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No Man's Sky has officially gone gold

Jason Clement

No Man's Sky's delay from its original June release date caused a lot of undeserved commotion from some fans, so much so that the game's creator, Sean Murray, actually received death threats. And while that scenario is troubling in itself, Murray and his team have not experienced any trouble and have continued on undeterred with development.


The good news is that as of today, No Man's Sky is officially finished. Murray announced on Twitter that the game has gone gold (which, in production terms, means that development has ended and the game is ready to enter physical production to be packaged and distributed).


Thankfully this means the game should definitely meet its August 9 release date, though the verdict is still out on whether the game will live up to expectations in the end. We'll find out in just under four and a half weeks!


Source: Twitter


Are you glad to hear No Man's Sky is finally finished? Will you be playing it when it releases?

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