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Renegade Kid Announces New 3DS eShop Title Xeodrifter, Treasurenauts On Hold

Jason Clement

Today Renegade Kid announced the development of a brand new 3DS title on Go Nintendo called Xeodrifter. It's a sci-fi/space Metroidvania type game that was born from the idea of a 2D demake of Moon Chronicles and eventually became its own thing, inspired by such games as Super Metroid and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


Xeodrifter's story features an interstellar drifter on a mission of exploration when suddenly his warp drive becomes damaged after a collision with a rogue asteroid. After a scan of neighboring planets, he discovers that a cluster of four planets may hold the material he needs to fix the warp drive and return to his exploration.


These four planets all have their own Super Metorid-esque maps to help you get around them, though it should be noted that this may not necessarily be the final version of them since the game is still in development.




Unfortunately, work on Xeodrifter has means that Renegade Kid has had to put their other upcoming 3DS game Treasurenauts on pause for the meantime. However, studio head Jools Watsham confirmed that he is still excited about Treasurenauts and will resume development on it as soon as work on Xeodrifter is complete.


No release date or window has been announced as of yet, so stay tuned for more information at a later point.


Source: GoNintendo


Are you interested in Xeodrifter?

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