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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 15: Dream Team

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the fifteenth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning. Also! I'm extending my Mew giveaway to give you guys more time to enter.






Dream Team


What kind of thought goes into creating your perfect team of six Pokémon?


Whenever a new game is announced, it“s fun to think of what six Pokémon will accompany you to the Pokémon League. Are you the type of person who starts from scratch with every new game, catching Pokémon for your team as you complete the main story? Or do you spend a little while creating six perfect Eggs, then trading them over so six of your favorite Pokémon can accompany you for your entire next journey? Do you use various tools to make sure your team has no weaknesses, or do you not mind at all and just account for your favorites? There are so many questions!


And far more fascinating: there are so many creative types who draw themselves and their teams on places like DeviantArt, as well. How much thought really goes into something like this?


The first time I completed my Pokédex was way back during Pokémon Pearl. By the time Platinum had come out, I“d gone from a complete Pokédex to the Living Pokédex, some of whom still sit in my PC to this day. HeartGold was the first time I“d ever been able to simply pick from every single Pokémon and go, “I feel like raising these six from scratch.” Houndoom, Lanturn, Skarmory, Flygon, Hariyama, and Mr. Mime. I recall using all the tools at my disposal to build my Johto team, checking for no weaknesses, EV training them from the start, the old fashioned way--those six were the first ever team I put my whole heart into raising!




Then came Black & White, where the game pretty much forces you to start from the beginning. What ended up being your endgame team for the Unova region? How quickly were they cast aside once the PokéTransporter was open to you?


I much prefer raising my team from eggs, like I did with HeartGold. Many have followed their example. Too many, as a matter of fact. Since there have been so many games, and I“ve competitively bred so many critters—I“ve run out of Pokémon I actually desire to raise.


And what“s more—I“m starting to have duplicate Pokémon due to Mega Evolutions specializing certain stats over others! For example: I have two fully raised Charizards—my Charizard from LeafGreen holds the Charizardite Y, and the Adamant Charizard I raised in Kalos holds the Charizardite X. I raised a Pidgeot back in Kanto as well, and just finished raising a more Special Attack-centered Pidgeot in ORAS that can Mega Evolve.




I think the above predicament is what“s led to my obsession with Shiny Pokémon. But seeing as I have a full team of six shinies now... what will be my next manic “thing” when I run out of critters to raise?!


Anyway, I digress. What is your “dream team”? If you could have any six Pokémon to raise from the beginning for your next Pokémon journey, what would they be? How would you answer some of the questions I“ve posed above?


Be sure to let me know!

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