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Found 22 results

  1. If you're a Monster Hunter fan, then you'll definitely want this fantastic collector's edition for Monster Hunter 4 announced for North America. Here is what is included: 3.5" translucent Gore Magala figure (design not final) Felyne (wearing Gore Magala armor) pin Monster icon lanyard Microfiber cleaning cloth (design not final) Supply item box packaging A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS The collector's edition costs $60 and can be pre-ordered at GameStop (information on other participating retailers is coming soon). Capcom says quantites are limited, so pre-order as soon as possible if you're planning on purchasing it! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be available for 3DS in early 2015. Source: Capcom-Unity
  2. NIS America has finally given their "hardcore strategy" RPG Natural Doctrine a release date for North America. The game will be available in both retail and digital formats on Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, September 16. Natural Doctrine will feature cross-play and cross-save on all platforms. In addition, NIS America announced a Limited Edition which will retail for $20 more than the regular versions which cost $59.99 on PS4, $49.99 on PS3 and $39.99 on Vita. The Limited Edition will include soft cover art book, tear-resistant poster and Explorer's Bag. The game was not well received by the media or gamers of Japan so it will be interesting to see what Americans think when they get their hands on it. Source: Playstation Lifestyle Is Natural Doctrine what strategy RPG fans are looking for?
  3. Haven't bought an OUYA yet? Whatever the reason may be, the OUYA hopes to find a little holiday cheer from your wallets with this limited edition white system. This white OUYA is only available on their website and costs $129.99, about thirty dollars more than the standard edition Ouya (available both on their website and at select retailers). The main draw about this holiday OUYA is in fact the the white console and controller, but also a bonus for anyone that wants to take the plunge is 16GB worth of system memory, double the amount the standard edition has. However, it's important to note that this holiday OUYA does not come with the $5 game credit the standard OUYA currently is offering. Are you interested in this limited edition OUYA?
  4. We've had a plethora of different special edition 3DS and 3DS XL systems release this year, with arguably the most memorable being the Animal Crossing New Leaf one, and now the torrent of special editions continue with the release of new special edition 3DS XL's that feature Pokèmon X and Pokèmon Y. This special 3DS XL feature the likenesses of Legendary Pokèmon Xerneas (from Pokèmon X) and Legendary Pokèmon Yveltal (from Pokèmon Y). Unfortunately, it will not come bundled with Pokèmon X or Pokèmon Y. The Special-Edition Pokèmon X and Pokèmon Y 3DS XL is now available in stores for $199.99. You'll have to wait just a little longer for the games, though; Pokèmon X and Pokèmon Y are slated for release on October 10. Are you interested in this particular special edition 3DS XL?
  5. Welcome readers, to a special limited edition Venomous Incorporated blog post, Tales of Unboxing! You may be wondering what makes it a limited edition, but before you run and tell your friends to check out this post before it disappears, it's not going anywhere. No, it's limited because it's probably the only one you'll ever see since I don't get to buy many collector's or limited editions of games. But this time I did! I did Namco-Bandai's bidding and put in a nice pre-order for Tales of Xillia, which granted me a free upgrade to the Limited Edition of the game. Since these are limited to the first print run, it's likely that they'll soon become a collector's item. Though it certainly won't be as rare as the Collector's Edition, it's sure to be sought by penny-pinching Tales fans who missed out on it. So let's open it already! But of course, any good unboxer knows that you can't unbox something without showing the box it's being taken out of, so here it is: Lovely, isn't it? I kinda expected it to be bigger myself, but I'll take what I can get. Though it's difficult to tell from the picture, the logo and that circular Stargate-looking thing behind the characters have sort of a "pop-out" feel to them, and the logo sparkles a bit in the right light. Proper! So now that you've gotten a look at that, let's have a peek at what was stored away inside: You've got your game, of course, then a CD with a selection of tracks from the game, and an Character Book, which is basically an artbook that focuses solely on the characters. Not bad for pre-order extras if I do say so myself. But you didn't come here to look at everything from afar, did you? Let's get some details! First, the lovely CD: I'm kinda curious as to what a Splendid Sword Dance is now. Twelve tracks of RPG music goodness in a keep sleeve with inexplicably more appealing artwork on the back instead of the front. While I haven't listened to the CD yet, I'm sure it's intended to serve as a "best of" of sorts since it's not a full OST, so it should be interesting to find out where the tracks they chose for the sampler play in the game, other than the obvious ones like character themes and the main theme. But maybe music isn't your thing, and you want pictures. Well, they've got you covered there too! Behold, the artbook (with the front facing up this time, since I had it face-down in the overall picture) as well as a random page from the artbook: Fingers sold separately. As you can tell by the second picture, it's nice and glossy, and the artwork is very detailed, so it's sure to be a treat for those who like artbooks. There's also some short bio info about the main characters to help you get to know them better before playing, which is always a plus, especially for those who like a little background information before diving into a new game world. And, finally, of course, the limited