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Individual Values: A Pokemon Feature - Week 34: No Connector Cable Needed

Jonathan Higgins

Welcome to the thirty-fourth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday.





No Connector Cable Needed



As you all can probably imagine, with a few thousand words about the games under my belt... I am wildly familiar with the world of competitive battling in Pokémon. Thanks to the advances in gameplay (everything from Super Training, being evaluated by the Judge, and Horde Battles), making the Pokémon you want to raise the best it can possibly be is easier and more streamlined than ever. I“m not going to devote an Individual Values article….to Individual Values (IVs), Effort Values (EVs), or the various pieces and parts of what make competitive battling work, unless that“s something y“all want.


But...I EV train all of my Pokémon, so they can at least hold their own. And IVs are something I take into account from time to time as well. These variables and values make a humongous difference in what a Pokémon“s stats look like when they reach Lv100. And as you“ll see — they“re the reason a little Lanturn can hold its own against an untrained Kyurem-Black, Mega Rayqauza, or Hoopa Unbound. I don“t want to devote too much time to talking about variables and mechanics, so this is definitely one of those instances where I can show instead of tell.


The video embedded below is of my team I constructed for the Pikachu Cup, which should be underway by the time this goes live. It features a team I threw together just for fun, of my electric Pokémon compiled over the past nine years. I went online to test how each Pokémon could work together... and was met with hilarious results. Apologies for the shoddy quality, but hey... the Vs. Recorder and a handy smartphone remains the only way to showcase individual battles.



“Being the best” isn“t why I play Pokémon. I held my own in that battle, and I have in many others...but there“s no way I can compare to someone who lives and breathes this stuff. I don“t play to win (against everyone). I play Pokémon to exceed my personal standards and impress solely myself (and maybe my girlfriend, haha). I“ve just happened to learn a few things along the way, being as dedicated as I have been to this series over nine years. Each transition from one generation to the next makes previous teams and rules so fickle. I can“t keep up with the subtle and sweeping changes to the metagame. So... I just train the critters I love as much as I can, and I hope for the best.


I have the most fun when I“m completely destroying the untrained Legendary/God-Tier Pokémon teams of the folks who just jump online with deities and typically sweep the competition. If my little Pikachu can take a hit from Mega Mewtwo X/Y... I“m a really happy guy! Seeing the Pokémon I“ve raised manage to hold their own against Pokémon with much higher base stats and notoriety is... why I can spend so much time battling strangers around the world online. I suppose it“s as simple as that.


Have you had any memorable battles against friends or strangers like the one I“ve shown? What team did you use? Do you IV/EV train your Pokémon? Can“t wait to hear from you all!

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