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Found 11 results

  1. Similar to the thread about your favorite RPG music, I'm a bit of a music rut, so here's another one! So many games have great ending/credit themes -- whether it be because they're catchy and just generally a good song, or because they have a great reflective quality on the game itself -- so let's hear some of your favorites! Here are some of mine: It's mostly the first 30 seconds or so that really give me the feels (and it's 'anime' as heck) but I like the song overall too. Really feels like a good closing theme for the entire series as well considering that this was the trilogy finisher. It's technically not the "ending/credits theme, but this song does play either before or after the credits, if I remember correctly. While not serious in any capacity, it's a fun sort-of wrap-up song, and it's neat to see the villains collaborating as well to sort of tie the whole cast together for one final send-off as a thank you to the player for playing. Definitely by far the most serious of the themes I've posted in this thread, "Symphonic Poem - Hope" is a really cool suite of different songs that play in succession during the credits of Final Fantasy XII. It starts off super somber in the intro for the first minute or so, as almost a reflection of the tragedy and losses of war experienced in the game, before it rolls out into a triumphant crescendo and then further into another upbeat song that ends on a nice note. One of my favorite ending themes in a game by far. This one might sound like a weird collection of noises if you're not familiar with the Metroid or Metroid Prime series in particular, but it's a pretty cool one imo. Basically, it's a sort of expansion/remix on the intro theme, but branches out into its own sort of rendition toward the end; my favorite part starts at 2:29. Overall, the music is super alien and out there, but it's a perfect fit for the series because... well, that's what it's about! Super light-hearted song, but wow, what an ending to a great game. The whole parade sequence really makes for a satisfying conclusion to the whole story, and it's a fun send-off for the game's characters as well. If you've never played Journey before, I recommend playing it first before listening to this. Honestly? No words. An amazing, beautiful song that's super somber and reflective of the experience Journey provides. Austin Wintory is a masterful composer. So which ending/credits themes do you like the most? Let us know below!
  2. When they announced the Symphony of the Goddesses concert series for the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda at E3, I was ecstatic. I attended a show not long after the release of Skyward Sword, and I am still waiting for The Second Quest chapter to come near me again. I have similar emotions regarding Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions. I haven“t done an Individual Values piece on the music of Pokémon, but...suffice to say, the music of that series means a great deal to me and those I'm close to. But the website that appeared tonight? Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert Event? I“m practically fighting myself not to empty out my savings account and book tickets to Tokyo tonight. Few details are known, but for now: it“s taking place on July 24th and 25th, 2015 in the Tokyo Dome City Hall. There also appears to be a countdown timer indicating that something will happen in approximately twenty-five days. Perhaps we'll have more of an idea as to what this event entails when the countdown is over? We“ll offer more information as it comes. Are any Fire Emblem fanatics in the same boat as me right now? What“s your dream Fire Emblem concert set-list? Be sure to let us know below.
  3. Tis the season of giving! While we saw that the game industry tends to be a bit lethargic on the releases during December, out generous musicians are anything but. This month brings us many musical gifts, with enough albums to placate a variety of musical tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get to clicking on these great, free albums! Strider - Fall of the Grandmaster Hyde209 is giving us not one, but two albums this month. This first one, you may have guessed, remixes the soundtrack from Strider. This 25-track album is done in a style that resembles music (the actual music scene, not video game music) from the time of the game's release, giving the tracks a very rock-like feel. If you're a fan of Strider, this album should be a no-brainer. Sample Tracks: , Download here Best of Hyde209 Vol. 3 The second of Hyde209's offerings this month is a compilation of remixes from various games. Like the previous album, this Best Of album is very much rock-based, so if you're looking for some rock covers from a plethora of games, give this album a download. Sample Tracks: Download here Mega Man XXV - The First and 1/2 Shiryu is also giving us multiple albums this month, though I didn't have the foresight to lump them together like I did the others. Anyhow, this album continues his tribute to the Mega Man series by remixing tracks from the Mega Man Game Boy title. While that game did essentially have Robot Masters from the first and second games, and by extension the same themes, it's a good reason to remix those tracks again. Sample Tracks: Download here Mega Man Time Tangent - The Fight For History!! Mega Man Time Tangent has an interesting story. Back in 2008, this was meant to be a fan-game. Unfortunately, plans fell through, and the game was never made. However, a fair amount of the soundtrack was done, and the musicians decided to finish it up and put it up for free as their tribute to the Blue Bomber. That said, while these aren't remixes or anything, these tracks have a decidedly Mega Man feel, so if you want something that sounds like Mega Man that isn't quite Mega Man, Time Tangent has you covered. Sample Tracks: , Download here F-ZERO GO FAST! - Galactic G.P. Edition This second album by Shiryu might seem familiar; that's because a few months back he released four F-Zero albums in a single month, filling our speakers with glorious sounds of Big Blue and Mute City. To make it easier for those that missed out before, he put all of the albums together in one download. Also, some of the tracks are remastered and a previously unreleased track is included, so it's still worth a look even if you grabbed the separate volumes before! Sample Tracks: Download here Blast Processing XXV Shiryu's final offering this month is a tribute to the Sega Genesis. Cleverly enough, the album has 25 tracks from 25 Genesis games to celebrate the system's 25 anniversary. These remixes are a bit conservative, but it's nice to hear these iconic tracks getting some love. Sample Tracks: Download here Masterspace Original Soundtrack If you haven't heard of Masterspace, it's essentially Minecraft in space. You can build a number of things (some objects more sci-fi feeling than others), explore the worlds the universe creates, and so on. That said, the game's soundtrack matches the theme of the game well, with overall mellow, very space-y sounding tracks. Sample Tracks: You'll have to check the Bandcamp page! Download here Ultionius: A Soundtrack of Petty Revenge Ultionus is a game inspired by retro computer action games, a part all of the indie developers and their love of retro inspired seem to miss. The game's story is pretty silly, but the difficulty is not, and sure to give you a beatdown. This soundtrack is provided by Jake "Virt" Kaufman, and you can be sure that he masterfully captured the frantic nature of this action game in great chiptune form. