to handle such a serious mistake. But now everything is back to normal and you totally missed out. Hurray for errors!
  4. The new Playstation store might already be a few weeks old, but that doesn't mean Sony isn't finished working out the kinks and glitches in the store's updated design. This purchasing glitch specifically targets the people who are trying to use the Playstation Plus extended free trial service. Usually this trial service is used to try out games before you buy them, but since the new PS store released they've been doing a whole lot more than that. When you download one of these trials, the store will register it as you buying the actual full game. The game's price will vanish and it'll appear in your download history as being bought. While that might sound like a win win for you, you haven't actually bought the game. You'll still have a one hour limit to play. Here's where the annoying part comes in. Once that hour is up you'll be asked to purchase the full game. But you can't purchase it because the store has registered you as already having bought it. If you use the store search engine to find the game you'll be able to see it's price, but you still can't buy it. Instead the store will tell you the game isn't available for purchase and kick you back to the front page. There could be a way around this, but so far I haven't found it. I've been completely locked out from buying any game I downloaded a trial for. So if you're currently looking to buy a game off the PSN, you probably shouldn't download that free trial. Posts on Cheapassgamer confirm this glitch is effecting multiple users.
  5. Blazeknyt

    Cheat Code Disappearance Act

    I apologize for the late entry, as life as been a bit more crazy than usual. You will get two entries this October. So without further ado… Contra, Battletoads & Double Dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a bunch of other games from the past had lots of people try something: Cheat codes. Cheat codes are not as widely used anymore. Games used to be filled with those kinds of things. Now these are either given to you as: unlockable cheats, (which is fine), a glitch (which isn“t really a cheat code), or through a cheat device (which is something else entirely). When I talk about a cheat code, I mean inputting a sequence at the title screen, an options screen, or when you pause the game. The greatest code of all time. So why is it that cheat codes aren“t used anymore? Many cheats are now unlockable, so you earn the cheats from doing some kind of in game task. You may have to do some ridiculous side quest, but it“s not something completely hidden from you. You know the cheat exist. There“s also the side effect of the age of online gaming. I understand that with playing online, using cheat codes could mean playing against someone with unlimited health, maximum power-ups, or unlimited ammo. Being able to use those codes whenever you please could certainly make the online gameplay ridiculously cheap. We also have to deal with the advent of achievements and trophies. People cheating in order to "earn" achievements and trophies would mean that you end up playing the game in the way that companies don't want you to play the game. The last game I played that used cheat codes to some high degree was Scott Pilgrim. In that game, you actually unlocked new games modes by inputting a sequence at the title screen. However, I also have to give Scott Pilgrim a pass, because it harkens back to the 8 and 16 bit days of gaming, when those button sequence cheats were popular. In today's way of gaming, cheats could open the floodgates for not playing the game in a way the companies would like the game to be played. But this is in regards to console gaming. There's a different scene when it comes to the PC market. The PC market has had mods grow in number. People get into the game“s code and modify the game itself for their own needs. That dark and gritty game can be brought to life with bright pastels while you gun down your enemies. Or maybe you just want to give your favorite character a . He joined Street Fighter? It turns out that cheat codes have gone away due to the evolution of coding. Coding has become more complex, and with those complexities, means less room for messy code. Reddit user ZorbaTHut commented on a different story: “Cheats were originally introduced as a debugging mechanism. You used them to test the game. Removing them was potentially a bit difficult - old games had a lot of interconnections, and removing the cheats could actually introduce bugs - as well as irrelevant. But the games back then were simple enough that you only needed half a dozen simple cheats in order to test everything, so this worked out great.…Adding a "skip this level" cheat could be equivalent to adding a "make the game unplayable" cheat.†Even though cheat codes are around, they don“t give off the same feeling as before. That password just means you don“t spend money on a power up now, or you get an item you just didn“t feel like searching for. The closest thing we have to traditional cheat codes now are glitches, and while those are fun, but they run the risk of messing up your game. Those fun cheats where you You can read the rest of the Reddit conversation here.
  6. Jared

    Journey entry spot

    From the album: Journey Glitch World

  7. Jared

    Journey Secret City Tease

    From the album: Journey Glitch World

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    Journey New glitch world 19

    From the album: Journey Glitch World

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    Journey New glitch world 18

    From the album: Journey Glitch World

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    Journey New glitch world 17

    From the album: Journey Glitch World

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    Journey New glitch world 16

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    Journey New glitch world 15

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    Journey New glitch world 13

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    Journey New glitch world 12

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    Journey New glitch world 11

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    Journey New glitch world 10

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    Journey New glitch world 9

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    Journey New glitch world 8

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    Journey New glitch world 7

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    Journey New glitch world 6

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    Journey New glitch world 5

    From the album: Journey Glitch World

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    Journey New glitch world 4

    From the album: Journey Glitch World