edition of the game comes with, you guessed it, the game itself. It also includes a DLC code for two classic Tales character costumes in the style of characters from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny: You can probably tell by looking that it doesn't appear to have an instruction manual, and you'd be correct, but that's not really all that surprising in this day and age. It's also worth noting something that hadn't caught my eye until now - the game uses the old Namco logo by itself instead of Namco-Bandai, which is odd, but kind of a cool throwback if nothing else. So, there you have it! For those of you who did get the shiny LE (or the even shinier CE) you either already know what's in here or got something better, but for those who didn't, well, you may begin being jealous...now. Hope you all enjoyed seeing the contents of Tales of Xillia LE, and I'll be sure to regale you with more Tales of Unboxing should I ever come across anything else worth unboxing. For now, I'll leave you with this completely random picture of someone admiring the box... Video games as art. For video game characters.
  6. It's going to be a hot summer. Thankfully, Aksys has you covered as they've announced a limited edition for Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi for 3DS! Here is what is included in the limited edition: Japanese folding fan ("sensu") Japanese-style towel ("tenugui") Men of Hakuoki Art Book There aren't any images of these goodies yet, but if they're anything like the gorgeous bandana pre-order bonus that came with Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, then I'm definitely nabbing this limited edition. There is currently no release date for Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi.
  7. Don't have enough money to buy the Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition? Can you forgo that lovely Milla figure? Then you're in luck, as Namco Bandai has just announced that all first-print copies of the standard edition of Tales of Xillia will be upgraded to a limited edition. Here is what is included: The game, with limited edition packaging Character profile booklet Music CD 2 DLC costumes It is unknown whether or not the character profile booklet and music CD are the same as the ones in the Collector's Edition, and if the Collector's Edition will also be receiving the DLC costumes. All current pre-orders have been automatically updated to the limited edition. So fret not if you've already pre-ordered your copy! Tales of Xillia releases for PS3 in North America on August 6th.
  8. The upcoming Time and Eternity from NIS America is looking to be an intriguing RPG with hand-drawn and animated 2D sprites to emulate the look of an anime. If it hasn't interested you already, then maybe this recently announced limited edition for Time and Eternity will convince you to buy it. Here's what comes with the limited edition: Full-color hardcover art book Time and Eternity original soundtrack with jewel case "Double Vision" tear-resistant poster Gorgeous limited edition box to hold all these goodies You can buy the Time and Eternity Limited Edition for a mere $65 with free shipping from NIS America's online store. That's a steal considering PS3 games normally cost $60 anyway! Time and Eternity releases for PS3 on July 16th.
  9. Project X Zone is one of those games that many thought would never leave Japan. Thanks to Namco Bandai taking care of publishing in North America, however, 3DS owners will get to play the Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai SRPG collaboration this summer. On top of releasing a new trailer today, which you can view below, Namco Bandai also announced that all copies of Project X Zone will be upgraded to a "limited edition." This limited edition includes a mini-art book, poster, and music CD. Project X Zone releases exclusively for 3DS on June 25th in NA and July 5th in Europe (no word yet if Europeans will also be receiving this limited edition).
  10. Get your wallets ready, Tales fans! Namco Bandai has announced a rather fetching collector's edition for the upcoming Tales of Xillia. This collector's edition includes the game, a 100-page art book, music selection CD, and a Milla Maxwell figure. All packaged in a limited edition box, of course. If you're interested, the Tales of Xillia collector's edition will run you $100 in North America and €100/£86 in Europe. While various participating retailers will have the collector's edition in NA, Europeans are are only able to purchase it at the online Tales' store (limited to 10,000 copies). Tales of Xillia releases for PS3 on August 6th in NA and August 9th in Europe.
  11. These days, if a massive title is coming out then everyone expects to see at least one special edition available. Dead Space 3 had its fancy, expensive edition revealed late last week. What is interesting about the set is that it's not called a limited or special edition, but instead "Dev Team". Of course, it's not as if this set is only for developers. The naming just seems a fun way to spice up the more expensive version. The Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition is no slouch when it comes to physical goods. Included are an 8" Marker statue, water bottle that looks like a med pack, aluminum data pad, jotter book, three posters, six postcards, a close to 100 page mini art book, and the game. Everything minus the game, are included in a tin crate. Of course, you also get some DLC of two suits and two weapons. All of this together cost $160. What if you don't want to spend that much money? Well, another option would have been to buy just the tin crate of stuff (without game) for $100. However, that option has already sold out, so you're stuck getting everything if you want it. There are 5,000 units available overall and soon enough the PS3, 360, and PC stock will be out. Hurry and put your pre-order in if you have any intention of owning this pricey version of Dead Space 3.
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Metro: Last Light Nabs Limited Edition

