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Found 26 results

  1. If you're a Monster Hunter fan, then you'll definitely want this fantastic collector's edition for Monster Hunter 4 announced for North America. Here is what is included: 3.5" translucent Gore Magala figure (design not final) Felyne (wearing Gore Magala armor) pin Monster icon lanyard Microfiber cleaning cloth (design not final) Supply item box packaging A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS The collector's edition costs $60 and can be pre-ordered at GameStop (information on other participating retailers is coming soon). Capcom says quantites are limited, so pre-order as soon as possible if you're planning on purchasing it! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be available for 3DS in early 2015. Source: Capcom-Unity
  2. Have you fallen prey to the addiction that is Terraria? Some call it a 2D Minecraft, but it actually has a whole lot of interesting features all its own. With that said, European gamers previously got themselves a snazzy collector's edition while the North American gamer was left out. This won't be the case for much longer! GameStop has put up two listings for a Terraria Collector's Edition - one for PS3 and one for Xbox 360. This is a boxed set of content, most of which is the same between the two consoles. Goodies that come with each edition are a flashdrive designed after a Terraria pickaxe, stickers, and a poster. So what sets these two collections apart? Picking up the game on Xbox 360 gives you a disc with the game on it. Buying the PS3 version though has no disc and includes a redeemable digital code instead. In either case, you get to play some Terraria on the console of your choice and put the fancy box on display.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Watch Dogs Limited Edition Unveiled

    As with most high profile games out there, Watch Dogs is drumming up tons of interest before launch. Also like most of these games Ubisoft has decided to craft a special edition of the title. If you're expecting to absolutely fall in love with Watch Dogs then maybe take a look at what it has to offer. The Watch Dogs Limited Edition consists of a handful of physical goods: Watch Dogs game Steelbook game case Hardcover artbook (80 pages) Official sountrack Replica Aiden mask 9" statue of Aiden Most consoles will be getting the Limited Edition, although not all. This version will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Wii U users are denied the snazzy collection although they can still buy the regular game. If you're willing to spend $130 for the set then pre-order before Watch Dog's launch date of November 19th.
  4. Marcus Estrada

    Saints Row IV Special Edition Gets Weird

    If there's one things fans have come to expect from the Saints Row series it is that the game never holds back. Everything is amped up from game to game and we can only wonder as to how much further Saints Row IV may go than its predecessors. At the very least, we can now be assured of this special edition being the strangest of the lot so far. The special edition is titled Saints Row IV: The Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition. It includes a foot long replica of the Dub Step gun which plays sounds akin to what it does in game. Also included is a doomsday button replica and 8" Johnny Gat statue. Beyond these tangible oddities, all pre-order DLC is also included. Interestingly, these bonuses were definitely pulled from the survey held a while back to ask fans what they wanted from the next Saints Row special edition. They listened to fans - but will fans now accept the collectibles? It costs $100 to nab the unusual assemblage of items when Saints Row IV launches on August 20th.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    GRID 2 Gets a Ridiculous Special Edition

    So, we're used to seeing many games get limited/special/collector's editions these days. Sometimes they're very fairly priced, and other times they are a bit too expensive. Some come with a heaping boat load of tangible nonsense, while others simply slap the word "limited" over their case alongside a single piece of pre-order DLC. What we don't see often (or ever) is a special edition that includes a car. No, not a toy car, or DLC, but an actual car. That's exactly what is supposedly on offer with the GRID 2 BAC Mono Edition through European retailer GAME. Of course, it also comes with a digital rendition of the vehicle in game, as well as racing gear and helmet. The BAC Mono racecar that comes with this edition is what makes it cost £125,000 ($189,000). In all likelihood, there is only such BAC Mono Edition available, if that. What this serves is a great marketing tool to show the ridiculous divergence between what it costs to have fun with supercars in a video game versus what it would cost to live out that fantasy. What is the most you would be willing to pay for a special edition?
