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  1. Happy 4th of July, gamers! Or... You know, whatever day it is, for those of you not watching this on Independence Day. As gamers, what better way to celebrate the day of America's independence than with independent games? We've seen tons of indies since last year's day of independence, from that one people won't shut up about to a few that perhaps you don't even know about. So join us at Game Podunk as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Indie Games of the Past Year. Do you agree with our list? What indie games released after last Independence Day would YOU throw on this list? Be sure to tell us down below. Have an idea for a list you'd like to see us use? Leave that below as well, and we might just pick it up. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel, of course.
  2. Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code, a game with a name that sounds a bit on the random side, is a unique sort of fighting game. But is it any good? Or should you take a pass on this anime-style fighting game and just go back to playing Guilty Gear or BlazBlue? Travis Stywall has the verdict in his video review; check it out! Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube so we have an excuse to keep making videos! And be sure to check out Travis' channel as well.
  3. Jordan Haygood

    True (8-Bit Remix) | Silent Hill 2 x NES

    Here is an 8-bit version of "True" from Silent Hill 2. Basically, this is what the song might sound like if Silent Hill 2 were released for the NES. Note: The images used are from the Silent Hill 2 demake known as Soundless Mountain II (right image) and a cover of PlayStation Magazine (part of left image). What video game song would you like me to make an 8-bit version of?
  4. Here is an 8-bit version of Theme of Laura (otherwise known as the opening theme) from Silent Hill 2. Basically, it's what the song might sound like if Silent Hill 2 were released for the NES. Note: The images used are from the Silent Hill 2 demake known as Soundless Mountain II (right image) and a cover of PlayStation Magazine (part of left image). What video game song would you like me to make an 8-bit version of?
  5. Here is an 8-bit version of Cool, Cool Mountain / Snowman's Land (aka "Snow Mountain") from Super Mario 64. Basically, it's what the song would sound like if Super Mario 64 were released for the NES. What video game song would you like me to make an 8-bit version of?
  6. If you haven't heard yet, Youtube will be rolling out a subscription service for $9.99 soon. Basically, you get the following with it- No ads Lets you download videos Lets you play a video in the background while running another app (if you're on your smartphone). Original exclusive content (but we'll see how that does) Meanwhile, everything that was previously free still remains free (just with ads). Honestly, I don't see the value in it yet. Until it gets some high-profile exclusive stuff (like Netflix and Amazon puts out), I don't see it taking off. I mean, ads are annoying, sure, but 9 times out of 10 I bet that you'd rather watch a 30 second ad if it means watching for free versus paying $10 a month, right? Anyhow, what do you guys think of the subscription service? Would you pay for it, and do you think it has a chance to succeed?
  7. Here is an 8-bit version of Dire, Dire Docks / Jolly Roger Bay (aka "The Water Theme") from Super Mario 64. Basically, it's what the song would sound like if Super Mario 64 were released for the NES. What video game song would you like me to make an 8-bit version of?
  8. For our first video game remix, here is an 8-bit version of Bob-omb Battlefield for Super Mario 64. Basically, it's what the song would sound like if Super Mario 64 were released for the NES. What video game song would you like me to make an 8-bit version of?
  9. E3 is upon us, guys! How would you like to win a Pac-Man amiibo to celebrate? Watch the video to find out how: Remember, there are now four ways to place an entry into the hat, so make sure you take advantage of all four! There is only one winner, and the giveaway ends next Friday (June 26th) Friday, July 3rd, so you'd better get your entries in soon. Good luck!
  10. Batman: Arkham Knight has a rotten version, Bungie makes some silly decisions, a Fallout fan spends his bottle caps, and more, right here on The Weekly Podunk! This episode is for the week of June 21st - 27th, 2015.
  11. E3 2015 took place recently, as most of you know. So hey, let's recap it! For our very first episode of The Weekly Podunk, a news show where we recap gaming news from the week before, we will be recapping E3 2015, which took place during the week prior to this episode's uploading. Enjoy! Song used in video: "Chiptune Does Dubstep" by TeknoAXE
  12. Do you like amiibos? How would you like to win the ultra-rare Captain Falcon amiibo? Watch this video to find out how: Remember, there are three ways to place an entry into the hat, so make sure you take advantage of all three! There is only one winner, and the giveaway ends next Friday (June 5th), so you'd better get your entries in soon. Good luck!
