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Found 7 results

  1. Last year, around this time, something extremely strange happened to me that I don't think I'll ever be able to forget. It has scarred me for life, and I think I'd like to share my odd experience with you. I'm a huge fan of the game Counter-Strike. It's not a very popular game, so I doubt you've ever heard of it. Anyway, one day I was playing the newest iteration of the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with my friend Gabe and we were killing all of the bad guys on the other team. Of course, Halloween was just around the corner, so the developers, a mysterious small company creatively named "Valve", decided to include a mysterious festive decoration in the game. Gabe had told me that the new addition was something very frightening and involved ghosts. I'm extremely terrified of ghosts, so I was cowering in my chair the whole match. He eventually told me that the map we were on didn't have the ghoulish festive decoration on it, so I breathed a deep sigh of relief and played the map like I normally would until it switched to a different map. The map changed, and I shuddered thinking what the terrifyingly frightful new addition might possibly be. I began to cautiously walk through the map until Gabe told me to come over to where his character was at. I nearly covered my eyes, only letting a tiny area to see out of, and quivered in my seat as I slowly inched my way closer and closer to Gabe's location. As I came close, I finally saw what the "terrifying" new addition to the game was: the chickens that typically wander around this map now looked like little ghosts running around! I wiped away my tears of fear in relief, and sighed. Gabe can be such a jerk sometimes. However, later in the evening something actually did happen to us that I shudder to think about even today. We played a few more matches that night, laughing at and stabbing the spooky ghost-chickens with our knives in jest. I decided to log off and go to sleep after one more match, and Gabe also decided to go to sleep after one last match. We decided to play on opposite teams instead of together like we usually do, and so Gabe chose the Terrorist side while I became a Counter-Terrorist. We both met, and we both fired at each other. I was a bit more accurate than Gabe was, so I got the kill, but something very odd happened after he died. In "CSGO", as we like to call it, after you die a still image of your killer is shown briefly before you either respawn or have to wait to respawn after the round ends. This time however.......what happened is almost indescribable for me. After Gabe died, instead of being able to continue moving my character like I normally would be able to, a still image of his dead body popped up. This time, however, a distorted and somewhat faint apparition was near his body. The still image didn't go away, either. It remained on my screen indefinitely, and as I'm terrified of ghosts I began to back away from my chair. I picked up my phone from my nightstand and started dialing Gabe's number. He didn't answer, so I called once more and again he didn't answer. Gabe always answers, so I thought this was really odd. I tried shutting off my computer to calm myself down, but for some reason nothing happened when I held down the power button. I decided to just sleep on the couch in our living room to avoid looking at the terrifying creature on my screen and go over to Gabe's house in the morning to ask him if he also saw the ghost. As I made my little makeshift bed on the couch and crawled into bed, I started to hear a very faint voice saying something I couldn't quite understand. I hesitantly peeked over my blanket and didn't see anyone, so I buried myself under the covers until morning. When I woke up, I realized I was still wearing my pajamas so I needed to change before I walked over to Gabe's house. As I walked in my room, I initially noticed something distinct- my computer display had changed. It wasn't the still image of the ghost over Gabe's body in "CSGO" now. Instead, in its place were four odd letters on an alternatively flashing white and black background: ÇqÉƃ. Initially unsure of what that might mean, I thought about it for a bit and realized that it was my friend Gabe's name upside-down. I immediately tensed up, realizing something was wrong. I quickly threw on a t-shirt and shorts, slipped on some sneakers, and rushed over to Gabe's house. As I turned the corner on to Gabe's street, Half-Life Lane, I slowed down as I neared his house. There was police tape all over the front of his house, and three police officers were standing out front. One officer was taking pictures of his house while another was jotting down notes in a notebook. The third officer was talking to Gabe's mom, who was bawling her eyes out. I was confused- what exactly had happened? As I approached the officers, they directed me to stay clear of the area as it was under police investigation. I asked the officer with notebook what had happened, and he told me a death had occurred in the house. He wouldn't say more, so I walked in sorrow back to my house. Was Gabe really dead? It couldn't be possible. There's no way! As I walked back in my room, my computer seemed to be back to normal, thankfully. It was still powered on and sitting at the desktop. I called Gabe just to confirm that he was truly gone one last time, but to my surprise he actually answered! "G-g-g-gabe?" I tentatively whispered. He replied back, saying, "Yeah man, it's me. Sorry about last night, bro. My memory is sort of hazy so I can't remember everything, but after last night I blacked out after playing a couple matches with you, bro. When I woke up, Horatio- you know, our pet chicken? Anyway, Horatio was dead, man! I don't know what happened to him, but oh well. We got more chickens, so I don't really care." I sighed in relief at that moment. I asked him, "Hey, up for some CSGO, bro?"
  2. TKtheknight