  6. Final Fantasy XIV was in an incredibly tight spot when it launched back in 2010. Although it looked far better than the previous online title (Final Fantasy XI), it was met with widespread negativity. Due to the vast issues with the title, subscription fees were delayed for an entire year. Eventually, Square Enix decided to restart the game with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A Realm Reborn is not an expansion pack but a total reboot of XIV's world. Many improvements were brought to the game which will hopefully make it far more successful than its predecessor. The original version was set to release on PS3, but only ever saw PC launch. A Realm Reborn, however, will be the first taste of the game on PS3 later this year. To celebrate the relaunch, a Collector's Edition is also being made available for PC and PS3 users. It includes the game and additional content disc, soundtrack CD, art cards, account security token, and art book. Of course, a few exclusive DLC mounts and armor also come with it. All together, the Collector's Edition costs $80. If you'd rather skip the frills and just get the standard edition, Final Fantasy XIV will cost $40. It's out on August 27th but if you opt for the more expensive version you'll be granted early access into the game.
  7. Collector's editions of games seem to come out very frequently these days. The more money put into a game, the higher chances it has of getting one or more special editions as well. Grand Theft Auto V is undoubtedly an expensive triple A title and as such is getting two neat little editions. The Grand Theft Auto 5 Special Edition was announced by developer Take-Two today includes a collectible steel book, map of Los Santos and Blaine County, and digital content including additional weapons, outfits, and more. Both versions also come with the Atomic Blimp DLC. This edition happens to be $75. What if you're interested in a version with more tangible items? That's where the Collector's Edition may appeal to you. It includes all the contents of the Special Edition as well as other items. These include a bag, key, and hat. Digital goods include custom characters and added vehicles. Taking the plunge with this set will cost you $150. Grand Theft Auto V is coming on September 17th to PS3 and 360.
  8. Total War fans are going to be pleased about this news. Although it may not seem like long, it was actually back in 2004 when Total War: Rome launched on PC. Now, some time after its announcement, Total War: Rome II has a release date and special edition which were revealed by Sega today. You'll be able to grab the game on September 3rd. Getting a pre-order in from participating retailers (Amazon, GameStop) rewards players with three playable factions via the Greek States Culture Pack. Those who are more interested in tangible goods may instead appreciate what comes with the collector's edition. In this set, players get a numbered copy of the game, punic cards, Roman onager, tabula set, and tessera dice. If the names are unfamiliar then note that it's basically some dice, cards, Backgammon-style game, and small (but functioning) siege cannon. The Total War: Rome II Collector's Edition is going to be availble in a limited run of 22,000 copies.
  9. Are you tired of news about special edition after special edition for modern consoles like PS3 and 360? If you've still got a Dreamcast kicking around then perhaps HuCast Games will have you covered with their upcoming shooter. The Ghost Blade is currently up for pre-order and it's a nice little edition. The vertically-scrolling shooter currently has no release date but that didn't stop it from having a collector's edition created. The set will contain a copy of the game, soundtrack CD, SuperPlay DVD, color manual, sticker set, beta demo discs, and a 24 page art book. It might not be the most impressive collection out there, but you have to keep in mind that this is a homebrew developer we're talking about here and not a massive company. The Ghost Blade Collector's Edition is set to have a very limited print run. There will be only 300 made, although the game itself will be available in larger quantities. This edition costs approximately $110 so hurry and get it pre-ordered if the CE is that appealing to you.
