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Four Amazing Spider-Man DLCs Coming to PSN

Marshall Henderson

The Amazing Spider-Man was as well-received as many Spider-Man games, but the title of the game might slide some tricks in on you; some Amazing Spider-Man DLC will be appearing on the PSN tomorrow, but that isn't necessarily a quality judgment.


Some familiar faces for fans of the movie (and the game) will be making an appearance, too. The Lizard Rampage Pack puts players in the Lizard's scales as he fights Oscorp to stop whatever evil plans that they are wont to do. This also gives the Vigilante Spider-Man costume for the Spider-Man, which is scarcely ever a costume absent in a Spider-Man origin story-related game.


Next up is the Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack, which has players using the in-game smartphone to play arcade-style games with some... in-game real-world consequences or something related to Gwen and Oscorp. Thigh-high boots may or may not make an appearance, but definitely will if you happen to wear them while playing.


The last two are previous pre-order bonuses for The Amazing Spider-Man: Stan Lee and Rhino. The Rhino Challenge Pack is about Rhino trying to cause a lot of damage in a limited amount of time. High scores can be compared to the players' friends on leaderboards, if that's the sort of thing that matters to you. Otherwise, the Stan Lee Adventure Pack is about Stan Lee webslinging around and making jokes, collecting pages for a script he wrote.


All four are available for $10, but if that's too steep, each is available for roughly $3 to $4 apiece, so you can pick and choose whatever you'd like.


They'll be out tomorrow on September 25th for a PSN near you.

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