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Ratchet & Clank: HD Collection Coming?

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#1 Marcus Estrada

Marcus Estrada

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Posted 02 March 2012 - 08:31 AM

Now, this might just be a rumor but it seems to have more pointing to it being actual than being fake. Eurogamer was made aware of a listing on Amazon France which showed a listing for "Ratchet & Clank - HD Collection". The link itself has since been pulled down but screenshots still remain to prove this incident did occur.

The question is whether or not this listing was for real or just a goofy mistake on the part of an Amazon employee. Since it has now been taken down it could be all a mistake, or an attempt to put the metaphorical cat back into the bag. Unfortunately the listing didn't say too much else, although it did peg a release date of May 16th. With how many HD collections are in the works or have already arrived it makes sense Sony would try to attract their audience with yet another one.

What games would be included in this collection if it is for real? Well, there are four main games in the series which made it to PS2 so those seem likely candidates. These are Ratchet & Clank, Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, and Deadlocked. There are also a handful of PSP games, Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, which were ported to PS2 later. Perhaps we'll see more than one HD collection like the way the God of War series was handled. Or maybe a few games will be held out and be made PS2 Classics for download.

Which games do you think will be in the HD Collection if this is for real?

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#2 Number 905

Number 905


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Posted 02 March 2012 - 10:21 AM

Really hope this one is true, I've been waiting for something like this.
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#3 Kezins



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Posted 02 March 2012 - 11:02 AM

I'd probably buy it. I'm a sucker for pretty much every HD collection they release.
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#4 Andres


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 12:16 AM

Oh man i love that series as well. Might pick it up if its true =D

#5 Jacen Leonard

Jacen Leonard

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Posted 04 March 2012 - 02:18 AM

May, 2012 would be an odd date since it's so near and not a single official confirmation was made...


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