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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week 84: Secondary Forms and Festivals

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the eighty-fourth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed last week's, check it out. Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday.


Keldeo is available via the Nintendo Network until October 24th.

Volcanion, will be distributed at GameStop starting on October 10th.


You you have a second chance to get Hoopa by using the code 2016HOOPA until this Sunday, so act fast. No idea when the second-chance Darkrai ends, but that code is Darkrai20. Every single Mythical Pokémon will be distributed during a specific month for the remainder of this year. Now may be your only chance for a really long time, to actually catch them all!






Secondary Forms and Festivals



I“m not even sure where to begin this week.

has a wide variety of talking points, many of which could afford to take up their own “spots” in a weekly feature. But I“ll take things little by little, and certainly try my best. We got to see the secondary evolutions of the Alola Starters: Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne. There“s the debut of a brand new area to the series called the “Festival Plaza”. PokéPelago is a “paradise for Pokémon in your PC”. Mega Evolution is confirmed to return. And last but certainly not least--a Special Demo Version of the game will be available on October 18th--and it“ll feature Ash-Greninja. The website detailed changes coming to the Pokémon Global Link as well, and people discovered a new Evolution Stone along the way, too.




Let“s start with the starters, shall we? I imagine some of you have seen the “Dartrix = Miles Edgeworth” memes circulating, as well as other playful jabs at its hair and personality. Torracat remains quadrupedal and sticks with just the Fire type...although I don“t think it“ll remain that way. And Brionne seems to take Popplio in a bit of a more feminine direction, much to certain corners of the Internet“s dismay. (Never mind the heaps of other examples, going all the way back to Jigglypuff & Clefairy...to the much more recent Delphox line.)


I“m not going to post the image here on the article, in case of potential spoilers. But for those curious: these secondary evolutions seem in-line with a piece of supposed concept art that“s been floating around for a long time depicting each starter“s final evolution. According to this image: Rowlett“s final form kind of takes on the appearance of a hooded archer, like Green Arrow. Litten“s final form has it standing on two feet, and kind of reminds me of the old SWAT KATS cartoon from the nineties, if I“m being honest. And Popplio takes on the appearance of a sort of mermaid--certainly in line with the feminine-looking Brionne, if I do say so. Nothing is confirmed or denied as of yet, but I“m certainly more convinced of this image“s authenticity after seeing the new trailer.





The Festival Plaza seems to imply changes in how the games handle online communication since XY & ORAS. The website mentions that this will be the specific place to go in order to trade and battle with players from around the world. I guess that means you won“t be able to trade Pokémon from anywhere you stand anymore? I suppose the developers considered many ways XY & ORAS Trainers could take advantage of the “go online anywhere” features--like getting all the starters immediately, and so on.


Benefits attached to the Festival Plaza seem to point towards cosmetic things [like using its currency to purchase dye that will alter the colors of clothes you“re currently wearing], as well as battle-related things. It mentions being able to grab “bouncy houses for your Pokémon to train in”, and I see Pokémon“s stats--presumably IVs--going up in the trailer. Could this also be a new approach to purchasing Battle Items like Leftovers & Choice Specs, in lui of something like the Battle Maison from Generation 6? That part“s just me speculating, but it would certainly be a decent alternative to “battle tower hax”.




Finally, Pokémon in your PC will be given something to do besides sit in cyber-space collecting dust. PokéPelago seems to be an interesting way to encourage interacting with critters you wouldn“t normally use while advancing the story, kind of like the PokéWalker and other accessories or mini-games from games past. The trailer showed off gathering beans for use in the new Grooming portion of the game, as well as a means to obtain Evolution Stones. It really seems as useful as it does fun. I think Game Freak is attempting to address the criticism that stones/Evolution Items/Battle Items are tough to obtain for non-competitive players due to the “hardcore” nature of things like the Battle Maison...by introducing mini-games to play, rather than battles to fight.


And then there“s the demo. As “hyped” as plenty of people are--I offer a bit of caution, in the coming weeks. The Special Demo Version for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire was data-mined to oblivion shortly after its release, spoiling a great many new details about the game. I have little doubt hackers will dissect the Sun & Moon demo with an unrelenting fervor, bringing about leaks that will likely be impossible to avoid on Social Media in the month before the game releases. Be careful out there, if you don“t want to be spoiled!


But hey, Ash-Greninja is a thing in the games! It“ll probably be like the Notch-Eared Pichu from HG/SS, and forever stuck in the 7th Generation. But I“m interested to see how the demo ties in the appearance of this character from the anime in the new games, for sure.




Ultimately, I“m immensely satisfied with this trailer in particular. They always reveal just enough to make me feel like I know something, but also want to hear way more about newly revealed features and mechanics. We won“t be waiting long, as more news is coming on October 14th...just a few days before the release of the demo.


How do you all feel about some of the things introduced in the newest trailer? Have you changed your mind about what starter you“ll choose? Be sure to let us know!

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