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here An OverClocked Christmas V.7 It wouldn't be a December offering of free music if there wasn't some kind of holiday themed album in here, and OCRemix does not fail to deliver! These remixes are all of winter or snowy tracks in their respective games, and are remixed in a fashion to be... even more wintery and snowy feeling. A perfect soundtrack for when you want to be in the holiday spirit (...which I guess will be next year). Sample Tracks: Sugar Penguin Rag Download here The Briggs Effect III A new album to the Briggs Effect series is the first offering of Benjamin Briggs this month. The Briggs Effect is more or less him and other artists remix various tracks from various games, which is expected, and the tracks sound very nice. If you like The Briggs Effect III, you can download volumes I and II, as well. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page. Download here Mario Kart: Bonus Beach Briggs' second offering this month is a short tropical remix album of some beach themes from various Mario Kart games. It's nice to have some music to make you feel warm during the cold winter months, isn't it? Anyway, a warning to those that like skipping around tracks on their music player: This album is best listened to in order, as the tracks play into each other. Sample Tracks: Again, check out the Bandcamp page. Download here Monocle Man Original & Arrange Soundtrack Monocle Man is an OUYA exclusive title, in which you play a gentleman that must jump his way to the top of the level before sand topples him and his footholds. The game... actually doesn't look all that great, but the soundtrack's not too bad. The musician went all out for this release, too; it includes the original sountrack, an arranged soundtrack, as well as beta and unused tracks. That's a fair amount of music! Sample Tracks: Walking On Air Download here Match Girl Original Soundtrack Match Girl was an indie game created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 28, and it's free to check out here. It's a pretty neat puzzle platformer that relies on light and memorization, so it's worth checking out if you have a little free time. Contrary to the game's dark feeling, though, the soundtrack is full of energy and urges you to move forward... and dare I say, make a mistake? Sample Tracks: I think you know what to do by now. Download here That's all the tracks for this month... Sorry, no Oldie this month! There's plenty of new soundtracks for you to enjoy from artists this month anyway. Well, what are you waiting for, get to downloading! What's your favorite soundtrack this month? let me know in the comments below!
  4. Whew! The Thanksgiving holiday is over, and with that our wallets have been emptied out from the plethora of sales Black Friday has brought it. Thankfully, these music artists aren't charging for their gift of music this month; quite a relief, considering there might not be any money for us left to give! These eleven albums this month will sate your hunger for a variety of types of game music, and of course they're all available at the click of the mouse. Go ahead and indulge in these sweet musical desserts! halc's NOSTALGIA canon: a video game music tribute Yes, this is in fact a tribute to video game music! halc is an artist well known for his "9bit" style, in which chiptune tracks are recorded in an emulator as opposed to the original hardware, allowing for additional effects not normally possible, and applies it to many old video game tracks. This nine track album features both tunes you'll instantly recognize and even a few you may not, and the unusual style alone is worth the download. Sample Tracks: halc stopped posting on his YouTube page, so go to Bandcamp. Download here Music from Dreaming Sarah Dreaming Sarah is an adventure game about a girl in a deep coma that's trying to wake up. It's actually not out yet; it won't be released until 2014, but there's a demo up that can give you an idea of what to expect from the game. This soundtrack has released early, though, and offers sixteen mellow tracks that fit the ambiance of a dream world quite nicely. Sample Tracks: The Violet Sky, Slow Motion Download here Mega Man XXV: The First This month, Shiryu honors Mega Man's 25th anniversary with a remix of the tracks from the first NES game. Most of the twelve tracks have a distinctly 'techno' feel to them, though they stick pretty close to the original Mega Man tracks. It's also a relatively short album, which makes it ideal for rounding out playlists. This is also supposedly the first in a series of Mega Man EPs from Shiryu, so keep your eyes peeled for more! Sample Tracks: Download here Damned Damned is a multiplayer horror game in which you and three other people are stuck in a hotel, and you have to try to find your way out while being haunted and chased by a gruesome monster. If that description doesn't sum it up, the original soundtrack is full of eerie, tense tracks. If horror soundtracks interest you, then the Damned OST will not be damned on your playlist. Sample Tracks: , Download here Sonic CD: Temporal Duality OCRemix's offering this month is actually a hefty compilation of remixes from Sonic CD. This underplayed Sonic iteration was known for its wonderful soundtrack (and also having different tracks for the Japanese/European and American versions), and this album does the soundtrack justice. This remix album spans four discs and contains forty-three high-quality tracks, so it's certainly worth the download. Sample Tracks: , Download here Bokida: Original Soundtrack from the Game There are a lot of indie soundtracks this month! Bokida is a bit of an odd game: You can make blocks and