  13. Jordan Haygood

    Top 10 Mario Spin-Off Games

    The great Mario…uh…Mario? Is that his last name? Or is his first name Super and his last name Mario? Whatever his full name is, he“s pretty darn famous, wouldn“t you say? Starring in all sorts of games spanning more genres than you would expect from a plumber, Mario has certainly been around the block. Now let“s all forget about the main Mario series for the time being and focus on the others, by which I mean the tons of spin-off titles the franchise has seen over the years. More specifically, let us at Game Podunk share with you what we consider to be the Top 10 Mario Spin-Off Games. Enjoy! Do you agree with our list? What are YOUR favorite Mario spin-off games? Let us know down below. Have an idea you'd like to see us use? Leave that down there as well and we might just pick it up. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel, of course.
  14. Do you like amiibos? How would you like to win the ultra-rare Little Mac amiibo? Watch this video to find out how: Remember, there are three ways to place an entry into the hat, so make sure you take advantage of all three! There is only one winner, and the giveaway ends this Friday (April 17th), so you'd better get your entries in soon. Good luck! Update: The deadline has been extended until Monday the 27th. Here's the video announcing that: Update #2: Ladies and gentlemen, a winner has been chosen: Congratulations!
  15. Recently, I had a chance to sit down and pick the brain of up-and-coming YouTuber Rumandapples of the Rumandapples Show. You can follow him on Twitter (@everythingisrum) and on YouTube. I first met Rum when I worked at Gamestop; he was an honest customer who wanted to speak to an honest employee. I stepped-up and the rest is history, and ever since I have been tuning into his shows. He probably doesn't remember this, but it happened—I promise. "Back in the day being a gamer meant you were a social outcast and gamers came together to avoid judgment, to enjoy something collectively with others. Now it seems that gamers are the ones casting judgment over others." Ciel: So let's begin by having you tell me who Rum is, that is to say what motivates the Rumandapples Show? What is it all about? Rum: The Rumandapples Show was originally a one time deal. Due to people becoming interested in the show I realized I should press forward with it. It continues to evolve as I do along with it. My motivation is basic and unexciting, to be quite honest; I enjoy talking about video games and giving my honest opinion. I give my honest outlook on the gaming industry, community and the games we play. I never wanted to be the guy with a million subscribers or fans with nothing to say. I only want to be myself. It is very boring, I know. Ciel: Your honesty is something I have always liked about your show; its why I listen to it in the first place. It never comes off as whining or entitled. A lot of broadcasters have this problem. How do you manage to stay objective and level-headed despite the general disappointment you may feel toward a particular product, company, and so forth? Now I say listen because unlike a lot of broadcasters you refuse to "show" yourself—which we will get into later, I promise. Rum: How I stay objective is that I try to look at things from multiple perspectives not just mine. Not sounding whiny or entitled is pretty easy. I do not put all my stock into video games it is a very small part of my life that I have been very blessed with being able to reach people who enjoy my thoughts and opinions. Yes it is not easy to covey disappointment without sounding like a cry-baby, but it really comes down to having a good reason why you do not like something. Ciel: And I think that's it. Your videos, that is to say your opinions, seem less driven by impulse. You do not rush to make a video, get hits, and move on. So I'm wondering what the process is like for you then in regards to writing and preforming for your show. Rum: I refuse to show myself simply because my personal life is no one's business. That is not said in malice. Besides, does what I look like have any actual impact on what I say? No, it does not. My videos are not made on impulsive decisions. I take lots of time to look over a new game or something happening in the industry, it really comes down to what I have to say and do. I think this provides validity and substance not just for me, but for others as well. Ciel: Now I know you have an opinion on those that do show their face. And I have to ask, what is it? Putting you on the spot here. In other words, how do you feel about people who show themselves? I am under the impression that they rely more on their 'presence' as stars or whatever rather than the content they present. To me, showing yourself allows you to be lazy. Rum: I think for some people the way they convey themselves is from a more visual presentation standpoint, others will use their so called "silly" or the tired-ass 'random' aspect to draw in people. This way of doing things does not contain substance; it is all just flash-in-the-pan nonsense that people lose interest in over time. I try to keep my focus on what I am doing and where I can go next in the years to come. Ciel: Before I touch on a question raised there, I want to address an issue you're always talking about as I think in some way, it ties into this whole YouTube, media phenomenon. In Episode 48 (look at me, doing my research) you briefly talked about your love/hate relationship with gaming. And I'm right there with you. So I have two questions. What is by your lights a bigger issue: games or those who play them? It seems like a happy Rum is a sort of rare thing and you are always somewhat disappointed in either a company for ethical reasons or disappointed in a game for a variety of reasons. So what is it that keeps you coming back—that gives you hope that gaming can get better? Certainly neither of us would complain about something if we did not care about it. I guess the bigger question I'm asking is: why do you care? Other than of course, it being an interest of yours (because ultimately you stand to lose only a hobby). "Hah! Nintendo most likely would hate my show and me. I think any company would hate someone like me..." Rum: The issue is both inside the games that companies are putting out these days and the gamers who play them. When it comes to the games we get, you can just look at the laundry list of remasters, remakes, constant franchising where it is not needed. Additionally companies give us games that look great but lack anything worth replaying a second time. With gamers I think we just need to readjust our attitude towards others in general. Back in the day, being a gamer meant you were a social outcast and gamers came together to avoid judgment, to enjoy something collectively with others. Now it seems that gamers are the ones casting judgment over others. There is no simple solution to the problems in gaming. We as consumers need to remain critical in order to get the best possible game that $60 can buy. Anyone who has a job or has real bills to pay understands my feelings. Gaming companies need to stop treating gamers like wallets with legs but that cannot happen unless we respond to companies and not buy into their horses**t they call advertisement. What keeps me coming back to gaming is hope. I hope that gaming gets better. I do not think what I say or my opinion is going to change anyone“s mind, but at the least it might help them see a different side of the sphere and maybe look into it for themselves To answer your other question on whether me being happy about a game is rare, you're right—it is rare when I am satisfied with a product. Maybe I am getting old or maybe I just look at the bigger picture differently. Gaming could make me happy if people stopped buying into hype. If people and companies stopped this day 1 DLC nonsense. The overblown amount of money companies spend to promote a game is notworth half that much, etc.. Ciel: On that note, do you care to join me in a moment of complaint over the new and 'free' Battlefront DLC? I am not sure if you have heard but players will be getting 'free' DLC a month after Battlefront launches. This DLC is the planet from the new film... which... also comes out a month after the game. Meaning this 'free' DLC that they are using to help promote the game and themselves is already made—and probably already on the disc— and is only being given to gamers a month later as to avoid spoilers for the film. I am sure "space battles" will be paid DLC as part of the premium package battlepack-ghost protocol-grabbag that you can only get if you pre-order the game and the season pass. "Gaming companies need to stop treating gamers like wallets with legs, but that cannot happen unless we respond to companies and not buy into their horses**t..." Rum: The free DLC is nothing more than lackluster way to promote the movie that most people who buy Battlefront are likely to see anyways. The game is not going to drive people to theaters at least it won't for me. It would not surprise me one bit to see a paid DLC option to gain access to full fledged space battles that used to be free in previous installments. Ciel: Speaking of potentially stupid company moves. Where do you stand on the whole YouTube/Nintendo debate? I made a blog post about it that ended rather inconclusively, and my primary concern was the hypocrisy of the whole "greed argument" and YouTubers calling out "greedy Nintendo" when in fact them not being able to post Nintendo videos results in less hits, less views, and ultimately less money. So the greedy guy is calling out the greedy guy and the whole thing confuses me to no end. Rum: I can understand the “greed argument†to a degree, and while Nintendo should of at the least adjusted their stance on YouTubers using their games to make their own content, I think that it is kind of sad Nintendo does not see the obvious assistance that free promotion, via YouTubers, can provide. This could make sales for their products go up considering all the money issues and commercial failures Nintendo has been having. Nintendo is an odd one to say the least. Ciel: I mean, I am sure you can talk about Nintendo; you just cannot show Nintendo products. YouTubers assume that the only way to 'advertise' a product or talking about it is to 'show it.' See what I mean? Lazy. But hey, I will digress so we do not linger here. I am pretty