  10. A few weeks ago, the gaming community saw the reveal of Dead Island: Riptide's UK special edition. As you're all probably aware, things didn't go over too smoothly after people saw what came in this special edition - namely, the dismembered, large-busomed statue. The joke going around the internet was that it's pretty much a bust of a bust. But that's wrong. A bust is made up of the head and shoulders of a character. This thing doesn't have a head and it goes all the way down to the torso. I mean, if you're going to do statue humor then do it right! I also think critics were incorrect to say that this statue was a bad idea in every way. It's certainly in bad taste, yes, but there was likely a calculated ulterior motive behind the special edition. So what was it? Well, read on to find out. Trick Them With Emotion All you really need to do to understand why this special edition was a good business move is to look at the advertising history of the Dead Island games. First we'll start with the obvious - the initial slow motion with the kid. The media and internet alike absolutely ate the trailer up. It made the game look like it would be a serious and emotional journey through an undead apocalypse. If that was the only media you saw released for Dead Island, you would probably be pretty shell shocked when you started the game up for the first time just to see this video play. Warning, this video is not exactly safe for work. So how do you go from that first trailer to that? Its simple. The announcement trailer was just made to drum up interest. Dead Island wasn't exactly "on the map" early on into its development. By this point, the zombie genre of games had started to wind down and people had had their fill. But that initial trailer made Dead Island look serious. It looked like a welcome change, and it got people talking. Of course, then people started seeing gameplay and that all kind of went down the drain. But the game still had to get advertised to people! How were they going to do that now that we saw the game was pretty much Left 4 Dead with some light RPG elements? The answer is sex. Sex sells and it causes controversy. Controversy gets you advertising. Its a win-win. This leads us to the promotional images. Weird Them Out With Sex Appeal Once it became apparent that Dead Island wouldn't be the emotional rollercoaster ride implied by the game's trailer, it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Namely, posing the rotting carcasses of the game's island inhabitants in different promotional shots. You had girls with missing arms playing volleyball and women with eviscerated stomachs lounging next to the pool. "This is pretty hot," said that one guy who isn't welcome here anymore. It was weird and people didn't really take a liking to them. But they got passed all around the internet because of it. While it didn't have as large of an impact as the slow motion trailer, it still got the game some free advertising. Just some though. The images themselves were quickly forgotten. Just seeing a few still images wasn't going to get anybody's goat. This can be considered sticking your toe in the pool to see how the water felt. It wasn't big enough to spread like wild fire across the internet, but it was enough to illicit a response from different websites. So, of course, the next step in this advertising operation was to just go all out with a dead booby statue. Man, advertising is weird. Not a bust, not a bust, not a bust! That brings us to the present. It was revealed that Dead Island Riptide (a game I didn't even know existed up to this point) would be getting a special edition where the statue was a woman's well-endowed dismembered body. Pretty much every major gaming website posted a news story about it along with a few news channels as well. It was a bad idea, it was in poor taste, and the whole thing was just awful. That seemed to be the overall message following the statue's reveal. But here's the thing. That statue's image was plastered freaking everywhere. You couldn't throw a piece of the statue of David without hitting an image of the boob statue. The internet had played right into Deep Silver's hands and given them the advertising they wanted. Of course, I could be wrong about all of this, but just look at their past history with Dead Island. Practically every big news release on the game was tailor made to get a response out of the gaming community. In my opinion, it's kind of a cheap way to drum up interest, but it clearly worked. What do you think about all this? Why not post in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.
  11. In case you missed it, an unusual new collector's edition for a game was unveiled. That game is Splinter Cell: Blacklist and its recently announced special edition is somehow both predicable and unexpected. If you're fans of special editions with bulky items included then this one may even strike you as slightly familiar. If you buy the Splinter Cell: Blacklist Paladin Multi-Mission Aircraft Edition then you will get a handful of things that are expected of every edition in this day and age. You get DLC for some co-op maps, planes, and the like. Then there is a 22-page comic included to get you prepped for the story. However, all that is ignoring what is meant to be the most alluring thing of the package. This is the Paladin Multi-Mission Aircraft, as referenced by the name of the set. It is a bit more than a toy in that it is actually a remote-controlled device. This is similar to the remote-controlled car that came with Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition. With such a hefty device, this edition is also highly priced at $170. Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be out on August 20th which gives fans months to decide whether they need a new RC device in their life.
