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E3 2013 Predictions: Sony's Conference

GP Staff

Whatever your opinion is on Sony, there's no denying that the PS4 is the next-gen console that clearly has the most momentum coming into E3, especially after a few weeks of negative PR for Microsoft's Xbox One, thanks to a backlash against DRM implementation that will require an online presence once a day and more.


When Sony's successor to the PS3 was announced earlier this year, they made sure to come out of the gate running. This was a system that would be first and foremost dedicated to games, and the message was clear to both consumers and developers. That same game plan still holds true going into E3; by focusing on the gamer and not the average consumer (at least not yet), Sony hopes to win the hearts of fans everywhere with what many expect may be a killer launch line-up that will likely be fully revealed on Monday.


What other announcements might Sony make? Join the GP staff as they ruminate on their predictions for the upcoming conference.



No Price... Just Yet





Jason Clement | Editor-in-Chief


"If anything, the one thing I don't think Sony will do is announce an official price for the PS4, contrary to popular belief. While it's true that they did announce the Vita's price at E3, the PS4 is an entirely different beast altogether. Think back to 2006 when Kaz Hirai presented the PS3 to the world; that conference had a plethora of bungled moments, but the one that really cost them was the announcement that the price of the console would be $599. Kaz saying that it represented "significant financial investment" from the consumer only further twisted the knife, in a sense.


So if Sony learned anything from that conference, it's that the price can undermine everything. They could have the best, most surprising announcements, but if the price is wrong, it'll cost them dearly. No, Sony will announce the things people want to hear - games, exclusive deals, price-drops on PS3/Vita, new accessories - but they'll leave the pricing announcement for another day in order to preserve the good PR they'll no doubt receive from fans and press alike... at least for a time. Expect the price to be announced sometime before the Fall begins, likely sometime in August."



Nothing But Games





John Kidman | Contributing Writer


"My prediction for Sony is that they will hold a conference that echoes Kaz Hirai's statement that the Playstation 4 is "first and foremost" a console designed for gaming. The press conference will likely reiterate a few of the features, but the primary focus will be on the console's launch line-up and the console's powerful specs. Of course, how can we forget the actual unveiling of the console beyond a few blurry teaser trailers?


The VITA will also receive its own share of the limelight with a few key games, but the use of the VITA as a PS4 peripheral will be a major focal point for the device. Also, be prepared for a major pat on the back regarding the stellar Playstation Plus program. My predictions for the Sony conference are less about what I'm expecting to see, but rather what I am not expecting."



Power in Simplicity





Gaiages | Community Manager


"Sony saw how the Xbox One conference failed to impress gamers, and they're not about the same mistake at E3. Of course, that means they're going to focus on the games, but there's another way Sony can one-up the competition... and that's with the PS4's interface. I think Sony's going to show off how exactly the PS4 works... from turning on the first live system they're going to bring to the floor.


If they show off how easy it to turn on and simply play a game, then I believe they'll have a clear-cut advantage over Microsoft. With all of the Xbox One's complexities coming from trying to do everything, the possible simplicity of the PS4 might be just what gamers need... if Sony wants to play their cards that way."




The Wait Ends For One Long Awaited Game, And A New Era Begins At Sony Santa Monica





Barrel | Moderator


"With the Playstation 3, I don't expect to see [Final Fantasy] Versus XIII, but I'm going to be the crazy person and say I do expect to see The Last Guardian at long last. It's crazy, and I'm more than lying to myself, but I could see Sony at least act like they are bringing it for real... in 2014. Also it will have like a fraction of a second of gameplay footage, which people will be dissecting/complaining the heck out of about how it looks pretty different from what they expected in earlier trailers.


For Playstation 4, I expect to see a new IP from Sony Santa Monica Studio to make a big splash and possibly be the talk of their conference. Yes, something not God of War related. I'll go the extra step and guess something with a modern day realistic-ish setting with a sort of unserious twist, in contrast to their God of War titles and more artsy downloadable stuff like Sound Shapes."



Vita's Lukewarm Presence Continues





Barrel | Moderator


"As much as I want the Vita to succeed, I sense a lukewarm presence at best for it at E3, even though smaller publishers like XSeed, Aksys, and Atlus will surely put stuff on the show floor. That said, I can see Sega to surprising us by announcing the US version of Phantasy Star Online 2 for Vita and promising more info to come in the following months (since they don't want to talk about PC specifically and the compatibility with it at a Sony event). I also expect some throwaway talk with Killzone: Mercenary working with Killzone 4 on PS4; Possibly working similarly to how Resistance: Retribution worked with Resistance 2."




Focus On Move, Streaming, And Social Features Continues





John Kidman | Contributing Writer


"Don't expect Sony to abandon the Playstation Move in the least. We already know that the peripheral will be supported and Media Molecule's upcoming sculpting game will be a next generation release, so we will likely receive our yearly conference fill of waggling. Also, we will undoubtedly hear more information on the PS4's Facebook integration, but I am not expecting any major surprises in this area... unless they happen to bring Zuckerberg on stage."



Barrel | Moderator


"Expect to see something heavily related to Gaikai, and this will... slightly waver consumer trust despite how new and old IPs will be shown earlier in the conference. I say this because the PS4 will be implied to have online DRM functionality (which won't be directly answered during the show, for better or worse) while also having supposed other community related benefits."



What are your predictions for what will be shown at Sony's conference?

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