sure Nintendo would have no problem with your show. Rum: Hah! Nintendo most likely would hate my show and me. I think any company would hate someone like me due to the fact that I am a very hard apple to please when it comes to video games. But I talk about Nintendo all the time on my show and I do not require Nintendo footage to do so. A lot of people tend to follow trends or look at what they know is successful and that“s not the way to go. You have to be yourself and enjoy what you do; people pick up on bulls**t they can sense it. Ciel: What is Rum's favorite game? Do you prefer to talk about products you like or things you dislike? There always seems to be this undertone to your videos that is trying to steer gamers away from their habits. Habits of which have made me cringe when people call me a 'gamer.' Habits that make me say, "I play video games—a lot, probably more than a 'gamer.' But, I am not a gamer." Your show advocates for a sort of image change if you will, but nothing that is too overbearing to the point of being paternal. Do you feel like it is more effective to discuss what is wrong with gaming or what is good about it? Rum: To pick one game as my favorite is unfair to some great games out there. I enjoy retro titles like Flight of The Amazon Queen, Full Throttle, Contra and the like. When it comes to current games today? The picking is very slim but I can say that Sunset Overdrive is something I can manage to enjoy because it is pretty much human pinball with guns. Oh, and Payday 2. I do not intentionally try to talk about all the negatives in gaming but they are very apparent and I feel many of the topics I talk about are ones others do not care to discuss. The last thing I want to come off as is paternal. I think the audience I have enjoys me picking at the things gamers do that make us all look like jackasses. When it comes to effectiveness it is a mix bag really. All in all, I always go by the formula of my honest opinion because whether someone agrees or not they will appreciate and respect the honesty you put into it. Ciel: Do you feel that the reason people do not discuss the topics you do (or even in the way that you do) is because they have a larger audience to lose? Most people start on a gimmick and fail to deviate. The apple cores of the world—the apple nation if you will—is no doubt growing and I think that is because you have a human presence that most 'educated' gamers are able to relate to, are able to have meaningful discussion with. You certainly provide some type of insight and your videos generate a decent amount of thought. Understanding this, what does the future of the show look like? Do you envision a large Rum and Apples website where apple-cores can get together or are you more inclined to leave their discussions to YouTube, Twitter, etc.? Rum: I am sure with some very successful YouTubers that have cultivated a certain gimmick they cannot deviate from because they will lose subscribers but that is their own fault. They decided to convey themselves with an on-screen persona that does not allow them to touch on certain topics. My thought was always f**k a gimmick, why bother? It is just a character; it is not really yourself. If people like or dislike me, let them do it because of my real thoughts and opinions not something I doctor up because it will get me views. I love my apple cores; they are not only vocal and opinionated, but they are very intelligent to boot and I don't say that to make myself feel good; it is just a fact like the sky on Earth is blue. They tell me when they disagree, when they agree, and what they feel. It is good to inspire discussion and debate about the things we love in a neutral forum where you can get your point across and the discussion does not turn into adults arguing like five-year olds. When it comes to a website of my own, it is not time just yet. I get featured on GTN Gaming Tech News, Blackout Media, and now this lovely interview piece with Game Podunk. When enough people start asking me about it, I can then seriously consider making one. Ciel: I mean I could easily keep you here, but I think with that we will kind of wrap it up. Is there any sort of final thing you want to sign off with? What's up next for you? What topics in the gaming world are currently of interest. Rum: Thank you for the interview first and foremost; I am actually surprised anyone would want to. Secondly I want to thank the applecores who believe in me and continue to be a source of inspiration. What is next for Rumandapples? I will continue to do the Rumandapples Show every Monday and “Across The Pond†with @Roshu666 every Friday and of course I still host the Hour of Blackout Podcast. Other than that I have been asked to play some games lately so I will be tossing that on my channel as well. Gaming topics in general: I want to see what happens to Nintendo in the long run, Konami and their strange idea to continue the Metal Gear Solid series even with the original people responsible for it gone by next year, how cyber-crime will continue to be handled in the future (i.e. swatting and ddosing). I could go on forever... Ciel: Awesome. Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time. Rum: No problem brotha man.
