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Mario Maker Rebranded as Super Mario Maker, Plus New Details

Jason Clement

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 certainly ended with quite a bang today in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, the final game that closed out the tournament turned out to be the game previously known as Mario Maker, which now has "Super" added to the title.


During the last round of the NWC 2015, spectators were treated to a number of levels that were represented in each of the game's four different visual styles that were previously revealed last year as well as a slew of new bits of info.


It was revealed that enemies will be able to grow larger just like Mario if they come into contact with a mushroom, and that all enemies, items, and obstacles will represented in the four distinct styles. One example we saw of this was Bowser's flying clown copter being represented in the 8-bit style during a level that was played using the Super Mario Bros. 3 aesthetic.


Also intriguing is the use of a few new "hats" as it were; NWC 2015 finalists Cosmos and John Numbers made use of a buzzy beetle shell (and later, a spiny shell) that became sort of a hard hat that would protect Mario from certain obstacles.


I'm sure there's plenty more that we haven't seen yet as well. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information about Super Mario Maker later this week at E3 2015.


Are you excited for Super Mario Maker after seeing it demoed during the NWC 2015 final matches?

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