  12. Whether they“re called collectors, limited, or special editions, these more expensive editions of video games have become an even bigger part of the gaming landscape since the start of the seventh generation of consoles. In the past, only a select few titles would be lucky enough to get multiple versions. With this current generation, however, we have seen the amount (and price) of special editions skyrocket. Every triple-A title has one, and even more niche games are beginning to get them. With so many special editions vying for people“s attention they sometimes get a little... weird. Just take the recently revealed Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition. Although the edition was never meant to come out in America, many discovered it and instantly started reacting negatively. The set came with many expected tchotchkes but also a “bust” of an unfortunate vacationer from the game. The negative reaction was so big that it even caused the developer to issue an apology (although they have yet to state if they will cancel production of said product). With that in mind, let“s look back at some other eyebrow-raising, creepy, and downright bad special edition that have appeared before. F.E.A.R. 3 Collector“s Edition What is something to truly fear? Apparently the Collector“s Edition of F.E.A.R. 3 which included, among other things, a statue of antagonist Alma. It wasn“t just any Alma though. Nope, this is Alma post F.E.A.R. 2 - adult, nude, and pregnant with a glow-in-the-dark fetus visible. While it could be argued that this was very relevant to the game, it doesn“t change the fact that it was totally creepy. This edition of the game was available in Europe and probably inspired a great deal of nightmares. Record of Agarest War - The Really Naughty Limited Edition Here is an example of a very Japanese-style special edition which was actually brought to North America. Not only was the box adorned with seriously eyebrow-raising pictures on every inch of it, but the contents inside were questionable as well. There was a pillowcase decked out with an anime gal from the game as well as a mouse pad with “breasts” for wrist support. While it may have prevented some gamers from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, it most certainly did not help anyone to become less creepy. Since this, a few other games have taken to bringing over similarly awkward wares. Rez Special Package The PS2 music/shooter hybrid Rez actually had two special editions in Japan. First there was the rare Kanzentousui Set, which included headphones, but that“s not the one we“re going to talk about. No, I'm referring to the “Trance Vibrator” package. While it is amicable to want a rhythm game to really entrance a player, a small vibrating block doesn“t seem exactly the way to do it. DualShock controllers already vibrated to begin with, after all. As such, the peripheral has amused immature gamers for years, and with good reason. Rez“s port on 360 gives players a taste of the Trance Vibrator by allowing other controllers to vibrate in place of it. Give it a shot if you“re interested but unwilling to pick up the actual device. Dead Space 2 Collector“s Edition There are actually a great deal of collector“s editions with goodies that have sexual or creepy connotations. Let“s move away from that now and discuss the depressing Dead Space 2 Collector“s Edition. It came with a few standard extras, but the item which most intrigued fans was the replica plasma cutter. There was no description of size prior to launch and pictures were not the best at showcasing size. When the time came to open sets, gamers were disappointed to see the toy was not only tiny, but also cheap plastic adorned with a "Made in China" sticker. It also didn“t help that the replica was later sold separately as well, making the whole draw of this Collector“s Edition fairly worthless. Cardcaptor Sakura Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen Special Edition Box This obviously Japanese special edition wins the award for being one of the strangest out there. Sure, there are a lot of strange items available across expensive game editions, but the items within this one have not been replicated often to the best of my knowledge. Included with this edition was the expected pillow case but also a fork, spoon, decorative plate, and clock. What exactly does eating have to do with Cardcaptor Sakura? Your guess is as good as mine, and it“s for that reason that this game immediately comes to mind for weirdest collector“s edition out there. As you can see, there have been bad special editions available in all regions. Sometimes they are bad because they“re absolutely disgusting but other times it“s because of how horribly they are attempting to rip off customers. As of now, the trend in special editions seems to be moving towards digital content, but we still see many physical items available. Let“s hope that there is never a time where all collector“s editions are DLC because bad sets are so much fun to look at! What are some of the worst special edition sets you have seen? Which ones were a total rip off or hilarious?
  13. Looks like upcoming Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us, is not getting just one special edition, but two! Let's see what's included in these two different packages. The Survival Edition, which will retail for $80, comes with the following: Steelbook edition of the game 170+ page hardcover artbook by Dark Horse Issue #1 of The Last of Us - American Dreams comic Sights & Sounds DLC Pack (game soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie) Naughty Dog sticker sheet The Art of The Last of Us will also have a standalone release that will retail for $40. The Post-Pandemic Edition, which will retail for $160 and is GameStop-exclusive, comes with the following: Steelbook edition of the game 12" statue of Joel and Ellie Issue #1 of The Last of Us - American Dreams comic Sights & Sounds DLC Pack (game soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie) Survival DLC Pack (multiplayer bonuses: bonus XP, melee booster, in-game currency, customizable character items), bonus Joel and Ellie skins) Naughty Dog sticker sheet Get ready for The Last of Us when it comes out on May 7th! Will you be getting the Survival Edition or Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us? Or just a standalone copy?