essentially make them tumble, but you can also explore the world and see what the game has to offer in its minimalistic direction. This game's OST is a little short at seven tracks, but they fit in with the unusual world of Bokida perfectly. Sample Tracks: Check the bandcamp page. Download here Lumen OST Lumen is another game about a girl trying to wake up, but this is simply from her dreams. This platformer-puzzler involves using a camera to your advantage in this strange dream world. The OST allow sounds very dreamlike and mellow, and this eight track album might suddenly sneak its way into your playlist. Sample Tracks: Check Bandcamp for this one, too. Download here SNES Generation This is certainly a unique album. You'd think that SNES Generation is a tribute to the 16-bit console and its games, but instead Alex Roe remixes tracks from modern games with their 16-bit 'counterparts' to make an interesting and well working mash-up of old and new. It's not just a 16-bit remix of the modern tracks, either, because the original soundsets from the 16-bit games are used, not just their hardware. If it sounds odd, it is, but it's done surprisingly well. Make sure to give the sample tracks a listen! Sample Tracks: , Download here Mega Man Remade Shiryu wasn't the only one celebrating Mega Man's 25th birthday with a remix album, as RushJet1 brings us another remix of the original game's tracks. This particular remix is chiptune-based, meaning it expands a good deal on the original tracks while still keeping in the same spirit. This twenty-four track album is pretty much a must have for chiptune fans... and the sample tracks are even playthroughs of the game with the remixed music in the background! That's pretty neat. Sample Tracks: , Download here POKEP POKEP is an odd thing. This eight track album remixes various Pokemon tracks from various titles, but it was originally just one track by Grimecraft alone. POKEP has since turned into a mixtape of sorts with various artists, and more or less turned into an album of its own. Sample Tracks: , Download here Oldie But Still a Freebie! Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed Thanks a bunch to Ciel for pointing out this album last month! In December of 2012, Theophany brought out Time's End, a remix album of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Thing is, this is more than just a simple album filled with conservatively remixed tracks; every one of this album's ten tracks is lovingly and fantastically remixed to a melancholy and epic high. There should be no reason to not download this fantastic album. Sample Tracks: Download here That's all the free albums for this month! Who knows whether musicians will be even more generous in the holiday month of December, or if they'll be too busy with family to compose some new music... we shall see! Which album is your favorite? Any free album recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!
  5. Here we are, moving steadily closer to the end of the year. The weather's getting colder, and everyone's preparing for the holiday rushes brought on by the new generation of gaming and the general December holiday happenings. While most of us are desperately trying to work through our backlogs, musicians instead hit their computers and instruments, pumping out a ton of free gaming music for us to listen to while fighting the holiday shopping crowds. Scroll on down for eleven completely free albums to add to your MP3 player of choice! Hardcore Adventure Box: World 1 Hardcore Adventure Box is a metal tribute to an event well beloved by Guild Wars 2 players, the Super Adventure Box, and this is the first of four planned albums based off it. The Super Adventure Box had an 8-bit inspired soundtrack, so this remix is a definite upgrade of sorts to the original tracks. Some people may prefer the original, but there's no denying this has a charm of its own. Sample Tracks: You have to check the Bandcamp page! Download here BadAss Boss Themes: Volume II The first of OCRemix's offerings this month is a compilation of heavy metal remixes of boss battle themes. Much like the the first BadAss album, it's all metal all the time, and it may not be to everyone's tastes. However, those that do love heavy metal will find a high-quality gaming album download. Sample Tracks: Download here Haunted House Despite it being the month of Halloween, this album is the only release this month that is even somewhat themed after the holiday. Haunted House is a remake of the thirteenth game of the Touhou series, Touhou Shinreibyou: Ten Desires. The bullet hell series isn't as well known for its soundtrack, but the tracks represented in Haunted House are solid, and remixed in a techno/dance style that's refreshing. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Super Guitar Bros. Super Guitar Bros. is a simple album with a simple premise: Two guys on guitar playing video game music. Given that so many gaming remixes nowadays are high-energy, rockin' or techno filled remixes, the simplicity of just the two playing guitars and nothing else makes for a different type of album to listen to. Sample Tracks: , Download here "Survaillant" Soundtrack [survaillant] is a horror game made in 48 hours for the Asylum Game Jam--since it's free, you can check it out here. The game itself is actually praised for its soundtrack, especially since it was also compiled in 48 hours, and the four track album is available for free as well. So, give the game a try then download the music! Sample Tracks: Check it out within the game! Download here The Hedgehog Initiative: Genesis Oh my... that's quite the album cover. Anyway, The Hedgehog Intiative: Genesis is the first of Belchism's guitar tributes to the blue hedgehog. This first album offers eight guitar covers from the Sonic games of the Genesis era. Unlike Super Guitar Bros., though, these are electric guitar covers, so expect a more 'rock' feeling vibe from these remixes. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp page! Download here Mega Man 3 - Turn of Events Remastered This Mega Man 3 tribute album by Hyde209 was originally created about a year ago. Since then, the musician has gone over all the tracks and remastered them, giving an overall better album in the process. This remixed album takes practically every track from Mega Man 3 and remixes them with a fair amount of techno and rock. If you're looking for more Mega Man tracks to round out your gaming music collection, you can't really go wrong with this somewhat conservative remix. Sample Tracks: The remastered songs are only available on Bandcamp. Download here Free Stuff: Volume 1 The title of this album couldn't align with this article more if it wanted to! Free Stuff Volume 1 is a 10 track album containing, you guessed it, free gaming music. These remixes tend to be a bit more conservative than others on this list, but the tracks are still of good quality, and worth the download. Sample Tracks: Just... check the Bandcamp page. YouTube's scary. Download here Bionic Commando ReMixed: OK, We'll Groove OCRemix is actually bringing us two albums this month, this second one being a 13 track album of remixes from the original Bionic Commando. The series may not have been doing well in recent years, but the original game's soundtrack is still solid, and the various remixers have been giving that soundtrack some loving. Sample Tracks: Gridlock, Download here Asteroid Smash Asteroid Smash is a neat little iPad game that features 4-player multiplayer... on one iPad. It's a very action packed retro-styled game, and the seven track soundtrack also reflects this overall style. These high energy chip tracks are a nice fit with the frantic game. Sample Tracks: Trailer Download here Oldie But Still a Freebie! 2012 VGMC Recordings This month's oldie is actually a very short album--only three tracks! However, I'm sure you have enough albums to listen to for this month, and I don't want to give you a reason to miss out on some awesome work by the Video Game Music Choir! Their name gives away what's unique about them: They're a choir designed around singing video game tracks to the world! That might sound a little odd (since most gaming songs don't really have lyrics), but they do it well, and this album is a perfect sampler of their work. Sample Tracks: Check their YouTube page Download here That's it for October! This month we've gotten a nice spread of genres and games represented, with something even the pickiest audiophile can enjoy. As for next month... will artists be too busy to pump out more free albums for us, or will the season of giving inspire them to make even more? We'll see in November! Which album is your favorite this month? Let me know in the comments below!
  6. I know, it's been rough lately. Last month had only seven gaming music albums to satisfy your thirst for free and great music; it just wasn't enough! It's almost as if the composers are getting tired! Unfortunately, this month isn't looking to be better... with seven more free albums, will it really be enough to last through July? Well, given the quality, it certainly will! This month features a wide variety of tracks that are bursting from the seams given their track count... heck, they don't sound half bad, either! Let's dive into the six new (and one old) albums that were released this June. Perfection. Original Soundtrack Perfection. is a simple mobile game that involves cutting shapes down into... well, another shape. It's a very relaxing and addicting puzzle game, and the soundtrack helps to reflect that. All of the tracks (minus the two bonus ones) are very soothing, so if you need something to chill out to, this album is for you. Download here Sample Tracks: Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord OST The original Tiny Barbarian was a free indie game with a retro fell and a pretty steep difficulty curve. Now, a bit of time and a Kickstarter later, Tiny Barbarian DX has been released, an episodic sequel to the fun original. The Serpent Lord OST is an album of the tracks from the first episode of the new game, and as expected is fill of hard rocking chiptunes. Download here Sample Tracks: Mighty Switch Force 2 Official Soundtrack Those into the game music scene know the name Jake Kaufman, or at least the man by his username "virt." Very much a fan favorite, he has composed the soundtracks of many of WayForward's games... and Mighty Switch Force 2 was no exception. This soundtrack continues the original's tradition of quirky, high-energy tracks that meld perfectly with the game and with your playlist. (Editor's note: Seriously, this album is fantastic. Definitely give it a listen! - Jason C.) Download here Sample Tracks: , Sonic After the Sequel Original Soundtrack Many fans may still think that Sonic Team is going the wrong way with the blue hedgehog, but with a strong community of people that make quality Sonic fans games and ROM hacks, fans don't have to look too far for some new classic Sonic goodness. Sonic: After the Sequel is a fan game that takes place, you guessed it, after Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and attempts to explain some of the events that happened in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The soundtrack, as you would expect, is composed of all new tracks with that classic Sonic feel in mind, so if you're looking for something that sounds like the old Sonic tunes but is completely new, then this is worth a download. Download here Sample Tracks: Fist Puncher Soundtrack Fist Puncher is another Kickstarter success... but it's not quite released yet. This old-school inspired brawler is still in its alpha state, but that doesn't stop its soundtrack from being complete and free to listen to! These twelve tracks fit the brawling game nicely, with tense tracks that will get the blood flowing. Download here Sample Tracks: You'll have to go to the download link! Banjo Kazooie Beta's This is... kind of a weird album. Kirk Granthope found some betas of some of the tracks he was writing for... and just decided to release them. Not even he knows what the tracks were for (at least the ones that aren't recognizable), or even why some are named the way they are. Regardless, they're all there to download and listen to. It's pretty interesting to see how Granthope's music develops, in the least. Download here Sample Tracks: You have to check the Bandcamp page! Oldie but Still a Freebie! Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run 2011 was the Metroid series' 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, the series didn't give much love to the famous bounty hunter and her exploits... thankfully, fans did. Composers got together and created Harmony of a Hunter, filled with remixes of tracks from the Metroid series. About a year later, the 101% Run was released, a bit of an 'expansion' of the first, offering some new tracks on previously forgotten tracks. If you're a Metroid fan, this album is part of a perfect collection. Download here Sample Tracks: , That's all for June's free albums! There seem to be a few regulars missing (though understandable after Shiryu's massive release last month), but hopefully the summer will inspire more musicians to create some gaming music for us all to enjoy! Which album was your favorite? Any remixes or musicians you're hoping to see in July? Let me know in the comments below!
