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Found 3 results

  1. It's been one year. On March 19, 2014, I had officially been working at the same place for a whole year. That place, which many of you entertainment buffs out there might actually know, whether from our physical stores or our website, is Hastings Entertainment. A lot has happened in my one year at Hastings. So much so that I felt like sharing my journey with you... The Beginning It all began when I moved into my parents' new place to get my life back in order after some crap with the last house of residence (something about rent, bills, people moving out, yadda yadda yadda). This was in August of 2012. I enjoyed having freetime, and I was finally able to do stuff on Game Podunk, but I needed a way to make an income. And while GP paid me at the time, it wasn't quite enough to make a living. So I applied, applied, and applied some more. March came, and I didn't have a job yet. I remembered my sister telling me about this place called Hastings that she really likes shopping at. She told me about it months earlier of course, and while I knew of the place, the only time I entered the store was to sell a few games, movies, and books. But this was an entertainment store. It sells games and isn't a GameStop or a Walmart. This was the perfect place for me to work, I thought. So I applied. It didn't take very long to get the call to come in for an interview. I entered the store at around 9 AM one Saturday morning with some black slacks, a dress shirt, a tie, and a pair of dress shoes probably. I met the store manager, who greeted me, asked me to take a seat, and began firing at me with questions. It was your typical interview - me telling her about myself and her telling me how they do things there - and I eventually was out the door and on my way to take a drug test. I was in as soon as the results came through. Me, the New Guy I was hired as a "Customer Service Associate," or "CSA" for short, and I was a little nervous on my first day, as this was my first real retail job, with the only retail experience I had being at the tiny market portion of the fast food/ice cream/grocery place I worked at prior. Of course, as I would later learn, most people are nervous when they first start working there. And as I also learned, it gets easier. Inevitably, I got the hang of things; checking customers out at my register became a cinch, checking in rentals became a quick and easy task, and everything else from answering phone calls and paging other employees to making announcements and cleaning my area became a breeze. Not everything became a breeze, however. There were certain goals we who worked at the front counter had to try and meet, and I was very much an amateur at all of them. Adding emails to customer accounts, signing up new members, and upselling our featured candy seemed simple enough, but I rarely met my goals for either of them. Then there were reservations (like reserving games), which no customer ever did. And finally, there was this magazine subscription program where we offer to customers three subscriptions free for two months when prompted to. I got some numbers, but rarely met my goals. And when it came to hours, I got the short end of the stick, working no more than probably 10-12 hours a week at first. It began to irritate me, but I figured I could at least write as much as I could for Game Podunk to pay for a few games here and there, as well as the occasional review copy. I began receiving more hours eventually, but it was no doubt not enough for someone to live off of if they lived on their own. I Done Messed Up But then there were mistakes made, some big, some small, and I would no doubt learn from them. The first time I got written up, I don't remember what it was for, but it was merely a verbal warning and wouldn't hurt me in any way. Just a learning experience, you know? But then I got the real deal. When I got my first written warning, it was due to my drawer being over. And it wasn't just a few bucks, it was a whopping $20. It was then that I began questioning whether or not I should be working there and feared I may get fired before long. But it only got worse. My second nonverbal write-up was for something I was not expecting at all. One day, soon after I began my shift, there was a paper we had to read and sign. It was about how we were not allowed to accept checks for gift cards. AND GUESS WHAT I DID! That same shift, I was scammed. Two women had approached me with handfuls of Foot Locker gift cards. To make a long and embarrassing and I WANNA DIE story short, I accepted checks for gift cards that potentially lost the company over $1000 (I never really found out if the checks went through or not). Go me. And since this was the kind of job with a "three strikes, you're out!" type thing, I had one left until I was out. It Got Better from There But over the next few months, it got better, and I never got a single written warning since. My salesman skills became more refined, allowing me to do better at hitting my goals every day that I worked. I got more hours because I worked hard and was actually willing to go the extra mile. When someone called in, I usually was the one who was called to fill that shift. When I was already working a shift and the person who came in after me called in, I agreed to stay and work a double. And when I got, erm, a bit intoxicated when my twin bro came to visit and hang out, I would agree to come in when called in early, even though I had about two hours of sleep and a hangover. Then there was the thing with the magazine subscriptions (which we call "synapse"). Of all the goals I was able to reach, I became something of a synapse master. The normal goal is usually three, basically meaning you only had to get one person to get three. One day, I got 27. That same week, I had over 70, putting our store at #1 in the area. Coworkers began to have more respect for me and my growth as a salesman (I like to think, anyway). It may seem silly (because it kinda is), but synapse is important to the company. Plus, we get $0.25 for every one, so that's cool. Me, the Heroic Manager For all my hard work, willingness, and synapse numbers, something interesting happened. You see, after Summer had ended, we were down two managers, or if you want to be technical, we were down two "Counter Team Leaders." One had left to tend to her daughter after her babysitter sat on her couldn't help out anymore, and the other got a teaching job after graduating from college earlier in the year. Both had been replaced by new hires, but they wouldn't last. One of these new CTLs left for a reason I never quite figured out (the jist is that she called the SM crying, and next thing you know, she's gone). The other just plain sucked at her job and requested to be demoted to a CSA. I must thank her for that. Shortly after she stepped down, I was called into the backroom to speak with the SM. I was offered a promotion. I accepted. From then on, I was a CTL, or if you want to be basic, a manager at Hastings. A lot happened over just a few months, and I no doubt improved during my time there. I wasn't the only one who thought that, as was made most apparent during a meeting we had one Saturday morning. The meeting was, for the most part, about how we'd be handling ourselves during the holidays, as well as ways we can improve. But then we got to something I had never heard of - a title given only to a select few known as the "Hastings Hero." There were two awarded that title. I was one of them. You can check out the award itself RIGHT HERE. The following few months weren't all that interesting. I saw new faces come and go, experienced my first holiday season, and occasionally had to deal with...the more unique customers. Overall, though, my first year at Hastings has been quite interesting, and after getting bumped up to full-time just in time for my anniversary, I can't help but wonder what my second year will have in store...
  2. Marcus Estrada

