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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 69: It's Alive

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the sixty-ninth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday.


Manaphy is live on the Nintendo Network until June 24th, 2016. Every single Mythical Pokémon will be distributed during a specific month for the remainder of this year. Now may be your only chance for a really long time, to actually catch them all!







It's Alive!



shown for Pokémon Sun & Moon this time yesterday morning was over before two minutes went by. But it gave us a closer look at the Alola region, key characters and Pokémon, and something to... liven up the Pokédex, unlike ever before. It may have been a tiny trailer, but -- what little information we could gather should fuel excitement and speculation for the whole summer, since Pokémon won“t be at E3.


...Oh, wait. As it turns out, shortly after revealing a new trailer, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company announced that both Sun & Moon and Pokémon GO would get special segments devoted to them during Day 2 of Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3. I still can“t figure out why they didn“t tell us about this from the get-go, but I suppose now we know why Mr. Masuda will be at E3, and fans can reasonably assume that Pokémon could share some of the spotlight with a very Zelda-focused Nintendo booth in Los Angeles. Pokémon GO“s Q&A will take place at 10 AM PT on June 15th. And the “E3 2016 Pokémon Special will happen at 7 AM PT on June 16th.


Since the latter takes place before the show floor opens that day... I wonder what kind of presentation we can expect? If you“re reading this on the day it“s published, the E3 excitement begins in just ten days -- technically eleven if we“re considering when the show floor opens. Crazy; I guess Pokémon is alive and well during E3 this year.




But hey! Alola is confirmed to be a region consisting of multiple islands, like many have theorized. It“s kind of crazy how detailed this artwork is. You can see where various roads on each island lead, as well as distinct environments, cities and facilities that each one has. While the “tropical” theme of Alola is most definitely consistent, I feel like the whole region hides plenty of surprises. One thing I mentioned last time that seems even more evident now: I think each island is a little too far away to allow for surfing between them. I feel like boats, and then Soaring (like the system introduced in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire) will be how players can access each island.


While I could be right about the soaring speculation -- it seems I“m definitely wrong about how shifting to battles could work. Among the things we saw in this trailer that weren“t in the last one: tall grass, likely for encountering Wild Pokémon. Freeze frame a few times during the trailer, specifically after the big artwork for the full Alola Region is shown. But, I“m not counting out my point of view completely. See this

showcasing Hau, your new friend in Alola? The trailer specifically skips a battle transition like you“d normally see in the games, fading from one screen to the next -- but still highlights Hau (while he“s very close to the screen) -- to introduce the “Trainer wants to fight!” text as it moves to the battle unfolding.


Wild Pokémon battles may be the same as always, with a screen-fade in tall grass. But I still suspect the way you face trainers could be altered in Generation 7, and moving forward.




Hau also wasn“t the only new character formally introduced in the trailer. Kukui is confirmed to be (one of?) the game“s Professor(s). Did they put his left hand in his pocket in this artwork to hide a wedding ring, like many have speculated? And then there“s Lillie, Kukui“s "Mysterious Assistant," who gets a bit more airtime in

. Not really sure what makes her “mysterious” just yet, but I suppose we“ll see!


Okay. One last bit -- one that I might devote an entire piece to, once we have more information. This game“s Pokédex is literally alive -- it“s a Rotom. It talks, and is quote, “...a whole new way for people and Pokémon to communicate, woo!” WHAT. So you“re telling me -- for the first time in series history -- players could have a Pokémon travelling with them that has the ability to speak, like Meowth from Team Rocket in the anime? Do we have a Pokémon translator now? IS THIS A NEW FORM OF ROTOM THAT CAN FIGHT IN BATTLE?!


...Okay, I“m way too excited about this & have way too many questions. And did I mention that you can add pages to your Pokédex by using Pokémon QR codes on real-life products, as seen in this artwork? What the heck could this be pointing towards? I have a feeling the brand is about to expand in previously unprecedented ways -- like amiibo, Heaven help me.




The Japanese trailer showed off bits that the rest of the world didn“t see -- like what“s happening on the bottom screen. It“s definitely a map of the area where you“re standing, but ... those symbols fill my head with more questions. Is the DexNav indeed returning? Is this just a tiny piece of the bottom screen, or what...um, Rotom-Dex... is capable of? I guess we“ll know even more information in the weeks ahead!


I didn“t even talk about Solgaleo and Lunala. They“ve got new typing combinations, new moves, and new abilities. How do we all feel about the new slew of information? How do you feel about Nintendo“s expanded E3 plans that came after the trailer was shown? How unreasonably excited are you that the Pokédex is ALIVE?


Be sure to share your thoughts!

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