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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Games has been gradually teasing No Man Sky's next update, Beyond, over the last year, but today they've finally announced when you can expect to play through the upcoming content: August 14. Beyond is described as 'three updates in one, and like prior updates, this one will also be free. Chief among the new inclusions is the inclusion of a 'radically new multiplayer and social experience' as well as support for VR, letting you become more immersed in the vastness of space and alien planets as you experience it first-hand. It's still a bit vague as to what the update entails in full but Hello Games will be trickling out information leading up to Beyond's release in a few weeks. Source: Hello Games
  2. Hello Games seems to picking up the pace on new updates for No Man's Sky as their next one was just announced to come out this week. Dubbed the "Path Finder" update, it's slated to introduce a new ground vehicle that will aid players in their planetary exploration. Beyond that, it's not quite known what else this new update will bring other than fixes but Hello Games says full details will be coming with the patch notes. Cryptically, Hello Games says this update will "hint at the path ahead." What could it mean? Perhaps the game will be more planetside-focused going forward; we'll have to wait and see. The Path Finder update comes some three to four months after the first major update (dubbed the "Foundation Update"), so it would seem Hello Games is finding its rhythm in development and we can expect that new content will come every quarter of a year or so. At this rate, we could see the third update around July if things keep up. While no specific day or time was announced, keep an eye out for No Man's Sky's Path Finder update sometime this week. Source: No Man's Sky What are your thoughts on the newest update coming for No Man's Sky? Does it make you want to get back into the game?
  3. So this was kinda crazy -- apparently Hello Games' social accounts sent out a message today that said "No Man's Sky was a mistake." It was deleted fairly quickly, but apparently someone had hacked Hello Games' Linkedin profile, and it turned out to be a disgruntled employee according to Sean Murray. Furthermore, some emails went out to Kotaku and Polygon that appeared to be from Sean Murray but also turned out to be fake. The fake email was an alleged apology to fans that the game was "not good enough" and purportedly threw Sony under the bus. You can check out the email in the link above. Still, pretty crazy time for Hello Games. Murray claims they're still working on the game, but one has to wonder if they've lost their drive after everything that has happened (fan backlash and all).
  4. So, if you guys missed it, ex-Sony executive Shahid Kamal Ahmad tweeted yesterday that "if you're getting a refund for a game after playing it for 50 hours, you're a thief." Obviously this sparked a lot of controversy and outrage, to the point that some people were trying to dox him shortly after. My take on this is that if a game is clearly broken from the start so much that it's unplayable or at least unenjoyable to the player, they're entitled to a refund. The blame for the broken game rests with the developer (and more importantly, the publisher), and many people seem to have had problems with the crashing and such in NMS. Personally, I had no such issues aside from one crash early on, so I'm not entirely sure how widespread these issues actually were. It sounds like the PC version was a lot worse off, so I'm sure some people who did have lots of problems got refunds like they should have (if they wanted it). But there are also reports of people who have played the game 50 hours or more who are also getting refunds. The issue here being that if you play a game for that long, are you really actually not enjoying it? That isn't to say that absolutely no one would do that, but I would say very few would put many hours into something they're clearly not enjoying (or sees value in), meaning that most anyone who plays over 50 hours into something is clearly getting some sort of value out of it. In this case, I absolutely agree with Shahid that those people could be likened to thieves. Of course, that's in a moral sense; obviously the refunds seem to be legit since Sony, Valve, and even certain retail stores are extending the offer, but for those people who played over 50 hours, it could be seeing as taking advantage of Hello Games and Sony. In any case, just to recap: my thoughts are that broken = refund, yes; but something like over 50 hours I would say no, they're not entitled to a refund at that point. What do you guys think? There's a lot of points to consider, so I'd be interested to hear what your guys' thoughts are on this.
  5. Hopefully everyone's been enjoying No Man's Sky for a little bit now that it's officially been out for a few hours (and even longer if you got an early version from a store that broke street date). But with all the hoopla and hype surrounding No Man's Sky, here's an interesting question for you: Where the heck does Hello Games go from here? What exactly do they do for their next game that will live up to or exceed the level of ambition they've shown with NMS? The obvious idea is that they go with No Man's Sky 2, but that could be years (possibly 5+ away), plus I'm not really that into the idea of them doing another entry that soon. They could do Joe Danger 3, but it goes without saying that JD3 would be nowhere close to the ambition of NMS and would thus be seeing as a disappointing next project. So, what can they do? I fielded this question on Twitter last night and got some interesting replies. One person mentioned that it might be best for them to create at least two teams: one that would continue to crank out content for No Man's Sky and eventually work on its sequel, and a new dev team that would focus on smaller experiences. Theoretically, the smaller experiences could be art games similar to what thatgamecompany did with Journey or Giant Squid with Abzu, thus garnering a lot of critical praise. They could also work on No Man's Sky spin-off games that focus on different aspects of that universe; possibly a puzzle-themed NMS spin-off, for example. Honestly, I think this would be a great approach as it would allow them to create new games but also focus on expanding what will no doubt be their biggest (and most impressive) cash cow: No Man's Sky. Still, they could possibly create another entirely new AAA indie experience, though I'm not sure what it would be. Where do you think Hello Games will go from here? Do you think they'll make No Man's Sky their core project from now on, or do you think there's room for other games as well?
  6. Jason Clement