  16. Do you like amiibos? How would you like to win the fabled Gold Edition of the Mario amiibo? Watch this video to find out how: Remember, there are three ways to place an entry into the hat, so make sure you take advantage of all three! There is only one winner, and the giveaway ends this Friday (April 10th), so you'd better get your entries in soon. Good luck!
  17. Jordan Haygood

    Top 10 Steampunk Games

    Steampunk - a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that is all about…well, steam. Oh, and punks. I guess? Anyway, it“s a cool little subgenre that many video games ended up becoming a part of - RPGs, first-person shooters, …Zelda games; Steampunk has made its way all over the gaming landscape. So allow us at Game Podunk to share with you our picks for the Top 10 Steampunk Games. This list was determined by both how good these games are and how much they dipped into Steampunk territory. There“s also only one game per franchise, so keep that in mind. Do you agree with our list? What are YOUR favorite Steampunk games? Let us know down below. Have an idea you'd like to see us use? Leave that down there as well and we might just pick it up. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel, of course.
  18. TKtheknight

    [Video] Kids React to Luigi Death Stare

    Thought I share this video. I love watching Kids react videos and this one was hilarious. Haha! Bonus: Kids React to Luigi Death Stare Extra
  19. So the newest generation of home console gaming has finally finished arriving, and while the previous generation of home consoles is still on its way out, now“s a good time for us to look back at all the good it brought to our expensive hobby. All generations have their perks, and the generation in question is certainly no exception (try saying that five times fast). We had some pretty awesome technical improvements over the generation prior, whether in the form of experimental controls or a stronger focus on that thing we call “teh internetz,†and we even had some lesser-known developers rise to the challenge and provide us with some rather stellar works of art. And if I were to sit down and create a list of my top 5 favorite achievements from last generation… well, it might (and does) look something like this: #5 Motion Controls (When Done Well) Love it or hate it, motion controls happened. And while plenty of games made it look more like a gimmick and less like something that could actually enhance gameplay in any possible way, there were also games that managed to pull it off beautifully. An easy example would be first-person shooters. Well, some of them. And then there was the Wii port of the critically acclaimed survival horror title Resident Evil 4, which is what I would consider the definitive version of the game. With something as simple as pointing the controller at the screen to aim your guns, even before the days of Wii Motion Plus and PlayStation Move (sorry Kinect), it just worked. But shooters aren“t the only games that pulled off motion controls without ruining everything. Maybe it took a while to see anything truly awe-inspiring, but we were eventually introduced to Wii Motion Plus and PlayStation Move, which finally gave us the ability to swing swords ”n“ such more realistically. This, of course, allowed games like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword to have the fluid controls they had. …Oh, don“t look at me like that! Those controls worked flawlessly for me, so you can be quiet! Look, the point is that motion controls aren“t all bad. Plenty of games pulled it off very well, which is why I have it on this list. #4 Advancement in Online Multiplayer Ah, I remember the days… sitting around my house playing Mario Party with my brothers as we called each other cheaters when someone else won a minigame… good times. But while playing with multiple people on the same console is loads of fun and all, it“s also very restricting since, well, everyone has to be in the same physical area at the same time to engage in multiplayer. All that changed, however, when some company created an attachment for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo known as XBAND, and then later when Sega created their NetLink attachment for the Sega Saturn, and then even later when Sega included a built-in modem for the Dreamcast. The PlayStation 2 and Xbox also had online functionality, and there was a modem attachment for the GameCube, though online multiplayer didn“t really take off until the following generation. I“m talking consoles, mind you, so don“t give me that “PC master race†nonsense. And boy, did it take off. Last generation, online multiplayer became so huge that as we“re making the 8th generation transition, always-online DRM is now a problem amongst gamers. If you followed the PS4“s and Xbox One“s earlier announcements, you know what I mean. Of course, when it“s