  7. Welcome to another round of awesome, and free gaming music! I know it's been a long time since your last video game album fix, but don't worry, you made it. It's time for the monthly overview of awesome gaming albums... that are completely and utterly free! Unfortunately, this month is a bit sparse on the releases... and as you'll see, the majority of it has a distinct theme in mind. But don't fret! It's all great... and free! You can also check out some of the earlier months' entries to see if you missed anything. ...So with that, let's dive in this month's audio offerings! Best of Hyde209 Vol. 2 Hyde209, as you might guess, is a username. It's also the username of an accomplished remixer. Hyde209 has been in the hobby of making gaming remixes for quite a while, if his YouTube page is anything to show for it. This album is a compilation of some of his best works, all nice and easy to download in one place. He has a variety of remixes in terms of style, so the tracks on there are bound to please everyone. You can check out Vol. 1 as well! Sample Tracks: , Download here Princess of Eternity EP Princess of Eternity EP is a small track, but one to excite Touhou fans. These four tracks are all a remix of the track Septette for a Dead Princess in The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. More specifically, it's two vocal remixes of the track, and then the tracks with only the instrumentals. It's not a large album by any means, but is still worth that click! Sample Tracks: You can check the download site for SoundCloud samples. Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Vol. 1 - Age of SNES And so it begins. Early in the month, Shiryu released this album. F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 1 takes a bunch of tracks from the SNES F-Zero game and gives them a fine and loving remix. F-Zero's tracks are pretty good on their own, but the remixes give them a new life... and the 'Volume 1' in the title should let you know that there's more to come. Sample Tracks: Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 2 - Age of N64 Luckily, Shiryu wasn't going to make us wait a whole month for some more F-Zero remixes. The second volume in this F-Zero collection focuses on the N64 entry to the racing series. This volume is also done in a different style, as well... these twelve tracks are chiptunes. That's especially good considering the series itself reuses a lot of its music! Sample Tracks: Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 3 - Age of GBA Yes, that's right... that's not all the F-Zero you'll get this month! As you can see, Volume 3 of this massive F-Zero project features the GBA entry into the Nintendo franchise. This one is the largest yet at fifteen tracks. They're done in the same style as Volume 1, but all these tracks are unique, so no need to worry about duplicates! Sample Tracks: Download here F-Zero Go Fast! Volume 4 - Age of GC Just before the end of the month, Shiryu finishes off this F-Zero project. The final Volume, Age of GC, features the final GameCube entry to the F-Zero series. This album is the smallest, and also the least focused--there are chiptunes and 'redux' mixes alike, as well as secondary remixes to a few of the more popular tracks. It's still a great album, though, and well worth the download to complete the collection! Sample Tracks: Download here Oldie but Still a Freebie! Mega Man 9: Back in Blue There wasn't an OCRemix album this month, which is a shame... but that gives us a chance to look back at some of their older works! Mega Man 9: Back in Blue is a tribute album to, you guessed it, Mega Man 9. These eighteen tracks spread across two discs are a fitting tribute to the ninth entry of the series, which is lauded for its fantastic soundtrack. Go ahead and give this release a download! Sample Tracks: , Download here That's it for May's offerings to the free gaming music cause. It's a bit more sparse than the past couple of months, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad month--quite the opposite! Enjoy your overload of F-Zero until next month! Which gaming album is your favorite? Any albums I missed, or single tracks you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!
