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How The Playstation 4 Just Might Kill Beyond: Two Souls


I'm a rather cheap individual. I almost never buy a game brand new, and when I do I usually find an impossibly good deal before I purchase it. In the year 2013, there will be a grand total of three games that I'll be paying the full $60 price for. Those games are The Last Of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, and Beyond: Two Souls. The problem is that as more and more information comes out for the PS4, the more and more likely Beyond: Two Souls slips into my "maybe" pile of game purchases.


Now why might that be? It certainly doesn't have anything to do with the game itself. I'm actually quite excited for the game. I've always secretly been extremely attracted to Willem Dafoe, so his inclusion in the game should have sealed the deal for me. But there's one little thing digging into the back of my mind. And that's the projected release date of the Playstation 4.



Things can go one of four ways. The first is that the Playstation 4 doesn't release until November, meaning Beyond: Two Souls will get it's time to shine for a little while. Now, the much more unlikely scenario would be that the Playstation 4 releases in September, allowing Beyond: Two Souls to have some leeway in advertising for October. The downside comes from the fact that it would be a PS3 game directly competing with the Playstation 4 launch lineup.




This is the pinnacle of human beauty


Or would it? Now, I'm going to be making quite a bit of a leap here, but hear me out. In the first trailers for Beyond: Two Souls, the video would close out with a PS3 logo. With the last few trailers, the videos have closed out with just the Playstation logo. Of course, the newest trailer showed the game being played with a normal Dualshock 3 controller, but maybe... JUST MAYBE the game might be gearing up for a PS3/PS4 release. Its a long shot, but it beats the next possibility.


What I'm about to talk about would be the worst case scenario for Beyond: Two Souls. It also just happens to be the most likely scenario. There's a possibility of the game releasing for the PS3 within days of the Playstation 4's launch. I shouldn't have to explain why that's bad, but for the sake of people who don't understand, I will. Just this once, though.




Wait... Is Ellen Page dying in this scene?


The Playstation 4 is going to be expensive. Probably not on the same level as the PS3's $599 launch price, but it will certainly be putting a dent in people's pockets. If I do end up buying one I'll of course need to buy a game for it, which would add another $60 onto the price at the very least. Then there's the extra controller for multiplayer games. What I'm trying to say is it is going to add up quickly.


Then, on the other hand, you have Beyond: Two Souls. A one time payment of $60 for a console you more than likely already have. It's a tough choice for a spend thrift like me, but for someone with plenty of disposable income, you don't really need to weigh your options as much. So let's move on to the much larger problem. Which do you think will get more advertising?



On one hand you have a multimillion dollar game made for a system with an already large userbase. On the other hand you have an untested system that has cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce. And they're both *maybe* releasing at the same time. While I'm certain Sony wants Beyond: Two Souls to succeed, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that they'll cut advertising space for it to make room for the PS4 launch. We're talking commercials, shelf space, store posters; the whole shebang.


Sony is in essence going to be competing with itself if the PS4 releases in early October. And if that means killing any of the hype behind Beyond: Two Souls and the luxurious Willem Dafoe to raise the sales of their newly released PS4, then you can bet they're going to do it. Whatever happens, happens. I'm sure both the game and the system will do well, but would they do better if they were released farther apart? We'll find out when the PS4 gets a solid release date later this year.

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