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Found 17 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Game Music Bundle Rises from Its Grave

    The Game Music Bundle is definitely one of the more interesting game-related bundles out there. Instead of throwing a bunch of the same old indie games at you, it provides copious amounts of music. Such is the case for their first themed bundle. The Game Music Bundle of the Damned includes up to 14 soundtracks for survival horror/horror-themed games. Paying a dollar nets the following soundtracks: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Amnesia: The Dark Descent Bloodrayne: Betrayal Dead Space Limbo Then, if you're willing to spend $10 or more then these other nine tunes are added: Alice: Madness Returns Home The Horror at MS Aurora Organ Trail: Director's Cut Penumbra Plants vs. Zombies Silent Hill: Shattered Memories [survaillant] Year Walk People with copious amounts of money can fight it out for special prizes as well. The top prizes include physical packages such as a boxed copy of Limbo and a signed Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs musical score. The Game Music Bundle of the Damned will be available for two weeks.
  2. Now this is a shocker. Despite the fact that many people are returning to the routine of school and real life, having had their summers and vacations, it seemed that now musicians decided to break their dry spell of free gaming albums now. What caused this to happen? Maybe artists wanted to get their projects completed before the fall came? Maybe they were thinking, in a tiny part of their minds, that we desperately needed new music to help us survive the oncoming winter? ...Heck, I'm not one to complain. Let's get right to the good stuff: The free albums! If you're looking for even more free music, you can check out some of my past round-ups. Pokemon: The Eevee EP After finally finishing and releasing their massive Final Fantasy VI album, OCRemix decided to scale it down a bit for their next release. The Eevee EP focuses on, you guessed it, Eevee and all of its evolutions. The soundtrack takes nine tracks and remixes them in a style representative of of Eeveelution's type. The EP is only nine tracks, but is well worth the download. Sample Tracks: , Download here Anodyne Remix Album Anodyne is an indie title that looks a bit like a Zelda game, but carries the much deeper theme of exploring the sub-conscious. As such, the game is well-known for having a great and fitting soundtrack. Unfortunately... the OST is not free (it's $2.50 on Bandcamp), but this remix album is free for all to download. These remixes are not of low quality either--they may not be the original tracks, but they are very much worth the clicks and bandwidth! Sample Tracks: Download here Heaven Variant Emergency Soundtrack Heaven Variant was to be a pretty neat shump... unfortunately the game was cancelled. It's a shame, since it seemed like it was going well and had a great soundtrack. Well... we may not get the game, but at least the soundtrack is available for free! You can get the .AAC version of the soundtrack for free, but if you want .MP3s, you'll have to give at least fifty cents to the artist on the bandcamp page. Sample Tracks: (the official names are not on Youtube) Download here Mars: War Logs Original Soundtrack You may have heard of Mars: War Logs; Harrison Lee did review it, after all. Well now, you can download the indie sci-fi RPG soundtrack for free. This game features rather somber, more post-apocalyptic tracks as opposed to more typical upbeat sounds, so it may be a nice OST to round out your gaming music collection. Sample Tracks: , Download here Charlie Murder the Soundtrack Charlie Murder, riding on the current beat-'em-up fad, recently came out to downloadable platforms. One of the interesting things about this title was the soundtrack, actually--hardcore rocking tracks written by the game's (fictional) band, Charlie Murder. Being able to get the whole soundtrack for free as a pretty neat gesture from the developers. Download it and rock out! Sample Tracks: , Death By EverythingDownload here Remember Me Music Contest - Best Of Back in July, Capcom held a remix contest for Remember Me, the winner getting a bunch of cool stuff for their awesome remixed track. However, not only the musician won out in the end... we got some awesome music produced for the event, as well! Capcom compiled what they thought was the best of the large amount of submissions and distributed it for free. Sample Tracks: Give the download page a look! Download here Pause Ahead OST Side A Pause Ahead is an odd little game. Made by the same guy that make the hard-yet-excellent Tower of Heaven, Pause Ahead is another very difficult platformer with a very interesting twist. As such, the soundtrack holds a bit of adrenaline to it, and its 8-bit feel is very nice and nostalgic. Side A only contains five tracks, but... Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Pause Ahead OST Side B ...We got Side B of the game's tracks as well! Side B has the game's other five tracks. Considering the game's size, that's still a goo amount of tracks! Also, if you want, you can try Pause Ahead for free right here. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! Have you heard of Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing!? The game made a bit of a splash at the Something Awful GameDev Challenge VII, and with good reason... those instead of explaining it, it's just far better to give it a try! The soundtrack is... well, it isn't too great to be honest, but it's for a typing game, and it's free, so here we have it! Sample Tracks: Wouldn't it be better to experience these moving tracks in-game? Download here Icarus Proudbottom & The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain Fun fact: Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! was not the first game in the Icarus Proudbottom series. First came... well, this game... that mainly involves the main character trying to stop his explosive (and momentum gaining) diarrhea. So yeah, it's a game. And this is the soundtrack to that game. Give it a download... if you dare. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Knytt Underground The Knytt series is one of those series that the indie 'hipsters' know about--it's not quite mainstream, but somewhat popular nevertheless. Knytt Underground is the newest entry to that series, and its now free soundtrack is pretty massive. This album is a huge six 'discs' long, packed full of ambient tracks that are relatively chill in nature. Even if you don't plan on picking up the game, this OST's worth downloading. Sample Tracks: Amazing Sandwiches, Fire Resistance is Awkward for Obvious Reasons Download here Oldie But Still a Freebie! Ao Vivo Em Conserva Gameboys is a Brazilian band that, of course, plays remixed gaming tracks. In February 2012, they did a pretty big live performance... and this album is the result of that show. Since it was a live event, the sound may not have the same quality as some of the other albums listed, but the tracks themselves are solid, and feature some neat remixes of both popular tracks and some you may have forgotten about. Sample Tracks: It was a live event... give it a download! Download here Whew, that's quite a bit of music there! I have to wonder what next month will bring... maybe our gaming music playlists will grow as large and as full as this holiday season is planning to be for the rest of gaming? We'll have to see! What's your favorite album this month? Any albums I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
  3. Grant Kirkhope has gotten himself back into the minds of many gamers lately by giving away his old soundtracks for free. Sure, not every game CD has been distributed, but it looks like he's probably going to release even more after he did so with Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark. The man's love for composing lives on as he has continued to do the soundtracks for modern games. He scored the recent Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as well as both Viva Pinatas. Now he's taken up the task of bringing music to the remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Apparently, he just finished the last track for the game last week. As Castle of Illusion is meant to be out this summer, it makes sense that the project is nearly concluded already. Although we can't know how the game itself will turn out, we can rest easy knowing that the soundtrack is in good hands.
  4. Only a few weeks ago, composer Grant Kirkhope was kind enough to put the soundtrack for Banjo-Kazooie online. The much-loved Nintendo 64 game had great music but little means for fans to legally get a hold of it. Users could choose to pay for the download or simply take it freely. Now Kirkhope has done it again. This time, it's Banjo-Tooie tracks that have shown up on his Bandcamp page. There doesn't seem to be any cause for the latest upload, but it's likely he received a lot of positive reaction from fans over uploading the initial soundtrack. Anyone can go and grab the fourteen track album from his page for the low, low price of free just like before. Or, if you'd like to be lovely you can send some money Kirkhope's way. As with before, FLAC, MP3, and other common file types are available for the download.
  5. The BIT.TRIP series is one which has managed to flourish thanks to addictive gameplay and a weird retro/modern aesthetic. Today, Game Music Bundle has partnered up with Gaijin Games to unleash a new bundle on the world. As this is through Game Music Bundle and not, say, Indie Gala or Royale or whoever else, the focus of BIT.TRIP Lovers' Bundle is on music. There are three tiers available, although the first gives you a great deal of music. For $1 to $9 you get all these BIT.TRIP soundtracks: BIT.TRIP BEAT BIT.TRIP CORE BIT.TRIP FATE BIT.TRIP FLUX BIT.TRIP RUNNER BIT.TRIP VOID Putting in $10 to $19 adds in just the Runner2 soundtrack. Finally, for the price of $20 you get all the soundtracks as well as a pre-order on Runner2. Runner2 is set to be out on February 26th. If you shoot for the game then be aware that you're getting a Steam key. If you're a veritable moneybags then you may get a gift. The top contributor will be awarded with a CommanderVideo statue. Everyone in the top five will receive a poster, and then those in the top ten will get a shirt. Right now, the highest contribution is $50.
  6. Marcus Estrada

