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Percentage of Players Gaming Online Increases to 72%

Marcus Estrada

Video game have been a social past time since their inception. Even with single player arcade games in bars, others would watch and talk about them. In the home, friends or family might play together. When that's not an option, many flock to the internet. With Steam, XBLA, and PSN all attempting to further streamline the online multiplayer experience it makes sense that online play is increasing.


NPD Group's Online Gaming 2013 report has just come out with some interesting numbers about the popularity of online gaming. Nearly 9,000 surveys were submitted and they showed that 72% of respondents play online. Of course, this doesn't mean they play online exclusively, but are more willing to play with friends or strangers across the web.


What was the percentage last year? It was a few points lower at 68%. Respondents also stated playing online across a variety of game devices, including smartphones. The most popular device for starting up online titles is the PC. Finally, it was also shown that 62% of users prefer to buy tangible games. That has a bit to do with online games considering tons of MMOs are available that don't ever get a retail release.



Do you play online often or only a little?

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