    Metro: Last Light may not be coming until sometime in 2013, but today THQ has announced pre-orders for a limited edition are available. This previously unannounced edition is available to pre-order right now for 360, PS3, and PC. If you're a fan of having games digitally, then you'll be able to order it through PSN on December 18th. Why would anyone want to order a limited edition via digital distribution? In the case of Metro: Last Light, it's probably due to the fact that the special goodies included are all digital anyway. The content expected to come with the Limited Edition is as follows: A regular copy of the game, Ranger Mode, extra military grade bullets, and a Russian rifle. Obviously, everything minus the game is DLC. As may be expected, this edition will cost $60 just like any other game. Those who pre-order on PSN will get a bit extra though, which may spur some to take that route. It will also come with a Metro: Last Light PSN theme at time of purchase, as well as a copy of Homefront later.
  13. The Legend of Zelda fans know about the upcoming Hyrule Historia – an encyclopedia chock-full of history and art on the series, as well as the long-awaited official timeline. You can pre-order that now from retailers such as Amazon. ...Or spend a bit more for the recently announced collector's edition. This collector's edition of Hyrule Historia is dressed in a fancy faux-leather hardcover with the Gate of Time debossed on the front. It also boasts shiny gold gilded pages. This comes at quite the price, though – a suggested price of $70, in fact. It is very limited, however, at only 4,000 copies being made, so don't hesitate if you really do want the collector's edition! Will you be getting the collector's edition of Hyrule Historia? Or just the standard edition?
  14. Marshall Henderson

    Disgaea Dimension 2 to Have Limited Edition

    Project D did not turn out to be something dirty, Nippon revealed. Instead, it's a new Disgaea game! Disgaea was pretty popular, at least within the very broad audience into niche SRPGs from the early 2000s with a deeply Japanese absurdist sense of humor. In fact, it got a few sequels and spin-offs, including Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? and Disgaea Infinite. None of those were really directly related to the first game, though, doing the familiar Final Fantasy or Bruce/Evan Almighty route to sequeling, where the following stories are just in the same "family." No longer is that the case. Disgaea Dimension 2 is a direct sequel to Disgaea, starring Laharl, Etna, and Flonne, and features an all new quest. It's, as to be expected for the series, an SRPG of the tactics subgenre. "Cradle Over" by Minori Chihara will be the opening song for the game, which may or may not be like Cradle 2 the Grave. As for the limited edition, that comes with a hard cover art book, two CD OST, Niitengo figures of Etna and Flonne, and the game itself. This, for the low, low price of 10,800 yen, or $136. The game itself is around 7,140 yen, or $90. Pretty pricey, but that's a difference in the economy, not an overpriced game. Get your economics mind right! This'll be on the PlayStation 3 on March 20th in Japan, and... some time after that if it comes to the US of A.
  15. Just last week Konami pegged a release date for their upcoming Zone of the Enders HD Collection and now they're announcing it will ship in two varieties. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was also shown to be getting a similar treatment although we know less about that game's launch at the moment. During their Gamer's Night press conference Konami showed off the limited editions for both games. First, let's look at Zone of the Enders HD which will be out on October 30th. The standard game is set to cost $40 and while a price for this version hasn't been announced yet it is being listed as $60 on GameStop's database. It comes with a remixed soundtrack CD and 100 page artbook along with the game. It may not be the most massive of editions but is still impressive considering Konami didn't attempt two editions with their more popular Silent Hill series. Metal Gear Rising has a more unusual limited edition. No price was revealed either although it has to be something over the standard's $60. It also comes with a soundtrack but the interesting item is what was called a "High Frequency Plasma Lamp". It basically looks like a base which shoots a blue/white light up along the length of it, which is Raiden's sword. Metal Gear Rising is currently set to launch on February 19, 2013. Do either of these limited editions interest you?
  16. Marcus Estrada

    Elemental Gearbot Assassin's Case

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "There are reportedly less than 50 of this limited edition of the Working Designs game, which was offered as an award and promo item during E3 1998. The padded metal case contains the game, a gold plated GunCon and memory card as well as an explanatory letter that warns you about how your sweat might wear the gold plating off of the gun."
  17. Marcus Estrada

    Light Yellow PS2 and Mountain Dew Green Xbox

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."
  18. Marcus Estrada

    Mountain Dew Xbox System

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."
  19. From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."