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Found 27 results

  1. Jason Clement

    Sea of Thieves is Rare's Newest Game

    Aside from a collection of its older games, it was also announced at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference today that Rare working on a brand new game called Sea of Thieves, which is a first-person, multiplayer pirate game for Xbox One. From the short trailer that was shown, it appears the visuals are a bit more stylized than realistic (much like Valve's Team Fortress 2), and will feature exploration of islands, ship battles, treasure looting, walking the plank, and much more. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself: Are you interested in checking out Sea of Thieves?
  2. Today during Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, Rare Replay — a collection of 30 of Rare's games — was announced for the Xbox One. Interestingly enough, Rare is actually handling this collection themselves (without outsourcing to another developer to port), and there will be added challenges and other extras being added to it beyond just the games. Just about every big game in Rare's back catalog is represented here (with the exception of the Donkey Kong Country games and GoldenEye), from Jetpac and Battletoads to Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, and more. The good news is you won't have to wait long for this; it's out on August 4 and will be going for $30. You can heck out the trailer below. Are you interested in Rare Replay?
  3. Oh Microsoft, what will become of you? Having decided to do brief research it has occurred to me that a handful of games and information have since been leaked. As such, it is important at the outset to understand the direction this list is under. I will instead utilize this space to focus on what we know about Microsoft's press conference and what I predict (e.g. games, ideas, attitude, etc). While this is a predictions list in some sense, I am expecting to strike out on some—although I am hoping for the best. Further, each prediction will be annexed with a exposition that is roughly, for the sake of brevity, one paragraph in length. And without further adieu, here are GP's predictions for Microsoft's press conference. Halo 5: Guardians It's no surprise to Halo fans that the latest title has been delayed—after all, regardless of who is working on them there tends to be a three year gap between each subsequent release. Despite its new 2015 release window, Microsoft needs Halo to be at the fore of every gamer's thought. As a result, its appearance is inevitable, but I believe we can expect to see—or at least hear about—an emphasis on the game's multiplayer. Gears of War: Lazarus By way of the leak back in May, Lazarus is one of the many titles rumored to be revealed at Microsoft's E3. Rumor or not, it certainly makes sense for both Microsoft and the Xbox One. The original Gears is the fifth best-selling Xbox 360 title. Its successor, Gears of War 2, was the seventh best selling video game of 2009. Gears of War 3 sold over three million copies within its first week—higher than the previous two games—and helped the franchise, according to Microsoft, earn over one billion dollars worldwide. Money, money, and more money. As the possibly controversial name implies, the game is rumored to reboot the series as a means of effectively restoring the Gears series on the Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive Admittedly, I forgot this game existed until I sat down and did some research for this article. It's an open world third-person shooter developed by the team at Insomniac Games. Per usual new IP tradition the game will feature agile combat that promotes wallrunning, zip-lines, and other parkour influenced shenanigans in a world that heeds verticality. If last year's E3 trailer is anything to go by, the game's aesthetic mirrors that of, dare I say, Serious Sam in both its presentation and violence. Forza Horizon 2 No one asked for it, or even expected it, but Horizon 2 is very much a thing. Two different teams will be developing and releasing the title on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One respectively. The game will take place in Europe and is once again music-centric. Further, Horizon 2 will finally introduce the long awaited weather system into the Forza franchise . I look forward to rally racing in the rain, provided of course this is not also an option in Forza 6... because I would rather be doing it there... Fable Legends Considering how fun, but disappointing the last two entries have been, I am weary of growing excited over yet another Fable game and yet here I am swooning. Details on the game are relatively scarce, but it is a co-operative focused action-RPG. To be fair, what else does one need to know? Gamers can take control using the Kinect, but Lionhead is focusing on controller-based gameplay. With the Kinect one will be able to utilize voice commands when he or she takes control of a villain with the aim of conquering one of the game's hero through the use of ordering minions around. A beta is set to launch this year and I would not be surprised if a date is given at E3. Identification: The Three (3) C's of Marketing I often compare the state of Microsoft and the Xbox One to my High School years—lost, identity searching, and fumbling about between different clicks and personalities. As a result, I feel somewhat sympathetic toward them. Last year's E3 was a disaster for Microsoft and over the course of past year, like good little boys and girls, they have done their best—by means of reversing and re-reversing statements made during E3 2013—to clean up after themselves. As a result it would appear as if Microsoft has no idea what the Xbox One is. Subsequently, I have no idea what the Xbox One is. Does anyone? Is it an inclusive media machine or is it a gaming hub—is it both, can it be? If their regular, almost laughable, flipfloppery proves anything, it is that Microsoft knows that this year they must be clear, concise, and consistent. If not for the sake of appealing to gamers—their market—then I expect them to abide by these rules so that the worries of their stockholders are subdued. Crackdown 3 The original Crackdown was released in 2007 and by the end of the year sold one and a half (1.5) million copies worldwide—I mean how else was anyone going to get into the Halo 3 beta? Brilliant marketing aside, the game was incredibly enjoyable and received favorable reviews. Its sequel was released in 2010 and while sales are harder to disclose, it too was welcomed and enjoyed. It would seem appropriate for Microsoft to bring the game to the Xbox One for a variety of reasons. Open world games are becoming as prolific as the FPS—OK, so this is maybe an overstatement. At any rate, Crackdown was/is the ultimate open world game because it promoted the use of superpowers and co-operative play. While this prediction is perhaps more along the lines of wishful thinking, I believe now—and not later, for various reasons perhaps to be divulged at a later date—is the perfect time to announce a new Crackdown title. Indie Games (& Project Spark) It is no secret that Microsoft and Xbox in general have had issues in the past with indie game developers. However, all that has supposedly been pushed aside with the Xbox One. I expect to see more information about Project Spark—a program that essentially lets players become developers and create their own indie titles. I also would not be surprised if Microsoft showed off Below, Gunscape, and Wulverblade as part of an upcoming indie game montage to further cement the new ideologies of the company. Rare Microsoft has within their possession one of the most adamantly adored development teams. If recollection serves, this relationship is somewhat obscure and involves some odd, poorly explained, use of the Kinect. I am not sure whose idea this union was, but I suspect that to—like all things Microsoft E3 2013—be undone. It is such that I predict we see a new IP from Rare, or in the least some sort of HD remake of a classic. Who knows, maybe it will have some Kinect-based voice commands and optional motion controls. It would most certainly be amusing to, while playing a potentially new Conker game, shout profanity and perform obscenities in the direction of my television. At any rate, Microsoft has a unique team on their hands; a team that in the long run will convince non-Xbox gamers to buy the One. It only makes sense for them to put them forward and into the fray. What predictions do you have for Microsoft's conference? Let us know in the comments below!
  4. Marcus Estrada

