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Episode 20.5: Reviewer Crossing: 11 Out of 10 (Part 2)

Video Games Podcast Funny Review DBZ IGN Collectors Edition

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#1 Jordan Haygood

Jordan Haygood

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Posted 16 June 2013 - 04:49 PM

Picking up where they left off after Jordan disappeared, the crew concludes their discussion of review scores. They also answer a question asked by a community member.


Also, yes, that is a a DBZ parody at the beginning.



The Game Podunkast


Episode 20.5: Reviewer Crossing: 11 Out of 10 (Part 2)


Starring: Marshall HendersonbarrelKhorne, and Marcus Estrada





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Posted 16 June 2013 - 06:50 PM

-Awesome opening Jordan. I love the DBZ reference for sure! Do more or do it whenever you have two parts! :D
-Gotta be truthful on the scores, don't feel bad. They gotta live with it and learn from their mistakes. Hope to make a better game next time.
-Poor Khorne again xD
-Ugh I, too hate the IGN scores that do the point system like point something something. Ex. 8.97...Just give it a 9.
-I usually wait for price drops on Collectors/Limited Edition. Last one I bought was Alan Wake and Catherine both o 360.
-Def would get the LE for the full price if you really really love the series or into it. I bought Halo Reach: Legendary Edition at launch. That was the only time I ever paid full price for a LE. It's good as long it has the worthy items and such.
-Although got pretty sad when it dropped way down a year or two later. Oh well sometimes you're patient to wait sometimes you're not.


#3 Guest_..._*

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 10:04 AM

-Lol I can tell you had a lot of fun with that dbz intro.

-Tk Dat Sig xD

-7 is Solid. 6 Isn't really bad. Meh.

-After those 2 weeks ended people said that skyrim wasn't that great? What? I still think a lot of people think it's amazing me included. And I play on the worst platform for it the PS3.

-Hipster Marcus doesn't like to review popular games xD

-I don't think you are easily tricked just you didn't feel that strongly about a certain thing so you didn't really mind seeing it in more then one ways. But if you think back on it and say "hey wait a minute that wasn't that great" then your just indecisive.

-"I'm not gonna tell people not to go to Kotaku..." "I will!" "I will!" lol.

-Conan makes hilarious reviews lol. Best one so far is Tomb Raider.

-All that matters is that it's important to you Imo. Not how much money it's worth.

-Short podcast on to the next one.

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