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Game Bundle Roundup for Week of February 27th

Marcus Estrada

Hungry for bundles? If you're reading this post then chances you are at least a little bit. Unlike last week's utter downpour of new game batches, this week we've got far fewer to tide folks over with. Of course, if you really think of it even 7 bundles is quite a ton of games up for offer for just a few dollars. If you see a title in the list with green font that means I'm personally suggesting it, but feel free to let others know about any other excellent games.


Flying Bundle: Addicts Bundle

Price: $4

  • Burning Cars (Steam)
  • Countless Rooms of Death (Steam)
  • Diehard Dungeon (Steam)
  • Grim Legends: The Foresaken Bride
  • Lilly Looking Through (Steam)
  • Millennium - A New Hope (Steam)
  • They Breathe (Steam)
  • Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres (Steam)
  • Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma (Steam)
  • 2 bonus games

Groupees Remute's Hipster Orgy Bundle

Price: $1

  • Ball'n'Flag
  • Battle Buggy Grounds
  • The Labyrinth of Time (Steam)
  • Little Walker
  • Nobu: Fat Revenge! (Desura)
  • Pitiri 1977 (Steam)
  • Pluck (Desura)
  • Slinki (Desura)
  • Sumo Revise!
  • Swordlord

Humble Weekly Bundle Made in Japan

Price: $1

  • Cherry Tree High Complete Pack (Steam)
  • Fairy Bloom Freesia (Steam)
  • Influent + Language Pack (Steam)

Price: Beat the average

  • Magical Battle Festa (Steam)
  • Revolver 360 Re:Actor (Steam)
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX (Steam)

Price: $10

  • Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming (Steam)
  • Rime Berta (Steam)

Indie Gala Dragon Rock Bundle

Price: $1

  • Battlepaths (Steam)
  • Muffin Knight (Steam)
  • Scourge Outbreak Ambrosia Bundle (Steam)

Price: $4.99

  • A Bird Story (Steam)
  • BlazBlue Calamity Trigger (Steam)
  • BloodRayne Betrayal (Steam)
  • Double Dragon Neon (Steam)
  • Karmaflow Act 1 (Steam)
  • Silence of the Sleep (Steam)

Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle

Price: $2.99

  • Catmouth Island (Steam)
  • Crunch Time! (Steam)
  • eXperience 112 (Steam)
  • Hero of Many (Steam)
  • Rex Rocket (Steam)
  • Tiestru (Steam)

Indie Royale The KISS Bundle

Price: $2.77

  • Canyon Capers (Steam, Desura)
  • Cobi Treasure Deluxe (Steam, Desura)
  • Glacier 3: The Meltdown (Steam, Desura)
  • Hostile Waters; Antaeus Rising (Steam, Desura)
  • Hyper Fighters (Steam, Desura)
  • Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi (Steam, Desura)
  • Numbra Deluxe (Steam, Desura)
  • Racer 8 (Steam)
  • Radical Roach (Steam, Desura)
  • The Tribloos 2 (Steam, Desura)

Lazy Guys 'Late February' Bundle

Price: $2.99

  • An Imp? A Fiend! (Desura)
  • Atonement: Scourge of Time (Desura)
  • Barter Empire (Desura)
  • Global Conflicts: World Collection (Desura)
  • HassleHeart (Desura)
  • Koala Kids (Desura)
  • Polyology (Desura)
  • SheHe (Desura)
  • Shin Samurai Jazz (Desura)
  • Startag (Desura)
  • Stoorm (Desura)

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