    No Man's Sky has officially gone gold

    No Man's Sky's delay from its original June release date caused a lot of undeserved commotion from some fans, so much so that the game's creator, Sean Murray, actually received death threats. And while that scenario is troubling in itself, Murray and his team have not experienced any trouble and have continued on undeterred with development. The good news is that as of today, No Man's Sky is officially finished. Murray announced on Twitter that the game has gone gold (which, in production terms, means that development has ended and the game is ready to enter physical production to be packaged and distributed). Thankfully this means the game should definitely meet its August 9 release date, though the verdict is still out on whether the game will live up to expectations in the end. We'll find out in just under four and a half weeks! Source: Twitter Are you glad to hear No Man's Sky is finally finished? Will you be playing it when it releases?
  7. Jason Clement

    It's true, No Man's Sky has been delayed

    If you were looking forward to blasting off into space in June and exploring the galaxy without so much as a care in the world -- well, I've got bad news for you. Hello Games' Sean Murray took to the PlayStation Blog today to let fans know that No Man's Sky has been delayed from its original June 21 release date. It'll now be releasing on August 9 in the US, August 10 in Europe, and August 12 in the UK. Why the delay? Murray, undoubtedly feeling the pressure from fans to deliver something that lives up to the game's extraordinary hype, says they made the decision because some key moments needed extra polish to live up to the studio's standards, and that the few extra weeks would allow them to deliver something special. Murray also brings to light the fact that the team that is making No Man's Sky is much smaller than your usual AAA game would have, such as Naughty Dog with Uncharted 4. He may have a point there; whereas the latter developer is listed as having between 201 and 500 employees on its Linkedin account, Hello Games is literally 15 people strong (whether or not this includes or omits contractors is uncertain). At any rate, you can look forward to playing No Man's Sky later this Summer. Source: PlayStation Blog What are your thoughts on the delay? Are you disappointed, or does this free up more time for you in June?
  8. Some pretty interesting headlines coming your way today, including a few release announcements and a few rumors that, if true, indicate some interesting things are on the horizon. Check out the headlines below! No Man's Sky coming in June, priced at $60 After a faux-scare on Tuesday with PlayStation Blog accidentally making people think that the long-awaited No Man's Sky was coming out on 3/3 (it was actually when the pre-orders started), Hello Games confirmed that the game's release date will be on June 10 and it will be $59.99. No Man's Sky is also getting a hefty collector's edition (limited to 10,000 copies) that comes in at $150. This edition includes a digital copy of the game, a hand-painted, 8-inch replica of the ship from the game, a pin, and a mystery item that has yet to be revealed. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge now has a release date and is coming soon The wait is almost over, Mutant Mudds fans, as Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham has confirmed that the game's followup Mutant Mudds Super Challenge has passed Nintendo lotcheck and is now slated for a simultaneous release on Wii U and 3DS on March 17 for $9.99. Additionally, there will be a 15% loyalty discount for anyone who has purchased the first Mutant Mudds or downloaded the Nindies@Home demo from earlier this year. Not bad at all! If you haven't played the original Mutant Mudds yet, click here to check out our review. We'll have a review of Super Challenge in the coming weeks. Source: NintendoLife Rumor: Nintendo funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive for 2017 Here's a rumor that's bound to be exciting for Nintendo fans if true. It's too early to say how accurate this is, but according to one of Destructoid's sources, Nintendo is funding (to some unknown degree) the development of Beyond Good & Evil's sequel to secure it as an exclusive for NX in 2017. If true, this would be a big win for Nintendo coming off a 2015 that saw Sony securing the Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusivity first. Does it mean BG&E2 would be a permanent exclusive? It's too early too say, but I doubt it; in all likelihood, this may be a half- or one year-exclusive to the platform, similar to how Microsoft's deal with Square Enix worked for Rise of the Tomb Raider. In any case, Destructoid pointed out that their source had been correct with previous rumors before, so take it as you will. Source: Destructoid Rumor: Kensuke Tanabe no longer working with Retro Studios; behind-the-scenes drama to blame For those who don't know, Kensuke Tanabe is best known as the director of Super Mario Bros. 2 as well as the producer behind Retro Studios' games since their inception, which makes this rumor all the more surprising. According to Liam Robertson -- who accurately leaked the announcement of a new Paper Mario game for Wii U (which was confirmed as real yesterday) -- Tanabe has been on the outs in recent years with Retro Studio and was seen as increasingly hard to deal with by the studio. This led to a falling out that saw Tanabe replaced with someone else from NCL in Japan, possibly Yoshio Sakamoto, the co-creator of Metroid. For more on the rumor, check out the source link below. Source: Patreon (Liam Roberston) Etrian Odyssey V coming to Japan in August Those looking forward to Atlus' true follow-up to Etrian Odyssey IV will be glad to know that Etrian Odyssey V officially has a release date in Japan: August 4. The game is set in a land called "Archadia" and will feature four different races and a newer sort of class system. Fortunately for those of us in North America, we may not have to wait long to play it as Etrian Odyssey games usually get localized and released within 6 months of Japanese releases. Perhaps we're looking at an early 2017 release in the US? Source: Gematsu What are your thoughts on some of these rumors? And will you be buying No Man's Sky and/or Mutant Mudds Super Challenge?