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Road to E3 2015: Everything We Know and Predict About Nintendo's Digital Event

Jason Clement

In just six days, E3 2015 officially kicks off. By then, we'll officially know what Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, EA Games, and Ubisoft all have in store for the rest of 2015. But Nintendo? We won't know what they have in the works until their E3 Digital Presentation kicks off on Tuesday morning.


As usual, Nintendo remains equal parts predictable and wildly unpredictable. We can generally count on a healthy supply of sequels (or unhealthy, depending on how you look on it) in addition to a few surprises; some big, some small. We know Nintendo will not be discussing their mysterious next console, codenamed 'NX' this year. In many ways, this is a good thing; there is still life left in the Wii U, and perhaps even enough to last through 2016 and into 2017.


And while we already know quite a bit about what's coming for the rest of 2015, we expect one or two curveballs. There may be at least one, if not two, previously unannounced big games revealed for the Fall, but what are they? We have our thoughts as to what they might be, so stick around and join us as we predict what Nintendo will announce next week. It's worth noting that we almost swept last year's predictions entirely, even if they may not have been the boldest predictions ever (hey, what can we say? We're just that good).


But first, let's take a look at what we do know is coming.








Star Fox Fully Revealed, Gets An Official Title


Last year's E3 brought about one of the biggest surprises in years; a new console Star Fox game was in development for the first time in a decade and under Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto's supervision, no less. However, the game that was present at E3 was more of a proof of concept than the actual full-fledged game, and Miyamoto also stated that they were then looking for a co-developer to help finish the game. Expect to see and hear the near-finished version of Star Fox this time around, along with a finalized title.





Yarn Yoshi, Mario Maker, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Devil's Third All Get Dated For Release


We've been waiting for Mario Maker for a year now, and even longer for Yoshi's Woolly World and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Even Devil's Third has now been dated for release in Japan. The time is ripe for all of these big games to finally get their release windows detailed, and it seems more than likely that all four may sneak into stores before 2015 ends.







Project Giant Robot and Project Guard Receive New Names, Release Windows


Last year saw the debut of two quirky games that attempted to make unique use of the Wii U Gamepad, something that most games have unfortunately not been doing so thus far. While both seem to have intriguing concepts, they largely still seemed like prototypes at the time. And just like Star Fox, we imagine both games have since entered full production and will receive a final name. They could also be announced as budget titles, or may even be bundled together in the end; we'll find out for sure soon.





Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Detailed Blowout


This Atlus crossover has been a long time coming, and while it may have been announced just a bit too early, the time is ripe for Atlus to reveal its hand regarding the game's gameplay. We got our first glimpse of the Persona-esque world within in a teaser trailer in the last big Nintendo Direct, but now we'll finally get the details on what we can expect from the game. Will it release this year? Possibly, but my money is on seeing it in Q1/Q2 2016.





You've Got Hyrule Warriors In My 3DS


Yes, it's true; Hyrule Warriors is officially coming to 3DS, and with two new playable characters to boot. Definitely the biggest E3 leak on Nintendo's side thus far, you can expect to get some more details on what else the game has to offer. Will there be much amiibo support? Leaked screenshots seemed to indicate the Sonic amiibo will unlock a playable Sonic wearing Link's getup, so don't be surprised if there are additional unlockables similar to that.



And now, the fun part. Here are our predictions for what Nintendo will announce next week.








The Sun Rises Once Again


A sequel to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be announced, but probably won“t come out until Q2 2016.


Things have been pretty quiet on the Camelot front since Mario Tennis Open & Mario Golf: World Tour. They have to be working on something, right? Similar to the Golden Sun DS reveal in 2009, I suspect we see the beginnings of something now, with its release promised next year.


-Jonathan Higgins, Managing Editor





Paper Mario Unfolds


A new Paper Mario game will be announced for Wii U and will return to the signature RPG gameplay from the first two games.