    Journey Soundtrack Nominated for Grammy

    The 55th Annual Grammy's, which will be live on February 10th, have announced their nominees. There are a great deal of award genres, but when it comes to "Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media", there is a big surprise in store for gamers. Nominees include The Adventures of Tintin, The Artist, The Dark Knight Rises, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hugo, and Journey. One of these isn't quite like the others. While all other nominees for this category are films, the PS3-exclusive Journey is also on the list. It's no surprise why, with how popular it has been over the past year. Two weeks after launch, it made history as being the fastest-selling PSN game, then received a Collector's Edition, soundtrack, and art book. The game's composer, Austin Wintory, is quite excited at this nomination. His Twitter post was quite humble: "Well I don't really have words right now .... I just got a Grammy nomination for #JourneyPS3 ..." Previously, the theme song for Civilization IV, "Baba Yetu" was nominated for a Grammy and won. Other than that though, Wintory stands to be one of the very few game composers honored with such a nomination.
  7. Just in time for the holiday season, famous game music remixing site OC ReMix has just released their 36th official arragement. Titled Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!, it is a massive soundtrack featuring songs arranged from both Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Country 3 on GBA. If you were looking for some video game music to listen to for a while then this should serve that purpose well, as it is enough songs to span five discs. With this album being completed it now means that the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy has seen the OC ReMix treatment. It wasn't easy though. This album in particular has been in the works for three years. Over all, it includes 77 tracks from nearly as many artists. Amazingly, one of the original composers for the game, David Wise, even became a part of the project. He has contributed his own arrangement and instrumental performance to their project. Those wanting to get a listen to the soundtrack can download it for free here via either direct download or torrent. If you're interested in previewing it first then check out the official trailer:
  8. You've probably already downloaded the full Portal 2 soundtrack for free, but wouldn't you prefer a physical collector's edition of the soundtrack? What if it also included the original Portal's music (which was previously unavailable)? Well you're in luck, because Ipecac Recordings and Valve Corporation are releasing a four-disc set of Portal and Portal 2 tracks titled Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collector's Edition). Not only are there 77 Portal and Portal 2 tracks in this collector's edition set (you can view the whole track listing by disc under the press release here), but also the mini-comic called "Turret Lullaby" (which is also viewable online). You can get your hands on a copy of Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collector's Edition) on October 30th. There is no price listed yet. Do you enjoy Portal 2's soundtrack? Will you be purchasing this collector's edition that includes music from both Portal and Portal 2?
  9. gaiages

    Free Video Game Albums?

    Marcus' post about the Double Dragon Neon soundtrack kind of wants me to ask... are there any other free video game soundtracks you'd recommend, original or remixed? I have some to share, of course, so I'll begin! NES JAMS is an awesome remix soundtrack by Shnabubula. A bunch of NES classics are remixed using chiptunes and the piano... it just sounds fantastic. Unfortunately there's no youtube videos up to sample the tracks easily, but the bandcamp site is easy to accommodate. While a short album with five tracks (one track's 17 minutes though ), Thunderous Crash is a nice little album. I'm especially fond of the FFV remix. Another bandcamp only one, so no youtube videos. I have plenty more, but I don't want to make such a long post! How about everyone else?
  10. Recently released Double Dragon Neon has been getting a fair bit of praise. Sure, lots is due to the updating of the classic Double Dragon's gameplay, but tons of excitement has been focused around the game's soundtrack. Everything about it is both 80s style and extremely listenable. If you've heard the songs in game and want to hear them everywhere else then you're in luck. Double Dragon Neon composer Jake Kaufman has made the entire soundtrack available on his site. Even if you haven't played the game you can head to the page and give a few tracks a listen. That's probably all you'll need to do to convince yourself you need it. For those who simply must have the 45 track album I'm sure you're wondering about possible costs. Kaufman has been kind enough to offer up his album for no set price. That means you dictate what you're willing to spend on it. Whether you spend no money or $30 bucks you'll be set with a great new game soundtrack to listen to. Finally, if you're not convinced of Kaufman's credits, he was the composer for both Shantae soundtracks, Mighty Switch Force, Contra 4 and many other games.
  11. XSEED is making the purchase of a copy of The Last Story more and more worthwhile. Last month, they first announced that all first print copies of the JRPG will be a special limited edition. This limited edition includes a 44-page softcover art book that comes in a custom outer box. Now, those who specifically pre-order will be getting another bonus. This pre-order gift is a soundtrack CD that features seven tracks by famed composer, Nobuo Uematsu, from The Last Story. The cover of the CD and slip are rather pretty, too! Confirmed retailers that will offer the pre-order bonus so far are Amazon, GameStop, and EB Games Canada. The long-awaited Mistwalker game will be available for purchase on its newly announced release date of August 14th. It's not too long now, folks! What do you think of this pre-order bonus for The Last Story? Will you be reserving a copy?