something simple, allowing us all to connect to each other over the net and playing together (with some profanity involved here and there), it“s an amazing thing. And of course it is. Otherwise it wouldn“t be on this list. #3 YouTube With all the YouTube we all watch (don“t kid yourself, you watch it), it“s hard to believe that it didn“t exist prior to February 14th, 2005. Wait, it was founded on Valentine“s Day? Huh… anyway, with its inception, YouTube opened up a new world of possibilities for gamers. Egoraptor, JonTron, PewDiePie… The YouTube gamer celebrities you might know and love were far from where they are today back before the 7th generation began. Did you know that, out of the top 100 YouTube channels, 16 of them are gaming channels? That“s a lot when you eliminate all the VEVO channels and channels that belong to things like NBA, Red Bull, and even YouTube themselves. Hell, PewDiePie alone sits comfortably at #1. Did you get that? The #1 channel on YouTube is currently a gaming channel. Yeah, you can see where I“m coming from. So whenever you watch the newest episode of JonTron, rewatch PokéAwesome for the hundredth time, or watch PewDiePie exaggerate his fear scream at another horror game, remember: none of this was around until the last generation of home consoles arrived. And so on the list you go, YouTube! Even if you are a little out-of-place compared to the others. #2 PlayStation 3 (A Little Later in Its Life) Fanboy or not, there are countless gamers around the world who will tell you about how much they love their PlayStation 3. The games are awesome, the online service is fantastic, its Blu-ray feature is incredibly convenient; there“s a lot of good to be said about Sony“s third home console. Of course, it took some time to get to the level of success it“s at today, but once it finally hit its stride, it became one of the greatest things ever for gamers. Before I get to the good, let“s take a brief look back at how this phoenix handled its earlier life before rising from its ashes. Do you remember? The PS3 was once an overpriced machine with next to nothing to play on it, and it didn“t sell very well at all. In fact, the internet had its fair share of memes dedicated to the console“s lack of games. Needless to say, the magic of the PS2 pretty much vanished once its predecessor was released. Of course, this phoenix indeed rose from all that and Sony found its spark once again. Sure, it never reached PS2 levels of success, but now it has some of the greatest games of the generation, many of which are available via PSN, which is another one of the PS3“s perks. As much as I love Nintendo and tolerate Microsoft, Sony definitely made me happy last generation, which is a valid enough reason to add their creation to this thing you“re reading. #1 The Rise of Indie Games And now we reach the top dog in all this. I thought long and hard about my favorite thing of last generation and, in the end, I couldn“t help but feel that indie games deserved it. We“ve had plenty of indies in the past, but it wasn“t until the 7th generation of home consoles that we were able to play them on the big screen. At least not like we do today. Thanks to the likes of Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), PlayStation Network (PSN), and WiiWare (no abbreviation), our home consoles received so many fantastic independent games that I just can“t help but consider last generation the “Rise of Indie Games.†Seriously, have you played any of these indies? Last-gen gave us Journey, Flower, Bastion, Limbo, Braid, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Spelunky, World of Goo, and so many other great games that were great without being from a triple-A developer/publisher. Many even considered Journey to be their game of the year in 2012. It“s pretty apparent by now that we have tons of extremely talented game developers out in the world who aren“t as well-known as Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, or Square Enix. And you know what? I couldn“t be happier that all this talent are making names for themselves. They deserve success, and it“s great to see that gaming has gotten to the point where creative minds can find success without as many restrictions as we“ve had in the past. And having sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo definitely helps. Indie games deserve my #1 slot of the best things of last generation, hands down. Let“s hope the current generation provides us with even more indie quality. Do you agree with this list? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
  20. I thought I'd share this and this was pretty darn awesome crossover between Attack on Titan and Super Smash Bros. All handrawn and job well done. I think this is my favorite crossover with Attack on Titan and something else. I'd love to watch this if it were an anime! Somebody make it and hire AmazingArtistYellow!
