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About Me

Hey, this area exists! You learn something new every day, I suppose.

Hmm, about me... I guess I'll start with the basics. I go by the same name almost everywhere on the Internet, gaiages. My real name is Elizabeth--no, not THAT Elizabeth... and now y'all know why I don't use my real name here. I'm the forever college student here, and if things keep up like this I'll be in school for the rest of my life. There certainly are worse fates.

Oh yes, you probably care more about my gaming background. I've been a pretty avid gamer since I was five, when my older brother showed me how to play Super Mario Bros. 3. I just kinda took off from there, playing more and more games. My gaming life changed pretty dramatically when I played Pokemon Red and got my first taste of role playing games... eventually I got introduced to Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy and RPGs became one of my favorite genres.

...Bah, I'm rambling. Let's fast forward to my college years. Originally I wanted to go to college for Game Design (yes, video games really encompass a lot of my life), but my college told me I had to get better at drawing before I could enroll in that program, so they put me in a Graphic Design program instead. Oh what, I never mentioned I used to draw a lot? Well, sorry. During my experience there, I learned that maybe drawing and game design wasn't my true passion... drawing became a chore to me, and the technical side of design didn't seem all that appealing to me, either. However, I discovered something else... a small (very small) talent for writing, and more importantly a passion for it.

So, cutting it short, I dropped out of my first college and pretty much stopped drawing. It took me a while get back into school, and therefore devote time to something other than working a lot, but when I did I started thinking about writing again. If I enjoyed writing, and is a skill I can improve... why not combine that with gaming and write about video games?

It was like an epiphany. I started up a little WordPress blog for myself, and started writing. That must have been back in 2008... in these past five years, I've grown as a gamer and a writer, and wandered the Internet looking for a gaming community to call home... a place where I can find a place to both write and enjoy people... and guess what? That's here!

Whew, what a long story... it's like the autobiography of my gaming life! This is what happens when you give me a place to ramble, Game Podunk! This is what happens!

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    I'm on a site called Game Podunk, I think you know. ;D

    Also, I enjoy writing about my hobbies, as well as reading from time to time.

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