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Found 5 results

  1. 2013 is a day away but it feels like I still have so much left to do in 2012, at least where gaming is concerned. I've probably played more new releases in 2012 than any other previous year in my life-as-a-gamer. That said, my played to finished ratio is terribly out of balance and there are quite a few games that would have likely made this list had I played them before writing this list (Journey, Tokyo Jungle etc). Still, it was a fantastic year to be a gamer and here are a few of my personal favorites of the year. 10.Retro City Rampage (PS Vita, PS3, PC) It's a bit of a love-hate relationship for me with Retro City Rampage. On one hand the retro-GTA feel of the game coupled with the plethora of old school in-jokes and references make this game a blast to play. On the other the story and missions feel a bit lackluster to me, and I fail to find any interest in them so far. Still, for a game that has been in development as long Duke Nukem Forever it definitely has more to show for it. 9. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS) Being a huge Fatal Frame fan, this was one of the first games I picked up for my shiny new 3DS. It's not a very good game all things considered but the niche Japanese horror style, and the use of AR, 3D and the 3DS's cameras make it a fun experience for fans of the genre. 8. XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3,360,PC) I'll be honest, I've never played an XCOM game in my life. I have no idea what they're about. But people were hyping this game up as one of the best strategy games of the year, and seeing as it's made by Firaxis, the studio behind Civilization (another favorite of mine), I decided to give it a whirl when it popped up for under $20. This game is a BLAST. It's got all the elements of a deep strategy game mixed with faster pacing and style of an action game. Naming your squad members also gives it an added layer of depth as losing squad-member "Kawaii Khorne" (Nationality: New Zealand) to the alien scourge is alot more engaging than losing Joe XCOM. A must play for strategy lovers. 7. Silent Hill Downpour (360, PS3) Despite not actually having finished Downpour, I can still safely add it to my list of "good Silent Hill games". The tone of the game feels right, the combat and gameplay is clunky (As it should be). The rain adds a new layer of environmental decore to the game. It's not a perfect game, but it's a great entry into the Silent Hill series. 6.Uncharted Golden Abyss (PS Vita) Here's a title that I personally haven't even started. The little bit I HAVE played of it was on a friends system. That said, it still manages to snag a spot on my list because it does what Sony promised Vita games would do, bring the console experience to us on the go. It's not a watered down version of Uncharted with less features, or a shorter campaign. It's a fully capable entry into the series, every bit as good as it's console brethen. That alone puts it on my list. 5. Binary Domain (360, PS3, PC) Originally I brushed this off as just another third person shooter set in the future. But after giving it more of a chance I came to love this game despite its faults. At it's core it IS just a third person shooter but on top of that it tells a great story and shows wonderfully deep interaction between it's characters. You eventually come to like everyone in your squad (Well, except for Big Bo) and that just makes the events and choices that much more personal. 4. Walking Dead (360, PS3, PC) Not too much to say about this that hasn't already been said. Another great action-adventure game from Tell Tale with a much more emotional story than seem in their light-hearted Sam and Max series. While I got a bit chuffed at the fact that your choices ultimately don't affect the overall direction of the story the fact of the matter is, the story is excellent and you don't see many of this quality in videogames very often. And speaking of choices... 3. Mass Effect 3 (PS3,360,PC) Lets just get it out of the way. The ending was garbage. Even after they "fixed" the ending it still wasn't what most Mass Effect fans envisioned as the finale of the space adventures of Commander Shepard. Still the preceding 30 hours of gameplay were great. And while the third installment of the Mass Effect franchise goes in a very scripted third person shooter direction, the story and characters that you've grown to love over 5 years and 3 games are all there. 2. Persona 4 The Golden (PS Vita) I've been meaning to play Persona 4 for years now, but never got around to doing so. The Golden has finally gotten me to make the jump. And I'm sure glad I did. This is by far one of the best RPG's I've ever played, and perfectly suited to Sony's handheld system. This may be the only Vita game I've played so far but it already has justified my $170 purchase. 1. Sleeping Dogs (PS3,360,PC) You all knew this was coming didn't you? Sleeping Dogs takes everything I love about Hong Kong action movies and puts it into videogame form. It's got an amazing line up of top notch voice actors, the story is extremely engrossing and the gameplay is some of the most fun I've had in an open world game since Saints Row the Third. The visuals are jaw dropping, especially on a high end PC and the soundtrack is a wonderful mix of Chinese pop songs. I only had a few quirks with the game, mainly regarding the accuracy of the city compared to Hong Kong itself, as I am very familiar with the Streets of Hong Kong. But I can forgive it that because it truly was my GAME OF THE YEAR.
  2. Ludono