    The Creepypasta Thread

    After reading Kiky's Paranormal Activity Blog I was inspired to create this thread since there isn't a thread on here that talks about scary stories or share the stories you've heard, experience, or whatever that is real, creepy pasta, or anything scary related that can be haunting to us readers. Halloween is coming up and we haven't really had much covered on this theme so I decided why not make this thread. Lets spook ourselves for fun. I like to read creepy pasta around the net and even watch the videos on Youtube that the person would read them (Thanks Kiks for showing me those). Anyways feel free to share your stories you have or heard or maybe share some from a friend. I have a couple of personal stories that I've told a few or never told so here we go. It took me a while to remember the details and stories from what I've heard so bear with me. Believe me or not, these stories are true and it creeped me out. They're not as scary from your view, but it is in mine. Lights Out The Chain Letter Home is where the Haunted Is
  3. Blazeknyt

    Scary Villains: Kefka and Luca Blight

    Oddly enough, the GameFAQs poll of the day for October 29th was the question, “what type of enemy do you find to be the most frightening?†Answers consisted of humans, zombies, vampires, and demons. Humans had the highest percentage, while demons came in second. Humans and demons come in all shapes and sizes, but demons vary in a much greater degree. Some demons have different eye colors that aren“t considered normal for humans, others have different skin color, and some others will have features such as claws, wings, or three or four fingers and toes. It“s much easier to make a demon more visually scary than a human at first. It“s also easier to see them as enemies, considering such a creature an outsider, not one of you. That“s what makes it so much easier to defeat such an enemy; you don“t see demons or ghosts as one of your own kind. I have to agree with the poll“s results; Humans tend to be the most frightening. Two villains (from my favorite two RPGs!) exemplify how frightening humans can be: Kefka, from Final Fantasy VI, and Luca Blight, from Suikoden II. WARNING! BOTH OF THESE GAMES ARE OLD, BUT THIS ENTRY INCLUDES MAJOR PLOT AND STORYLINE SPOILERS. I HAVE MENTIONED THE TWO CHARACTERS EARLY FOR THIS PURPOSE. I DO NOT INTEND TO SCARE ANYONE BY TALKING ABOUT THE TWO CHARACTERS, BUT THEY DO SOME EVIL ACTS. CONTINUE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK. KEFKA PALAZZO (FINAL FANTASY VI) Actually, I met Kefka back when it was still called Final Fantasy III. I“m sure many of you know that Kefka is the court mage for the Emperor in the game. The Empire experimented on him in order to infuse him with magic, but the process shattered his sanity. This loss of sanity is not only what makes the character so memorable, but it“s also what makes him one of the most scary villains I“ve ever encountered. Kefka openly states that he enjoys the suffering of others, and gleefully kills people, one of which is a morally good enemy character, General Leo. It“s a storyline event, but Kefka laughs after killing the guy. One of his most atrocious acts is (Go to the 6 minute mark). This crazy act leaves the entire