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Playtonic's Yooka-Laylee Completely Funds Its Kickstarter On Day One

Jason Clement

Unless you haven't been keeping track of big news in the game industry over the last few days, chances are you know about the ex-Rare staffers who got together to form Playtonic Games and their recently announced first game—a 3D platformer that's effectively a spiritual successor to Rare's Banjo Kazooie—called Yooka-Laylee.


This new title, starring a Chameleon named Yooka and a bat named Laylee (yes, like the instrument), also debuted on Kickstarter yesterday where—in less than an hour—it completely funded the amount Playtonic was looking to raise. Not only that, but it raised more than a million dollars before the day was over; that amount now stands at 1.7 million at the time of its writing, and on the second day of its Kickstarter campaign, no less.


Although popular Kickstarter campaigns start out tremendously strong, they usually do lose steam as the days go on, so while we may see the momentum slow a bit, it's not entirely far-fetched to think that this particular campaign could approach (and maybe even surpass) the 3.3 million amount that Double Fine's Kickstarter for Double Fine Adventure (a title which has since been changed to Broken Age) pulled in several years ago.


The campaign is going so well, in fact, that Playtonic is reportedly having trouble coming up with additional long-term stretch goals. At the moment, the two newest goals that are not crossed off have been reached, leaving one to wonder what Playtonic will think of next.


Stretch goals that have been fulfilled thus far include

  • Day One PC, Mac, and Linux releases (with consoles to follow)
  • A unique epic boss battle on every level
  • A pre-final boss Quiz-Show challenge level; transformations into "unexpected things" with unique abilities;
  • A mix of 2.5D and 3D minecart sections
  • A local co-op buddy mode
  • A 2-4 local multiplayer verus mode with unique games
  • A professional French, Spanish, German, and Italian translations (with extra languages which will be voted on)
  • Exclusive character designs from ex-Rare guest artists Kev "Kong" Bayliss and Ed "Mumbo Jumbo" Bryan
  • 4 more local multiplayer games added
  • Simultaneous Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 releases on Day One

Evidently, Playtonic has their work cut out for them, but the campaign is far from over, and the money will only increase from here on out. As for Yooka-Laylee, we'll have more information on the game as updates continue to roll out from Playtonic.


Source: Kickstarter


Are you excited for Yooka-Laylee?

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