  8. I know you've been counting the days until the end of the month. "I need my fix!", you proclaimed loudly at the Game Podunk homepage. "Where is it!? It's been a whole month already!" Well, worry no more. I've come to help you. It's hard waiting a whole month for your monthly music fix, but don't worry... you've made it. That's right, April is over, and that means twelve new albums (and one old) to download and get your music mojo on! April had two particular themes going on, actually: Love for Sonic and awesome mainstream composers giving their hit tracks out for free. Even so, though, it's a great month to be a gaming music fan! If you need even more gaming music, check out these posts for releases earlier in the year. Now grab your headphones and click away! Banjo Kazooie Complete Game Soundtrack Grant Kirkhope is a generous man. Over the past month, he has released three of his albums from Rare games into the wild, free for everyone to download. This is the first. The Banjo Kazooie soundtrack gives us 17 tracks of the iconic music. It may have been a while since you've played the game, but this album might give you the urge to give the N64 game another go! Download here Sample Tracks: , Banjo Tooie CD Soundtrack The second of Kirkhope's gifts to us this month is, unsurprisingly, the soundtrack to Banjo Tooie. Being Banjo-Kazooie's sequel, we can expect more of great sounds from the original in this 14 track compilation. It's almost as if Kirkhope wants us to delve into these classics again! Download here Sample Tracks: Perfect Dark Dual CD Soundtrack The final of Kirkhope's releases April comes to us on the final day... it's almost like a farewell to a month of fantastic music releases! These Perfect Dark tracks, while no longer on a CD, are sure to give fans another great Rare-flavored nostalgia trip. Download here Sample Tracks: , The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 Of all the Sonic album you're about the see, this one is the most massive. The year-long efforts of a entire community of Sega fans, The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 is a gigantic album that is essentially the group's love letter to the company. While the 157 tracks are mostly Sonic remixes, other Sega franchises are represented as well, such as Ristar and NiGHTS. If you're looking for only one album this month (why would you?), this is the best bang for your download. Download here Sample Tracks: , Sonic Classic 2: Original Soundtrack Before we get started, it's worth noting that Sonic Classic 2 isn't the name of the album: It's the name of a Sonic fan game. As you might expect from the name, Sonic Classic 2 is more in the vein of the classic Genesis games, and this 32 track album helps reflect that image. For those aching for some classic Sonic sounds that are, at the same time, new and unique, look no further than this album. Download here Sample Tracks: , Blue Skies, Green Hills Musicians sure have a love for Sonic this month, don't they? This 10 track tribute album takes tracks from Sonic games across many years, and the remixes are made by a variety of artists... heck, there's even a hip-hop track in there! If you're looking for some Sonic remixes that are a little more offbeat, give this a listen. Download here Sample Tracks: Second Adventure, Everything Was Green Biohazard EP Don't get too excited, Resident Evil fans; this isn't a remix of tracks from the survivor horror series... rather, it's (yet another) Sonic album! This four track album is a bit... weird, though. While the first two tracks are DjjD's original works, the second two are remixes of the Chemical Plant music from Sonic 2. Very short, but sweet. Download here Sample Tracks: Check the download page! Mayhem Triple Official Soundtrack Mayhem Triple is an odd game... apparently one about bunny invaders. I'm not quite sure what to think of the game itself... but the soundtrack is top notch. Mr. Podunkian (Editor's note: Hey, nice name!) said that he was inspired musically by another game of a similar vein: Earth Defense Force 2017. If that isn't making you frantically clicking the download link, I'm not sure what will. Download here Sample Tracks: The blog post has playable links to all the tracks; check the download link! The Adventures of Dash Advance Preview EP The Adventures of Dash isn't quite out yet, but Danny Baranowsky (well known for his work on the Super Meat Boy soundtrack) decided to share some of the music from this game ahead of time! The music seems to encompass a happy, cheerful game... and carries Baranowsky's awesome and unique signature. What a great way to build hype for the game! Download here Sample Tracks: Check the download link! Complete Composer Edition of Kameo: Elements of Power While Kirk Granthope shared three albums of his work this month, he wasn't the only mainstream artist to share his work for free this month. Ex-Rare composer Steve Burke also shared one of his works this month--the complete edition to the Xbox game Kameo: Elements of Power. Yet another generous gift from a more mainstream musician! Download here Sample Tracks: The file names are a little funky, so I had trouble finding the right matchups. Give it a download! Mystery Gift: An Original Pokemon Tribute This album isn't a remix or re-imagining of some of Pokemon's tracks; rather, it's a tribute to the series using original tracks they convey what the musician feels about the series at hand. Sounds a bit like musical art interpretation, right? Anyway, this eight track album certainly sounds like it came out out of a Pokemon game... any Pokemon fan should give it a download. Download here Sample Tracks: Another bandcamp album, another time to tell you to click the download link! Fire Emblem: War Memories Shiryu pumps out a gaming album almost every month... a very impressive feat seeing as he's only one man! This month he gives us a massive tribute to the Fire Emblem series. Shiryu covers tracks in both the newer and older games, and is a great listen for any Fire Emblem fan. It's also worth noting that this album's pretty big--spanning all the games, it round out at 30 tracks. That's a lot of listening potential! Download here Sample Tracks: Oldie But Still a Freebie The Legend of Zelda: The Essence of Lime This month's oldie as actually quite old, at least by internet standards; this Oracles of Ages remix album came out way back in June of 2010. This project had one goal in mind: Showing the world how awesome the Game Boy Color game's music was, and doing so with imaginings by various artists for many of Oracle of Ages' tracks. This shows in the 42 tracks that The Essence of Lime spans. Whether you played the original game or not, this is worth a listen just by the quality of the tracks alone. Download here Sample Tracks: That's all for April's musical offerings. Despite the general overload of Sonic, there's quite a bit of variety (and nostalgia!) hidden away in these albums. There's something for most fans to find here. Which albums are your favorite? Any singles you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!
  9. Jason Clement

    Best in 2013 Video Game Music

    I thought I'd start a thread where we can all share some of the best music we've heard in video games this year (2013). Perhaps I'll archive this into a list later if it gets big enough, but for now, feel free to share any outstanding music tracks you've heard so far in 2013. Oh, and try to avoid any music tracks with spoilerish titles and the like as well (or at least put them in a spoiler tag). I'll start off with a few ones that I really like from Fire Emblem Awakening and Etrian Odyssey 4. http://youtu.be/X6qJ7hJwzE0 Fire Emblem Awakening - Duty (Ablaze) I've said it before and I'll say it again - recent Fire Emblem games have been known for some great music but this is one of the coolest tracks I've heard recently and I could listen to it probably forever. Fire Emblem Awakening - Battle Theme of Final Chapter This is one of the most unique tracks I've heard for a final battle due to its usage of an accordion, but the end result sounds amazing. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan - Lush Woodlands (Extended) This is the music from the first dungeon area in the game and I have to say that it's a surprisingly beautiful melody for that kind of environment, lol. Then again it is the "Lush" Woodlands, so yeah. Anyhow, the song kinda reminds me of a fancy hotel or soap opera or something. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan - The Burning Crimson Sword Dances (Boss Theme) A pretty epic boss theme; gets me pumped for the battle every time. Make sure you listen to 0:46 - that's when the main part begins.