kingdom dead, except for party member Cyan, and Kefka clearly had no problem with the poison plan, as not only was he the one that made the plan, but he actually dumped the poison into the river. Oh, and he makes a comment about how much he“ll enjoy hearing deaths before dumping the poison. But what supplanted Kefka in evilness is one thing that many villains don“t get to claim: He actually succeeds in his plan to take over the world! Actually, it“s more than that, not only does Kefka take over, he becomes God of the new world, and rules with an iron fist like no other. The world is torn asunder, and is aptly called “the world of Ruinâ€. The fact that Kefka actually manages to do what many villains do not get to, is what really made him stick out to me at that early age. At that point, I thought something like, “wow, Kefka won.†He started out as a regular human being, and then ascended into GODHOOD. A God stands among you He wasn“t a super solider, didn“t have a legendary weapon, nor was he a genius of any kind. His dark humor (which I probably didn“t understand at the time), his laugh, and theme song all contribute to what makes him a great character, but that one act of destroying the world just made him stand out. Due to my age however, another villain trumps him in impact… LUCA BLIGHT (SUIKODEN II) Luca Blight, the “Mad Princeâ€. Luca lives for battle, and his cruelty, bloodlust and reverence for power knows no bounds. He had a stronger impact on me, simply because of age. As I was a bit older (around 12-13 or so), I could understand things a bit more. Luca is downright crazy. The moment that I won“t forget is a survivor is brought to him after he razes a village. He tells the survivor to get on her legs and squeal like the pig she is. He laughs; enjoying his moment of power, and then quickly kills her. Ever since that moment, every time Luca even showed up in a talking scene, I thought something scary would happen. (and yes, some scary stuff certainly happens) Anyone that has played a Suikoden game knows that the game has giant war battles, (Each game does contain a war after all) When Luca shows up in the giant war battles, you can actually fight him. Good luck with that, as his stats are insanely high, and he has no problem coming up to you. Running in fear is basically the only option… Until he finally brings the fight to you. The final battle with Luca is not you going into his stronghold like in many other RPGs. He decides to take the chance to destroy the rebellious army has caused him so much trouble. Unfortunately, this memorable battle is his last, but that doesn“t mean he“s not going down without a tough fight. This time, you get to fight him with your regular 6 man party, but Luca gets 3 turns, and has 3 methods of attacking 2 of which hit multiple party members, and the single attack hits one person 3 times. He“s one of the toughest fights in the game. Even his mother couldn't love this smile What makes Luca so scary is that he is just a normal man. There are no demons or magic that make him stronger than anyone else, no scientific experimentation, and no superpowers. He“s just a normal man. “I am the true face of evil!†I don“t doubt that proclamation at all. Happy Halloween everyone!
  4. Cipher Peon