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  22. It became quite apparent recently that Microsoft was teaming up with Machinima to help advertise the Xbox One in a less-than-okay way by recruiting different Let's Players and video bloggers to praise their newest console for money while also barring them from mentioning this partnership in any way, shape, or form. Obviously you should be seeing some red flags already, but let's hold off on that for a second. Is what Microsoft and Machinima did really all that bad? Yes Xbox One, stop doing that When you get right down to it, barring people from revealing that they're a marketing shill is just a huge no no. The moment you stop people from letting their fan base know that they're being paid to play Xbox One games is the moment where they aren't being paid to advertise their products, they're being paid to deceive their fanbase. And now that it is out in the open, Microsoft has some explainin' to do. Oh wait, nope. They don't have any explaining to do at all, because Microsoft and Machinima came out saying that people were just misinterpreting their contracts and that it was completely okay to talk about the fact that they were being paid to advertise their games. Now here's why I'm calling shenanigans on that. Because deals like these go down all the time with popular Youtubers. If that's true, then why aren't we hearing any big blow-ups about these other companies? Well, if you've made it big enough on Youtube to have been handed a few contracts by different companies to advertise their product then at this point you would probably be familiar with FTC guidelines and the fact that you have to mention if you're gaining anything from your involvement with the company who made the product you're reviewing. Machinima and Microsoft are saying that just everyone who received the contracts for this new program misread the fine print or didn't understand it? Hogwash! I could see a few smaller named people getting confused by it since Machinima handed the contract out all willy nilly, but these are big name Youtubers talking about the contracts they were offered, at the expense of any future contracts they might now be missing out on. They wouldn't go out of their way to hurt their own income just to attack one of the company's that actually pays them unless their really was a problem. But let's get onto the other part of this article. Was what Microsoft and Machinima did wrong? Not Exactly It was either this or an image of Spongebob yelling about salesmen As I said previously, contracts like the one Microsoft put out happen all the time on a place as big as Youtube. It's a huge potential market of incredibly cheap advertising, and I see absolutely no problem with companies wanting to exploit it as long as they play by the rules. Those rules, of course, being that they don't hide the fact that they're advertising their products to you, but we've already covered that. So the contract was a huge mistake due to that one small yet very important part, but offering a contract in the first place wasn't a wrong thing to do. People like making money, and they also like making money for something they actually enjoy doing. It is a win-win situation for everybody most of the time. But with the Xbox One contract, there has been a bit of backlash. Namely due to a strange little tag people were forced to include in their videos. The tag itself was more or less jibberish that wouldn't have meant anything to the person who noticed it. Searching for it on Youtube would have brought up 7000+ videos all using it before word came out that the tag was associated with people who took the deal. Once people knew what the tag meant, videos suddenly started vanishing. The reason was that quite a few big name Youtubers took the deal and were now being called out on shilling for a company for money. Think About The Youtubers! I'll delete the whole internet if I have to To save face, they were deleting the videos in hopes that people would just forget that they were unashamedly exploiting their own viewers for money in secret as opposed to just letting them know they were being paid for their kind words. Odds are that after a while, people aren't going to care in the slightest. But there will always be that black mark on their record that they just might be trying to sell you something instead of actually reviewing it. So in the end the only people who actually got hurt here were the people trying to make a few extra bucks. I'm glad I wasn't one of them, but I can't say I wouldn't have taken the deal too if it were presented to me. Assuming I'd have the time to make a video seeing as my hands are pretty full with this delicious $5 footlong I got from Subway. And with the money I saved, I can go to Gamestop and get their Power Up Rewards card! The thing pays for itself! As always, thanks for reading.
  23. Earlier this week the first part of the Tropes Vs Women video series came out! Yeah, I posted news about it coming out soon, but didn't want to make an entirely new news post about it the day it came out. So anyway here's the video: This is part one of the Damsels in Distress section. After that, there are some 10 (I think?) more videos to come in the series. No date was given for when the next episode will be out, but I'll update this thread whenever that happens. What do you think of the initial episode (well, half of it)? Do you think it is interesting and useful to the discussion of women in video games or should Anita have presented things differently?
  24. So, I was mindlessly watching things on the Internet, as I'm likely to do when I have little time between now and leaving for work, and I found this funny little video: I wouldn't really taking it seriously, but man, this is some pretty good stuff. Check it out.