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Individual Values: A Pokemon Feature - Week 1: Generations

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the premiere of a brand new Pokémon feature debuting here on Game Podunk! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning.





First Entry- Generations


I“m not sure where to begin what I“m about to start writing. Maybe I“ll have you all picture the beginning of the Pokémon anime where Ash Ketchum vows to become a Pokémon Master. I should draw attention to how the camera pans towards his hands and his turning his cap sideways for dramatic effect. Goodness knows I was that... endearing when I first turned ten and vowed the same thing. Give or take a year, my Pokémon journey began at the same age as his. Many of us born in the late eighties or early nineties were all hypnotized by

. Pokémon Red & Blue Version were many a child“s first exposure to role-playing games, world-building and possibly the word “endeavor”.


I had such grand visions when I was younger. I“d catch as many as I could and learn about Mew and write stories expanding the world of Pokémon far beyond the old Game Boy“s grayscale screen, or even the anime. Before I“d purchased strategy guides and learned all there was to know, I made up the Pokémon Dragonite (even down to that specific name) that happened to fit the description of the real one down to a tee... except mine was blue, not orange. To talk about Pokémon as a series is to instantly ignite the nostalgia of childhood, at least for me.


Only I“m not eleven anymore. I“m just under a month away from celebrating my twenty-seventh birthday. And some sixteen years later, I“ve fully realized the dreams of Ash Ketchum, and of my younger self, despite the total number of Pokémon now stretching far beyond the original 150.





I blame my girlfriend for creating this monster... er, Pokémon Master. Nine years ago, when we first started dating, I knew she was “the one” when a bunch of Pikachu plushies happened to fall from the top of her closet when I first saw her place. She doesn“t play games all that much, but after that, we“d found our first major gaming-thing in common. And we both started playing through the Game Boy Advance games—me with FireRed and her with Sapphire. While her mission was just to get to the end of the story and explore the world with her favorites from childhood, I found myself making the same “promises” to myself as I did when I was a kid that day. My personal definition of Pokémon has expanded far beyond the typical childhood nostalgia to include various pieces and parts of my relationship, and where we were in life at the time of our last Pokémon journey.


Plenty of you have various memories and meanings associated with the various Pokémon Generations. If you“re reading this because you“re as big into the series as I am, but for completely different reasons, I want to know what yours are! As we“re fast approaching the release of the next Pokémon games (and before anyone asks, yes, my lady will be playing through Alpha Sapphire. Crazy stuff!), I want to turn “Jonathan writes about Pokémon” into a regular thing: musings, impressions, and tips from someone who has poured thousands of hours across the main (and side) games. Hopefully I“ll get all of us Podunk Pokémaniacs talking and helping each other out!


So, what does Pokémon mean to you? Is it something you just play for fun, or do you have a handful of warm, fuzzy stories from youth that will rival my own? Rest assured, no matter what your story is, it all has a place here!


Nothing captures “the magic” of Pokémon, in my opinion, than this Zapdos trophy description from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.




And just to reward the first person to read this whole thing, here“s a code for the Special Demo Version of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: A05PJETB0GCLBU6B. You can redeem the code by going to Settings/Other and then clicking "Redeem Download Code" on the Nintendo eShop on 3DS! If you“re the lucky guy or lady who redeems it, be sure to let me know!

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