    Resident Evil: Director's Cut

    I finished Resident Evil the other day, in an effort to expand my knowledge of the history of Survival Horror genre. I was hungry for more good horror games, especially considering I ran out Silent Hill games whose awesomeness are uncontested. Seeing as Resident Evil "started it all", I had high hopes of a horror classic that would have me as pumped for the genre as Silent Hill 2 did. However, knowing the background of Resident Evil, I was expecting an undisciplined sort of horror as compared to the strict rules that Silent Hill set for itself in order to play with the player's expectations. Even though Resident Evil did play with my expectations of its horror, it did so in a negative way, as the horror is practically nonexistent. Although the horrors are nonexistent, the game's ability to engage the player is phenomenal and the experience is unforgettable. Taking Resident Evil seriously will only doom the player to frustration. The scares are nonexistent, the plot is a total disaster, the writing is atrocious, the voice acting is horrible, and the controls are some of the worst in any game I've ever played. Looking at the game now, I can't see how anyone can consider it a horror classic as the game is about as unscary as Dead Space (although Resident Evil doesn't seem to be trying as hard). However, after obtaining the first ink ribbons I realized that I was looking at the game in a frame of mind that would cause me to never enjoy it. The scares I were expecting were never coming. However, the gameplay for the perfect survival horror game was there, in a package of cheese instead of psychological thrills. The ink ribbons represents a lot more than a stupid gimmick that prevents players from saving their game, something which I understood the second I picked them up. The framework that the ink ribbons crafted was ripe for scares, in a way that Silent Hill approached in a different way. Ascending the importance of both the scarce ammo and health restoration items, limiting saves was the best move that the original Resident Evil could have done. It made players strategize their attacks on the mansion, fear every encounter with the garden variety zombie, and contemplate every use of a save they have. Because if they screw up, they can't restore their save and try again. It led to the exploration conundrum: "Should I explore and run into enemies and scares to find more crucial items? Or should I press on and try to tough it out and play it safe as long as I can?" which is a favorite of mine in horror. Unfortunately, Resident Evil doesn't succeed 100% in this, as you're going to explore almost every room anyway, but it still does a heck of a job doing so. Along with setting the framing device for the gameplay for one of my favorite game genres of all time, Resident Evil actually reminds me most of Luigi's Mansion of all things. Not just in face value, either. The main characters come across a mansion full of a colorful variety of monsters, environments, and areas to come back to and unlock, and there's many crevices to explore. The entire experience felt so much like Luigi's Mansion, that I dubbed Resident Evil "Luigi's Mansion, but replace the colorful cast of ghosts and charm with zombies, strict resource management, and plenty of cheese." Exploring the mansion was always rewarding and fun, and finding a new key filled me with excitement as I ran across the halls like a giggling school girl trying to find the new rooms I've unlocked. In addition to this, the main objective of Resident Evil was to have as much fun as you can, which Luigi's Mansion does extremely well (To be fair, Nintendo games are full of this). As for the cheesiness... There's not much else to say. I mean, what else can you add on top of the infamous Jill Sandwich scene?! Every line of the game is written in ironic comedic gold, as if the localization team had only a vague idea of what humans were and used The Room as their thesis on human interaction. Every character has atrocious voice acting to accompany their hammy dialogue, which leads to several highly entertaining sequences especially involving the primary use of rope. Another hilarious exchange revolved around a missing character, who was found by the playable character in the middle of the game. The exchange went like: "Holy cow, you're still alive!" "Yupp." "We were looking all over for you, where have you been?" "Be safe around here. Good bye" *leaves* No mention of where they were going or why they were gone, just poof. It kinda makes sense at the end of the game, but the fact that no one bothered to think about it worries me. Interacting with the enviornment is also incredibly cryptic à la Zelda 2, as interacting with a locked door will tell you something along the lines of "A shield". Wait, what? A shield of what? As for the environments and enemy designs, they're fantastic. Every room has different things to offer and all of the rooms are coherent in terms of "zombie riddled mansion that may or may not be evil". There's no random out of place snow area or a random rule breaking minigame. The logic that the environment sets is coherent and the depths that it goes to leads to very entertaining scenarios (like fighting a killer shark in a flooded basement or a plant that grew a mind of its own and conquered an entire shed). The player is almost always given several options to solve a particular boss, which was always fun trying to find the solution that fit you the best. Unfortunately, the extent of options did not spread to puzzles, which would have been neat to be given the option to solve a puzzle by shooting in addition to pushing blocks around. At the end of the day, I can't help but love Resident Evil. I literally can not understand how anyone could have found it scary at any point in time, but the experience was too much of a mindblowing good time to not leave from it happy. I actually prefer it to the original Silent Hill (which I found relatively spooky, like a pretty alright piece of creepypasta), but comparing the two series leaves something to be desired. The two approaches horror in different ways, and while only one succeeds in being scary, I can't say the other doesn't succeed in being amusing in how it fails in an adorable way. Like a baby wearing a traffic cone on his head. You go "Awwww, babies aren't supposed to do that!" and keep a watchful eye on them so they don't try to stick the cone up their nose. Which looking at RE5 now, I'm afraid we're too late.