    Song made from WiiU noises

    Created by none other than Jimmy! aka Freddie Wongs brother.
  3. So instead of making a forum thread or something about my trip I decided to throw it all together in a blog, so lets see how this works out, I'll be making a post for each day and then a swag post at the end. Friday *I'm going to post all the pictures at the end of the article to make it easier on the eyes.* Getting There So as many of you might know, I currently live in the wonderful state of Ohio. Ohio as many of you hopefuly know, is quite a ways away from New York, let alone Manhatten. As it were, I ended up making the 6 hour drive to my old town in New Jersey, where I met up with friends who were attending the con with me. We then hopped on a bus for a 2 hour ride to the city. Total travel time so far, a little over 8 hours. Not too shabby. We arrived in the city at 11 in the morning, about an hour after the con had opened. We headed over to the hotel first to drop off our bags. Thankfully the bus stop, hotel and convention were all within a 6 block radius of each other. The hotel was great, but more on that later. The Convention The convention center seemed a bit less crowded than last year, owing to the fact that it was Friday rather than a weekend day. We meandered about the show floor for a while before going to out first panel, the Sunrise Panel. The panel itself was more or less an array of Sunrise's executives and studio heads announcing new titles to be released soon. However they were very charismatic and interesting to listen to, even though most of them had a translator. The titles they announced: Phi Brain season 3 (2013) Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (already released) Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere season 2 (recently ended) Binbougami ga! (recently ended) Battle Spirits another season (I know nothing about this show) Gintama (going to continue until further notice) Love Live! (2013) Aikatsu (2013) Accelworld (Already released) Gundam Seed Remake (2013) Gundam Unicorn final episodes coming 2013 The creators of these various shows were all there and talked about their shows. The highlight would have to be the creator/director of Binbougami ga / Daily Lives of Highschool Boys , who cosplayed as a "highschool boy" and wore a "binbougami" hat (Binbougami means God of Poverty in Japanese). After the Sunrise panel we strolled around the convention some more, and my friends all bought stuff. One bought Disgaea DS, two dot.hack games and a Megaman game for PS2. The other two friends bought assorted wallscrolls, a Yoko Dakimakura, among other things. We then headed for our last event of the day, the Robot Chicken panel. Probably the biggest panel on Friday, it was set in the IGN theatre and unfortunately no recording or photography was allowed so I have no pictures of it. However the panel was fantastic, and I'm not even a huge Robot Chicken fan! Seth Green was there, along with various other people associated with the show and guest panelist Macaulay Culkin. They showed off some clips of the upcoming season of Robot Chicken and then launched right into Q&A. Most of the question were meant to be humourous rather than serious, and I felt it worked better that way for this panel. A good majority of the questions were, of course, sexual. After the panel we stumbled across Mo Chocolate, who, if you don't know, was a contestant of Sony's PSN reality show The Tester. We met up with a friend who was unfortunately not able to make it to NYC until around 6pm because of an exam he had that day. We were pretty beat after that long day so we just headed back to the hotel. The hotel itself was great, we stayed at the Staybridge Suites, but we ran into a bit of a snag when I realized that although I had made and paid for the reservation, to be able to check in you need to be at least 21 years old. That little technicality cost us about an hour of time but due to some quick thinking we were eventually able to check in. The room was fantastic, a two double bed room with a kitchen, which was just the right size for our group of five. Two of my friends had brought a suitcase full of rice, jerky, seaweed, ramen, kimchi, and various other foodstuffs. Yeah, don't ask. I just grabbed two slices of delicious NYC pizza for $2 earlier. Day 2 to follow.... Fridays Crowds Sunrise Panel Yoichi Fujita wearing a binbougami hat
  4. That's a pretty cool idea, and with the way Ni No Kuni turned out I hope they get a chance to do more Ghibli collaborations! Linky
  5. I had brought this topic up in chat but want to post it here to get some thoughtful discussion out of it. These days instant communication, especially the internet, is ingrained in our daily lives. We are constantly being tweeted,emailed or otherwise updated. While this is definitely a good thing, I have noticed that over the years my appreciation for things has dropped considerably. I'd get a gaming magazine in the mail, and look at well-written and interesting reviews and previews for upcoming games. I say well-written because this packet of information was always something I looked forward to getting in the mail every month (well several, as I had subscriptions to EGM, Game Informer, Nintendo Power, GamePro and a few others). Nowadays the moment something gets announced for game we hear about it. We get overloaded with so much info for so many games I no longer finish games before getting more, or at the very least already looking forward to whats next. And this doesn't just apply to gaming, indeed anime feels very much the same to me, if not MORE SO. The early to mid 2000's were a great time for anime, interest in the medium was up, we had multiple companies bringing out great releases (Geneon, ADV, CPM...to name a few.) Anime was more of a social thing, as most people were usually watching whatever was on Toonami, or had just been released on DVD. Streaming and downloads were no were near as prevalent as they are today. Nowadays you can practically stream any anime, ever. To me, this instant gratification, this constant inundation of information is a good thing, but has devalued my hobbies. I still enjoy anime, but no longer feel that excitement at finding a new show to watch. I still enjoy gaming, but the time I spend on individual games has decreased in contrast to my purchasing habits which have skyrocketed. RPG's especially have taken a hit, In the past I could devote months to one game, no longer. I'm not sure if I'm getting burned out by my hobbies, or if I'm just developing different tastes or ways of enjoying them. What I am sure of, is that I sound like an old man And now to you guys, how have your tastes and interests changed over the last decade or so?