  10. So, you love video game music. Who doesn't? It's especially great when you can get it for free! Imagine, being able to own some of your favorite gaming tunes, remixes, and interpretations legally for free... sounds awesome, doesn't it? However, where can you find these generous offerings by talented musicians with the Internet being so vast? Right here, of course! Every month I'll go over all the free gaming albums released, giving you an easy way to click, download, and listen to some great music! This month is especially full of some varied and great music... so let's get started. Corporeal This first album is a set of four tracks from the game Sound Shapes. The game was originally released last year for the Vita and PlayStation 3, and is a platformer with a strong focus on its audio and how you can interact with it. That said, Jim Guthrie states on the Bandcamp page that, "These mixes are merely suggested servings and if you'd like to remix then please pickup Sound Shapes for PS3 or PS Vita." However, these mixes sound good enough to me! Sample Tracks: You'll have to check the download link! Download Here Holy Whiplash - A Castlevania Tribute There's something I really like about The Plasmas. Perhaps it's their rock tributes of some awesome tracks... or maybe it's just that they give their (what must be time-consuming) music away for free. Whatever it is, Holy Whiplash is a great compilation of remixed Castlevania tracks. Castlevania just always sounds... right in a rock genre form, so this eighteen track album is sure to strike the right chord. Sample Tracks: , Download Here Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute About once a month, OCRemix releases an official album featuring a bunch of remixes based on a certain game or series. They skipped February, but this month we get a nice, meaty album based off of Kirby Super Star. I always found Kirby music whimsical and fun to listen too, and this album doesn't fail to deliver awesome and varied remixes to the SNES game's soundtrack. If you like Kirby, OCRemix, or both, give it a download! Sample Tracks: , Download Here Boy Without a Fairy There's nothing wrong with hip-hop. Just look at Boy Without a Fairy, Dr. Awkward's lyrical tribute to The Ocarina of Time. This album mixes some of Ocarina of Time's most memorable tracks with some nerdcore rap flavor, making for an odd, but intriguing tribute. Sample Track: Download Here Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington - Music from the Video Game Whew, that's a long title! It's also one that makes my job easy, since there's no question as to what this album is about. It may not be the entirety of Assassin's Creed III's soundtrack, but it's always nice to have some of it! The Facebook for Assassin's Creed III in Spain posted the link to this DLC soundtrack... but they ended up getting the link wrong, so it had to be modified slightly to work, which I've included here. Sample Tracks: , Download Here Ledjent of Zelda Two Legend of Zelda tracks in one month? We're being spoiled! Anyway, if you look at Ledjent of Zelda's album cover, you can probably figure out what this is: A metal cover of some of The Legend of Zelda's tracks. There are only four tracks, but they are long and rockin' the whole time. If you like metal, Mega Beardo's offering is for you. Sample Tracks: The bandcamp page is the only place with the complete tracks. Download Here Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation I've never played the Deus Ex games, so I never knew they really have a soundtrack people would want to remix. However, some musicians over at OCRemix decided to show me what's up. Yes, that's right, another OCRemix project! Anyway, this four track album gives you some great remixes... if you can figure out how to download it! Sample Tracks: Go to the Facebook pages for the previews! Download Here - Okay, this one's complicated. First, you need a Facebook account. When you can get to the page, you have to right click the cart icon on each track individually and select 'Save Link As...' to get the tracks. Mega Man X - The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012 Did you know that the tracks from the Mega Man X series can be mashed well together? Neither did I, but DarkSworde and the OCRemix forum force show us what's up. In actuality, this isn't the first time this mash-up remix battle has been done, either; this was also done back in 2010, and included in OCRemix's Mega Man X tribute album. This fifty-three track album includes all of the entries, from first to last place, so you'll have a lot of interesting mash-ups to listen to! Sample Tracks: , Download Here AlterEgo DreamWalker OST AlterEgo: DreamWalker is the sequel to the mobile game AlterEgo, which in turn is inspired by the 1986 game called Alter Ego. Whew! Anyway, the newer games sport a retro aesthetic and neat gameplay mechanics... but how does that reflect on the soundtrack? It has a neat chiptune sound, but still modernized and great sounding. Even if you don't plan on playing the game, give the OST a listen! Sample Track: Download Here Ahoge Chanbara Original Soundtrack Sometimes, when looking through gaming soundtracks, you can learn of a game that you've never heard of before... and that ended up being the case with me and Ahoge Chanbara. It's a very... Japanese mobile release, involving cute chibi girls beating each other up with their crazy hair styles. You can even earn points and upgrade to more powerful, eccentric hair styles. Seriously... and this is the game's soundtrack. It's cutesy and fitting for the game, so go ahead and give a listen. Sample Tracks: Sorry, you'll have to go to the Bandcamp page. Download Here Remixing With the Stars: Season 1 What's this? Not one, not two, not even three... but FOUR OCRemix related releases in one month? This is crazy! Anyway, MindWanderer's Remixing With the Stars is a very interesting concept for the OCRemix forums. Basically, new remixers could team up with OCR veterans to remix gaming tracks, learning from their mentors and eventually ending in a 'season finale' where the newbies would remix a previous track all by themselves and show off what they learned. This