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Marvelous Cancels Kaio: King of Pirates

Jason Clement

If you have enjoyed Keiji Infaune's few games he's made after leaving Capcom, I have bad news for you; Comcept and Marvelous's Kaio: King of Pirates—a game about anthropomorphic pirate animals—has been cancelled.


The title was one of Inafune's first announced games after starting his own companies, Comcept and Intercept, some three years ago. It was slated for release on 3DS in 2014, though details on the game were extremely scarce from the beginning.


In addition to the game, Marvelous had plans to make the IP a cross media product (presumably bringing it to TV and comics and such), not unlike what SEGA is doing with Sonic Boom (which also has its own comic, TV show, and toy line in addition to the much lambasted video game title from 2014).


The details of its cancellation are somewhat cryptic though the company mentions "sudden changes in the market environment" making developing the cross media project difficult as the main reason. Marvelous now stands to lose 461 million yen ($3.8 million USD) as a result of the move. You can see the original trailer for Kaio: King of Pirates below.


Marvelous is best known for developing the Bokujō Monogatari (previously known as Harvest Moon as published by Natsume in the West, but now known as Story of Seasons after self-publishing through their Western subsidiary, XSEED Games), Rune Factory, and Senran Kagura series.



Source: Gematsu


What are your thoughts on this game's cancellation?

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