Rumors have been circulating for the last month or so about a new Paper Mario title after a brochure from a job fair in Japan made its way around the internet, supposedly revealing a job listing for a new Paper Mario game from Intelligent Systems. If true, it isn't clear whether this would be a new game or a possible remake. Either way, a new console game in the series would be most welcome; the last was Super Paper Mario on the Wii in 2007.


-Jason Clement, Editor-in-Chief






It's On Like... Diddy Kong?


Retro teased E3 in a tweet recently. Here“s why I think their next game is going to be Donkey Kong-related...again.


The line ”Can you dig it?“ was used here, for Donkey Kong Land 3. Considering that and the “Diddy Kong” trademark that popped up, my hopes for Retro creating a 3D Metroid or something outside of the DK-verse are...non-existent, at this point. Brace yourselves for either a Diddy Kong Racing game, or a Tropical Freeze-style Diddy“s Kong Quest.


-Jonathan Higgins, Managing Editor






Animals Cross Over Into HD


Animal Crossing for Wii U will finally happen, and it will take things to the next level.


Animal Crossing: City Folk on Wii was unfortunate; it didn't do much beyond what Wild World had established on DS (except for adding voice chat and a small town area). Thankfully, a new Animal Crossing on Wii U could remedy that. I don't know what the hook will be, but I think Nintendo learned their lesson with City Folk and will attempt to make a Wii U entry that will separate itself from what New Leaf did on 3DS. And if one of the series' producers' recent comments (or lack of comment, rather) is any hint, this is something we may see announced soon.


-Jason Clement, Editor-in-Chief






Mother, Is That You?


MOTHER 3 will be localized this year, and E3 2015 is where they“ll announce it.


The Ness amiibo, Nintendo of America“s first manufactured piece of EarthBound merchandise in twenty years, broke GameStop. Lucas as DLC in Smash broke the Internet...and hey, he“s getting an amiibo too. There“s an “Onett Times” group on Miiverse devoted to EarthBound-specific news, which is kind of redundant if there were only plans for the one game from MOTHER. We finally got EarthBound. We“ll get MOTHER 3 next... and soon.


-Jonathan Higgins, Managing Editor






Let The amiibogeddon Commence


Nintendo will announce new waves of amiibo, along with an all-new game that is entirely centered on them.


Believe it. Nintendo has been going strong with amiibo now, and there's no reason to believe they'll stop anytime soon either. Expect to see Wave 2 of the Super Mario line announced, and featuring Wario, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, among others (possibly Daisy?).


Also, smaller waves of Star Fox, Zelda, and Animal Crossing figures will make their first appearance. A special 8-bit Mario amiibo will be released alongside Mario Maker. And to top it all off, the first ever amiibo-centric game will be announced. What will it be? Your guess is as good as mine.


-Jason Clement, Editor-in-Chief






Hey! Wake up, Link!


A Link Between Worlds was a very successful portable Zelda. Know what else could be (without much work) since all it would really needs to do is use that game“s engine? Link“s ReAwakening.


Hyrule Warriors 3DS is a thing, so the “Zelda game before Zelda Wii U” slot is kind of filled. But if they started work on another game that uses the LBW engine right after the success of the first, it could happen. Besides...who doesn“t want to go back to Koholint Island...in a spiritual sequel...to my favorite game of all time? C“mon.


-Jonathan Higgins, Managing Editor






Rise, Samus


A new Metroid will finally be announced (for 3DS) and it will be in the classic Super Metroid style but modernized (so, 2.5D visuals with 3D backgrounds and such).


It's time. The Metroid series has been dormant for five years now, and whatever pain Metroid: Other M inflicted on fans has now largely subsided. Gamers are hungry for Samus Aran's next adventure, and what better way to return to the series than with a new, classic, side-scrolling game for 3DS. Metroid will also return to consoles at some point, but now is not the time; that's being saved for the NX's big launch debut.


-Jason Clement, Editor-in-Chief



And there you have it. Next week will hopefully bring a bevy of great announcements with it, so it'll be interesting to see if we hit the head on the nail with any of our predictions.


What do you think we'll see in Nintendo's Digital Event? Let us know below in the comments!

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