album is the accumulation of all of the first season, so it's full of some new faces and remixes! Sample Tracks: Download only; no samples, sorry! Download Here Mass Effectively While he can't keep up with the output of a huge group of remixers, Shiryu puts out albums about as often as OCRemix puts out official albums... that's quite a feat considering he's one man! This month Shiryu created a tribute album to the Mass Effect series. Shiryu has a bit of an odd musical style at times, but if you love Mass Effect odds are you'll love this offering. Sample Track: Download Here Oldie But Still a Freebie! NES Jams That's right! From now on, not only will I go over all the free releases of the month, but I also will be highlighting an older free album to show off. Why? Because even though they aren't the newest releases, they still deserve some love! NES Jams is a very interesting album. Creator Shnabubula mixes NES tracks with the piano, and it works to amazing results. These eleven tracks are all top notch creations, masterfully and lovingly melding the two very different sounds together. If you don't download this now, you're missing out! Sample Tracks: Temple (Zelda 2), Gemini Man Download Here That's all for this month... thirteen great albums that vary from retro to rocking. The best part? There will be more come the end of April! If you need more, though, you can always check out my earlier entry, and I'll see you next month! Which albums do you like best? Any I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
  11. So, everyone loves music... and of course, everyone loves free music. And do you know what's even better than that? Free video game music! But where do you even start looking for the elusive free music? Many people would go to a torrent site and download them because you can find almost every album imaginable. When you get into the realm of piracy, though, you walk a fine line filled with legal and moral grey areas and viruses. But worry not, for there is a place you can go to find legitimate and free gaming music... and that place is right here! Every month, I'll be bringing you all the free gaming albums for you to download and enjoy. For this first installment, I'll be bringing you both January's and February's free albums right to your monitor. Ready to get some new music in that playlist? Get your mouse and headphones ready... for here comes the musical deluge! Apex 2013: Straight to the Top About once a month, OCRemix comes out with a gaming oriented album for gamers to have more gaming music goodness. Though they did not release an album in February, their first album of the year is in honor of Apex 2013. Apex is a yearly fighting game tournament where many get together and duke it out (and also play Pokemon for some reason). The album's eleven remixed tracks all come from games that were played during the tournament. Sample Tracks: , Download here Elite: Mostly Harmless Shiryu is quite the impressive musician; the rate he comes out with new music is downright scary. The best part is that it's all free, too! This is one of his one of his tribute albums, to the game Elite. If you haven't heard of it, don't feel bad (I hadn't either); it's a very old computer game, created in 1984 that practically pretty much created the space sim genre. It's nice seeing someone pay tribute to such a piece of gaming history. Sample Tracks: , Download here Moogle's Flute This remix album is a little special. A woman that goes by the game 'Lauren the Flute' has, you guessed it, created a cover album with her flute. Despite the name, the six-track album does have more than just Final Fantasy; there are Suikoden and Terranigma tracks as well. Check it out if you're interested in flute music! Sample Tracks: , Download here Kingdoms of Amalur Boss Pieces with Endings A year or so back, Grant Kirkhope released the Kingdoms of Amalur Original Soundtrack in both physical and digital forms. The complete soundtrack is not free... however, this little add-on soundtrack is free for all. Basically, this is a compilation of the boss tracks from the game; however, instead of the tracks fading out like on the original soundtrack, they have actual endings. Not a big difference, but it allows everyone to own a little of Amalur's great soundtrack. Sample Tracks: Check the Bandcamp link below. Download here Chrono Ark: Original Soundtrack Chrono Ark is a little hard to consider a game. Chrono Ark originally started as a fan game to continue Chrono Trigger's and Chrono Cross's story, but ultimately failed (and took most information about the game with it). However, Alex Roe has released the soundtrack to this never-to-be game, a whopping 100 track collection. It's a great listen too, with a great orchestral sound with remixes of the Chrono series as well has original tracks. Sample Tracks: , Download here White Materia: Final Fantasy VII Mashups White Materia is certainly a... different album. Then again, most mashups are. If you don't know, a mashup is basically when someone takes two songs and throws them together until they sound good. However, Mega Ran doesn't actually take the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII and smash it together with other tracks; instead, he takes two popular tracks and mixes them together in a way so that they're tributes to the game's various themes and characters. An odd choice to be sure, but it makes for something very fresh. Sample Track: Download here Street Fighter X Mega Man X-tended Vol. 1 The sole free album released in February, A_Rival brings us the first in a series of Street Fighter X Mega Man extended tracks. While the offering is a meager four tracks, it consists of tracks not in the original soundtrack as well as a remix of Ryu's theme. A nice supplement to the original (also free) offering. Sample Track: Ryu's Theme (Super Square Remix) Download here That's it for this month... or rather, the past two months. I can only hope March will be more productive for the generous musicians that give their music for free than it was in February. See you again in April! Which albums were your favorites? Any albums I missed? Did you enjoy this piece? Let me know in the comments below!