    Kameo: Elements of Power Cover

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  5. Video games have always courted controversy and one such title was Conker's Bad Fur Day on the Nintendo 64. Considering the Nintendo system was full of family friendly wares, this crude Conker game was definitely something out of the ordinary to many who encountered it. What does the developer of these games plan to do now? Chris Seavor revealed to Nintendo Life that he's returning to Nintendo platforms for his next game. It's titled The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup and will be on both Wii U and 3DS eShops. Apparently the story is sad but not similar to the so-called "mature" stylings of Conker. It plays as a 2D Lemmings-style platformer and features a rusted robot dog head which rolls around on a single wheel. Developer Gory Detail expects to see the game ready sometime in 2014.
  6. So, we're only a few minutes away until Microsoft's pres conference and hopefully a great deal of new game announcements. Spike TV has been running a pre-show and getting a few exclusive announcements for the show. In particular, Rare showed up. Yes, they came to announce a new game which has been seeing a lot of buzz on the internet lately. Would it be a new Killer Insinct? What about Banjo Threeie? Rare still has something in store for E3, but they did reveal one game for the pre-show. It's Kinect Sports Rivals! Their series has been the best-selling on Kinect so it makes sense they want to bring out a new one. It also featured more built, humanoid characters in the game which may be Xbox One avatars, such as how previous Kinect Sport games used Xbox 360 avatars. Now to watch the Xbox One conference and to hopefully see the "real" Rare announcement.
  7. Banjo-Kazooie was quite a loved game when it launched on Nintendo 64 in 1998. The platformer appealed to many which helped it spawn a direct sequel in the form of Banjo-Tooie. After that came two spinoffs and the more recent Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Although there's no one best aspect of the game, it's safe to say that the soundtrack is distinctive and appealing. Composer Grant Kirkhope was incredibly involved in scoring Rare games in the N64 era and it's easy to discern his music from others of the time. Unfortunately, it's never been easy to get legitimate copies of most Nintendo 64 soundtracks, let alone ones from Rare's catalog. That's why Kirkhope's gesture today should appeal to many N64 (or just Rare) fans. On Twitter he posted the news that the Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack has been made available through his BandCamp page because people wanted it. You can pay any price, which includes none at all, and download the tracks as MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, or AAC. What Nintendo 64 game had the best soundtrack?
  8. Jordan Haygood


