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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 18: Events and Adventures

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the eighteenth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning. Also! I'm extending my Mew giveaway to give you guys more time to enter.






Events and Adventures



"The folks who knew a lot about how to obtain a legitimate Celebi back in the days before Game Boy screens were backlit are true series veterans."



In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, players could use the Pokémon Mobile System GB to obtain a GS Ball, then use that to encounter and hopefully capture Celebi in the wild. Without going too much into it: that mobile system was pretty much the great-great grandfather of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The folks who know a lot about how to obtain a legitimate Celebi back in the days before Game Boy screens were backlit are true series veterans.


After Celebi came, the Mystic Ticket(s) and Aurora Ticket(s) that—when downloaded from a Nintendo Event—let you travel to where Ho-Oh, Lugia and Deoxys waited to—once again—be encountered and captured in the wild. And, of course, there“s the infamous Old Sea Map Mew I“ve already mentioned.


Event Pokémon with backstories actually persisted into the fourth generation of games as well. The Member Card that was distributed via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allowed anyone playing Diamond & Pearl at the time to head to Canaclave City, sleep at a locked inn, and have a nightmare that led to encountering Darkrai in the wild. Nintendo also distributed the means to get to the Flower Paradise and encounter a wild Shaymin.


For some reason, even though players have accessed the

through cheating devices and what have you, the means to encounter Arceus in the wild were never distributed. The last known actual Event Pokémon encounter was way back with Victini in Black & White. Still, they coded these ultra special Event Pokémon encounters into the games themselves! And they actually had been doing so since at least the days of Crystal with Celebi.







"There“s something less special, to me personally, about owning a Pokémon that“s ultra rare, but that I didn“t capture myself."



Part of me wonders why Nintendo stopped doing that.


As attached as I am to the Celebi I obtained in HeartGold & SoulSilver that led to my fight with Giovanni from Team Rocket and unlocked extra story content in Black & White—it“s not a Celebi I captured and nicknamed from the beginning! I“m even less attached to Pokémon like Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, and most recently—Diancie.


Sure—they“re elusive and rare, but... they“re not mine.


They can easily be cloned by folks who choose to cheat, since every ID on them is the same, despite the distributed Event Pokémon having randomized stats. There“s something less special, to me personally, about owning a Pokémon that“s ultra rare, but that I didn“t capture myself.


There are so many Legendary Pokémon that I think Game Freak essentially counts on you to watch their respective anime movie adaptations to learn about them. Take the “swords of justice,” for example. Do you even know what I“m referring to without me mentioning Pokémon like Keldeo by name? There“s no doubt Pokémon ORAS boasts a staggering amount of Legendary Pokémon to capture, but every one outside of Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Deoxys are... well.. .just there. On an Island. In a hole.








An experience like actually going to Shaymin“s Flower Paradise or running into Mew via the Old Sea Chart is something I would pay for as Downloadable Content. There are handfuls of Pokémon this could apply to—like the nine or so completely unobtainable ones, as of yet. With Pokémon spin-off games adopting free-to-play models, I wonder why Game Freak hasn“t flexed its monetary muscles by offering these rather special, completely optional bits of DLC.


Am I alone in wanting these special Event Pokémon to be more like... Event Key Items, like the Eon Ticket that lets you run into the other Lati? Am I in a teeny tiny minority when I say I“d be willing to pay a dollar or two or three for these experiences?


What are your thoughts? I“m certainly not here to judge. Tell me what kinds of DLC you“d like to see if the Pokémon franchise, if any at all! I may share or expand upon your ideas in a future IV piece.

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