  14. A lot of the time when the United States gets something cool Europe can only watch with jealousy. Every once in a while games or their limited editions arrive only in the UK to the dismay of American fans. However, in the case of Dead Island: Riptide's newly announced "Zombie Bait" edition, no fans in either region are pleased. First, you get the expected items such as a steelbook, collectible artwork cards, and some DLC weapons. Then you get a statue, which is also common in special editions except for the fact that it is depicting a horrifically bloodied torso of a woman. Both the head and arms of the statue are lobbed off so all you can see is a "sexy" torso in a bikini. Certainly this is all Dead Island fans in Europe have been waiting for. Or not. Perhaps realizing their pack in is obscenely creepy, Deep Silver also notes that this is an "extremely limited" edition of the game. Still, this seems like something people would hide in their closets rather than making a "striking conversation piece" on a gamer's mantel, as they suggest. You can get your hands on a less disturbing version of the Dead Island: Riptide here in the US on April 23rd for PS3, 360, and PC. Edit: Although the press of this edition came out yesterday, it took until today for sites to take notice and voice their personal distaste over it. Now Deep Silver has apologized via Twitter for any offense they may have caused. As such, they will never do this sort of thing again - but the Zombie Bait edition will still be available.
  15. By now, we've all seen the Bioshock Infinite Special Edition and all of the neat goodies it comes with. I'm still bummed out that they didn't include the murder of crows bottle with it, but what good is moping around about it? Instead, I thought we should discuss the statue that does come included with the game. Namely, why I'm frightened by it. As I'm sure you're all aware, the original Bioshock had a similar statue included with its special edition. Let's just say things didn't go quite as planned when it hit store shelves. Read on to find out why you should be weary when purchasing this neat collectible. The History Of Bioshock Special Editions First of all, the original Bioshock special edition did something most game companies just don't seem to be capable of doing with their own special editions. It became rare. You couldn't find a cheaply-priced complete special edition to save your life. Immediately after the game's release, the special edition shot up in price to upwards of $100 and stayed there for years. Usually this is a good thing... unless you happened to be one of the many people who ordered your special edition from an online retailer. As snug as a smashed up bug in a rug! You see, the figures included with each special edition of the game had a tendency to be broken upon arrival. The main problem being that the Big Daddy's drill would be snapped off inside the box. If you were buying it in store you could look in the box and see if your figure was complete or not. Of course, people ordering online didn't have this same luxury. You pretty much just had to hope the one you got was complete. If not, you were just out of luck seeing as the special edition was long out of stock by that point. However, there was a reprieve for those who were patient. After all of the complaints about broken figures came out, 2KGames started a replacement program for customers. It only took nearly three months to get your product replaced. And people got a nice hardcover artbook for their troubles. The Possible Future Of Bioshock Special Editions This leads us to today and the announcement of the Bioshock Infinite special edition. I'm sure you've all seen the giant winged statue of awesomeness. Yeah, well think about those nice thin wings sitting in that special collector's case. Look! The wings already have holes in them! (this is a joke) The drill bit on the original Bioshock's Big Daddy figurine was attached to what I would believe was a pretty bulky part of the figure and it still managed to break off. These huge wings are supported by nothing. They're just out there. I'd like to think that they've learned their lesson with collector's edition statues after what happened with the original Bioshock, but every time I look at that statue, all I see is cracked wings and customer complaints. There has been word that the statue itself will be contained in it's own special box so all of this worry might be for nothing, but you should always take the company's past into consideration when spending upwards of a $150. Do you think we could be facing some trouble with these new Bioshock Infinite statues? They certainly look like they could be trouble with those fully spread-out wings. I might be hesitant because of past events, but I am tempted to take a chance and buy one myself. As always, thanks for reading.
  16. Heads up, Persona 4 fans! The Atlus Faithful newsletter has just revealed a special edition for the upcoming Persona 4: Golden for Vita. Dubbed the "Persona 4: Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition", this special edition of the JRPG holds a bevvy of goodies. The game, obviously A P4G-styled Hori hard pouch for storing your Vita system and games A P4G-styled Hori face cover for protecting your Vita A P4G-styled protective skin for your Vita (also includes 8 matching character wallpapers) Sheets of stickers that feature Persona 4 characters All of this comes in a big box and will be retailing for $70. Atlus also claims that this premium edition will be extremely limited with only 10,000 units being made. The premium and standard editions of Persona 4: Golden (the latter of which will be retailing for $40) will be available in stores on November 20th. What do you think about the Persona 4: Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition?
  17. Marcus Estrada

    Ragnarok Odyssey Mercenary Edition

    From the album: Ragnarok Odyssey