    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Rare

  9. A few months ago, we told you about a group of ex-Rare staffers with plans of creating a spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie. Well, while we wait for that, five other ex-Rare staffers have decided to band together to form a new studio called Flippin Pixels. Unlike with the other Rare veterans, however, these five left the company just last year with eyes set on mobile gaming. The new-found company consists of the following people: Steve Brand - Studio Director James Ackroyd - Software Director Steven Hurst - Art Director Shaun Read - Design Director Gary Richards - Technical Director "We have a lot to learn, but what we do bring is years of console experience and high quality execution," Ackroyd said in an interview with GI.biz in regards to their shift from consoles to mobile platforms. "We've only just recently been looking at how to monetize through games," Ackroyd continued. "The nature of the mobile market is so fast moving you can't afford to stay on something for months. You need to get it out there while it's still fresh. It's a little bit like buying a lottery ticket but if you've got the quality there hopefully that rises to the top." Flippin Pixels is already planning several different projects, with one currently in development. "We have a concept that's actually partway into development and the rest of our concepts are in paper form and bubbling to the surface," said studio director Steve Brand. "We'll build those out to a bigger business plan and approach publishers with them, that's one of the short-term goals." Are you interested in seeing what these former Rare employees have in store for the mobile market?
  10. Just in time for the holiday season, famous game music remixing site OC ReMix has just released their 36th official arragement. Titled Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!, it is a massive soundtrack featuring songs arranged from both Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Country 3 on GBA. If you were looking for some video game music to listen to for a while then this should serve that purpose well, as it is enough songs to span five discs. With this album being completed it now means that the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy has seen the OC ReMix treatment. It wasn't easy though. This album in particular has been in the works for three years. Over all, it includes 77 tracks from nearly as many artists. Amazingly, one of the original composers for the game, David Wise, even became a part of the project. He has contributed his own arrangement and instrumental performance to their project. Those wanting to get a listen to the soundtrack can download it for free here via either direct download or torrent. If you're interested in previewing it first then check out the official trailer:
  11. Ever since Rare has been under the Microsoft mantle, many fans of the developer's past games have said that the company has lost its magic touch; especially so since the departure of its co-founders, the Stamper brothers, and numerous key staff over the years. With the company's focus now on Kinect games such as Kinect Sports, it's looking more and more unlikely that we'll see another sequel in the Banjo franchise or any 3D platformer, for that matter. However, Eurogamer has pointed out that a small band of ex-Rare staff (including Banjo series composer Grant Kirkhope and artist Steven Hurstis) are rallying support on Twitter for a spiritual successor of sorts to Banjo Tooie. Obviously, it can't be a true sequel in the Banjo Kazooie franchise since Rare owns the rights to it, but it would seem that they're indeed looking to make a 3D platformer and to try and create something new instead of recreating the Banjo experience. The group's Twitter account, @MingyJongo, also has tweeted that they're considering Kickstarter as a means of funding the game. In addition, they may be looking to use Unity's engine during development. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this, if anything, but we'll be keeping a close eye on any developments on this story. Would you be interested in playing a new 3D platformer created by ex-staffers from Rare?
  12. From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "You're missing out if you don't have all of these 10 classic games. Stampede, Boxing, Fishing Derby, Kaboom!, Skiing, Freeway, Tennis, Laser Blast, Ice Hockey, Dragster"
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Prototype PlayStation Controller

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    Phaser Patrol Communist Mutants from Space x 2 Fireball Suicide Mission Escape from the Mindmaster Dragonstomper Killer Satellites Rabbit Transit The Official Frogger Party Mix
  14. Marcus Estrada

    Imagic Previewer Store Kiosk

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "If you've ever stood in line at a store display waiting for some idiot in front of you to let someone else try out the game(s) on display, the Imagic Previewer is just what the doctor ordered. It holds 24 cartridges and only allows for three minutes of gameplay before resetting."
  15. Marcus Estrada

    Atari 5200 Hotel Console by Spectradyne

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "Spectravision Hotel Video Systems combined an Atari 5200 with 4 games along with the ability to control movie rentals and standard T.V. into an all-in-one unit."
  16. Marcus Estrada

    Play Mate Two-Way Theater N-3000 III A System

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "Very little is known about this unit but it is presumed ot be a console found in hotel rooms where guests can purchase and play video games right in their room. All text is in Japanese."
  17. From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "A Sega PDA? Sort of. This pocket organizer/planner does the basics such as storing phone numbers and addresses. It also allows you to send messages to another IR 7000 via infrared transmission. The unit also has a built-in warrior game similar in some ways to Barcode Battleror Pokemon games."
  18. Marcus Estrada

    HERO 1 (ET-18) Robot

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "A Sega PDA? Sort of. This pocket organizer/planner does the basics such as storing phone numbers and addresses. It also allows you to send messages to another IR 7000 via infrared transmission. The unit also has a built-in warrior game similar in some ways to Barcode Battleror Pokemon games."
  19. Marcus Estrada

    Atari Video Music

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "A Sega PDA? Sort of. This pocket organizer/planner does the basics such as storing phone numbers and addresses. It also allows you to send messages to another IR 7000 via infrared transmission. The unit also has a built-in warrior game similar in some ways to Barcode Battleror Pokemon games."
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Atari Lynx Prototype

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "A specially designed Lynx that was part of a give-away involving Marlboro cigarettes. You collected points off your packs which could be redeemed for prizes. Not sure if this was available in the U.S. It also came with a motorcycle racing game called "Marlboro Go."
  21. Marcus Estrada

    Nintendo FamicomBox Hotel and Demo System

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "Released in 1977, this is the sequel to Color TV Game 6. This game features fifteen different variations of Light Tennis (improved the previous 6). CTV G15 was very successful, selling over a million copies in Japan. The controllers were now separate from the console, while in the original the players were required to turn the knobs on the actual console."
  22. Marcus Estrada

    Complete Earthbound for SNES

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "The Sega CDX (or Multi-Mega outside of North America) was a 16-bit video game console released in 1994, combining the Genesis/Mega-Drive and one of its add-ons, the Sega CD/Mega-CD, into a single compact unit. It could do almost everything the larger Sega CD could do, only portably so."