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Two New Playable Characters Announced In Hyrule Warriors

Jason Clement

Two new playable characters were revealed for Hyrule Warriors in this week's Famitsu magazine (via Siliconera), and the first is actually another from Twilight Princess! Well, maybe not someone you were expecting, however. In any case, the character in question is Agitha.


Fans of Twilight Princess may remember that she was one of the more unorthodox characters in the game, being the self-proclaimed "Princess of Bugs" and living in her "castle" in Hyrule Town. It's unknown yet what her weapon or method of attack will be just yet but you can probably bet it might involve bugs. She'll likely also receive a slight redesign like some of the other already announced characters have (Link, Zelda, and Impa).


The other announced playable character is a new character named Lana, who may presumably be the mystery girl with the silver hair on the right side of the game's box art. Also mentioned in Famitsu is the fact that Twilight Princess villain Zant and one of the game's bosses—the flying, dragon-like creature Argorok—will figure into the game somehow. Will Zant also be playable? We'll have to wait and see.


Hyrule Warriors is slated for release on September 26th in North America on Wii U.


Source: Siliconera


What other playable characters would you like to see in the game?

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