    GameStop Gearing Up to Close 250 Stores

    It was being rumored for a bit, but today there is finally confirmation that GameStop is scaling back their operation. This was announced during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference by CFO Rob Lloyd. However, it's not over for the retailer just yet, who is still set to open other stores as well. Which stores will be getting the ax? Of 250, 200 will be within the US. The other ones will be outside of our market. GameStop stores that are unprofitable, as well as those only making small profits, are being taken down. These most often are in areas where there are already other GameStops nearby. This is certainly an issue with the company's over-excitedness to expand over the past few years. Although a large amount of stores are being closed, the company will attempt to recoup itself by opening up more in other locations. Around 60 new stores will be opened across the nation. Then, they also will contend with the 40 or so stores they gained from GAME in Europe.
  3. Last week we heard that GameStop was mulling over the idea of selling retro games on their online storefront. This time a much larger interview with GameStop CEO Paul Raines was given to Joystiq. Even though the plan isn't set in stone it now seems certain that it is actually happening. Unfortunately, Raines couldn't give an estimated time as to when yet. Apparently that announcement is still forthcoming and won't be from Raines himself. Where would they get the stock of games and consoles?: "Well, we don't have a lot of NESes or Dreamcasts. That's some pretty old stuff. But we just took Game Boy Advance out of stores recently, about a year and a half ago. Original Xbox, I think we took out of stores in 2009, as I recall. We're reducing the footprint of PlayStation 2." This will probably already upset some of us who were expecting a sudden influx of NES or Genesis games to be a part of the service. They still could be, but it's already apparent that they are stockpiling their more recent games which have come back from stores. As they also own the site BuyMyTronics, it seems they might use this as another avenue for stocking retro goods. That, or they may even allow gamers to start trading in retro games again. When asked again about why GameStop is even considering this effort Raines offered the following response: "If you go to eBay and some of the online marketplaces, some of these vintage gaming titles are very valuable. We've got a lot of gamers here, and a lot of people who have a lot of older, vintage stuff in their collections, so we just thought it's an interesting time to start thinking about bringing this to our best PowerUp members and giving them a chance." Apparently, PowerUp Rewards members will become a sort of test market for their new retro service. Raines says they intend to ask some members about what they would want from such a service, and tweak it in those ways. He also said that there will be an upcoming contest rather soon to be on the lookout for. Unfortunately the specifics of all this are still up in the air. What do you think "vintage" means to GameStop? Do you think they will offer Atari 2600 era titles or more modern goods?